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How to Hitchhike Across America: Season 1 (Part 2/5)

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Fellow Hikers: David Choe hitchhikes his way across these United States by (other people's) trains, cars, and boats. Hosted by David Choe | Originally released in 2010 at http://vice.com Watch the rest here Part 1/5: http://bit.ly/Thumbs-Up-1 Part 2/5: http://bit.ly/Thumbs-Up-2 Part 3/5: http://bit.ly/Thumbs-Up-3 Part 4/5: http://bit.ly/Thumbs-Up-4 Part 5/5: http://bit.ly/Thumbs-Up-5 Watch season 2 of Thumbs Up here! http://bit.ly/Thumbs-Up-S2-1 Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (2426)
Sophie (3 days ago)
Why did they bleep out Waffle House?
Manuel Amesquita (4 days ago)
Anyone seen the 666 on the license plate at 16:14 in the video 🤔 lol 🤦‍♂️
MrKushinator420 (6 days ago)
Lars is a god damn OG.
Vecinda Keyes (10 days ago)
I love how the guy who picked them all up just went, "who's driving?" And literally went to sleep while he let a complete stranger drive his RV
mickey sup bro (10 days ago)
The Chinese face with ah so ... aka asshole was perfect
Ithyn (10 days ago)
Okay so when they rode on the bike who the fuck was filming and what did they ride in??........just saying someone had a fucking vehicle
__spencer__ (13 days ago)
**dog licks pumpkins nose**
Dead Channel (16 days ago)
Drinking game (8:28-8:44): take a shot every time he says "you know"
Dead Channel (16 days ago)
I'm not even a car guy and I'm fucking stunned that old guy Lars gave them a ride in his '56 Pontiac. Imagine letting sweaty, dirty hitchhiking strangers in your god-knows-how-expensive-and-rare car.
Bryan Pratt (16 days ago)
8:45 pure wisdom. He is free!
Martell Naranjo (18 days ago)
I would only ever pickup a hitchhiker if I was 100% sure I could beat them up.
Kelley Condon (21 days ago)
I mean u gotta at least give those pregnant girls and that family some credit in a small town like that there's not much else to do but drink and at least they were able to stop when they knew they were pregnant.
Kelley Condon (21 days ago)
Wayland is a pretty cool dude it seems like.
fetalstirfry (23 days ago)
we all know its waffle house, vice
Andrew Humphreys (23 days ago)
Lovable hicks I swear
Blight Bitch (25 days ago)
As a Texan I appreciate 19:49
t millz (28 days ago)
So fucking narly dudes
Nick Lay (28 days ago)
Indians are the worst to serve from experience, Super messy, ask for every little thing to be done and leave no tip and full loaded diapers at the tables once they leave
Nick Lay (29 days ago)
mr misdemeaner
Elvis Rambo (30 days ago)
Pumpkin is an inbred retard.
rfjrrwx yeet (30 days ago)
What the fuck is this rap
Madlaged Skate &stuff (1 month ago)
I honestly would take the risk to do this with friends but I have none ☹️🥺
Thot BOT (1 month ago)
I'm from Amarillo tx
Hank Sabbath (1 month ago)
Waffle House.
Benjamin McIntyre (1 month ago)
lol nm rocks, btw i live here
Owen Casey (1 month ago)
Anyone notice the license plate at 16:15 ?
Max Sands (1 month ago)
Who saw the 666 on the rednecks license plate? 16:10
Pat Hanner (1 month ago)
entitled rich scum
HogHug _ (1 month ago)
What? How does this make them entitled?
Keel 0 (1 month ago)
koulokoe (1 month ago)
pumpkin is pouya
captain Tattertot (1 month ago)
At 25:00 you can obviously tell that's walmart
Damn. I miss Vice.
Modular Mountain (1 month ago)
Fungus's tombstone read "Here lies Fungus AKA Pumpkin. Born in hell, loves Texas, mouth kisses dogs. He will not be missed."
sean marty (1 month ago)
This guy is obviously a racist who doesn't like white people.
HogHug _ (1 month ago)
Jym E. Changa (1 month ago)
the blacks ARE the worst
steeve steeve (1 month ago)
"You shouldn't drink but its OK to smoke" when pregnant, good lessons there
Bradley Smith (1 month ago)
it's COTTEN!!!
Tony Winkleblack (2 months ago)
I wanna slap pumpkin! Bad
Alec Ver Bunker (2 months ago)
Waylon is a cool dude
Patrick Keane (2 months ago)
Lol Pumpkin is definitely dealing meth 16:07
Tom Arthur (2 months ago)
Pumpkin is Cherdleys!
koko*don* (2 months ago)
Tucumcari nm sucks dick... amarillo is where its at.
koko*don* (2 months ago)
That guy pumpkin is fucking weird. You ate at waffle house
Austin (2 months ago)
15:04 Andy Samberg
ROWDY//Victor De La Cruz (2 months ago)
Pumpkin needs a rap career
Karen Hargis (2 months ago)
D Joseph (2 months ago)
Dude, you guys are rock stars, no Bs, I could watch you guys all day! Keep it up!
Casanova Frankenstein (2 months ago)
So the couple at 4 minutes and 40 seconds only have $37. What did they spend their money on, hair dye?
Sgt Jay (2 months ago)
I spent a few of my teen years in Moriarty NM. I went to HS there... how crazy!
jake jenning (2 months ago)
Buddys like so whos drivin? hey brother! ill drive allright then hahaha
TheModernSnipez (2 months ago)
When Vice was good.
