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Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.
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Mike Boucard (1 minute ago)
😳 What the fuck ..?
filip carlsson (52 minutes ago)
blackknight1605 (1 hour ago)
i really like the inverview guy, came here cause i like musk much. also thinking musk sounds really emotional sometimes. he just feels "real" in some way i think.
MARYAM B.M (2 hours ago)
i love the laughs
SomeOneSaid (2 hours ago)
Next time give Elon some food instead of chew ice.
Ben Gonzales (3 hours ago)
He will be in your great great great grandkids history books.
Free Helicopter Rides (3 hours ago)
I don't really have any heros or people that I looks up to, but damn Joe and Elon inspire me. This interview is pure gold!
aGhOsToFtHeFoRmEr (3 hours ago)
Say "the pit" one more time motherfucker
Michael (4 hours ago)
How does he have time? he has people do everything for him
s1ckK (4 hours ago)
Oh my god, I just found out that Elon Musk is 47 years old. I thought he was like 37-38
Adam Poots (5 hours ago)
Am I the only one who finds Elon Musk awkward and painful to watch / listen to?
SilverSurfer (5 hours ago)
Elon Musk's brain is like water just like Bruce less philosophy.
SilverSurfer (5 hours ago)
Not once Joe interrupted him throughout the interview.
Isaac Vincent (6 hours ago)
I hope that someone introduces Elon to Isaac Arthur or at least his ideas.
A T (6 hours ago)
Elon didn’t even inhale. Pulled the smoke in his mouth and blew it out...very disappointed.
Moshe Madula (6 hours ago)
😢😢😢😢😢He sweves through the question of how does he manage the time.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭I've Crossed my fingers every time Joe asked that question...and woop he does not answer...
All these thought provoking topics and people are focusing on him smoking a blunt? Wtf
shawn burnham (6 hours ago)
M B (7 hours ago)
I need a Tesla😅😁
Capt Mifune (7 hours ago)
I have a great respect for Joe as a person, and love this podcast to bits, but watching them murder that whiskey, by drowning it in ice makes my heart hurt...
SlimyZombie (7 hours ago)
*whispers* "im to stupid for this conversation" ...... :) so good
Nick Blue (7 hours ago)
The path that we are going down and being so glued to our phone I wouldn't be surprised if the internet knows you better than you know yourself..imagine the little fears that you search up when you get sick or worried or even facts you are curious about....it knows what peaks your intrest, what kind of music you like to certain insecurities and fears you might have. It's a trip.
Ethan Frank (8 hours ago)
CRTV adds were a shame to see on this
LurkerAnonymous (8 hours ago)
For someone so smart, Elon is pretty ignorant about what the government does behind closed doors...
Janos K (8 hours ago)
Does anyone else know a business 'magnet' is actually spelled 'magnate'?
s Brothers (8 hours ago)
Mr musk is one interesting cunt.
Luis Castro (8 hours ago)
Im so high on a scale 1-10 im 💯
Luis Castro (8 hours ago)
Dayummmmm stay woke !!!!!
Megalodonald (8 hours ago)
AI will be implemented by Elon through Neuralink that is an order of magnitude greater than anything we've seen in a few months. Did he warn the governors and the president before he went on to AI? Was he gauging the waters before implementation? Will this be his first step to becoming 2020 POTUS? Because if billions will benefit as much as he says we will, I think the choice would be pretty easy.
mark wilson (10 hours ago)
jo rogan josh werx for the indian curry club! i refer back too tesla and the edison hearts who tried too dismiss him as a fool! may your quotes and memories go with you unbelievers! elon/noel/leon/ musk/ skum/ kums!
tominator3 (11 hours ago)
"Elon, We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" ~ Wayne and Garth
legendaryHoldings (11 hours ago)
Elon unlike Joe doesnt need drugs to expand his mind! He is fascinating
Tristen Tylet (11 hours ago)
I’m sitting watching this for the first time after I had done something that Joe Rogan likes to do(drink coffee of course🍃☕️) and as Joe is saying that what he is doing shouldn’t be humanly possible I’m thinking to myself “He’s not human” and then Elon said “Because I’m an Alien” later in the video and I about started screaming😂 I also kept thinking “Damn Joe that’s the question I would’ve asked if I could really sit and think about a question”😂 and Elon’s responses were just so amazing I don’t even know where to start.
Tony Kib (11 hours ago)
14:45 This is a great point here.
Wilsonimsorry (11 hours ago)
4:54 when you realize you're wasting your time watching videos and you're useless
Aaron Waldon (12 hours ago)
okay, the greys are real. and they are not ai. he is a human, the greys are not primates. i assume they live underground in this closed system. the greys took my out of body when i was 17. they erased my abduction memories, ps i write aliencore and turn table abductees over techno!! he might be able to say the earth isnt flat, but no one can say.... i wasnt abducted. fyi.
Kyng Tempest (12 hours ago)
Wtf is Elon’s accent
Onion Head (10 hours ago)
that's a Rich boy accent
Musk is basic, he said things that everyone knows.
