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Iran's Fashion Renaissance: VICE Reports

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Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Before Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, citizens weren't required to wear the Islamic cover known as the hijab and the country's fashion was almost identical to that of the United States and Europe. After the revolution, though, the hijab became required by law. Although the standard black hijab is still commonplace—especially in rural areas in the country—Iran has recently seen a fashion renaissance, and cities like Tehran are becoming home to new and innovative designers. The clothing may still have to respect the Islamic dress codes, but the bright colors and designs would never have been seen a decade ago in Iran. Last summer, VICE went to Tehran to attend the third annual Fajr Fashion Show and speak with some of Iran's new designers. The country's top officials—responsible for granting permission for the show—were all seated in the front row to show show their support. And to make sure the models were adhering to the country's law. Check out more VICE Reports here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Reports Watch all episodes of Fashion Week Internationale - http://bit.ly/Fashion-Internationale Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice
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Text Comments (1533)
Bob Singhv (19 days ago)
I've dated a few of these goldiggers. I got away with my wallet. 😂
Bob Singhv (19 days ago)
Show your tits already
Mohamed from bankstown (1 month ago)
This is what Assad wants to prevent in Syria... this is what the Arabic spring wanted.
1 looper (1 month ago)
Fuck the Sharia Law Bring back the Shah please Bring back the King of Aryan Persian again !!!
Sander Cronberg (2 months ago)
perry lc (3 months ago)
Go back to the 70s & you will have even greater choices & verity
Denise Vasquez Lemrick (3 months ago)
Nothing but rags....sick society....these rags have absolutely NO IMAGINATION....
Lukas Schneider (3 months ago)
9:28 You are a stone if his emotions didn't make your heart melt.
Lukas Schneider (3 months ago)
Persians are awesome. Persian and Indians were always in good relations. We Indians genuinely love Persians (Iranian, Afghans and Tajiks). I hope Iran achieve all it desired goals despite of senctions of the US.
A B (4 months ago)
Makes a video about Iran but starts it off with Arabic music lol
Dakota Harrington (4 months ago)
You know what will create a brighter and prosperous future for Iran? Letting women wear whatever they want and not living under a theocratic dictatorship.
Janet Granzow (4 months ago)
Renaissance and Iran if used together seems more like a oxymoron Lol when you think of the Enlightenment! How ironic is this?
Catarina Oliveira (5 months ago)
Why is it that only european looking clothing are regarded as "modern" and "good looking" or "normal"? The world is not Europe's lmao
madam jewelz (5 months ago)
I'm sorry but the Quran doesn't tell you to that you must get permission from your government to wear fushcia.... That's not Islamic.. that's oppression
steve davis (5 months ago)
Iran people are the most insecure in America. They all have American names
Roya Xx (5 months ago)
you can't wear a monto without a roosari though like it just doesn't look good
Red Tilt (5 months ago)
The 70s style was a renaissance this is a digression
LinusOwen1 (6 months ago)
It seems the hijab is an apology for their men’s lack of self control. All add backwards. I truly don’t get it.
pam4840 (6 months ago)
Persia has always been a melting pot of cultures and sure can contribute a lot to fashion. It need not to be any thing western and had to be skin. Love from India
Carthago Delenda Est (7 months ago)
Fuck the Iranian Government. Fuck fundamentalist religious theocracies!
Arminius Hermann (7 months ago)
I am a American. And I think this is very honorable. You are the one country in the world that has real independence. You are not infected by the parasitic zionist Jew. You should be very proud and walk with your heads high. The dirty Jew has destroyed America. 98% of the people walk with their heads in the cloud. You have real news. Our media and entertainment is disgusting filth. We have very talented people who can not express real ideas. We are the oppressed. But revolution is coming to America very shortly. Peope are tired here. P.s. stay off the international monetary system. It is the head of the snake. Persians are the shit
Charlie Fox (4 months ago)
USA Isnt oppressed just stupid
Heather's Death (8 months ago)
religion and fashion do not go together.... I can't wait for the day everyone is an atheist , if we survive that long. Religon is evil.
polifatts (7 months ago)
Islam is particularly evil.
emp0rizzle (8 months ago)
Bet they miss the Shah!
