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Better product definition with Lean UX and Design Thinking by Jeff Gothelf, Lean IT Summit 2014

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Requirements-driven product definition is a sure-fire way to get 100% of the wrong product launched. The assumptions that requirements are based on are usually not accurate enough to determine the exact solution those requirements dictate. Instead, teams should focus on creating a series of hypotheses that define potential solutions to their business problem and then work together to learn which of these hypotheses are keepers and which ideas to kill. In this talk at the Lean IT Summit 2014, Jeff provides an overview of how to apply the ideas behind Lean UX and Design Thinking to project definition and planning. Learn more about Lean IT on www.lean-it-summit.com
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mike Araica (1 year ago)
I would recommend not zooming in and out of the video from slide to person speaking. Makes it difficult to read and focus on the topics. We do not need to zoom into the speaker's face when an important slide is on screen.

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