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got7 being drunk af for 4 minutes straight Reaction

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Text Comments (37)
IGOT7 of them (1 month ago)
got7s new song is out!! its called eclipse
laila rizki (2 months ago)
Thank you 💚
Irmak. (5 months ago)
they can't live without playing rock/paper/scissor for a sec that's why they're playing
Yunuen (6 months ago)
GOT7 <3 !!
Alex Colton (6 months ago)
Project! R2 (6 months ago)
Please check out got7 girl group school
frtz __ (6 months ago)
Nice of you to make a kpop reaction channel... More GOT7 please...💚
The Truth If i Lie (6 months ago)
you should do an unhelpful guide to them
Yodsawat Unawelrd (6 months ago)
Got7 MAMA Hongkong2018 please!!
oTHE ONEo (6 months ago)
Got7 Lullaby
A M (6 months ago)
thank you for reacting to this man!
Sara Pancakes (6 months ago)
*_MORE GOT7 PLEASEEEE! Also, if you react to GOT7 protecting fans, it would be amazing._*
kookkie 1802 (6 months ago)
pls. reaction BTS & GOT7 MOMENTS
Cami Forrester (6 months ago)
I love your personality :)
Nadia_Naddie (6 months ago)
Rock Paper Scissor is their best/expert game ever...hahaha..🤣🤣
Nadia_Naddie (6 months ago)
Yeayyyy!!!G G G Got7!!!!😍😍
Mariah Her (6 months ago)
that chain tho. bambam can dress.
Rich Pop (6 months ago)
facts lol
(6 months ago)
do jackson funny moments
Giselle _ (6 months ago)
React to papillon, different game ft Gucci mane, fendiman by Jackson (from got7)
Queen Maraj (6 months ago)
More got7 plaese 💜
Queen Maraj (6 months ago)
Rich Pop there a lot of got7 videos are funny and cute you should react to what I send and for the songs or any video for got7 🖤🖤
Queen Maraj (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/_tP-5IAPRQE Rich Pop
Queen Maraj (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/rtLh-xmTDO8 Rich Pop
Queen Maraj (6 months ago)
Rich Pop https://youtu.be/Ke8WyGYOa58
Queen Maraj (6 months ago)
Rich Pop https://youtu.be/-3DZoRg9hBU
Darinkaa (6 months ago)
Can you please react to “The worst years for kpop (2014,2017)? Link in another coment
Darinkaa (6 months ago)
Got7 ania (6 months ago)
that's not their house they are there filming Hard Carry 2 + they don't live together in the dorm anymore and yes, and they play rock/ paper/ scissor for everything
Narges Moradi (1 month ago)
Actually their lives depend on it😂

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