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INTERIOR DESIGN: A Bright Bistro Kitchen With Gorgeous Graphic Accents

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Lindsay Konior and Sarah Keenleyside of Qanuk Interiors Inc. discuss how they transformed a small, cluttered space into a bright eat-in kitchen with an open-plan layout and lots of storage. The homeowners are tall, so expanding the layout became the starting point for Lindsay and Sarah. To create an open and free-flowing space, the designers placed the dining area next to the large kitchen island, where a custom banquette is accented by a geometric brass chandelier. Unique accents inject personality, like patterned tile on the floor for a rug-like effect, a gallery wall and statement-making backsplash and custom range hood. Black-framed, bistro-style shelves are mounted snugly under the upper cabinets, while hidden cabinets behind the island provide secret storage space.
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Text Comments (29)
Midori Podgorski (6 months ago)
The end of the kitchen island against the wall looks messy...How come you guys did that?
Not a big fan of the tiles on the hood, beside that everything else looked perfect
Xiuming Xu (9 months ago)
subway tile is now getting boring, almost every kitchen now has it :(
Queen T (1 year ago)
The tile In-lay on the kitchen floor is amazing!! I truly love the color of the lowers and the tiled hood. Wow❤️👍🏾
mistertee (1 year ago)
Still one of my favourite kitchens. Especially the inlaid tile in the wood and the black frame shelving.
M Camara (1 year ago)
MusicaErika (2 years ago)
Beautiful! Could you please let me know the colour of the cabinets and the colour of the molding behind the banket.
21whichiswhich (2 years ago)
AnArchaicSoul (2 years ago)
Huge difference!! Great space!
boom shiro (2 years ago)
I would love to have my kitchen like this
Dathan (2 years ago)
Very nice and the tile floor in kitchen is interesting.  Yes, easy to mop but tile grout in the kitchen is a real chore to keep clean.  I would never use it again.
For Timeless (6 months ago)
Mixture Between Classic Kitchen And Modern Decoration.Man Or Women Can Identify Them Selves In This Project.Good Job
Alexa Cris (2 years ago)
Beautiful =)
zaykawaii animations (2 years ago)
amazing transformation
Meytal navon (2 years ago)
Leo B (2 years ago)
The client is 6'7" ... Wtf?
Botanica 2012 (3 months ago)
There are tall people and there are short people - why would that infuriate you?
Sulaiman Tech (2 years ago)
Aghavni Ava Williams (2 years ago)
So beautiful! Would you mind sharing where the barstools are from?
Botanica 2012 (3 months ago)
Exactly! They are gorgeous! I would really want to know what wood that is.
sjohn (2 years ago)
Tiled hood is a detail this room could have done without. It's one of those details that might have sounded better in idea. It's a detail that is too big for a small kitchen of that size. I get the same feeling, seeing it, as when I see overly pink tiled bathrooms or a room covered in doilies or a mullet.
sjohn (2 years ago)
:) ok. I'm glad you like it though, it confirms different tastes, which makes the world colorful and interesting.
terijaye (2 years ago)
+sjchang2 Really? I totally disagree!
chloedancer (2 years ago)
Such a transformation. Absolutely beautiful!
Blue Frangi (2 years ago)
Nicely done :-) Question for for H&H, can you share some ideas for remodeled rooms that are light bright and airy without the use of white, off white, ivory. I'd like to see how to make a space appear bigger and brighter using color.
Go Getter-Girl (2 years ago)
Awesome!!!  Wow.... What a difference!!!  Love the brass boxes chandelier!!!  So unique!!!
callie1on1 (2 years ago)
this is great work
rami rami (2 years ago)
i went u to see my worlking plees..

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