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Crying Alone - (Free) Sad & Emotional Piano Song Instrumental

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Sad & Emotional Piano Song Instrumental Composed by Jurrivh. ▶ Subscribe for more Music: http://bit.ly/SubToJurrivh 💰 Purchase (License): https://bsta.rs/pds867 🌐 Free Mp3 Download: https://bsta.rs/pds867 📝 Purchase Sheet Music: https://sellfy.com/p/Txn1/ Follow me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jurrivh/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/jurrivh Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jurrivh/ Thanks for Watching and Subscribe for New Music every 2 Weeks! #SadPiano #Jurrivh #Emotional
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Jurrivh (2 months ago)
2 million views! Thank you so much <3 The sheet music has finally been finished and can be purchased here: https://sellfy.com/p/Txn1/
Dick Tator (3 days ago)
When I woke up relaized you wasn't here it had to be something I did Or something I said If I could rewind time I'd take it back That's just life We can't change things that We have done Why it's called the past We live and learn From the mistakes I hope there's a way We find our place Together you and I Together again in this life I want you by my side Its you I want to be my wife I miss that sigh Of relief knowing your with me The distractions I had In the past 'm willing to throw away Everything today Change they ways I've even went about things To give you that since Of security and the feeling Of only being wanted not needed You are my oxygen Without you it's hard to breath If I could I'd go back to sleep Until you were back here with me I could write to you endlessly Like I have everyday since you've been away from me Letters and poems Hooks for songs The starting of novels Anything to make sure you knew That you were all I wanted People may laugh And or critize Call me weak but I want To be able to get down On one knee and give you The most precious thing Real love what your heart Urns for You are the girl of my dreams Well woman i meen Your what I need That little mean streak To make sure I'm doing all the right things I'm better than what you've received Even from me Now I'm ready to show you I wish you could read this And come back home to me This is second day in a row That a tear has rolled off my cheek I don't know how to get this to you So I can only pray Lord please let her see this
Brie Gowland (21 days ago)
Can I use this for one of my poems as a background song for YouTube?
BAGUS BW (27 days ago)
My Download free?
Swapnadeep Ghosh (29 days ago)
@Kurt Bernstein Blancia Same Question brother!
Star Craft Gaming (1 month ago)
Jurrivh can I use this is m song? It’s says free and I’ll acknowledge you
Advika (2 hours ago)
Hmm... exactly after one year... back at your creation.... I remember how broken and weak I was at that time.. listening to your song and tears rolling down through my earphones...and I used to unplug them and wipe the tears out of it and put it again back on my ears and continued my lonely battle...I was left alone that day..I was hopeless...and broken..but things changed and he came back....now after one year he is... yes im sad... but i wont cry this time...I know how strong Im now... enjoying your music like a beautiful soothing masterpiece rather than a source to dive into my fears...
Flavio Thepianist (12 hours ago)
This is really nice!
Sarah Jane Ichon (1 day ago)
All was said and done 💔 and it hurts a lot...
Shawn Blair (1 day ago)
Can see all the Talent and Emotion
tomas suarez (1 day ago)
Hi! First I'd like to say thanks for this video. I've been around facebook a long time but only been very active recently. I saw in the title that it's (free), and thought it would be perfect to it in my father's day tribute. But I received a copyright claim from. Youtube saying it was claimed by EXMGE Music. I apologize if made a mistake or was I misled by the title that said it's free? Do I need to take out my video and change the music or can I mention your link in the video details? Would the latter fix it? Kindly advice. Kudos and more power! Keep creating beautiful music. The world needs it.. 😊👍🏼
Learn To Meow (2 days ago)
This is so beautiful...
2019 is still changing.....
La musica es un medio de comunicacion por eso cada ves mas gente busca en ella un refugio sentimental
NoobGamingAndMusic (3 days ago)
💏❤😩😭😭guess what that means
Toes (3 days ago)
My mom left to a new country so I was singing and ur music was in the back round thx luv ur song
YudmnYTE4E (3 days ago)
Ok.. who the f#@% would even have the brains to press the dislike button!?!? This has so much heart and soul put into this. I say the people who disliked don't care what other people are feeling and don't know sadness themselves I'm giving this video a like because it shows care.
Dead Man (1 day ago)
You can’t look at it with a narrow view. There are people who dislike videos because those videos evoke emotions and make them cry. There are people who dislike good videos because it evokes painful memories for them.
Leata Nila (4 days ago)
I am not depressed, and I don't have big issues that are compared to any of you guys, but the music is so calming and makes me think of the way the rain splatters upon the window, the way the trees sync in with each other, the way the birds chirp in the morning, it's beautiful. You are all beautiful, remember that. Always.
Maxi H. (5 days ago)
Thank you for this wonderful music
S K (5 days ago)
When t series won against pewdiepie
Dyl Pickle (5 days ago)
I think I'll stay here for a while...
