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A Cartoon-Box Compilation | The BEST of Cartoon-Box 1

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The BEST of Cartoon-Box Part One! Weekly dose of funny cartoons. Cartoons with a hilarious twist. Written, animated and directed by Joost Lieuwma. “Can you tell me more about my favorite cartoons series Cartoon-Box?” Sure! Cartoon-Box combines all sorts of genres: From superheroes cartoons to Tinder date cartoons, from history parody cartoons to cartoons about Witches. Most of the cartoons have a dark edge. Sometimes they are being called “the best animation cartoons on the internet”, but mostly that is said by Joost Lieuwma himself. All the cartoons combine the same aspects: Funny gag animation, violence cartoons, black humour, comedy with a dark twist, animated comedy, weekly dose of weird animation, superhero parody, best animated comedy and movie parodies. Not all cartoons are suited for young children. More cartoons or other animated shorts? Subscribe to our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/frameorderanim... for a new cartoon-box episode every week! This episode is produced by animation studio Frame Order. Cartoon-Box is an weekly comedy series. Check out our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/frameorder http://www.cartoon-box.com Cartoon box compilation. Best of cartoon box 1. copyright by Joost Lieuwma and Frame Order.
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Text Comments (120)
calisto 9 (4 days ago)
Why always the cowboys eye
Raj Soni (27 days ago)
How can a Sherif do like this
Raj Soni (27 days ago)
How a boom arrange does kill some one
Sansanee Sale (27 days ago)
Dream Music (1 month ago)
I see the videos on this channel but have many kills and people who are dying
Tuấn Đổ Thanh (1 month ago)
1:45 haha
boş kanal (2 months ago)
hamo hamo (2 months ago)
كاش عرب ؟
Unbreakable Patches (2 months ago)
Can't you make a video without someone dying?
Lalit Jain (2 months ago)
At the end sab ka marna zaruri hota hai kya ye cartoon acha h pr is ko dekh kr final destination movie ki yad ati h kese bhi marega pr marega zarur
Srta Ferny (2 months ago)
Jejeje OMG
Peri Su (2 months ago)
D U Y T Ạ (2 months ago)
Wtf ?? =)))
RockingStar111 (2 months ago)
Kuldeep singh (2 months ago)
Why everyone die in this cartoon ???
2018 somebody
shekhar yadav (2 months ago)
I am indain...one like please
Andriod Tips (2 months ago)
Inspired from final Destination😂😂😂😂
Jaz Varela (2 months ago)
Serhat Özalp (2 months ago)
Türkleri göreyim
Hidra Hidra (2 months ago)
BİLGİ KANALI (2 months ago)
Batuhan Ay (2 months ago)
bizimle maceralar (2 months ago)
Popo Popo (2 months ago)
Alicia Cat (2 months ago)
Русские вы где?
vaia gk (2 months ago)
Ποιο χαλιά γίνετε 🎉🎉🎉🎉☣☣☣☣☣
mr beliscom 2 (2 months ago)
Quem é br?
mr beliscom 2 (2 months ago)
iTz MLK 4y20 (2 months ago)
Ly Nguyen Cam (2 months ago)
Why ???
maximus roca (3 months ago)
:V okay how the heck does someone die if one of their eye balls are poked with something???
areiz 24 (3 months ago)
Larisa Mărginean (4 months ago)
NOOB 0 RUBOX IN ROBLOX (4 months ago)
Hahhh effect fail no cactus but the cactus walk into the cowboy or horseboy
francis littlewilliam (4 months ago)
Joost Lieuwma rocks , your animations are really funny :-D
Dema Theresemaria (4 months ago)
War zone (4 months ago)
why u always see dead in this cartoon...pls change this..
thegeimar BG (4 months ago)
it's fery funy
Alika SitiFatimah (4 months ago)
Lo gak usah ngiri minlagi fideo
Vasu (4 months ago)
Why always his eyes?
WiGtor (4 months ago)
nielubie bo moja nauczycielka to lubi
Be beautiful Always (5 months ago)
Y so blood always in ur cartoon.not gud
Muhabbet kuşu Barış (5 months ago)
Hahahhaha funny
Raiyana Afrin (5 months ago)
Sande Habil (5 months ago)
Chris Moses (7 months ago)
Holy shoot! What's with the eye? It hurts :p
Razu Paul (7 months ago)
I love u r videos it's so funny 😹
Che Tra (7 months ago)
Final destination
Artha Emily Villanueva (7 months ago)
In the beggining there's no cactus in the floor????