Anand Kumar (10 months ago)
Its a good thing that Iran is slowely opening up.
Kaya Hannah (10 months ago)
this lady seems so scared
Maki (10 months ago)
Islamic dress codes and laws. Wow sure a free fucking country
Peacemaker without war (11 months ago)
Islam is a complicated culture ,and religion. It forbids the women's,and other's minorities rights,in some Islamic countries,like those ones on the Arabian peninsula ,especially christian's, but allows homosexuality(bacha bazi بچه بازی)..Iran can be exeption ,becuase there's a beautiful Russian orthodox church at the heart of Tehran.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religious_centers_in_Tehran#Orthodox_expatriate_community_churches
Adam Skinner (11 months ago)
Damn, these silhouettes are so boring. Laws suck.
hijena ??? (11 months ago)
iran is good for avoiding only --- example iran as tourist destination is good as u step in DOG SHIT !!!
Electoral 2020 (11 months ago)
Barbara Powell (11 months ago)
jasmine r (1 year ago)
Che labasayE dahati .. lol
jasmine r (1 year ago)
Why would she go to a fashion show with those boots? UGH.
Marenehh ! (1 year ago)
Fashion shold not have laws
King Sid Mohammed (1 year ago)
Wow girls r so beautiful there
Hmm Mhmm (1 year ago)
The guys Crying at the end makes me think that they are pretty oppressed if color in clothing and fashion has been a struggle for the past 8 years.
prominentturkey (1 year ago)
Yet the women are still oppressed to wear stupid cloth on their heads
LOKDOWNKING (1 year ago)
FUCK the Islamic dress code...sharia law ISNT WELCOME IN THE USA!
ĸaѕperły (1 year ago)
Half of my family is from Iran I noticed that Persian people are very materialistic, they care a lot about money
Sufc Davie (1 year ago)
Very backwards culture
th3FT pUnK (1 year ago)
iran's fashion is just a joke as long as this hijab shit is around i feel pity for myself for being born in iran we are fucked up people majority of youth think about migrating west
Giedrius Baturinas (1 year ago)
Once I was against this Islamic women clothing, but to be honest look at whats happening to non islamic women nowadays, instead of showing their heart or their brains in clothing, they are showing their asses, etc, their bitchyness, none worthyness.... and im not islamic, just kinda made me think that what happened to our women who got a little bit of freedom - look what happened to them...
Juan Valladares (1 year ago)
Can they show a little more skin
NadinaStryhn (1 year ago)
The older gentleman crying and talking about the possibilities for the new generation really moved me. One of my best friends is Iranian and what that Country has gone through is unbelievable. I really hope change will come.
Alan Walker (1 year ago)
What is more hypocritical is that Iranian men have openly adopted western style and look but they don't allow their women to do so as well.
Alan Walker (1 year ago)
Islam has destroyed the beauty of these countries. The worst victims of this cancer are women.
Eric Christian (1 year ago)
It's so tiny to see how liberals embrace Islamic culture and their treatment of women. Women can't"look sexual" or they're beaten or killed and this is with their entire body and face covered. A woman's word is worth half a man's word in court. Women are beaten with sticks like animals and if a woman is accused of any transgression that shames the family it's legal to kill her. It just shows how the left will adopt any cause or standpoint if it's convenient to them and their objectives. Total hypocrisy is the norm. In America a woman has the right to abortions at any age and the tax payers should pay for them no questions asked, while under sharia a woman doesn't even have the right to choose when she has sex. There's no such thing as martial rape, she cent show her face in public and if she's raped she needs 3 male witnesses to confirm her story or she'll be killed to save the honor of her family. Well I have no problem with people coming to America from Islamic nations but if they seek refuge in my country they can live by our laws.but if you look in Europe where they've been Allowed to settle large areas they institute sharia law and they openly speak of conquering the people who have taken them in and stealing their women and forcing them to choose between converting to Islam or being beheaded. That ain't right. The left see it a way to weaken America so they love Islam and feminists embrace the hijab! What a world were living in today!
