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The Youngest Mothers In The World

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Top 10 moms who gave birth at an iincredibly young age! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg Mothers are typically seen as adult women who have been married and graduated from college, meaning that they have lived a decent amount of life before becoming a mother. There is a process and almost a “rite” of passage that has to take place before taking on the responsibility of raising a tiny human being. But sometimes, motherhood doesn’t happen this way. There are several circumstances that can take place in order for a young mother to become pregnant. The first is a dismal circumstance from being raped by an older male, or the other circumstance is consensual intercourse. H Exactly how young can a girl be to become a mother? Well, the youngest mother in the world was Lina Medina and she became pregnant at the age of five years. These was several decades ago. Today, especially with the amount of hormones in the food we eat and the dairy we drink, more young girls are hitting puberty at an early age, making them capable of becoming pregnant well before reaching their teen years. If a girl hits puberty too early, it is called premature menarche, which is what leads to a girl becoming a mother before she turned an appropriate age. Sadly, there are hundreds of cases of young girls becoming mothers and their lives changing forever due to being taken advantage of, and many of them stay silent. However, if they have experienced premature menarche, their bodies will give away the horrible secret by becoming a vessel for a growing baby. Other Videos You Might Like! The Most Inappropriate Kids Competitions That Exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m5gW8P6mrc 10 Oddest Couples To Get Married https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pepk_V3gW8I Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/ For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
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Text Comments (6637)
MsVeryBlessed (4 hours ago)
Anything for attention. No 5 year old is having a baby.
Kamryn G (13 hours ago)
I didn’t know that it was possible to have a child at 5...
olivia Lopez (15 hours ago)
When I was 7 I kissed a 6 year old girl in the mouth
Evil Hunter (19 hours ago)
In our country 11 year girls has given birth at Nepal
Sunic (21 hours ago)
Bro imagine going through puberty before you're even in school.
CinnamonRoll (1 day ago)
That last one tho 😨
Savannah Cline (1 day ago)
I was 12 when I had my twin baby girls I WAS NOT RAPED don’t worry
Grace Wang (1 day ago)
2:44 omg that's my exact birth date
Why are they all related???
Lulu_ chan (2 days ago)
hey my name is lina
Chloe Hyme (2 days ago)
Oh my lanta!
ramesh singh (10 hours ago)
Chloe Hyme ya really
NORELY PORRAS (3 days ago)
Ummm I'm 9 years old put I'm not a mom yet thank the lord
Yaka Llama (3 days ago)
This is so sad... they were so young 😭
Anushka Chaturvedi (3 days ago)
Teacher: Lina how old are you Lina: 5 year old teacher Teacher: and your mother Lina: my mommy is 10 years old Teacher: WTH 😵😵😣 Edit: sorry mother name is Lina 😅
sandeep rathore (4 days ago)
In Indian village every 2nd girl less than 18 year old becomes mother
ramesh singh (9 hours ago)
sandeep rathore me india ke gav me hi rahta hu bro
sandeep rathore (9 hours ago)
Y jhut nhi h.... Its truth go in typical villages of india
ramesh singh (10 hours ago)
sandeep rathore kiyo judh bol rahe ho
bRaT (4 days ago)
*before this video i said ‘don’t forget to mention lina madina.😉*
rosa pike (4 days ago)
Kindergarten teacher: So how old is your Mum 4 year old: 9 Teacher: 😳😳😳😳😳
NICOLE M. (4 days ago)
Gosh ☹️
Ella Winkler (4 days ago)
My birthday is May 14!
Maria Manukyan (4 days ago)
omg 🤮fucking pedofil
ramesh singh (10 hours ago)
Maria Manukyan really
Maria Manukyan (4 days ago)
äcklig 8
Officially Crazy (4 days ago)
You can not give birth at the age of five. You need to have had your period and puberty.
itz _mehskye (4 days ago)
Nekoo UwU小さな猫 (4 days ago)
How can a 5 year old get her period While I'm 13 and I still don't have mine
DEMONS SLAYER (5 days ago)
One sub one pray for the hopeless girls
WTF I am 15 and I never talk to a girl in my life .
Thank goodness that I'm a freaking male!
MetroidFan388 (5 days ago)
I hope that mother is the strongest person in the world to get over that horrible event.
Dasha Lopez-Cruz (5 days ago)
They took my mom and dad name
Dee Hi jolley (5 days ago)
What the....my brother lick my vagina
zoey brooks (1 day ago)
Dee Hi jolley ummmm he needs help
Dee Hi jolley (2 days ago)
zoey brooks (2 days ago)
Dee Hi jolley really......
Blakely Burnside (5 days ago)
These girls be starting their period at a young age
zoey brooks (2 days ago)
Blakely Burnside that’s why I’m saying!!
FoxyGladiator (5 days ago)
I hate hearing the word "Raped" I don't know why.
Safi Matthews (5 days ago)
A 5 year old mom can't be possible
peepslostsheep (5 days ago)
Unfortunately, it is. Precocious Puberty is a very real medical condition that causes puberty to start before the age of 8 years old. A couple years ago an 11 month old was diagnosed with it. She'd been having her period for 6 months.