Nina Langová (6 days ago)
This clear and bright sound of piano is blessing for my ears and peacefull paradise for my mind... This song is amazing <3
It could be a theme for a zombie apocalypse game
LISA OPPA (6 days ago)
I know your happy with someone now . Its been a year since our break up, but i still miss you and i love you ;( Im happy for you greza ;( And im so happy for our 4 years memories ;(
Random Girl (4 days ago)
Wow... I can relate to that, sweetie
Shani Ratson (6 days ago)
So beautiful
Max Den [Đen] (6 days ago)
i miss my old friends :v, childhood, family TT
Your skin is not paper, *dont cut it* Your neck is not a rope, *dont hang it* Your life is not a movie, *dont end it* We all go through depression sometimes, it’s hard to cope, but hang in there! Someone in the world is there for you, you just don’t know it.
S a ï l e s h (7 days ago)
It's so very sad and painful to live a lonesome life....😢💔 "Why do love existed" when there is still some people in this world is not gifted with...💕 and not cherished love for eternity...🏂💘
Pepsi Role (8 days ago)
Is this free to use in our own song writing ?
NMS Zz (8 days ago)
Miguel Quintero (8 days ago)
Beautiful, what's the name of the composition?
jhoana gualoto (8 days ago)
Night perfect ❤😢💫
Thanos (8 days ago)
Hey guys for the people who love this song like I do, here are the lyrics Lyrics:
citytown girl (8 days ago)
Ppl pray God for the strength but I pray God to take my life away, almost 10 years, I’m not a happy person, I nvr do bad things in my life (not even lying-I rather choose silence), bcoz I hate lying, ppl betrayed me in job (always gets jobless), failed in relationship bcoz I trust them (keeps giving me fake promises), trying to think positive but very hard for me, God pls tell or hints me when I can leave this world, I’m really struggling in pain alone many years 😞💔
R B (8 days ago)
Please come back to me now I’m flying away quicker than I thought Please help me out I’m feeling alone I’m losing without a doubt Quicker than I thought I was gonna lose it all my career But then I started thinking, the person who helped me was the reason I’m here So many questions that I can’t even ask Feeling helpless I’m staring at the ceilings thinking about you Please Are you even sorry Did you know what you did Did it hurt when you realised Do you even remember When I cried I just wanted love with you and
R B (8 days ago)
Please come back to me now I’m flying away quicker than I thought Please help me out I’m feeling alone I’m losing without a doubt Quicker than I thought I was gonna lose it all my career But then I started thinking, the person who helped me was the reason I’m here So many questions that I can’t even ask Feeling helpless I’m staring at the ceilings thinking about you Please Are you even sorry Did you know what you did Did it hurt when you realised Do you even remember When I cried I just wanted love with you and
Linda Söderkvist (9 days ago)
I cryied😢😢😢😢😢😭....
My Bias Is NAMJOON (9 days ago)
I came here before knowing BTS. Thanks so much BTS especially Namjoon. You make my day better. I have been suffering for depression from i was 14 and now i trying to be happy with watching all BTS videos. I hope one day i could go to Their fan meeting just to say thank you for everything. ARMY ♥
Emerald Sophia (8 days ago)
Borahae darling, keep on fighting!
Michelle angel (9 days ago)
I'm fell so lonely and cry😢
Zeynep Çakıcı (9 days ago)
Bu kadar güzel çaldığın için; içtenlikle teşekkür ederim.🙏
Junia D.C.L (10 days ago)
Everyone that is reading this right now, I love u ! ❤️ We have to stop fighting with ourselves, love ourselves Stop littering, start reusing Stop swearing, start saying hi Stop hating, start loving Stop being mean, start to share positivity Stop being down, take a shower, read a book, get ur mind in something else. Start helping people, Do something for the world 💜
Sunny Green (10 days ago)
This song is very touching...also... cheer up guys... life is beautiful and you seem very depressed. Some of these comments are really insightful...
Byunnie 12 (11 days ago)
Its hard, I'm living my life to the fullest but I feel...... empty somehow . I have friends, family and boyfriend but I still feel empty, alone and lonely. I'm doing my best to fight but sometimes its too hard. I dont hurt myself when its hard , I cry instead. Its hurt even more when I wanted to cry but the tears are not coming out. I'm struggling to express myself, I don't know how . I've been keeping up with this for years already, sometimes I do want to give up but ........ I dont want to make my family sad, they need me. Sigh
naidoi (11 days ago)
Anay Sagade (11 days ago)
who has come from asish chanchalani be like
Josh Trevizo (11 days ago)
I am grateful for my wife and children blessed be to all children especially to children of war and poverty may God follow you for all your days
WitlessMass (11 days ago)
Is this Royalty Free music?
