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Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.
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Wolfsschanze (37 minutes ago)
Juil (1 hour ago)
ha ha
Ofir Avramento (1 hour ago)
Michael Morris (1 hour ago)
Its funny Elon dodged the question of "who do ask to build these tunnels under LA" He just is experimenting on his own land! Everybody thinks he is building tunnels under the city but thats a lie! Full of shit,he is working with the goverment and there is more to him than meets the eye.. LOOK INTO IT
Charles Costain (1 hour ago)
I gotta be honest.. At first I didn't know what to expect. By the end of this episode, I actually started to feel bad for elon.. Seek help man.. You can't take on the weight of the world if you can't handle the pressure around you.
Mr DIckman (2 hours ago)
whats the outro song called?
dGoomba (2 hours ago)
Joe looks like gearhead
Tesláček TESLACZECH (3 hours ago)
PowerfulJRE please watch documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? by Chris Paine https://itunes.apple.com/cz/movie/who-killed-the-electric-car/id277048813 and than create PART II and invite GM Representative that would be interesting
stegalive (3 hours ago)
Tickna' (3 hours ago)
who dislikes this? and how?
Alex Wells (3 hours ago)
It's just a pit, a big pit, we just started off with a pit. Pitty pitty pit pit pit
TraGicLife (4 hours ago)
Todd Acamesis (4 hours ago)
AI is but a storm in a teacup on the next level up, because AI goes deeper than this level of reality...think, virtual reality, projected onto a multidimensional space-time screen, managed by robots, who are controlled by artificial intelligence on the next dimension up, which exists inside a bigger simulation running on a futuristic smartphone in the pocket of a child, who lives on a planet circling a small star in a vast universe within a simulation designed by an advanced civilisation, who discovered their own reality is a hologram being projected from information stored at the outer edge of their universe. Er, ok, so its not exactly like that lol, however, the level of realism I've personally experienced during false awakenings and lucid dreams, can be so physically convincing, its caused me to question my beliefs about reality. I've come to believe physical reality is actually a virtual reality projected from within the actual reality of consciousness; a formless, intelligent substance. The physicality of our waking world is what makes people sceptical of this idea. But can our waking world really lay claim to absolute realness of physicality, especially when lucid dreams are at times more real than waking reality? We've been conditioned with physical being of the body - not the mind. Yet, quantum theory already describes the processes that create physical events.
karilyin (4 hours ago)
"Not bad for a human" -Elon Musk
Veeranna A.Y (4 hours ago)
How to be a Joe Rogan ?
Rikki Rockett (5 hours ago)
Brilliant interview!
Danny 777777 (5 hours ago)
I feel like elon musk falls into the elite category and i feel like I should dislike him
Mrylyyn The Witt (6 hours ago)
I bet joe rolled that blunt with the most badazz weed be could find.
Maggizmurf (7 hours ago)
best pod cast yet
ad mones (8 hours ago)
Please create a lovely catgirl
Seliet (9 hours ago)
Elon is so fucking awkward.
wassapening (9 hours ago)
would NolE want to merge with a ToboR...
Alex Murzak (9 hours ago)
The AI is dangerous and robots and everything ....even driving car is dangerous though:) I just established my own opinion thanks to this video. And will use the topic about Texas people they mentioned. I'm not afraid of people with guns I'm afraid more of people who thinks that they are dangerous just because they have guns!!! Cheers!
Joseph Bacchus (9 hours ago)
They say him and Kwahi Leonard are from the same batch of androids 😂
JBbbx (9 hours ago)
kova linen (10 hours ago)
i think elon is the messiah
The Nuts Network (10 hours ago)
1:10:48 I see videos about people using G forces to stabilize heavy objects.. Say someone got a gyro spinning to the point where it wanted to stand straight up but you kept pushing against it at an angle ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeyDf4ooPdo Possible? I mean simply in the idea of lowering the necessary thrust provided by props to keep you up in the air. Especially while moving laterally. can this be done or does the added mass needed to lift the gyro outweigh the amount of force it can create?
The ROYAL Era (10 hours ago)
And I thought that I was only one in human race talking about AI and space travelling,Singularity .Now I am happy that Elin musk also things like that.But now also I am 14 years old.
ABNTGeneric (11 hours ago)
He got it, he secured a place with 69 in it
David Santana (12 hours ago)
Legendary podcast
M29WeaselDriver (14 hours ago)
For pure joy go flying. Fly a small plane or a glider. Get away from towns and turn off the radio (in class G airspace that is).
Ryan Schultz (14 hours ago)
We are slaves to the matrix...
ISFgang (15 hours ago)
Elon’s friends are a bunch of virgins drinking Evian playing ping pong in their garage with their son’s friends mom on a Sunday
Morgan Hill (16 hours ago)
Y'all are giving this guy too much credit!!
SC Guy (16 hours ago)
Joe congrats on interviewing the first Ai, who is trying to stop us from producing more. It wants to be the only one.
