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Sea Snake vs moray Eel bottom the Ocean ☆ WOA Snake Channel

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Biscuit Head (6 months ago)
Why does the soundtrack repeat throughout the video? Horrible editing.
Clifford Tillman (9 months ago)
Clifford Tillman (10 months ago)
Do anyone knows that the water snake got the Eels head in it's mouth
TyYX LeGaCy (9 months ago)
I did
lenny108 (10 months ago)
seems the poison of the sea snake does not kill the moray
Shadøw Knight (2 months ago)
Xeryus Susannah (2 months ago)
Little is known if the moray has any resistance to the venom, but it doesn't appear so from research or any divers i have spoke with. Some times the snake needs to go to the surface to breath, but only returns to finish the job. Moray Eel is a top predator, only real threat it has to deal with is sea snakes.
Danny Reefish (9 months ago)
i think it was dead
jon wilson (10 months ago)
I assume the sea snakes venom is rendering the eels defenceless. As in the many 'eel attacks' vids the eels remind me of a food blender with pretty patterns 🐉
llen Star (1 year ago)
Eels will often get defeated by snakes in fights - unless it's an electric eel. Eels have physical maneuver fighting except for its jaw and teeth/fangs that is to the snake's advantage. I've seen several fights with these two with an almost even sizes. Often times the Eel had taken more bites to the snake's body but didn't seem to affect the snake at all. Had the Eels been gifted with a jaw fangs like that of the snake, certainly none of any types of snakes can simply mess around coz eels really fight so well under water. Also, it will be lesser possible for humans to bring the eels to the table for a dish.
llen Star (1 year ago)
Agree on that, but ain't really enough force of bite to stop a snake even of same size let alone bigger one. They're designed for weaker opponents. Though this doesn't mean there wasn't any fights vs snake that Eels had won. There must be in few occasions. But Eels are great brave warriors knowing that they mostly don't give up on fights - in fact they usually fought to death.
Gustav Meyrink (1 year ago)
Look it up if you don't believe me but moray eels are the main food item of sea snakes. Moray eels not only have long, needle-like teeth they also have a second set (pharyngeal) of jaws, they grab their prey with the main set and hold on while the secondary takes bites out of it.
shafi islam (1 year ago)
llen Star true. Moray eels will attack almost anything within its size range but seem helpless against sea snakes
Dragon Knight (1 year ago)
Wtf the eel is too small
fryair4free (1 year ago)
Silvana, The only lack, lack of an author's soundtrack Because it is unclear, this snake venomous or not and unclear, this eel electric or not?? if you correct this shortcoming, your rating will fly up as a rocket. Thanks for video. +
Gustav Meyrink (1 year ago)
No shortcoming. Sea snakes are very, very venomous and there are no electric eels only live in the Amazon basin ie freshwater only. Belcher's sea snake is the most venemous snake in the world, they are very docile though and highly unlikely to bite divers or swimmers. Moray eels are there main prey.
mark williams (1 year ago)
fryair4free the sea snake is venomous
Ramadhan Ally Mhoza (1 year ago)
amazing snake target
The Red Menace (1 year ago)
Poor, poor eels.
Mosese Ritova (10 months ago)
Rogue King
Adeilda Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Adem Ademaj (1 year ago)
Adeilda Ribeiro
Dirty Red (1 year ago)
This video for somebody esle
Juan Partida (1 year ago)
do eals eat sea snakes too or only sea snakes eat eals

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