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Steps for connecting to a RAC Database using SCAN Name | Oracle rac scan listener| scan vip

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This video explains about the steps for connecting to a RAC database using SCAN Name.Also we discuss database connecting using OS authentication and using normal VIP
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Mitesh Kokare (3 months ago)
Hello Wysheid, How oracle login works in background?
Mitesh Kokare (3 months ago)
Thank you Wyshied actually my question was how oracle login/connection works?...what happens in background when we enter username and password while doing login and hit enter?..in terms of SGA and PGA. What happens in oracle to create an instance?
Wysheid Wysheid (3 months ago)
Hi Mitesh, if you are asking about the connection sequences then its is this way Scan_name--> node vip--> node_listener--> database instance Let me know if you could not understand your question well
Mon Day (5 months ago)
Good example, ... but speed can be a bit higher. Audio can be improved as well, especially the person asking questions.
Malini Sethi (3 years ago)
Please speak cleary your voice is not clear.
OracleMan Consulting (5 years ago)
So much time is taken to watch the typing and typos, it would flow a lot better if all typing was calls to scripts, showing the commands, SQL, and all, correctly, also with SQL*Plus "col" commands to better format the output for us

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