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An act of kindness goes viral

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Miami Valley Meijer employee makes mom and son smile.
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billbo1852 (14 days ago)
The little boy has terrific manners who couldn't love him
William Smith (1 month ago)
Great for the cashier wish there could be people like that every day when other people need help. Thank you so much
HaibTshajHaib (1 month ago)
We still have good people
Philomena Dias (1 month ago)
Magical moment.
Esha Phat (2 months ago)
I never seen this on fb
Shakita J (2 months ago)
Her dimples are beautiful.
T B (3 months ago)
Sweet. 😇
Chelle Weatherspoon (3 months ago)
C Love (3 months ago)
NXE PXE (3 months ago)
Aww how beautiful.
Tanika James (3 months ago)
This is so beautiful 🤗
Vamanos Ninja (3 months ago)
It's amazing how we're all going through so much and just walk by each other with no idea.
Bethlehem Negussie (3 months ago)
It's a kind act by the young lady, yet sooo heart warming & uplifting. You never know what little kindness does to brighten someone else's day. For that person it could mean everything❤️💕 We should all be kind to one another❤️
favoured G (3 months ago)
Nice Please do away with racism God loves all of us.
Mr O (3 months ago)
Cute kid.😀
Maria R (3 months ago)
We are in this together.......be kind
monsterlegends lucku (3 months ago)
We are all brothers and sisters one family one love xoxox
D'An Fuller (3 months ago)
What an adorable gesture, may you both be richly blessed & thanks for melting my heart. Glad the baby bro is out of the hospital
Gabrielle Bobb (4 months ago)
This was so kind and thoughtful!
Eric Taylor (4 months ago)
There are a lot of really shitty people in the world. But I really think there are even more fantastic people like this cashier.
jcipher8 (4 months ago)
I wish all Americans can come together like this
Kthiggem Jones (4 months ago)
He so cute
Yhous Wholhoukhum (5 months ago)
The post went viral but this video didn't. C'mon lets get these views up and spread the love.
Juli E. (5 months ago)
When our son was around 5 or 6, he was very curious about debit cards & how the machine worked. So, I taught him my pin number & we practiced 'checking out' at home. The next time we went to the grocery store, I gave him a boost up & handed him my card. He was SO proud of himself! Then the lady behind me loudly said, "You think you're having fun with your kid now but, I'll guarantee that he'll take your card some time & start to order things off the internet until your broke!". Michael gave her a very serious look & told her, "No I won't! That would be stealing!". I was a very proud Mom that day(& every day before & since!)
Richard Morley (5 months ago)
Nice one lady good on you
Angline Daniels (5 months ago)
Very nice story here
Tiffany Michelle (5 months ago)
I'm from Dayton,Oh and I don't remember hearing about this,but I love this story☺️
Latrise TV (5 months ago)
Awwwwww sooo adorable ❤❤❤❤
Miss Caramel (5 months ago)
GOD BLESS their hearts
ssmatsusaka (6 months ago)
News lady is HOT. Good thing the cashier didn't get fired. If the Manager don't like you (like me) they'll find anything to get you fired. In my case they liked this girl, even though at work we had a ZERO TOLERANCE. I took my complaint and my boss said "I don't believe you, because she's a girl" Then we all had to RE-APPLY and guess who got the job and who didn't.
King PapaJake (6 months ago)
What meijer is that
Taz-on-the-loose Yusef (6 months ago)
beautiful indeed, but wait until the little becomes a teenager when he will start to understand that he is from the superior race
Norman Alvarez (6 months ago)
what a sweet young girl took the time
Tara Theus (7 months ago)
He's going to grow up owning his own store or casino..he's all about business!lol
momo (7 months ago)
David House (8 months ago)
I was coming out of a store and four elderly women were about to go in so I held the door open they said they thought there were no more gentleman in the world I told them there are still some left wish there was more gentleman I'm the world
Ashley sama (8 months ago)
you are an awesome lady, and what a lucky little boy to have someone like you to show him something new.
Truthfears Guilty (8 months ago)
in the world of high tech, everything goes viral.
silly me (8 months ago)
Impressed me by showing white people treating black kids like this.
wurly164 (8 months ago)
Good woman
Miss V (8 months ago)
Awe! There is good people in the world, and this little guy will remember this forever!
Ryan (8 months ago)
I'm Always Right (9 months ago)
So cute
Renee Mellace (9 months ago)
Michelle Kayla (10 months ago)
i was suppose to be asleep like 20 mins ago
Fish Jenkins (10 months ago)
This just goes to show, "God" knows what we need before we need it. Anyone can be used by God! For God has even used animals, to bless people. Even you can be used by God! If God can use me, he can use anyone!! Ask Him to use you, and see! "Like the ram in the bushes!" "
Stanley Nolly (10 months ago)
J is Scoobysmom (11 months ago)
God Bless this cashier, what a nice woman who just saw an opportunity to make someone's day special!
L H (11 months ago)
Vela it blows my mind how touching acts of kindness and love can get a thumbs down especially when theres a child involved. Unreal! MORE CARING IS WHAT WE ALL NEED!!!