Shahaan Saleem (1 year ago)
Iran is a great state. Islam should be separate from the government. Freedom of choice
C00kii0 (1 year ago)
I remember the day I learned the U.S is responsible for the current Islamic state of iran. I over heard an Iranian kid flipping out and explaining so fast he bit his cheek. Yelling at the racist kid in my highschool class and it turned into a writting research lesson history. Where we got a more in depth look at things leading up to our current state. The teacher was so proud that this kid knew his history.
BerryM (1 year ago)
This is absurd especially for Iran. Look up Iran in the 70's..... This is an embarrassment!
maxi Khan (1 year ago)
islam poisons everything
wig smey (1 year ago)
Islam is such a goddamn cancer. Don't get me wrong, Christianity is just as stupid, but at least most western countries have gotten over the bullshit and put it where it should be in society, in the fringe.
Cub (1 year ago)
"Iranian fashion is progressive, intellectual, and comes in a wide variety of styles." "Iranian fashion is exciting, exploding, and progressive." VICE proceeds to show 10 minutes 18 seconds of Iranian women wearing hijab, burka, cropped pants, skinny jeans under 12 layers of tunic, high boots, and sweaters in the summer. And then the real coup de gras, "Is something that you'd wear everyday?" "No they got a special permit from the Culture Ministry!" WTF? Think about that, how is something so progressive and forward such as a pink floor length dress-suit with a vest and full blouse for summer "progressive" when you have to have a special permit to wear his type of clothing? And if you don't have the permit, then what? The special Iranian police and Cultural Ministry stone you know the street for being fully clothed? VICE must be a liberal "news" source.
Natasha Tercera (1 year ago)
why wasn't this on i-D?
ricky mop (1 year ago)
woman ia a beautyfull creature of GOD not an object of sexual abusement, without them the world...
Prashant !!! (1 year ago)
i m appalled , how a rich civilisation Persia becomes like more & more Arab bec of islamification , why there's no Xorastrian in Iran , ohh i forgot they will be killed
Darius (1 year ago)
I would love an update on this
william wright (1 year ago)
Based in Budapest, Hungary, we get many Iranian girl students doing Western studies here. Persian women are stunning - and also fun people. None of them seem to wear the hijab here but I guess they must back in Iran. Hope the slow thaw in social conventions such as clothes continues for them.
Jesus Blaster (1 year ago)
Damn man, these poor women must hate the summer since they have to cover themselves up so much. They are beautiful though! Btw, is it safe to travel to Iran? i really want to visit this country but i'm afraid for my safety :(
UnderTheLamp (1 year ago)
why is it so loud
Punkk! (1 year ago)
im iranian . and whats the big f deal . there isnt so much hijab in the street , like whats the point of the video , like go to show the nature and wonders , like wth
Lisa Sweet (1 year ago)
this was boring
Tony Primera (1 year ago)
what's the music they're playing in the beginning?
Deborah Diduck (1 year ago)
Big deal. Being raised in Orthodoxy in the late '50's, I was told that women were such an abomination to the eyes of the Lord, they had to cover themselves so he could tolerate their presence. And that's Ukrainian style Orthodoxy, following the Old Testament, which Sharia Law follows. The hijab and burqa's are signs of supporting the abuse of females including female genital mutilation and those jokes of "child marriage". The hijab is a "veiled threat" of what is to come for all women world wide.
Masoud Naseri (1 year ago)
VICE, I'm a big fan of your work. One mistake here though: your closed captioning states that that they are speaking Arabic. Please note, they are speaking Persian. The largest ethnic group in Iran are Persians and that is the official language. (Arabic and Persian are not even in the same language family by the way.) If you could correct this mistake on your closed captioning, that would be wonderful. Thanks again for all your amazing stories!
Jon Pilchard (1 year ago)
Grace, style and tradition is fashion in all cultures
SEA SHIP (1 year ago)
Wow I love Iranian fashion sense and a beauty of girl in those dress is unvielable.
lost (1 year ago)
why would they sing Quran at a fashion show..?
Caleb Joseph (1 year ago)
권수아 나도뭘라
Nick Zolanski (1 year ago)
Edgardo Díaz (2 years ago)
Iran , Arabia ,Sudan, and Aceh Indonesia should let women choose if they want to wear hijab or not.
