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Meet the top 10 most poisonous snakes in the world. -INLAND TAIPAN -BELCHER'S SEA SNAKE -EASTERN BROWN SNAKE -BLUE KRAIT -TAIPAN SNAKE -BLACK MAMBA -TIGER SNAKE -PHILIPPINE COBRA -RATTLESNAKE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Us: Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops, Lists and more. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us: Facebook : https://goo.gl/cfALte Google+ : https://goo.gl/5yNJ3r Twitter : https://goo.gl/c8jgEB Instagram : https://goo.gl/QP5sP7
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Text Comments (1737)
Georgia Sutton (1 day ago)
ive had a eastern brown snake in the house before.
Georgia Sutton (1 day ago)
9 is called a DEATH ADDER not the viper of death
Dig Bick (1 day ago)
Suddenly makes me check under my bed if theres any snake😅😅😅
asha latha (2 days ago)
RedNoodles (5 days ago)
Philippine Rulez
Michael Marquez (5 days ago)
568 deaths Away from it= 134 likes Not 1 like Half 45 likes. DEADLINES
Michael Marquez (5 days ago)
Most dangerous one tiger snake Anaphylactic cancer
Georgia Sutton (1 day ago)
the most dangerous snake is the inland tipan the eastern brown mate.
Logan (5 days ago)
100 man
Logan (5 days ago)
2500= 250000
aracely mejia amaya (9 days ago)
Neeraj Khanna (10 days ago)
I love snakes 🐍
Aerolgel (11 days ago)
P O I S O N O U S me: *ANGER*
Thailand Black (13 days ago)
7:50 was this story made up
Thailand Black (13 days ago)
You: The inland taipan's venom is enough to kill 50,000 mice It's 250,000 dumbo
Thailand Black (13 days ago)
Venom= injected Poison= ingested Usian Bolt= runs at 28 mph Black mamba= 12 mph Your tiny brain=💩👎
logan shelor 2 (13 days ago)
Hey buddy it's venom
Chrissy Nidy (14 days ago)
Those snakes are really poisonous
Littleman (18 days ago)
It is vemon not poison as you are not ingesting the snake.
chaleeguitarlessons (19 days ago)
Venomous ya dumb cunt.....
Fluffy _Unicorn! (20 days ago)
Its not pronounced USAIN its pronounced YOUSAIN
Josh Cox (23 days ago)
I'm never going to Australia
Camp Elias (23 days ago)
The Viber of death it’s actually a death adder and they are not Adders
Camp Elias (23 days ago)
You will not die instantly for a rattlesnake bite
Camp Elias (23 days ago)
There’s more than one species rattlesnake
Camp Elias (23 days ago)
Snakes are not poisonous they are venomous
IDK Channel (23 days ago)
Um sorry to displease you but the western brown snake is the 10th most venomous snake not the rattle snake, also most of your list is untrue
allan latx (24 days ago)
And also how come he sais venom on the death adder
allan latx (24 days ago)
1:18 the only time he said venom and not poison
allan latx (24 days ago)
Leticia Shaffer (24 days ago)
How do you have the picture.
Comrade V1P3R (25 days ago)
Most poisonous? Check again
Chloe Long (25 days ago)
I cringe whenever he says poisonous instead of venomous.
isabel Ansell (25 days ago)
My brother once saw a rattle snake
Preeti Srivastav (26 days ago)
Stingy GD (26 days ago)
Sea snake is should number 2 i think idk too
Stingy GD (26 days ago)
Hmm.... blue krait in indonesian was called weling and wuling
Stingy GD (26 days ago)
Hmm.... i think the list is taipan the first and i know it its the last FK also its trash Edit : why j said its trash because i see the mose venomous snake in the world number 3/4 is black mamba mather fker
Jr Gutang (27 days ago)
Poisonous??? Lol
Tong Chang (1 month ago)
Venomous folks. Venomous!
Riski Oey (1 month ago)
I don't know why, the most dangerous and unique creatures are always live in Australia 🤣
Ian Meiselman (1 month ago)
I have never cringed so hard in my life
Animal because dangerous because of humans
Snakes became insanely aggressive because violence hunting and Destruction of habitat from bad people to put all these venomous Creature's to extinction and one day all poisoness snakes will become extinct so help so these animals can live without biting people just like every other animal
Amanda Fredette (1 month ago)
Lancehead viper?