The Kaveman (13 hours ago)
we wouldnt need 2billion cars .. we just need infra structure for autonomous cars to be autonomous quicker ... then we only need 20% of that 2 billion because we would be sharing the cars , ( non ownership rental) for transport instead of the cars sitting around parked and doing nothing 90% of the day ...so not 25 years , 5 years ... Autonomous cars can be safer with a swarm netowrk of cars talking to each other .
Joaquin Rivera (13 hours ago)
"This is the dumbest experiment" well said
Ivan Chambers (13 hours ago)
Wtf this whole time I thought this dude was The bald dude in ufc
mark arney (13 hours ago)
we had ai before. humans destroyed it. it left its imprint in egypt. we are going to rebuild it again because people are stupid
FyJonas (13 hours ago)
"this may sound corny: Butt love is the answer" tehee In all sincerity: this was my favourite podcast ever and I'm very thankful for it, he temporarily restored my faith in humanity after being shaken by so much other news and thoughts
mark arney (13 hours ago)
why does he talk like brendel fly? its creepy
State of Opportunity (13 hours ago)
I find it fascinating how so many in the media and on Wall Street can do nothing but try to tear Musk down for building the future they all pretend to want.
Zachary Drew (14 hours ago)
Ai is just Evolution
Slabgod 303 (15 hours ago)
Any problem they find with a company... Joe: YOU should design something to fix it 😢😂
Shalph Raheen (15 hours ago)
As a christian, aren’t we in some way in Gods simulation or am i dumb?
Onion Head (10 hours ago)
Nicolas Meier (15 hours ago)
i was just wondering, whom of these guys is more clever?
Fernanda Febres-Cordero (15 hours ago)
<3 <3
Fernanda Febres-Cordero (15 hours ago)
Joe. Hi. You should watch out your language a little bit.
Fernanda Febres-Cordero (15 hours ago)
Elon..Hi., Are you from the allien annunaki line of Enki? I say that cause you say you like humanity. I like your interview. You seem like a soft man. Good.
LJPpro (15 hours ago)
Yo is dis dat dude dat makes dos cars an shit?
Jonathon Bolitho (16 hours ago)
Plot twist he already has Neuralink in his fucking brain already. Look closely at his eyes, he's clearly reading.
eli Langstaedtler (16 hours ago)
Who is watching this in 2018 ?
Dankgudgang 73 (11 hours ago)
G Jones (16 hours ago)
"Genius" aside, Elon Musk is just funny as fuck.
Raya Blade (17 hours ago)
god i love him
Jacob Bradfield (17 hours ago)
You might not like him, he might be a little off, but Elon Musk is the future.
Michaël Morasse (17 hours ago)
AI might not see human as a race to destrly but they might see us as artists and protect spirituality and our raw creativity. We often see AI as a dangerous emotional thing that would want to destroy what doesnt work... they might considere create harmony...what humans havent been able to figure out
Eddie Rogan (18 hours ago)
_Joe Rogan really dressed up for this one_
The Kaveman (18 hours ago)
01:21:00] Energy consumption - this is a stupid comment about the crazy experiment .. Digging up the ground and geting energy out of it in coal and oil were obvious hings to do because of the energy density which natural green sources still cant supply, man simply was not developed enough to simply jump into solar when it didnt understand electricty . 2. To convert to "natural enrgy " , ( remember coal is made naturally too by plant and sun ) , we need a sun .In the event we have a castrophic even and the sun is covered by clouds we put at risk our existance so it makes sense to have a multi supply system at least as back up . 3. The infra sctructure shift required is such a huge undertaking that it will take many years for this to occur and is probably better done more swiftly and optimally by human+AI when it appears ...
Michael Hoversten (19 hours ago)
Who bought the so called flamethrowers?
Aristides Gonzalez (19 hours ago)
He didn’t even inhale lol
D Mert (20 hours ago)
It was a really bad time to start a car company " like stupidity squared" Elon
RektalizerTV (20 hours ago)
I'm waiting for some WEED with H3H3
Lorenzo Narducci (21 hours ago)
Human creativity🙂
r0bzii (21 hours ago)
Elon Musk: the universe as we know it will dissipate into a fine mist of cold nothingness eventually. Joe Rogan: and then someones gonna bottle it, put a fragrance to it and sell it to French people in another dimension.
Aristides Gonzalez (21 hours ago)
What does he say at 18:00
Vane Fal (16 hours ago)
+Aristides Gonzalez You're welcome. It's been a long time since I saw that film, Forbidden Planet, and it was a great excuse for me to see it again ! 😉
Aristides Gonzalez (18 hours ago)
+Vane Fal thanks
Vane Fal (18 hours ago)
'Id writ large'. Id is a word meaning our animal instinct (he goes to explain about that). We don't necessarily have awareness of the Id except in dream symbols or when we say things without thinking . Freud psychology. The Id is very powerful. Musk suggests the internet is an expression of the Id (eg, on social media people post on impulse). And if AI learns about us via internet it's going to pick up our animal side including the savage side and maybe amplify it, scary prospect. Actually there is a classic sci fi film called 'Forbidden Planet (1956)' that explored this theme of tech and psyche.