M’ aiq (2 years ago)
Fashion or Halloween party? Half of them are dressed like the grim reaper ffs
M iranin and proud (1 year ago)
Tag 915 haha fuck
Sebastie Cortes (2 years ago)
bring the flourish Peria back all thoughts in black look like they're in a funeral
DaPopoloinParadise (2 years ago)
When/If the current regime falls and people can wear what they want, Tehran is going to be one of the most fashionable cities in the Middle East.
нɪт оʀ мɪss (10 months ago)
Bangladeš G Muslims are foreign influence so your comment is false
ĸaѕperły (1 year ago)
DaPopoloinParadise And it was before
Sophie Jones (1 year ago)
They are starting from what was literally a uniform, and an all-black uniform at that. In a country where that is decidedly not traditional. So yeah, they're a little giddy about being able wearing colors and patterns. It's novel for those who grew up after the Revolution. It's also an important sign that the country is starting to care about it's native heritage. Iranian clothing was once artistic and creative, and this is a sign that it might one day be that way again. Thus, rebirth or "renaissance". There is nothing totally new under the sun in clothing anyhow. Even in the West. I'd settle for seeing them resurrect a fashion that hasn't been used in several hundred years. Just to clarify though: that wasn't what was seen as empowering for women. The empowerment bit came in because women can now appear in fashion shows. Since they can't appear in any other kind of show, this is quite significant. Plays, concerts, etc. all the performers are men.
J/W (2 years ago)
+Bangladeš G Pakistan and i love Iran!
Julian M (2 years ago)
Iranian culture and fashion is so beautiful. Shame on Western media for displaying such a false image of the country
2015canary (6 months ago)
stupid child
Evan (9 months ago)
Julian M deported
Beverly Huttinger (9 months ago)
Rather have Arab culture than American Culture which is evil!
Mustafa Yaseen (2 years ago)
Did you know the hijab was disliked before the Islamic Revolution, it would sometimes be pulled off by the police, after the revolution there was a referendum and 85% of women chose to make the hijab mandatory
Steven Lee (2 months ago)
85% ? which iran was in a progressive country at that moment ? i dont think so
A B (4 months ago)
85% my ass lol I'm Iranian and most Iranians are sick of this ass backwards ideology brought by the filth that is Islam
starlight (1 year ago)
Mustafa Yaseen cool why don't they do a referendum again to see how many women want to wear it now?
barbiex louise (1 year ago)
BS,,it wasnt their choice u fanatic arab
Hamza Tahir (2 years ago)
IKR?! man, damn media got people so behind honestly
Suleman Malik (2 years ago)
Beautiful girls, mashallah. Proud to be a muslim <3
M iranin and proud (7 months ago)
Suleman Malik fuck offf
Ilham Berry (2 years ago)
At 1:05 who is reciting?
Pepins Spot (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ.
Nina Cubana (2 years ago)
not telling that it Was BANNED before? like really?
Nina Cubana (2 years ago)
you guys are doing western propaganda
Dave J. (2 years ago)
Wow... That's a nice example how restrictions can actually promote creativity. But this doesn't mean, that I approve of these laws there.
SuperPoopak (2 years ago)
Watching your so called "report" tells me that you have no idea about what is really going on in Iran! My best guess is that Iranian government paid to make this propaganda about how Iranian women love to be covered head to toe!!! How would you like to be forced to wear something from head to toe in 100-degree+ temperature!! You do not have to make up lies like this, just to make money! You are an embarrassment to all women!
danyelah Tabaat (1 year ago)
SuperPoopak what if they want to be covered
SuperPoopak (2 years ago)
das weird (2 years ago)
She is just the reported you idiot, they just gave insight into the growing fashion scene in Iran which really is just sad.
Kimmy Awesomeness (2 years ago)
what the fuck
Eta Almo (2 years ago)
fuck u this is no fashion its oppression
007VitaminD (2 years ago)
As long as the fashion is within the boundaries of modesty and Islam, then it is permissible :).