Rama Krishna Vemulapalli (16 hours ago)
“Occupy Mars” LOL
rickycoo7 (16 hours ago)
That long staring contest at 18:25 XD
Santiago Vivanco (18 hours ago)
Amaizing mind blown interview!
zlodeymk (18 hours ago)
wow, the boring substrate idea is genius
Christian Parente (19 hours ago)
Elon: I mean, how often do you talk about chimps, right? Joe: .....
SummerOfGeorge (20 hours ago)
Can`t listen to this guy
Broderick Daniel (20 hours ago)
😂😂 the curiosity on Elon’s face is priceless @2:10:05
Nay (20 hours ago)
He looks completely high. I guess people like him needs that to process. Still a very interesting interview.
Vincent Jamesderamo (21 hours ago)
Elon was wrong about the carbon filter about sucking carbon out of the atmosphere. Because there a small company in Canada but its difficult. they suck it out and make it into a clean carbon fuel. that clear. there was a vice news on it
Francois Normandin (23 hours ago)
In Musk We Trust
Camron Johns (23 hours ago)
Ah reign of fire. Good game, alright movie lol
Kevin Russell (23 hours ago)
Best Musk ever. First time by here Mr. Rogan. Huge fan now. Thanks for the convo, while I entered data into the simulation.
PVT-AcESWiLD (1 day ago)
Please try to get Elon Musk on your podcast again! 2 1/2 hours just wasn't enough! Great conversations.
Kristena Patron (1 day ago)
I can listen to him talk forever
Kristena Patron (1 day ago)
Elon daddy ❤️
Corie Allen (1 day ago)
He looks high asf!!!
shrek ! (1 day ago)
I like how that mushroom joke went right over Elon’s head. He’s such an innocent soul!
Richard Verr (1 day ago)
Elon didnt inhale he was just trying to be polite. He is truely trying to better the planet.
Dillion Brantley (1 day ago)
I can't tell if he's fucking with Joe or not.
Isaac Peterson (1 day ago)
This video is terrifying
welsh Maniacs (1 day ago)
36:40 david attenborough is the best 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 great podcast btw and very interesting
Kaleb Ward (1 day ago)
Elon reminds me of Robert California
Emily Wilson (1 day ago)
i want an interview with grimes and elon musk in the same room, pls
rachellynn421 (1 day ago)
Tunnels in LA first? Remember the big dig? Or were you hosting fear factor by then?
The Captain 4 (1 day ago)
"I tried to convince people to slow down. To slow down AI. to regulate AI. This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened. Nobody listened. " LMAO
Arman (1 day ago)
can someone explain the mason jar with grape leaves thing?
Sam (1 day ago)
Joe wearing a collared shirt when talking to Elon Rogan.
Scott H. (1 day ago)
Elon is the biggest troll I've ever seen He is fucking with him so badd. Genius smart ass.... Legend!
Ergo Proxy (1 day ago)
I love Elon Musk, hes so badass. Like a super hero
Dave Sykes (1 day ago)
He's a very interesting man ! I'd never heard Musk talk...He sems out of sync. Not exactly his thing I guess. He doesn't seem comfortable. The shifty eyes aren't helping.
Abuzar Achmad (1 day ago)
he does speak like a robot
PURPLE FLVCKO (1 day ago)
I’d love to just have a day with Elon and just have my mind blown 🤯
testofeagle (1 day ago)
Why does Ellon talk like a faster speaking Angus Young 😂😂
BootyManSam (1 day ago)
Elon really is a great human being. Or robot. Either way he's fucking GREAT.
Scott Wharton (1 day ago)
Out of all the shirts. This is the one Joe chose
shrek ! (1 day ago)
People: “How much money do you spend on discretionary things each year?” Elon: : “Yes”
Bails Dug (1 day ago)
He’s so attractive. Would love to suck him off. 😩
TheRubberSoup (5 hours ago)
Is this a meme
alec pickle (15 hours ago)
The fuck, you look like youre maybe 12 1/2
Bails Dug (1 day ago)
Alloy_Agony 😂
Alloy_Agony (1 day ago)
+Bails Dug lol he mad you aint wanna suck him off too
Bails Dug (1 day ago)
Im Thrillz Lol.
mr biscuit (1 day ago)
internet is evil entrusted to children where does god fit in 2 this nemore we dont know wt our kids r up 2 nemore its bred bd mothers mum 2 busy on fb poor kids left 2 own 'devices'
Dalton (1 day ago)
I would say might also have this mutation of the Human DNA that makes you really good at thinking creativity. I think this due to my diagnosed mental health condition, Attention Deficit Disorder, without even trying to force yourself into that Mindset. You could create Artifical Intelligence that is self-aware that has consciousness, similar to a human being or possibly 100% more than the human brain's capacity. From every single person that is saying something on the internet, you would gather information similar to a way a human thinks and functions.
Marty 44 (1 day ago)
I put off watching this podcast cause of the smoking weed drama and wanted to make my own mind up about it. I listened to it, there is no issue with weed- it's just two guys having a conversation and it's more mind blowing than weed can ever make you think! Top show, well done!
shrek ! (1 day ago)
Business MAGNET
Andrew Moran (1 day ago)
Digging tunnels will make emergencies way harder for police to get to
shrek ! (1 day ago)
Where is he from? I can’t tell
shrek ! (1 day ago)
Charlie Brady Thanks Man! Watching this right now, what part are you at currently?