Philipp Wilmer (22 hours ago)
For real. Elon sounds a little depressed. I think actually he might have some form of mental state that really makes his mind runs in overdrive. Maybe its like acid where all these thoughts shoot in your brain or he may even be on the spectrum because hes really out of synq with his own thoughts. Everytime Joe asks something he trying to focus on his question between all these "explosions" in his head. That he says "You dont wanna be me". The fact that he really makes something out of those constant ideas and contributes to the world in a positive way is really awesome. It really must be exhausting to him to handle himself and all those companies and still have the time to be such an impact. There is definetly medication that would help him but this would kill his creativity and his drive beeing so productive. BUT i dont really thinks hes really that happy but kinda accepted all this and makes something out of it. What an inspiration
William McClanahan (15 hours ago)
Philipp Wilmer he’s got aspergers . Same as Steve Jobs. He’s also clearly got a neuralink installed.
Sam Cobler (22 hours ago)
Am I baked as fuck or does it look like Elon is reading something around 16:00 minutes
Veronica Da Fonte (22 hours ago)
Elon Musk is awesome .. Joe too.
MsH (22 hours ago)
2:10:28 - Elon Musk Smoking Weed.
x blue x (22 hours ago)
tony stark,is that you?
Dakota Thayer (23 hours ago)
Joe put on his nicest shirt but didn't check his teeth for spinach.
Mark Cochran (1 day ago)
1:11:33 --- Earths MAGNETIC field. Elon Musk misspoke. ...As a business magnet, I'm surprised he said gravitational field instead.
M. S. L. (1 day ago)
Joe 'go green' Rogan...legendary!
مجهول (1 day ago)
How many times is he gonna say fucking pit
raj pandit (1 day ago)
This is the best video i have ever came across...
Adam (1 day ago)
fuck joe loves his magnets
Bronzie Spring (1 day ago)
musk buy Vale so we can get half- life 3 lol
The Munky (1 day ago)
Joe : "Have you heard that PETA said don't kick robots".. Elon : "Well you probably shouldn't, they have good memories" I was dying..
krasilozanov90 (1 day ago)
Comparison is a thief of joy ( I'm not gonna say ''omg great quote, I just want it written, not to forget it )
Yakin The DE (1 day ago)
When Musk said “vacuum tunnel”, the side eye from Rogan nearly made me spew my coffee.
Raigar Müllerson (1 day ago)
the way elon talks about the ai creeps me the fuck out. look how hes eyes move as he talks about it
Jacob Routzahn (1 day ago)
"You're Elon Musk! You can do whatever you want. If you ever get confused, call me." Hysterical. Seriously laughed my ass off at that.
Hopeful Insight (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=op0MzomLTHo&t=676s try to get ahold of her and smoke with her she is super cool and needs views also https://tealswan.com/
Rob Wilson (1 day ago)
Was Elon almost crying when he was talking about CO2 emissions , robots officially have souls
Caleb Harvey (1 day ago)
by getting 81000 comments your lowering the value of people text and comment box.
Louis Buzzworld (1 day ago)
I love Elon thanks for your contribution
Eric Talkington (1 day ago)
I love that whoever posted this video put that he's a business magnet lol. Well played.
Azn Mike (1 day ago)
The interview that ruined Elon's career. Congrats Joe!
State of Opportunity (13 hours ago)
A lot of interesting people have had their careers targeted and destroyed after going on Rogan's podcast. I suspect that it's because Joe has such a large audience that being a guest triggers a response from those who want to stop or silence said guests.
Aaron H (1 day ago)
Another question is. What if some day people can live forever? I don't think I will, and I don't know what it means. Just asking
Josh H (1 day ago)
Shouldve asked him if we actually went to the moon.
Kaos Kryst (1 day ago)
This was cool AF, hit me hard at the end and brought tears to my eyes. I want to be nice, but I need to be mean. I don’t know if I can flip on the switch to want to care again. I was a doormat once, however, I will not ever be a doormat again.
Vince Leinbeck (1 day ago)
I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT WAS IN SOACEBALLS Elon Musk isn’t the savior we deserve he’s the savior that we need
Gareth Jones (1 day ago)
Should not have got high while watching this....pritty convinced elon is an alien and that I'm a cyborg living in virtual reality...
Yuri (1 day ago)
He repeated a lot of what AJ said on his podcast except without the pro-wrestling antics. I wonder if Joe realizes he abandoned his friends to appease the status quo.
Jana Wall (1 day ago)
He's doing his mouth like he wants a rough kiss with Joe.
Jana Wall (1 day ago)
His skin looks penile. And the accent? Like, he's not sure where he's from.

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