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Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music and Spotify [KOR ver.] https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-2nd-album-exodus/id979878364 https://open.spotify.com/album/783a1YbiWvZkD6UVFn9mtH [CHN ver.] https://itunes.apple.com/album/2nd-album-exodus-chinese-version/id979878243 https://open.spotify.com/album/2KnBoF2ZcxBh6YpY09NW56 EXO Official http://exo.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/weareoneEXO http://www.facebook.com/weareoneEXO http://twitter.com/weareoneexo http://www.instagram.com/weareone.exo EXO 엑소 'CALL ME BABY' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (253790)
zoe vlogs (7 minutes ago)
voz angel (30 minutes ago)
Este album es extraordinario, es mi favorito de todos. y VAMOS por esos 230M.
:3타치 아나 (1 hour ago)
esto me encanta pero a la vez me deprimen...supongo que ya saben porque :\
Xin Xin (2 hours ago)
230M lets gooo
Titi Widia (2 hours ago)
Menuju 250M keep streaming next 300M😘
LUÍZA BEZANA (2 hours ago)
This song will never get old lol
Bunga Zainal (2 hours ago)
24.. Faforite part 😊😊😊 Oh baek hyun and chen
Andy Angel (3 hours ago)
Army coming here and talking about how many wins bts have.. its disgusting. Why you come here to speak about this? Do you really wanna start a fanwar again? Just stay with your faves and let us enjoy exo. Thanks!
Andy Angel (1 hour ago)
@Mark Caliao this is just not nice.
Mark Caliao (1 hour ago)
They are always like that.
Zeba Akhtar (3 hours ago)
Anyone in 2019???😄😄😘😘
Shemaa Ismail (3 hours ago)
Tao 😢lay 😢luhan 😢kres
Stephanie Novita (3 hours ago)
June 16,2019 10:39 pm KST *228,929,425 vws*
ARWA EXO-L (4 hours ago)
Kai يا ريتني مصاصة -تبكي وتواسي نفسها-
ks Soo (5 hours ago)
DO sexy voice😭😭😭💕💕💕
Trisha Sherikar (5 hours ago)
Sehun born to say "E X O"
파딜라유프라 (6 hours ago)
Baby girl~
Mark Caliao (6 hours ago)
Let's go 250m if we can this year
Mark Caliao (6 hours ago)
Tao,,,,, good old days
Mark Caliao (6 hours ago)
It's 2019, it still a bop
Mark Caliao (6 hours ago)
I hope lay will make a comeback to exo next album
Mark Caliao (6 hours ago)
Sehunnie barefoot
JK girl (7 hours ago)
لاتوجد الكثير من التعليقات بالغة العربية لماذا هيا اكتبوا بالغة العربية كثيرا
S Shwe (7 hours ago)
Call me baby won for 18th times in 2015 huhuuuu
Minxiu Sweet (7 hours ago)
Nasywa Nayshilla (7 hours ago)
I'm sorry, but it's that the exploration concert poster on the left near the red car at 0:13-0:18?
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
Call me baby
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
We are one
WIND_7_NN (8 hours ago)
228 913 261
Marium Amina (8 hours ago)
Who's love EXO 1 like👍=1 love❤😍
Emy Faridah (8 hours ago)
Exo : call me baby Me : i can't call you baby. I can call you 'HONEY',maybe?
Mark Caliao (9 hours ago)
Mark Caliao (9 hours ago)
EXO doing nothing yet antis can't sleep with their existence.wow.
nady kim (10 hours ago)
*don't care i just wanna marathon all exo MVs*
nady kim (10 hours ago)
Jhun Larae Aguila (11 hours ago)
Call me baby~~~
JIYOUNG OTTO (12 hours ago)
2019년도에 봐도 전혀 안 촌스러움.
Mark Caliao (12 hours ago)
250 this year...let's go for E-X-O
Ly Hong (13 hours ago)
exol forever (13 hours ago)
Exol l love bts but if they don't go to military it will be unfair and we should do something to not make exo do that else
exol forever (8 hours ago)
@Spring Blossom l am with you but other fan don't see that and will say bad things to exo Also any thing exo did it and will do it i am proud of them 😁
Spring Blossom (12 hours ago)
EXO would do their duty in their country, something we should be proud of. Let's don't mind other group's business ;-)
Chloe Deguirra (14 hours ago)
Exo M exo K💋💋💟💟
Mark Caliao (15 hours ago)
Nobody tell kai what pants to wear exactly
Mark Caliao (15 hours ago)
Nobody tell kai what pants to wear exactly
Mark Caliao (15 hours ago)
Call me baby
Mark Caliao (15 hours ago)
I honestly miss lay and tao
Mark Caliao (15 hours ago)
Exo our humble kings
Yeol G (15 hours ago)
Clone YT (16 hours ago)
Erstmal Schleichwerbung + Drauftippen zu Beginn.....perfekt.
Phuong Pham (17 hours ago)
PTM Math (18 hours ago)
Exol.keep steam cmb get 232m
ahmed nasset (18 hours ago)
الاغنية الرائعة الي عمل عليها معظم فرق الكيبوب كوفر
PTM Math (18 hours ago)
Baekhyun’s Wifey (19 hours ago)
Sandra Gonzales (19 hours ago)
Go go 229M
EXO: CALL ME BABY *but Lay wants me to be his HONEY ㅠㅠ ugh this is really hard! Do I really have to choose? *
عاشقة كوريا (19 hours ago)
أين أنتم يا عرب........ تعالوا حطموا الارقام القياسية
كيبوبية وبس (20 hours ago)
يلي عربي لايك
كيبوبية وبس (19 hours ago)
معك حق
عاشقة كوريا (19 hours ago)
نحن دائما هنا لكي نرفع المشاهدات
voz angel (20 hours ago)
Diculpame Call me Baby ayer no te vine a ver, es que Honey me tenia hipnotizada. Pero tu sabes que estas en mi corazón ♡.