Santana Saige (2 months ago)
666 on the lisence plate he truly is from hell
noone aplayasklub (3 months ago)
I wish my family clapped for me like how pumpkin family did... :(
MandO Marc (3 months ago)
That family letting their daughter smoke but not drink during pregnancy subtly points to a sadness in their lives; I suspect they've had some sort of painful experience involving fetal alcohol syndrome.
Homemade Rice (3 months ago)
let a complete stranger drive and then fall asleep 🤣💀
Kenneth B (3 months ago)
I hitchhiked one time and got picked up by this man  named Barry O.  He said he was goin g into the DNC.  Instead he drove me to a polling place, gave me his own personal pole up my butt for 30 minutes, and he made me vote democrat
Midnight Ryder (3 months ago)
That is one hell of a tailgate!
Darrell Olson (3 months ago)
David- you kick ass! Thank you for making me laugh!! AND, with some of my same thoughts and statements.
Zrob (3 months ago)
*It was Waffle house*
Big P (3 months ago)
Yo I'd be sketched with the camper guy but then he kinda grew on me like dam hes a cool cat let's someone he dont know drive his home worry free care free
Brawling Style (4 months ago)
16:00 wow cringe
Gally in Nottingham (4 months ago)
Hitchhiking in a suit is so great
WOH MAN (4 months ago)
poor cameraman
Kamaljit Singh (4 months ago)
Don’t be mad at truckers because legally they don’t have right to pick up unknown person even you know someone you have to inform your company their are too many gangs who trying to stole their expensive truck and load and they kill you |
Swiss Waffles (4 months ago)
picked up a skier trying to get back up on the mountain going straight down, but we had to fit his long ass skis in the car some way. He was a .nice guy though
cuppateadee (4 months ago)
never get in a car if you have a wierd feeling but ive never met anything but kind drivers and its so nice the ambiance. good people and a great way to make friends. many uni students hitch and music festivals and travellers. the travellers are so interesting and often very spiritual free spirits, often artists poets workers .
cuppateadee (4 months ago)
I luv this, what great people. I luv texas and arizona.
cuppateadee (4 months ago)
its so good hitchiking. hitchikers are normally good and the problem is for hitchers.
cuppateadee (4 months ago)
there is an angel. met some beautiful people. god bless you all. and god bless kind people that pick us up. I was stuck for 36 hours before an angel picked us up on the ring road round paris. its the worst place ever
Masonic3 (4 months ago)
What is the crazy mask he wears?
brandon thigpen (4 months ago)
"im from hell" license plate 666😂😂
Dogo Woof (4 months ago)
This is something I would do when I get older but I would definitely bring a friend with me.
Bob Ross (4 months ago)
16:05 check that license plate. also these are the most redneck ive ever see. also autism
Bob Ross (4 months ago)
people are only picking them up because the camerman makes it look like there filming for a tv show
Deja Sanders (4 months ago)
I fucking love Flagstaff
Foo Bar (4 months ago)
David Choe you fuckin rock make more content~
God king Kush (4 months ago)
This dude sounds so brain dead and awkward
carson humphrey (4 months ago)
Waylon is gay.
Ktownie city (5 months ago)
"The Blacks" lol this would never fly on Vice today cause Vice is shit!
David j Lopez (5 months ago)
My nigga pumpkin wildin bruh
Phasemental Supranatural (5 months ago)
Embarrassment to the rap game
DOEROCKSAH (5 months ago)
Waffle House
DJ Crazy Jimmy (5 months ago)
16:02 what ??????
Craig Dirty .Dority (5 months ago)
WHat diner were they talking about?
overanDownUnder (5 months ago)
16:00 and that’s one of many reasons why incest is illegal.
TexasNova (5 months ago)
Let's not ignore the fact that the dog was eating Pumpkins Boogers at 14:43
petediz (5 months ago)
how bout the 666 license plate during pumpikns rap 16:00
Joaquin Henderson (5 months ago)
Ah So!
SmokinOnThaJOb (5 months ago)
I was born in HHHHEEELLL!! LOL
brycers0619 (5 months ago)
Dude where did they find that funny ass guy in the camper. He's gold
Austin316 (5 months ago)
Damn I thought the redhead woman was going to snap that Truck Frame in half or at least crush the tailgate.
stevedssdas asddssad (5 months ago)
Pumkins rap was backwards ;)
TheBurmeseDude (5 months ago)
Great respect for the dolphin RV owner/driver.
Fuster Cluck (6 months ago)
That NM liqour store family was so gross. Government subsidised drunk lazy trash. The dude with glasses was such a goofey retard. Lmao
Fuster Cluck (6 months ago)
Every time i watch this i wanna leave my life tomorow. Then i think about how uncomfortable and dangerous it will be.
* (1 month ago)
Do it safer with an RV or van
Fuckyou18 Fuckyou187 (6 months ago)
Hahahahaha new mexico sucks so does pumpkin
bigvicga (6 months ago)
them bitches clapped at the end!!!!!
Kyle Shepperd (6 months ago)
15:10 wtf
Gifyifhk hmcucyk (6 months ago)
7:10 now thasa redneck!
Sadie Peterson (6 months ago)
sir what you mean flagstaff is bad mojo?! I've live there for 17 years hole lotta amazing dirty hippies!

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