Aurel Ayu (11 days ago)
I’m sooo breakdown it’s cry alone... who’s can help me god
PissTest (11 days ago)
Life asked death once “Death, why do people love me but hate you? Death answered “it’s because you are a Beautiful lie And I am the painful truth” Catchthepug
B Drones (11 days ago)
Can you tell me what type of piano you are playing on and how does it compare to the DGX 660 by Yamaha please let me know I would greatly appreciate it I am in the market to upgrade to a better digital piano and would greatly appreciate your advice. Also I would really like to know the type of piano this song was playing on and what you would recommend for $1000 and under
T. hope (12 days ago)
These days were fleeting Moments that I will never felt The bright lights I never got a chance to see My fear mybe bigger than me ... ... ...
Shivam Pandey (12 days ago)
Whos here after ashu vines ??
Amy Sword (12 days ago)
I am having a hard time in my life. I feel broken and not loved I feel like a peace of garbege. I am suffering and no body knows about it I don't tell anybody how often I cry. I just don't want them to make a big deal out if it. I hope everyone's goes good.
plague123 (12 days ago)
*minecraft flashback*
Master Den Vlogs (13 days ago)
Hi, can I use this beat for composing a song ? :)
asif rahman (13 days ago)
I lost my best friends 5 years ago we became friends I miss my two best pals when I listen this music I cry i miss 😭😭
Lost Birds Production (13 days ago)
Damn! Fuc king A.
bakri saisal (13 days ago)
Why it sounds like minecraft theme song?
Jessyca Soriano (13 days ago)
Es ermita la cansioon
Amar Nath nayak (14 days ago)
I'm here after ashish's video
Abhishek Anand (14 days ago)
Anyone from Ashish C. ??
Unknown Gamer (14 days ago)
From Ashish chanchlani's video??
Gaming Addiction (13 days ago)
oscar lara (14 days ago)
Excelente cancion para recordar bonitos recuerdos.
Zelle_ TV (14 days ago)
Идут часы, и деньки, и годы. Хочу стряхнуть какой-то сновидение, Взглянуть в лик людей, природы, Рассеять сумерки времен... Там кто-то машет, дразнит светом (Так зимней ночкой, на крыльцо Тень чья-то взглянет силуэтом, И стремительно скроется лик). Вот клинок. Он - был. Но он - не нужен. Кто ослабил руку мне? - Я помню: маленький линия жемчужин Однажды ночкой, при луне, Больная, жалобная стужа, И моря снеговая гладь... Из-под ресниц сверкнувший кошмар - Старинный кошмар (дай осознать)... Слова? - Их не было. - Что ж было? - Ни сновидение, ни явь. Вдали, вдалеке Звенело, угасало, уходило И отделялось от земли... И умерло. А губки пели. Прошли часы, либо года... (Лишь телеграфные звенели На черном небе провода...) И внезапно (будто памятно, знакомо!) Отчетливо, издале:ка Раздался глас: Ecce homo! Меч выпал. Дрогнула длань... И перевязан шелком душноватым (Чтоб кровь не шла из темных жил), Я был радостным и послушливым, Обезоруженный - служил. Но час настал. Припоминая, Я вспомнил: Нет, я не слуга. Так падай, перевязь цветная! Хлынь, кровь, и окровавь снега!
Tzakman (14 days ago)
How can i win when theres nothing left worth fighting for?
Naim Rifai (14 days ago)
Tomorrow i want kill myself 10pm....see you again
Makayla and Ava Rivera (14 days ago)
i wrote lyrics for this,may i use this backround music to explain my life in a song that im very proud of
Jaylybeanbae (15 days ago)
I may not be crying, I may not be able to cry anymore, but I am most definitely alone, I have been for a while now, I have no one left, everyone I love and are for is gone, everyone. There’s no one left. I’m so alone, more alone then I’ve ever been before.
RockGodGames (15 days ago)
Do you think I can use this for my movie I'm making😉
U Kang (16 days ago)
I will cry listen this song.... :-(.... U all know.... I lost my family and I lost my best friend... They excided.... So sad... But... I can't cry u know.... After I listen this song.... I swear... I love my family and my best friend.... And now I don't know what want to do
Ao Studios (16 days ago)
Die alone.
Dreaming Girl (16 days ago)
Now in this moment... I crying alone...
