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Big Tractor Tire Repair

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Big Tractor Tire Repair
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Bore Ragnarok (1 hour ago)
i watched this whole video on that review thing :p
Scott Bennett (4 hours ago)
At some point, a tire has so much rubber in it, just make it a solid tire. Sheesh.
Carriel (14 hours ago)
Tendi Nada.
Wilt C. (21 hours ago)
Put on some flex glue on it
Hating on Truth (1 day ago)
Don't forget to Stitch!!
Dark Monster (1 day ago)
Did they do surgery on tire
Dale Francis (1 day ago)
Donner Kebab came to mind.....
Pedro Lima (2 days ago)
Sunny Island (3 days ago)
He was INSIDE the tire? ALL of him?!!
jojo jo (4 days ago)
Dig Bick (5 days ago)
Why am i even watching this? I don't even have a tractor
Equipe MF (5 days ago)
Aumentou o buraco
Igor Mishenko (5 days ago)
Нах было вырезать дыру? Изнутри залепил бы дырку и всё.
Orlando Lewis (5 days ago)
2 shifts. 1 tire
SRT8 HellCat (5 days ago)
О боже🙈 что он творит...?🤔
Giova 5665 (5 days ago)
*Why i watched this*
احمد المصرى (6 days ago)
ivyfghuhjftygfdrdfùhihffujhhjnn hvbgvvhvgjvjnvvgvghcgh
Nadie habla español
Nathaniel Montalvo (6 days ago)
Alright how much they get paid
chris carter (6 days ago)
I'm too tyred to watch
Muhammad Ibrahim (7 days ago)
Waste of time
Edward Mendoza (7 days ago)
I've been to a farm once. Why was this on my recommended?
L Clark (7 days ago)
I am almost certain this is only the first stage of the repair. It must be vulcanized afterwards.
R P (7 days ago)
Jus buy a new tire w all that work
Liam Wilson (7 days ago)
Why not just buy a new tyre?
Где то я это уже лицезрел? Ах, конечно! Шаурму этак нарезают!!!
Rakshit Sharma (8 days ago)
MANchester UTD (8 days ago)
Where is the spare tyre dude!!!!!!
Art87 Stang (8 days ago)
Okay. I literally waisted time watching this. . Hmm lol
Andres Valdevit (8 days ago)
😧 a whole days work for a tire!!!
Marcos Santos (8 days ago)
Admire G Matake (8 days ago)
New tyre .. maybe..🤔🤔
Kyle Brown (9 days ago)
I don’t miss this shit at all
Unanonymously Present (9 days ago)
Just buy a new one duh
Bryce Parker (9 days ago)
Dear God stop calling it an injury 🙄
Dean Pollmann (9 days ago)
To much crap. Buy a new one.
Latunsha Griffin (9 days ago)
I know you make big bucks doing this it's a lot of work
M Son (10 days ago)
Great no mask when he grinding or glue the patch on the inside. Guess this guy will not be old.
mrearly2 (10 days ago)
Damage, not injury. Only living things can receive injuries.
T Co (10 days ago)
Re-title, drywaller attempts tire repair. Enjoy
Iam thatiam (10 days ago)
You put the wordings in the wrong place.
Luis Omar Ramos ortiz (10 days ago)
Eso es arreglar goma de verdad
Deniz Yilmaz (11 days ago)
You dude, is an artist
Sharif Khan (11 days ago)
Incomplete video
ba ecchi (12 days ago)
damn just buy a new tire ..
toben42 (12 days ago)
Doesn't look like a fun job.
Clarence Jones (12 days ago)
Does a new tire cost that much? Because that's just too much work 😂😂🤣🤣
Fazz (13 days ago)
Most satisfying vid
hong Lin (13 days ago)
How much for a new one though
Just buy a New one !
عبودي 1 (13 days ago)
اكو خر في الطياره
Safiloo 1 (13 days ago)
Hi boss, Im gonna take a week to fix my flat tire.