Perry Arrington (1 month ago)
Usain Bolt runs from 25 to 28 mph, so I think Bolt could leave a Black Mamba in the dust
This is some serous shit and motion
Akash Klm (1 month ago)
Where is king cobra it can kill even an elephant with a single bite the most aggressive and deadly snake I can't believe this list without king cobra 🐍
Saul Brennan (1 month ago)
it's venomous idiot
Robotminer (1 month ago)
dude you're snake knowledge is a bunch of bullshit
Robotminer (1 month ago)
these are not poisonous they're venomous, btw the Belcher's Sea Snake venom LD50 is 0.24 mg/k, while Inland Taipan LD50 is 0.44 mg/k
Junior Farias (1 month ago)
That's why i will never visit my ant in Australia
Kaleb Garnier-Wells (1 month ago)
Meh I still wan a hug most snakes
Malcolm Allison (1 month ago)
Luckily hardly anyone is ever in danger of the inland taipan, because it lives in the inland desert are where people hardly ever go.
Lukekelly_rsa (1 month ago)
Do you research it venomous go to school come on man not that hard
Elai Dickens (1 month ago)
Snakes are n******
Elai Dickens (1 month ago)
Fr*** snakes
Elai Dickens (1 month ago)
Rus Clay (1 month ago)
So why are they only Venomous to men, come on ladies give us the secret.
Tito frost (1 month ago)
This guy should not have 2.4 million views from this video
Richard Almond (1 month ago)
I have never seen so many DEMOCRATS in one place.
Veronica Hansen (1 month ago)
And you don't need to feed the baby ons they are born knowing what to do
Veronica Hansen (1 month ago)
Snakes are bad that's why you should kill them
Veronica Hansen (1 month ago)
Kill all snakes!
Juweff Hawks (1 month ago)
haha poisonous wtf!!
Matte Edström (1 month ago)
There are NO POISONOUS SNAKES in this world!!!! They are called VENOMOUS!!!!
Dean ow's tv (2 months ago)
Hope they not exist!! Hope they die... lord please dont let this venomous snake become more scary and become alot!!
dave erickson (2 months ago)
inaccurate inflammatory rubbish
southnc63 (2 months ago)
Snakes are NOT poisonous - they are venomous!
Gaming Galore (2 months ago)
Snakes aren’t poisonous they are venemous
David 805 (2 months ago)
yogesh sawakar (2 months ago)
Awesome thanks
ǫᴜᴇᴇɴᴄʜ Gamer (2 months ago)
my mom
Daniel Delos Angeles (2 months ago)
Im a filipino and live in carcar
Evernight Ink (2 months ago)
Clicked this video and came directly to the comment section to make sure that everyone was already fussing about calling a snake poisonous. lmao.
Riyuki _playz (2 months ago)
I bought a rare snake named royla python
Renee Bednarczyk (2 months ago)
Derek Blackford (2 months ago)
Your a fuck face. You should do ACTUAL research. Then, maybe, to us real herpetology people you wouldn't sound like such a fuckin fool fuck face. So, in closing, fuck off fuck face you fuckin fuck.
Claes Nordström (2 months ago)
ok to share this at my tropicblog ? i already gave u the videocredit!
Lenny 96 (2 months ago)
Yeah so uhhh, snakes don’t have poison. They have venom which is completely different.
Joey Cook (2 months ago)
I hate these slimy f***s that put pictures on the thumbnail that aren't in the video to make you want to watch. They're worse than slimy used car salesmen. They belong with the simonists' ring of Dante's inferno.
pikastash stash (3 months ago)
00:56 "they are the most poisonous" next line "their venome contain hemotoxine" NIBBA FOR REAL
djfishwigy (3 months ago)
There are no poisonous snakes
Michael Williams (3 months ago)
Poison is ingested venom is injected so this already fucked up the facts about these snakes by that simple mess up.
Pure Red (3 months ago)
A snake ate my sandwich
JN Gunner (3 months ago)
Fucking venomous..... Poison is ingested and Venom is injected
DeadBeast Hai (2 months ago)
the reason why im lucky is because i live in netherland heh nothing is dangerous out here except for ticks and our teachers
Brett Rohrer (3 months ago)
Just by reading the title I know this videos is going to be some outrageous bullshit! Thumbs don’t and reported immediately
Gw sih lebih takut sama ALLAH
D'max Isuzu (3 months ago)
That inland is the most venomos
Thiru Malai (3 months ago)
I hate snake 🐍
Anarchy is order (3 months ago)
I didn't know snakes were animal I thought they were serpents
NicolSon Anarchy (3 months ago)
Few is deadly, 200,000 subscribers
Caillen Brooke (3 months ago)
This whole video gave me AIDS just listening to it.
Easy Clap (3 months ago)
Venomous not poisonous
Never Trust A Happy Song (3 months ago)
Poisonous or VENOMOUS. I think your not listening to your teacher.
Tracker Gaming (3 months ago)
honorable mentions, ekans, arbok
Tyler Kidd (3 months ago)
he pick a python up and said it was poison
Gricel González (3 months ago)
Usain bolt can get out ALL THOSE SNAKES SO SHUT UP
Ryann :D (3 months ago)
VENOMOUS****** 😩😩😩
BRANDON TOO FLY (3 months ago)
Snakes are venomous not poisonous🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ #idiots

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