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troubleshooting a startup issue in Oracle 11g R2 RAC | Oracle rac troubleshooting

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troubleshooting a startup issue in Oracle 11g R2 RAC
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Ashok M (1 year ago)
Thank you so much.Hope you will continue uploading these kind of useful videos....................Stay blessed
manish sharma (3 years ago)
Q) Cluster is not coming up through CRSCTL START CRS so ASM is not coming up and database is still down because its runs on top of ASM hence becuase of downtime customer is shouting ... What will you do ??  One reason was defined in video by Wysheid and second reason is below - A)In production env please check /dev/mapper/mpath* devices permissions . They should be oracle:oinstall if there is no grid user but if there is a grid user then it should be grid:oinstall ... and make sure those entries you put in rc.local file for boot time information otherwise whenvr server reboots permissions will change to root:disk which will not allow oracle to access these devices hence cluster will not come up.
karthikdreams4btec (6 years ago)
Hi , in oracleasm configure group is asmadmin , but u kept permission for grid home permission is grid:oinstall , why ?
adhikarexuss (6 years ago)
Thanks a lot for uploading this.

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