Falo mesmo (13 days ago)
Nao seria mais facil só colocar o adesivo de dentro entao 😁😁
mihai damian (14 days ago)
I think that the best solution for this problem it's a new tire.
one12o5 _ (14 days ago)
Flex seal would've been sufficient
Jonny Makkein (15 days ago)
Че это за говно, для чего я это смотрел?
Eric Bort (15 days ago)
Where repetitive stress injuries are born
The Two Gardens (15 days ago)
Just buy another tire ??????
Brett Laliberty (15 days ago)
Seems like a waste of time/money
Tigorcahtt (16 days ago)
Como vim parar aqui
Joseph LeBrun (16 days ago)
I hate tires
Снаружи ремонтная резина не поменяет протектор. Ещё бы жвачкой залепил.. Движений немало,однако толку не будет.
Drei (17 days ago)
Thanks! This will be very usefull.
Gürkan ÇELİK (17 days ago)
What is wrong on this repair. Because 4.5k people unlike this.
Bal Azs (18 days ago)
It is totally unnesessery! U r not professional!
Luis Alvarez (18 days ago)
Just use some bubble gum and scotch tape.
victor gamer (18 days ago)
Estaba viendo el álbum nuevo de bas bunny como llegue aca
Супер дантист-стоматолог.
Cómo que la haces mucho de pedo solo por dentro queda muy bien
Dubai Business (19 days ago)
Dude, you need to find a girlfriend...
Proceeds to destroy the tire even more could've just sticked it on right away. But noooo000oooo need extra money for the shit 1 use to repair it.
sourgrapes354 (20 days ago)
You can't just replace it?
Lanh Dinh (20 days ago)
co ai viet nam nhu mk
ŽURIO SAM (20 days ago)
Just simple buy new one lol😀
LOELCO 81 (20 days ago)
They still scrapped the tire after this failed vulcanization
JORDAN Tyler (20 days ago)
I don’t understand why the process is so long. There is definitely much faster and economical tire repair and patch methods than this. Maybe they just use more time and products to drive up the cost to the customer.
John Carter (20 days ago)
Tractor Surgeon Simulator
Whata channel (21 days ago)
Thanks, that's very helpful and I am fixing my tractor tires daily!
briank05 (21 days ago)
this is overkill, we all know a bit of duct tape would have worked just as good!!!!
Kevin Brown (21 days ago)
I've always used inner tubes after a slice puncture like that, you don't even have to take the tire all the way off the rim if you have a excavator to push down on the bead. Tubes work great if your stuck on a job also.
Jesus Campos (21 days ago)
i thought he was going to put a rubber band ball in the middle of his chalk formation and say "its all about equivalent exchange"
اكو عرب بالطيارة 😂😂
Anuar Hassan (22 days ago)
This was literally the first YouTube video I watch in 2019. Saw it in my recommendation list
oscar glanz (22 days ago)
Que ilógico se ve....hacer el agujero más grande
rolf s (23 days ago)
That is INSANE 😊😊😊
BananaDoe (23 days ago)
No mom Im not high, Im just interested in how to repair a massive tire at 2am.
Israel Reuben (1 day ago)
no life
lmd742 (24 days ago)
Too complicated, just buy a new tire...
azeleapark (24 days ago)
Oddly satisfying
Wesa Zazoo (24 days ago)
My dumbass woulda used slime from walmart! Lol
Azael Pulido (24 days ago)
That guys lungs are so black from doing this. I worked at a tire shop for a year and i would sneeze black goo
Isatnt (25 days ago)
You only needed duct tape..
D J (25 days ago)
I’m glad they cut the video before he finished I didn’t want to see the end result.
Rish b (25 days ago)
This looks so in-efficient..
imeverywhere. (25 days ago)
Who else got this in their recommend?
Medi Alexander (25 days ago)
Why it's so complicated to fix. Just put a glue on it that's it hahababababaha
i556 (26 days ago)
You really shouldn't be breathing in that rubber dust. Highly carcinogenic.
johno4521 (26 days ago)
This is that guy's whole shift.....
MagicAyrtonforever (26 days ago)
This buffoon ruined the tyre.
Я ему очко также наклею.

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