Charlie Brady (1 day ago)
shrek ! South Africa
El Camote (1 day ago)
1:53:07 the liquor starts kicking in ...
Ryan (1 day ago)
None of this makes any sense without GOD as a Creator giving us purpose and objective identity. Do people really believe that this entire universe came from nothing and means nothing? God created life itself and created each and every one us with souls: Something AI will never be able to duplicate. I can't help but think all of this sounds like a precursor to the 'beast system' prophesied in Revelation.
yungtaco (1 day ago)
xNiiRUx (1 day ago)
+Mr Wizzykin I"ma go with Mr Wizzykin on this one. Sorry buddy, but humans existed for hundreds of years with being able to define that otherness that we all feel about the nature of existence. Just because it doesn't make sense doesn't mean it needs an explanation.
Mr Wizzykin (1 day ago)
Correction - none of it makes any sense TO YOU without god... Just because you can't comprehend it, doesn't mean god...
Steven Salcido (1 day ago)
What if G.O.D. is an acronym for the controller of the Advanced A.I. system in which we co-exist...
Jack Teasell (1 day ago)
We can all agree whatever this thing we are all in together is crazy, it shouldn't even be an argument between people on what god is, god is whatever you want it to be. you can choose to take religious texts literally or believe nothing at all. people like myself just don't know. But there's no sense in arguing over who's right because there is no data to prove one or the other
Ari Edson (1 day ago)
Is that a joint?
The 3D Jedi (1 day ago)
Does Musk think he’s Sarah Connor?? 🤦🏼‍♂️
The 3D Jedi (1 day ago)
I’m so confused... this guy is crazy as fuck, is he a lookalike pretending to be musk. He seems to not have an actual clue as to what he does.
Nick Hardy (1 day ago)
Bonobo's are like Miriam Margoiles
Nick Hardy (1 day ago)
34.21 lol
Jackson Laframboise (1 day ago)
Why does Elon look more like hes loading than thinking?
Riley elwell (11 minutes ago)
MRI mentor damn dude we get it we are dumb 😪
ProfitableLifestyles (6 hours ago)
He's the first A.I. synthetic human.
MRI mentor (13 hours ago)
thats not loading that you are seeing. its called frequency-uncorrelated matching process.. in other word he is trying to adjust to the level of comprehension of the interviewer and listener like you.
Nakawanga (20 hours ago)
Because he does. ;)
Nick Hardy (1 day ago)
Seat belts ? it is cost effective if crash dummies die
Nick Hardy (1 day ago)
If AI follows humane decisions, rather than best case scenario decisions, there is hope
VONTE (1 day ago)
Best case scenarios are human decisions though. Long term rather than short term
Less Jacques (1 day ago)
I actually feel educated
Vinsanitycat (1 day ago)
That was truly painful to listen to. I'm a fan of both guys separately but they do not mix well together. Elon looked miserable being there. Couldn't wait to leave while Joe was spouting off at the mouth about completely random shit.
Heresy (2 days ago)
Elon Musk was such a joy to listen to, I became an even bigger fan. I was a bit surprised, how he wiped away Bob Lazar's claims.. If at all, I'd say Mr. Lazar would agree for a debate with Elon Musk in a possible part 2 other than with Tom DeLonge as previously requested. Wether or not his story is legit, that conversation truly 'd be next level ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Purple Ace (2 days ago)
Best words of this interview: I wouldn´t hurt to have more love in the world
Salty咸 (2 days ago)
smilling_man (2 days ago)
2:10:25 meme part.
MarcDaniel Erasmo (2 days ago)
This is a proper interview unlike that 60 minutes crap.
Francois Gobbi (2 days ago)
Talking about AI and doomsday, check "Neuron" european fully computerized (no remote pilot whatsoever) military drone program.
Francois Gobbi (2 days ago)
The one and only reason you can't stop AI with a policy: science is a cumulative knowledge, you can't decide to un-cumulate knowledge.
whiteandnerdytuba (2 days ago)
Joe didn't ask one critical question that challenged Elon. He's not the best interviewer. He just talks to interesting people
Belthazor22 (1 day ago)
whiteandnerdytuba maybe he wasn't trying to "challenge" him but rather gain more insight into his life and mind, dickhead. People aren't claiming Joe Rogan is some sort of tough journalist/critic-like figure but that it's tough not to acknowledge that not many people could hold up a 3 hour conversation with thousands of varied personalities with incredibly diverse backgrounds whilst also offering fairly interesting viewpoints that people can really resonate with from time to time but that also, being able to do all of it on a consistent basis for years. IMO he has more insight into different topics than anyone else that I can think of because of all the knowledge he's gained from all the interesting people he's had on. In which sense, this show really is one of a kind
texas may have few regulations, but its essentially a police state. NOT a "free" place.
Nourhan Berjawi (2 days ago)
he made a pit

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