Alisa Hammons (11 months ago)
That's one awesome lady
Darin- USMC B- 85-93 (11 months ago)
Kristen seems to be a very sweet girl, Good job!
Elijah Craig (11 months ago)
With all the badness in the world, it's nice to hear stories like this one..Makes me realise there's hope...
Kebede Buna (11 months ago)
Do not give up, still there are good people everywhere. And let’s try to be good as well.
Lady Ace (11 months ago)
Just beautiful❣️❣️❣️
Ahly J (1 year ago)
She has adorable boys and what a sweet cashier, somebody give her a massage voucher or Starbucks giftcard *oh!* buy the boy a play pretend cashier register too
Swnsasy _ (1 year ago)
Awww.. He just wanted to hear the beeps! That made his entire day! Absolutely beautiful... Little things can make a HUGE difference...
Karma Kaze (1 year ago)
"Scan the coupons'' haha CUUUUTE
Musa Ansari (1 year ago)
Aww hes so cute
Family Phone (1 year ago)
Good parenting makes good kids. you go black girl. from an old racist white guy!
Tara Theus (7 months ago)
Family Phone I can't even be mad at u for saying that cause u didn't even use the N word..so I guess all racist (like yourself) not that bad!lol
Maria Negrete (1 year ago)
That lady has a big heart 😇💝 the boy is so cute
Aubrey Smith (1 year ago)
This is absolutely adorable! Faith in humanity restored ❤️
princessma fideliah (1 year ago)
charity work is the best.....follow IG @a.d.o.p.t.i.v.e
SSXS Rubicon (1 year ago)
Cashier's a superstar.. love her.. Great story
Coco Nut (1 year ago)
omg americans hahaha this is news uh?! WOW
ciaran kelly (1 year ago)
Class Cashier lady!
Arlene Sky (1 year ago)
Adorable! )
Lisa Williams (1 year ago)
That's my cousin Chrissy she's has a good soul
Widetrack444 (1 year ago)
We all should be this good and kind,this women has love in her.
Dawn Pratt (1 year ago)
just beautiful 😍
Karen Spelman (1 year ago)
this is so sweet!!!
Brian Douglas (1 year ago)
This is how we teach our kids about love and respect
El junior (1 year ago)
46 people don't have a heart
Kimberly Knott (1 year ago)
What an adorable young man! Such a lovely story. ♥️
Cerulean Noel (1 year ago)
Just saw this. How wonderful!
JoJO (1 year ago)
great story
Sunshine (1 year ago)
God bless you young lady for making Mom & kid smile !!
Kyle L. (1 year ago)
Really neat story, God Bless this family and the sweet natured cashier. I pray the other child who was sick is better now.
MILLIE ONAIR (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Trump should learn from this videos!!!! DAMMIT 😠
Rita Kazem (1 year ago)
love has no colour:- beautiful dear sweet cashier, cute boy & lovely newscaster also:- she has such a lovely voice, I'm so happy his little brother is home from hospital.🌹
C Love (1 year ago)
Trish King (1 year ago)
What an amazing story. It is a giant blessing to do for others as you want things done for you. I'm so happy to see this story. I've shown everyone
hawi hawi (1 year ago)
she dd a nice thing but if smthing simple like this goes viral, its indicative of the type of society thy live in.
Monica da Silva (1 year ago)
Really great!!!!
T GENRETTE (1 year ago)
Love is the Opening Door💙 Beautiful🙏. The Little Boy is So Adorable💙🌷
Shelly Belly01 (1 year ago)
Gerry Funke (1 year ago)
How can your
Infinity hurd (1 year ago)
This is just Beautiful! 😊
Farmer Ted (1 year ago)
Newscaster is beautiful! Such a kind-hearted young lady, cashier that is.
Harzburgitic (1 year ago)
They never report kind things black people do for another black person.
TheOuterLimits (1 year ago)
Common sense and common courtesy are so rare that they become massive news when they happen. Sad depressing world we live in.
Sarah Rogers (1 year ago)
Good story....but the reporting is absolutely horrible.
Cisco E. (1 year ago)
Any minority that holds a white baby will make American white happy, only in America.
Annmarie Warner (1 year ago)
There are kind people every where,i lives in the caribbean,and there was just this one day,i stood by the bus terminal to wait for my bus,i had only 1dollar just enough to get home and there was this lady who i knew came up to me and ask me for a dollar so she can get home,so i get into my purse and give it to her,and i bbeg the driver for a ride home.
carforumwanker (1 year ago)
The cashier is lovely....
Web Surfers (1 year ago)
this is super cute
Ale Mystic (1 year ago)
True. BTW i like your channel!
*Determined 2Win* (1 year ago)
He's so precious!!
this is silly, people act like this is a rare thing but guess what people have been displaying acts of kindness towards others for years...the only reason people think it's rare is cause not every one had a camera to document and or brag about it!!
SUSIE Iglehart (1 year ago)
Kristie Riley (1 year ago)
in tears

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