Great Great mishmi (7 months ago)
Love this cartoon ... pls mke it longer
PM_GANGSTA (7 months ago)
:V okay How the heck does someone die if one of their eye balls are poked with something???
john smith (18 days ago)
Who says he died???
Rajashree Saha (1 month ago)
Dung Cao (5 months ago)
PM_GANGSTA 4huuji0007
DEEN E ISLAM (8 months ago)
Sola Game (8 months ago)
2018 ?
shruti swaroop (8 months ago)
Most underrated channel in the history of YouTube. Watched it like a TV series, unpredictable yet funny. Good work guys :) .
Frame Order (8 months ago)
Chris Moses (8 months ago)
Somebody has to die everyday :p
Technical Checkpoint (9 months ago)
Unexpected things
upendra chaudhary (10 months ago)
oh noooo....his eye...... 0.o
Stony Man (10 months ago)
Funny 😂😂
Sajid Islam (10 months ago)
also from Bangladesh and nice work
DJ calvas (7 months ago)
Sajid Islam I hate Bangladesh
The eye poking is real
Christina hossain (10 months ago)
These are alot better than the happiness and cyanide shows
Tejum Zirdo (10 months ago)
0:09 there were no 🌵 and then suddenly at 0:14 🌵 Appeared 😂😂
Rubel Hossain (10 months ago)
Love you
Rubel Hossain (10 months ago)
From Bangladesh
MH MEHEDI HASAN (28 days ago)
Same to you.. From-Dhaka
Sara's tube (9 months ago)
I will come Dhaka on kurbani eid
Rubel Hossain (9 months ago)
yes I'm in Dhaka
Sara's tube (9 months ago)
Oh.... Well u in dhaka...,?
Rubel Hossain (9 months ago)
nice name my fb rubel4938
Rubel Hossain (10 months ago)
Your the great
Supertramp Gallery (11 months ago)
wtf im goal watching all video
Noones Channel (11 months ago)
Some of them are sad.
Ivison Nogueira (11 months ago)
\o/ more...more...more animation Frame Order 😍😍😍 Love animations!
Karlo Perisa (1 year ago)
It is sick
牛蛙 (1 year ago)
So eyes are their weak spot?
it's me ayu (1 month ago)
i think they're really weak bcs so easy for them to die
Toshio Tsukagoshi (2 months ago)
Raju (9 months ago)
You are going to perform kung fu on their eyes?? :D
B Trân (1 year ago)
I dont quite get the rollercoaster one though...
Winter Sunshine (3 months ago)
Blue monster it’s quick sooooooo quick
Immortal Firefly06 (6 months ago)
Nguyễn Béo right
Nguyễn Béo (1 year ago)
A Muggle the girl lost her wig to the last fat guy the nerd lost his glass to the 2nd dude who puked but got fabulous hair the 3rd women just there to say woohoo the 4th unlucky dude is the victim of them all with a big pile of puke all over - represent us audience have to sit through these mind fukk videos
The Official CPS (1 year ago)
Lol 😂😂😂😂
I'm Jokersteve (1 year ago)
First one final destination kinda episode
nasirul jundi (1 year ago)
Oh my gosh 😂
Takahiro Ido (1 year ago)
this is SPG.
osama bin ladeen (1 year ago)
Your videos remind me of old C&H vids. Creative, funny, original, uncensored, etc... I hope your channel get more attention soon. My friend told me about your channel and I literally finished watching your entire channel just now. Keep up the good work!
SM official (9 months ago)
osama bin ladeen sub me and I sub u
Izzy The Cat Girl (1 year ago)
osama bin ladeen what?
Snow_ (1 year ago)
Snow_ 18*
Snow_ (1 year ago)
Its the same date as this was published in 20171
Kim Taehyung King (1 year ago)
It's look like happy three friends
Ge Pe (6 months ago)
bts fantastic fandom https://youtu.be/addme/gMUXNAvDLA85K1yFcfIgbrxMhvA62Q
newb 666 (1 year ago)
Why is the last cartoon child abuse? Is that what people like these days? Seeing children suffer?
Winter Sunshine (3 months ago)
It’s not child abuse he just didn’t know his show was looked to the back ok his car 🚗
Raju (9 months ago)
Its no child abuse, but only funny cartoons.
The Official CPS (1 year ago)
newb 666 and it’s a cartoon
Kara Gamble (1 year ago)
Course not but it's not a real child it's a cartoon. I probably wouldn't want to see a person's entire upper body get ripped off by a boomerang in real life either.
Queen Armi (1 year ago)
Oh boohoo. Cry me a river
Str. (1 year ago)
y'a des moment horribles mg

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