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Big Tractor Tire Repair

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Big Tractor Tire Repair
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Text Comments (2006)
Jeff Paggett (18 hours ago)
His lungs must look like rubber.
Jorge Borges Borges (23 hours ago)
Rapaz que serviço em .de primeira qualidade em jóia esta de parabéns
Isn't the first time iv watched this video.. INSANE .. So Satisfying.. Love it..
Ok a little upset, there is no finished product 😡
Dickered Rides (1 day ago)
Get a new tire
Ali Zabian (1 day ago)
Keep pressing 4. Your welcome
Yuri S. Zakorchini (2 days ago)
Super like muito da hora
Danny (3 days ago)
Buy a new one?
Ktoś Normalny :D (3 days ago)
Just use flex tape boi
Beetswayba (4 days ago)
Original video. Credit the original uploaders man. https://youtu.be/TvNhdUMtfhk
belal tabish (5 days ago)
Those who disliked it have a better idea for repairing tractor tyres.
Beetswayba (4 days ago)
Heres the original video https://youtu.be/TvNhdUMtfhk
Elaina Barnett (5 days ago)
So I can replace our 35.5L 32 Firestone special forestry tire for $7,400.00 plus tax add shipping,or repair as this technician did. Hmmm
Alan Hendren (6 days ago)
Don't know why this was recommended to me.... But I enjoyed watching it nevertheless...
VULTUSPRIME (7 days ago)
I fix my bicycle's flat tires in the exact same way.
R. Budd Dwyer (7 days ago)
4:12am and I'm watching this bullshit video that was recommended to me, a man who knows nothing about Big Tractors let alone tire repair for said big tractors. *Unsolved Mysteries Update theme plays* UPDATE, Los Angeles, California: 4:21am, watched the entire video twice and still know nothing about Big Tractor Tire Repair, as per usual.
NTDTV (7 days ago)
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loading :v (8 days ago)
A giant tire defeated by little rock
ScrewsNutsAndBolts (10 days ago)
Why not use one of those puncture repair kits that plug the hole ?......lol :)
Gabriel oliveira (10 days ago)
meu deus como eu vim parar aqui
Standing CraCraCar (10 days ago)
All this effort when truly all you need is... FLEX TAPE!!
Battle_ Master485 (10 days ago)
That id a lot of damage
B88B GT (10 days ago)
Can i use this for my normal car?
Nikolay Yurievich (11 days ago)
А в конце они прикладывают большой лист подорожника.
Emma (11 days ago)
Would anyone actually do this?
Cubix Dani (8 days ago)
Most likely not - but it's educational and kinda interesting to know.
NIROX MASTER (12 days ago)
8PF-UX5-WBQ-H88 psn code
ecsse (12 days ago)
guguigugu (12 days ago)
is it stitched thoroughly?
Piroclanidis (12 days ago)
Just use flex seal
felipebrasil5 (13 days ago)
just check it there is some nail in it, 2. polish inside just a little to catch the sticker glue, 3. polish a lil bit inside the hole with a drill put some glue. Done ! you really don't need to dig in like that.
حيدر الملكي (11 days ago)
SpaceMan (13 days ago)
Tire Surgery 😁
Ben Frawley (14 days ago)
Disappointment to not see the finished product, but interesting all the same
ALL VLOG (15 days ago)
I need to sell a homemade nuclear grenade through the channel I thank https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tK5ojAWHpdxAAGlsP-N9Q?view_as=public
Gaming Wolf (15 days ago)
Breitflächie ab dichtung ist leicht untertrieben oder ^^ 2x A4 Blatt großes Flaster auf der innenseite O.o
Victor BoYY (15 days ago)
BOUNCER13x11 (15 days ago)
What are the white strings for?
B1ack Dahlia (15 days ago)
Does the cushion gun harden after a while on its own? Or does the tire need to be cured again in order to harden and secure it to the wound area?
Yeti Confetti (17 days ago)
I think you just made a bigger hole 🕳
Why not just get new tire? For all that lol
Jamil Jamil (18 days ago)
S C A L E F A G (18 days ago)
Stolen video, please flag
0rk0d0 (18 days ago)
koło większe niż moje ego
T serious (19 days ago)
Sanga manga chilli Maro nh kako ggaaa
Aidan Thomas (19 days ago)
Why don't they just melt and replace the rubber they removed? Jesus, It's 4 am and I have work in two. wtf am I doing.
goerge washington (19 days ago)
so to repair it more damage ?
shon evans (19 days ago)
Next day same tire has new hole next to patched up one . Fuc$%%#&^'ggfchj#$%$
Steel Here (19 days ago)
That's a lot of work.