007VitaminD (2 years ago)
Did you know that before the Islamic Revolution the hijab was BANNED and even pulled off people by police, after the Revolution there was a referendum vote in which 85% of women chose to make the Hijab mandatory. These are a people of modesty, not obscenity like Western women.
rachel elizabeth (2 years ago)
i'm a western woman and I am far from obscene. I am a Christian head-coverer and allow myself to only show my forelimbs, neck, and face. and my clothes are loose and not see-thru. I did this by choice. no one raised me to be this way, and of course modesty goes beyong clothing. oh and the make up I wear is very subdued. i'm all about balance and moderation, so just check yourself.
das weird (2 years ago)
Well they must be have been pretty fucking stupid giving into the whole 'hijabs are empowering', you shouldn't have to wear a clothe on your head to be respected or not raped.
Daphne Laureen (2 years ago)
way to label all western women under the same brush. besides, wearing a hijab doesn't mean that you're automatically modest & people in the west can be modest without wearing one.
russzoya (2 years ago)
Why is it that models have no make up and not even one model is smiling?
Evan (9 months ago)
Rebecca Clement durrrrrrr decapitation as federal punishment so peaceful durrrrrrrr
1286503 (2 years ago)
They did have make up, I noticed plenty of nose jobs too ;)
Rebecca Clement (2 years ago)
+das weird Your idea of being free is diffrent. They are following a religion. It's not like Christianity were you choose what to follow and what not to follow. This comments is stupid beacuse European models do not smile and their makeup almost never fit the "traditional" makeup standards. So what is the difference if they had no makeup at all? Ughhh I can't with people like you.
das weird (2 years ago)
+Rebecca Clement lol yeah stupid Europeans being all free and not living under sharia law *sarcasm*
Alex Osorio (2 years ago)
a feel sorry for all these people and their ugly fashion ... poor women
This law should not reflect Iran, some Iranians do not want to wear traditional hijab and some do, but you cannot discredit one side in the name of 'religion' I respect Islam, I don't respect an unfair society in which men and women are never equal. It is painful to hear racism of those who do not respect the roots of Islam and the hijab and only see what it has become. I will not say it's excellent to wear a hijab, burka or niqab, but neither. It should be through the choice of all Iranians to wear what they see fit and practise the religion they support, not the distortion it has become.
Sepehr Voshmgir (2 years ago)
Who cares man! There are more important matters than arguing the hijab every 2 seconds. Damn!
Bernard (2 years ago)
I have a strange feeling : I finally think that an "excess" of freedom may be the ruin of the human intelligence, discipline as well as creativity... For example "free jazz" is very close to chaos... Some years ago, I thought that people living in USSR were more human, touching and smart in some aspects ... So, mainly, I'm against an imposed veil and all other religious insanities though I see the smartness of the people having to cope with it while wanting to grab inches of freedom. What will they become once "almost everything is permitted"... ?
nogoodwolf (2 years ago)
And I would say that the lack of freedom limits people. They can't be as intelligent as they could be. It's a great feeling to feel free! A normal good person will make the right choice.
Bingo Bingo (2 years ago)
Islam is the only enemy of iranians and they as long as this fake religion exist in Iran people will never face freedom and peaceful life.
whywhyman (2 years ago)
music at the start? what's the name of it? thanks.
OneofakinD (2 years ago)
first of all, men should not all be up the front and woman at the back, it is a fashion show and the woman should be able to sit up front to see what they would like to be wearing, and I do not agree with woman having to be covered but gee I love the designs but more colour is needed.
FreeDaFam Southside (2 years ago)
lol i am writing paragraphs because i have points. other than you, you are being irrelevant. talk about the subject you fucking retard
FreeDaFam Southside (2 years ago)
Thats why you havent made a point yet. hah. Typical attention seeker.
FreeDaFam Southside (2 years ago)
lol You're pathetic. Get real. Until you learn to discuss a topic in a non-childish manner i will not speak to you. The only reason why you stupid people dont condone in this is because it is not in your everyday life and you have lived a life where you think a certain gender has certain privileges. just because things are done in a way you do not like doesnt mean you should start speaking for them when it is really what they believe in. Also if I wasnt making points I would be talking about irrelevant shit like you, such as your iranian boyfriend. Who cares about him? You are bringing him up in this conversation for what reason? Because he also disagrees with women sitting behind men? you people are pathetic. Until you start making actual points as to why this is such a terrible act, I have nothing else to say but you people are irrelevant.