Choi L my choice (21 hours ago)
The song got me into Exo and kpop ♡ Time goes fast I miss these days :<
Barbara Rica (22 hours ago)
Soy tan de bts no de ustedes
benedicte bobocha (22 hours ago)
Stephanie Novita (23 hours ago)
Stockard mimi (23 hours ago)
Tiara Novi Yenti (1 day ago)
Baby ♥
Alex Luong (1 day ago)
Bye bye EXO! BTS Boy with Luv won a record 19 trophies > EXO's Call me baby 18 HAHAHAHA
datsit (4 hours ago)
EXO are the standard WOW , groups are breaking records which EXO made when they were only 4yr old grp and grps are getting by collabs and all that promotion but look at EXO , i am so proud that other fandom are looking at EXO records to break it and to make themselves happy 😂😂😘😘
Nilvier 4 (10 hours ago)
Is army fandom normally that arrogant? Did you not realize by the way you behave it reflects on your idol group because you represent them. By saying these things it says a lot about yourself. You are humiliating your fandom,yourself and your idol group. What can you gain from doing all these? And please respect the MV of EXO.
Nikki Y (11 hours ago)
It's ok to be happy about a win, but why do you need to do this? Be happy for your boys instead of coming for ours. Congrats on the win, and keep the peace.
Chaneyol Best (1 day ago)
0:51 this moment still kill me
Amisha Pradhan (1 day ago)
Wow amazing
Biscuit饼干 (1 day ago)
I miss exo all members 💕 Baek D.o Suho Chen Xiumin Chae Sehun Kai Lay Luhan Tao Kris Exo are 12 members❤️
Hua Hua 🌸 (1 day ago)
We need this video to reach 250 millions EXOL fighting
oh shin hyun (1 day ago)
no 18 wins no opinion
Exo Love (1 day ago)
اكسوال عربي أثبتوا قوتكم بتعليق وستريم
1485 Exul (1 day ago)
1485 Exul (1 day ago)
They gay? i think you dont have eye - exols to antis ❣
Mark Caliao (1 day ago)
The level of hate is everywhere.
Zara Haruna (21 hours ago)
Don't mind them,it actually means EXO is alive and kicking nobody is gonna hate a dead group
Summer Sunshine (1 day ago)
Haters gonna hate. Hate all they want, we EXOLs know that our EXO is the best! Talents and visuals make them supreme!
Mark Caliao (1 day ago)
Let's go 250 this year eggs..just ignore the haters
siw_ (1 day ago)
I have never seen someone dance as strong as Kai and Lay...never
Banjo Tion (1 day ago)
Kai who did that to you?! You look like a girl (Just kidding Kai,I didn't offend you) just wondering what's with the hairstyle !
Dee Melgar (1 day ago)
Call me Baby will always be superior with the legendary 18 wins in different music charts! This song will always be IT, no collaborations needed, just EXO's vocals, choreography and visuals. E.X.O.A.R.E.K.I.N.G.S 👑
Summer Sunshine (1 day ago)
Agree... And we don't need to comment to other group's mv because we don't need their approval! EXO is superior!
Lang Akmad (1 day ago)
thomas fan 823 (1 day ago)
The best song
Marium Amina (1 day ago)
EXO is the best
Isa Sh (1 day ago)
i really miss EXO!
Amanda Putri (1 day ago)
Mark Caliao (1 day ago)
Let's all be happy eggs
Mark Caliao (1 day ago)
Call me baby. I don't know which is my favorite EXO song is..they always make memorable and classic songs
N. 87 n (1 day ago)
احبكم اكسو واكسوال
N. 87 n (1 day ago)
اي لوف يو اكسو
N. 87 n (1 day ago)
ودي يرجعوون كل اكسو مع بعض 💔💔🌚
bbcitx c: (1 day ago)
aguante exo loco, exo es arte c:
Mariana García (1 day ago)
congrats CMB! the record was yours for a long time... you did well at least it was taken by the biggest boyband in the world and not some survival show group :')
Nikki Y (11 hours ago)
@Candy The Sweet Little Girl please don't say things like this. It only makes us look bad.
silly gay group is bts/ long life to exo the real men with the real music
Lang Akmad (1 day ago)
@Summer Sunshine Yes, record is meant to be broken
baochi (1 day ago)
@omg armyonce wow armys will really go here to just hate on our boys? Get the record. We don't care. At least we aren't shoving our faves' achievement in someone else's throat. Go to your bwl. Spread your darkness there.
Summer Sunshine (1 day ago)
@Lang Akmad Well, we exols don't really care if they broke the record coz we don't mind it at all. Exo has already proven themselves. They are already legendary and we are happy for that. What I don't like is why some people need to post some unnecessary comment here. Do they broke the record just to say their fave surpass EXO? Well if that's the case. EXO is really unbeatable because EXO and EXO-ls have that record without having the intention of surpassing someone. We just want to win for their talent! I'm happy because we are EXOLs!
Mildred V (1 day ago)
After 4 years I noticed just now that the music playing in the background at the beggining of the mv was Hurt 😍

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