The Sheepdog (20 days ago)
Wow so entertaining lol
Daniel Sergiu (20 days ago)
che ameer (20 days ago)
why did i watch this whole thing i don't give a single shit about big tractor tire repair
newworldsoldier81 (20 days ago)
Reparing a hole with a fourty times bigger hole...
princess banu (21 days ago)
So many stitching*****
Jay Williams (21 days ago)
anyone else find this in there recommend? Of course you did who search for this
jef (23 days ago)
fake and gay
Vegeta (24 days ago)
They should simple buy another one
m m (24 days ago)
Why cant you just fix from inside??
suffer with depression and you are questioning your life, sat here 5 minute watching a guy fix a puncture doesnt help things. thanks for putting in my recommendations youtube. xD lol
Tacuache Rascuache (25 days ago)
Damn that’s a lot bullshit u gotta do lol
Rule Britannia (25 days ago)
Cyclists are cunts.
p246784 (26 days ago)
Thats alot of work for a hole
Lisa Wakelam (26 days ago)
Just put new tyre on?
yahyadheen saheb (27 days ago)
Incomplete video have to show the final touch and finishing of tyre
Certaindeaf (27 days ago)
Dr. Pimple Popper for tires.
Dare Thirteen (27 days ago)
Just need 4.29 minute for replacement its easy
GateCrasher (27 days ago)
I know this Is heavy plant machinery, that take a lot of stress and strain, but even still, this seems a little over the top, for what started out as a little whole. Gotta be an easier way.... Like buy a new tire lol
Leo K (28 days ago)
suraj senai (28 days ago)
M Boyd (28 days ago)
Gotta be a better way!
Alpha Ace (28 days ago)
Why didn't you not fill it up with cushion gum from the beginning.
jaysing kotre (27 days ago)
Eric Cartman (28 days ago)
Please send a donation in Bitcoin to 1JGzR3t4Lex5X177RhTvHeN5xv84Zu2BWu
yamahaexcel Yamana (28 days ago)
Был маленький порез какой можно было отремонтировать просто и попросту этак дудки же расфигачил дырищщю на пол колеса
Bernard Bruinsma (29 days ago)
No breathing protection? Its like you people want cancer.
돌쇠 (29 days ago)
뭔 쥐좆만한구멍 막는데 타이어를 다시만드는수준이네 지렷다
john Ervin (29 days ago)
Cost of repair $250....cost of new tire $450... get a new one
ayu acio (29 days ago)
K-9 Tempest Yt (30 days ago)
Do things
John Smith (30 days ago)
Wouldn't it be easier to get a new tire? That one was bald anyway
NightEffects (30 days ago)
Looks like, when you go to the dentist, tooth repair 😊
Junior Xavier (1 month ago)
Muito interessante mas pra nós falta m as ferramentas e materiais
Henry M (1 month ago)
If only this could be done with a broken heart.
gradostax (1 month ago)
If my Tractor tires were old and completely scuffed like this one, I would just buy a new set
HigherPlanes (1 month ago)
jesus just buy a new tire
Kevin's Game Room (1 month ago)
I watched this entire video.......
I Like Waffles (1 month ago)
How did I find this?
Bo Gonzales (1 month ago)
Looks like shit.
So, this is what white people find interesting on YouTube..
Rocky Dennis MVP (1 month ago)
1 can of Fix-A-Flat should fix this right up.
Wayne Oneal (1 month ago)
I would think they would use a giant plug
hojo70 (1 month ago)
Geez that's a hell of a lot of work for a tractor tire. Planning on getting on the Autobahn or something?
Bacons Strip (1 month ago)
LOL why would YouTube think I would give a fuck about repairing tractor tires? I’m a software engineer.
Ximseu (1 month ago)
Я представляю будто там пахло резиной
yo token (1 month ago)
How come the thick tire got puncture lol
Zertise Zap (1 month ago)
Too much work
BINDassBOXx Videos (1 month ago)
Is he repairing it or damaging it?
Rubentastique (1 month ago)
Hey, man. I really enjoyed your video but please use a black outline when using white text. Some words got hard to read.
ayouknowzyoutuba (1 month ago)
If that tire was full of air, and he made one wrong move...would've killed him, and left the camera man in critical condition.
brownredxx (1 month ago)
Wow thats lot of process involved for a $20 patch job.
Luke Elliott (1 month ago)
This video felt like a huge troll when they didn't show the finished product at the end.
GATEWAYFLMZ (1 month ago)
This is going to come in handy one day
幽風 (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/JDiPgMsCYLk ,有人盜你片

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