FreeDaFam Southside (2 years ago)
Okay, No one cares. You arent making any points right now.
November2025 (2 years ago)
This head covering is pure Bull Shit. It makes women disappear from society and that's the bottom line. Anyone supporting this shit is a f-ing Nazi.
chitrika desai (2 years ago)
god this is so horrifying seeing woman in those dark cloths once upon time iran was flourishing with rich persian culture and look what it is now!!!!!!!
cambo fm (2 months ago)
When Allah revealed the teachings of the religion of Islam to His Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, he ordered the Muslim women to cover their nakedness and to hide their bodies
Firespin Entertainment (6 months ago)
Exactly who made you mr universe to tell people how run there country. Iran had elections and 65 percent voted for a Islamic country is that not democracy? And if you say the elections were rigged then prove it
Ilia Dani (7 months ago)
chitrika desai facts
อติรุจ (2 years ago)
Then maybe we should enforce a mandatory hijab on you.
flowergril444 (2 years ago)
what is the song at the begining? thanks :)
flowergril444 (2 years ago)
ahh thank you 
Yasmine Lemri (2 years ago)
That was the Qur'an recitation :)
shmaoplays (2 years ago)
Hamid BiGPuNk (2 years ago)
I'm from Tehran and 25 years old... hijab,islam,arab people,leader of country(khameneii),The whole Governemet, these are words that most of youngs people in tehran hate but nothing we can do about it... if we say anything they will kill us,very easy and simple , my girl friend killed 3 years ago with a gun(AK47 klashinkov) , so i'm very sad yet and i dont forgive them, she was 21.. :(( She was next to me, every day and every hour and every second i wish i was there ... sorry guys but this is the truth, they are terrorists...
Vrijman (2 years ago)
+Hamid BiGPuNk OMG, are you for real about that? So sorry for you man.. But if it's not offensive to ask, why were they doing that to her?
Hamid BiGPuNk (2 years ago)
+Hanko Charger yes very sad.. :( i'm 25 years old and i'm sad everyday and every second in my life.. i was happy with my gf and she taken from me... i have no future and i just want to die right now...  i dont know what to do to be happy in this fuckin country.. Thanks for your beautiful comment...iranians deserve a better future ----> excatly ;)  my generation fucked up ... i hope for the next generation..
Hanko Charger (2 years ago)
+Hamid Khaleoghli that's very sad; i hope new generations can do something for Iran, it's a beautiful country, iranians deserve a better future
Hoda Katebi (2 years ago)
I think it's important to note exactly how and why the Iranian government made the headscarf mandatory in Iran. Not that I'm for the rule--although I wear the headscarf myself by choice in the USA, I do not support this law, but I think it could have been portrayed more fairly. Most reporting today in the West about Iran lacks historical context and therefore is almost an unfair rendition of modern Iranian society. Prior to the revolution, yes, the headscarf was not only not required--its was BANNED. My grandmother even recalled stories of when she was younger and police officers would pull her headscarf off her head on the streets. So, things were pretty sucky then too.
Dangerous2099 (4 months ago)
You wear your sign of suppression by choice, that's some fucked up wiring you got there....
Hoda Katebi (2 years ago)
I actually wrote my thesis paper (and published a photography book) about modern fashion in Iran and so it definitely requires more than a comment on a youtube video's worth of information! But I can point you to a few good resources here: http://ajammc.com/2014/03/11/a-fashionable-revolution/ and the book "Women with Mustaches and Men Without Beards" by Afsaneh Najmabadi, if you're serious about learning more!
nogoodwolf (2 years ago)
You begin by saying that it is important to note exactly why the Iranian government made the headscarf mandatory but you don't explain why. It would be interesting to hear it.
furogh ep (3 years ago)
The Arabic singing at the beginning remind me the funeral.
That's the QURAN.
Yasmine Lemri (2 years ago)
That is the Qur'an! The muslim holy book

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