Argellyn Dela cruz (6 days ago)
You will just be pregnant if you have period think that 5 years old girl have a baby
Sailor Joon (6 days ago)
They got their period at 8 wut
zoey brooks (2 days ago)
Sailor Joon IKRRR
KawaiiPartyCannon (7 days ago)
May 14th is my birthday oof
Sam Adams (7 days ago)
sarah 2005 (7 days ago)
What’s sad is that a five year old has gotten her period before me, a fourteen year old
Tea Spilled (7 days ago)
Friend: my mum is 32 Other friend: my mum is 39 Her:my mums 15 -awkward silence-
Lil potato Child (7 days ago)
Wait...a 5 year old getting pregnant? And I though 13-16 was young...
azaleeyah lao (8 days ago)
Why the fuck will a 9 year old would date a damn 13 year old boy i mean bitch waut waht and you got Pregnant kaboom the end
Let's Play Sporcle (8 days ago)
I did not know where babies come from when I was older than 9 of these mothers
Let's Play Sporcle (8 days ago)
Soon to be on these lists: Danielle Cohn
Ben Diab (7 days ago)
Jesse Davenport (8 days ago)
8 month old gets period.12 year old doesn’t ,something doesn’t add up🧐
Sophiah Fuentes (8 days ago)
j.p grounala (8 days ago)
Fucking snitch what kind of brother is he
Toothix (9 days ago)
Ush cool I will go and marry Drake Edit:(I am only 10 xD)
Haven Bartee (9 days ago)
Wow and I thought I was too young
lowkey lorna (9 days ago)
Carla Garcia (9 days ago)
Dogs get raped in some countries lmao
Annogirly 4 (9 days ago)
Alesii TS (10 days ago)
Let me say what everyone is thinking.... Why the fuck did these kids have children this young? Because some men and women are assholes.
Video girl Yeah (10 days ago)
My mom hade me when she was 15 years
Ben Diab (7 days ago)
Nickelodeon Promos (10 days ago)
They are all almost baby girls
Sarah Balisi (10 days ago)
I can't believe
Smizla Smizla (10 days ago)
Wtfff a fricking 5 year oldff
Elijah-James mac (11 days ago)
Wait... she started getting her period when she was months old?!?!?!
selenator forever (11 days ago)
Linage was 5!!!!
Miyusake Onichan (12 days ago)
Oron b2b (12 days ago)
A 5 year old can't get her period, you must be lying
Chelsea George (12 days ago)
5 ?!?!?!?! 😱😱😱😱😱 parents fault for not giving the kids the care they need let alone forcing marriage at 10 !!! It is legally known that 16 is the age when you can have intercourse and also to make your own decisions...fair enough...but 5 !?! You gotta be joking 😱😡🤬😤
It Lujain (12 days ago)
Am 10 and am thanking god I don’t have kids
Just lindyyy (13 days ago)
Wow.. Im 12 and I don't even have my Period yet😂
S.E.E. (9 days ago)
Same though.
Unicorn Gacha (13 days ago)
Howw u cant even produce children at those agess unless if they hit puberty really early
Maxwell Kaizer (13 days ago)
everyday, we stray further from god
Jwimmii Yoongi (13 days ago)
how tf does a 5 year old get they're period.......
Peter Piya (13 days ago)
Just imagine having a mom who is only 5 years older than u😯
Dinja Queen (7 days ago)
Janitor2D /ronFX (13 days ago)
Call me mew (13 days ago)
Thats inposible
Maddie’s Vlogs (13 days ago)
Surprised R.Kelly isn’t in this video
Justin Anderson (13 days ago)
Just imagine an 8 months old baby wearing menstual pad.
di hayba (13 days ago)
It a lie, ur period start at age 10 to 12, u can't get pregnant wen u never had ur period... 5 year old cannot have pregnant...
Ariana Bieber (13 days ago)
Owww mah gaawd 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 how can it b possible
Farhana Nasry (14 days ago)
Im married at 24 n have baby at 25
SuperBrownie Biscuit (14 days ago)
WAIT 5 YEARS OLD?!?!?!? is her you know puberty there yet....
Jessica Sanchez (14 days ago)
I thought u can only have babies when u have ur period
San Dougherty (14 days ago)
How is this true most of them haven’t had their period yet🤔🧐🤨
Dayna Oscherwitz (3 days ago)
San Dougherty HALLELUJAH SOMEONE NOTICED!! Sry, I learned this from my 7th grade friend who is studying the reproductive system. I would say it but it would be weird considering I’m in 6th grade
TTv. HeyItsRuby (15 days ago)
The second one tho
Blue llamas (15 days ago)
Lina Medina’s kids birthday is May 14 and mine is May 13 😂
Evelyn Cucu (15 days ago)
Elena Chiritescu is from Romania
black goku (15 days ago)
Snazzy Jazzy (15 days ago)
I was born on November 2 but the baby is still older than me
Stopdabbingkids -.- (15 days ago)
Why the fuck would an 8 year old marry an 26 year old man?? He some PERVERT.
The girl who had her baby with her coisun. Get back to Alabama
Susana Torres (15 days ago)
TEEN MOM HER 🤰🏻🤱🏻 17-19 FATHERS 17-20
Susana Torres (15 days ago)
Me life with a 6 mouth old baby me 20
Patriots 4life (15 days ago)
9 to 17 Dating 8 years apart is pedapholic, because when you were a senior in high school, your partner was in the 3rd or 4th grade
Sarah Sterly (15 days ago)
If it was my fault I would be dead
Aqua FaithXoX (15 days ago)
These girls are getting their periods so early.
Abigail Evans (15 days ago)
Imagine a mother at only the age of 3
MANYA MISRA (15 days ago)
Did anyone notice they all give birth to girls
Jeanette Carter (15 days ago)
Bloody hell babies having babies sick world out there 🙁
Anesu Gondo (15 days ago)
Why are so many people getting pregnant by their cousins
Don Junior (16 days ago)
ALLAH iSIDDEEQH (16 days ago)
ALLAH iSIDDEEQH (16 days ago)
ALLAH iSIDDEEQH (16 days ago)
ALLAH iSIDDEEQH (16 days ago)
ALLAH iSIDDEEQH (16 days ago)
ALLAH iSIDDEEQH (16 days ago)
super sayien 3 goku (16 days ago)
Female pedohiles are worse

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