CrazyCatz (17 days ago)
When things seem difficult miserable Life is turning away from you Intimidated and worn out you remain In darkness at a corner you examine Watching the sky as it disappears Reminding the lost beloved ones How beautiful and caring they were Vanishing without saying goodbye Shortening your long life span And leaving you destitute and lonely Deeply you wonder How life can really be unfair  To honest and good people like you But all you let go off And focus to mend your life And strengthen your heart With good and caring friends on your side Opening the picture of brightness Knowing GOD holds your hand Leading you to your success Stars embracing the whole sky And you know your journey has started In pursuit of your purpose Slowly matching from dusk to dawn With smiles and determination In whispers you read your heart         ALWAYS STAND STRONG
youmysweetiepie _ (18 days ago)
this video is very sad
Justin MusicToons (18 days ago)
Great talent ;)
Lol Jokes (18 days ago)
When you revisit old video games and remember the first time playing them as a kid
CLED PARDILLO (18 days ago)
we are your friend
CLED PARDILLO (18 days ago)
you lost your friend dont be sad we are here for you
This Is altuMotus (18 days ago)
Would it be okay if I make a Lo-Fi remix of this?
Im Alene (19 days ago)
Tascino Giada (19 days ago)
I love the comments under these sad music videos, they make me feel undertood, we are all a family, we shuold love each other. It doesn't matter who you are, where are you from, your skin color, your religion, your age. All that matter is that you love yourself. Have a good day my dear, i hope you will have an amazing life.
Queen Gee (20 days ago)
Here I am Lost in the world There you are moving mountains to find me Here I am Sinning against you There you are Forgiving me for my sins Etc etc....
Robert LaClair (17 days ago)
Queen Gee etc etc man that got me in my feels
BS jasser (20 days ago)
i hate my life
Achilles (20 days ago)
Would I be allowed to use the audio in the video for parody infomercial?
shoo badoo (21 days ago)
Is there a 10 hour version? Because I cry longer than 4 minutes
DjX PopLocks (10 days ago)
I can go for long as 4 hours
btensionfree (17 days ago)
Ultimate Spider-man fan put on repeat dear friend
Ilikefish _FISH (21 days ago)
Yea this makes me so sad that he is wearing Gucci and I’m poor af
Anonymous Person (21 days ago)
Some days i wanna be left alone. Some days i dont wanna breathe. My breathing has slowly become short. I dont know who i am at this point. I try my best to be happy. I try so hard but some days i cant. Im tired of crying myself to sleep. I cant live any longer. I have showed so many signs. I have shed too many tears. My life has gone downhill and dug a hole and buried itself. Now i cant crawl my way back up. I get hit every time. I just fall. I fail to complete my mother’s wishes. Im sorry im not the best daughter. I fail my siblings. Im sorry im not the sister you wanted. When will i see my brother again? When will the cheating stop? When will you love me? You have hurt me too many times and its surprising how i can still love. I love those who aren’t with me anymore. I miss my old best friend. I see the way she’s changed into something she said she’d never become. I miss the old days i was happy.
Queen Sisi (21 days ago)
Don't let anyone knows that you are sad just smile and live your life happy cz every thing is going on
Chrisdylan Dylan (22 days ago)
This year is the toughest to me... This year tests my patience, Tolerance and every thing... Like if someone is having the same problem Sorry for my bad english
x_ST4T1C_x (22 days ago)
The only sad part about this is how he’s wearing a Gucci hoodie... smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
Ao Studios (22 days ago)
Fucking kill myself
Ao Studios (22 days ago)
Not a lone wolf, a lone lion. Never to return to the pride. Being chased away until he ran too far, he now lives in the dark, hazy forests, lost, and alone. New land, new animals. Who is suffering. - Danny
Kit Bitner (22 days ago)
Beautiful, just . . . beautiful
Emily (22 days ago)
sitting alone like i’m nothing crying alone like i’m worthless keeping a straight face all day and everyday it’s kind of getting tiring
Gacha Dino (22 days ago)
I'm gonna cry it's soo bootifull
Renesmeé BlackBird (22 days ago)
Literally just pulled this up because I’m on my period and just want to cry😂😂
Renesmeé BlackBird (8 hours ago)
Guess who’s back😂😂
Gül Oguz (13 days ago)
Can relate 🤣
JOMLO TERHORMAT (22 days ago)
I miss her... Where you now .... 😞😟
Rakesh 1 (23 days ago)
Can i use it free off cost i not affordable
anil kumar (23 days ago)
One day someone will come in my life...if no one comes...no worries...i came alone in this World...
Lunita .v (23 days ago)
sin duda el mejor pianista del mundo <3 me hacen llorar sus melodias pero me encantan
Mallory Peters (24 days ago)
I went through such a horrible time in March. My brothers best friend who was like a brother to my family committed suicide and sadly passed away. I miss him so much and always wonder if there is anything me and my family could do to turn back time and change his mind into doing it! I love him so much😔😣😭😖
RoyalAirForce 16 (23 days ago)
Rip for him ❤❤❤
RoyalAirForce 16 (23 days ago)
I hope you are going to "re build" you because i'm sure you are a beautiful person
Clara Smallman (24 days ago)
it’s incredible how you use one instrument to make me feel so much.
Shltrjnskma A (24 days ago)

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