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Hollywood Undead - Something To Believe [Lyrics Video]

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Artist : Hollywood Undead Song : Something To Believe Album : Psalms EP (2018) Label : Warner Music Group ⭐️Support the band and buy their music. 👉https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hollywood-undead/id285976572 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔥Follow me on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/theextremeundead/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔥Join my Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/TheExtremeUndead ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Why don't you subscribe to my channel? It's only one click, but it means a lot. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This is made on non-profital basis and should stay that way. It is uploaded for entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (685)
uv6o7 (3 days ago)
This song can either make you sad, or lift you up. I listened to this while I was depressed, and would cry. Now, I'm happy. Very happy. And love life once again. The song now has new meaning to me. If you are depressed, keep fighting. I felt hopeless, had no will to live, was self destructive and deep in addiction. I turned my life around in 7 months. I never saw happiness in my future, but I put in the work, and made the changes I needed, and today I smile to be alive and surrounded by love. Keep fighting.
Rhino productions (10 days ago)
I'm crying under a blanket because everybody is telling me to fuck of so I took my brothers phone to listen to this band
Meme Person (19 days ago)
Belief is all that we have but belief is all that we need I remember when I was kid fearless against the wind brought down by the storm within but from the bottom of the sea i sang again and again and again and again belief is all that we have but belief is all that we need -Johnny 3 tears
Kristijan Stosic (19 days ago)
Deni PICKO 😂.
Maverick ralte (22 days ago)
Thank you so much Holywood Undead THANKYOU
Chris Milligan (22 days ago)
J3T+DANNY=good songs
Ryan Nichols (24 days ago)
Hu fan until I die
Anonymous (29 days ago)
I love HU but since Five they've gone down hill. Psalms is entire album is talking about "being saved" or whatever ,but I honestly prefer the headbanging, rock and roll, rap HU (basically everything before the album Five.) Anyone who comments on this can have their own opinions on the matter, but I just felt that I had to get mine out there. Five wasn't THAT bad but it started to become this watered down version of the old HU. Bloody Nose was okay as well... I guess.
Kam Lillie (1 month ago)
Maya make more music
Kam Lillie (1 month ago)
DaryO HR (1 month ago)
De si deni
Demonith (1 month ago)
deni legenda
Max Warnstorff (1 month ago)
Love the song but "as the world watch away"? Wut
Toby Rens (1 month ago)
Im the 666th comment yay
Frod (1 month ago)
Can I use these songs in CSGO videos?
Purple&GreenFinch (1 month ago)
Can I cry now?
Androja despotovic (1 month ago)
krenuo plakati
Голень (1 month ago)
Give me something to believe in ♥
Wallabe Bask (1 month ago)
Broke down crying to this masterpiece 😭 hits hard❤❤❤❤
Shaun k (1 month ago)
Danny sounds abit like chester in this one
CjLMusic (28 days ago)
Smokey 92 (1 month ago)
I love this song. But i also hope there will be some heavier stuff coming soon. Like they used to be.
KingsFan2017 (1 month ago)
Just rediscovered Hollywood Undead. Getting behind their new music. Pretty different but this is fire. J3T spitting truth as always and great chorus
Crazy Blackjack (2 months ago)
So, when we getting our boy shady Jeff back?
Jordan Self (2 months ago)
Can you make a hour version of this
Cal3bplays 101 (2 months ago)
Are you guys gonna keep making great music? You guys are some of the only good rappers left
Moderngrey (2 months ago)
Damn just damn hu 4ever
ChaptainCharisma2907 (2 months ago)
Deniiiii ovo je tvoj kanal omggg
CBS BALKAN (2 months ago)
Koliko si para zaradio od ovog kanala omg.
holy_cow_110 (2 months ago)
Is it bad that this is the only song on the EP that i truly like. The others are good, but this stands out to me
Muta Xd (2 months ago)
Jel ti deni ovaj refren samo pjevas a inace je vrh i btw ko jos s tobom pjeva
Sreki (2 months ago)
Au Deni , sta je ovo hahahahaha xD
Isaac Webb (2 months ago)
love it
Demonith (2 months ago)
Arianna Heart (2 months ago)
I just found out that you're a major prick. (TheExtremeUndead) Most of your fucking subs are LGBTQ. Dumbass. You can have your own opinion but sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut, especially when you have your type of platform..
[ARON] best jackass (2 months ago)
Xerxes apparently extreme Undead is transphobe
Nazo (2 months ago)
Arianna Heart what are you even talking about lmao
[ARON] best jackass (3 months ago)
Are you really a transphobe ? :(
[ARON] best jackass (2 months ago)
TheExtremeUndead yeeeees ;w; I was so scared thank you so much for your reply !
TheExtremeUndead (2 months ago)
deadly kidder (3 months ago)
good job on outing yourself as a transphobe, dog. im outta this bitch.
[ARON] best jackass (3 months ago)
Yep he fucked up :T losing another subscriber
Undead Creature (3 months ago)
Nice song
Melissa Lane (3 months ago)
Comment #666
Mathias Redknap (3 months ago)
im new to hu but they're the only thing ive been listening to in the last 2 weeks so happy i discovered them
David Kegarise (3 months ago)
HU saved my life
Лицемер (3 months ago)
Tryck (3 months ago)
Just got my heart smashed out again. This song is seriously saving my fucking life right now.
Wolf pack14 (3 months ago)
I need a Hollywood undead hoodie frfr
Kira-Kira Haru (3 months ago)
Hello everyone
Rylen c (3 months ago)
Love,Danny's voice like if u agree
Caleb Andrus (3 months ago)
Yuki Wolf (3 months ago)
their new album has even more true ass words and really just speaks to all of us 😭💜 almost in tears listening to this album because i’m so proud of our boys. UNDEAD ARMY FOR LIFE
János Kollár (3 months ago)
Hollywood Undead 2013: Belive Hollywood Undead 2019: "give me something to Belive in"
Sky Peckham (3 months ago)
Sometimes I ask myself if you’d like me to set the world on fire for you, but then I realize I’ve already started a flame in your heart. 🖤🖤
Manny Zozaya (3 months ago)
Damn this is beautiful. If you had to pick a very positive HU song, this one is up there. Love these guys.
Václav Forman (3 months ago)
I'm from Prague... I'm ur homie😄 I like your songs from album "Swan Songs" to "PSALMS"
King Tuck (3 months ago)
J3T is literally a lyrical genius the way he portrays the stories he sings/raps about is insanely well constructed
pingu (3 months ago)
so nice :)
Slav Ira (4 months ago)
Glitchling (4 months ago)
I once was lost but now am found.
Servine (4 months ago)
2 of your vids got a false copyright claim (Shout At The Devil and Immigrant Song) by Warner Chappell.
yuzu uchiha (4 months ago)
ajmooooooo deni
THE BRAVE (4 months ago)
Danny your voice is awesome
Chris Wilson (4 months ago)
3 tears is just awesome✌
Kremenko (4 months ago)
sa tuđim pjesmama pravis content i onda nešto pametujes drugima, jazavac
Captain Freddy on Duty (4 months ago)
Buraz sta ti uradis sa glasom na strimu zvucis ko neki drvoseca a ovde ko onaj sto peva animals
7aidar.1 (4 months ago)
Bro, can you make a channel in "Telegram" and sharing all HU songs!??
Logan Shattuck (4 months ago)
J3T's verses made me cry! Q~Q
KnoTsteF (4 months ago)
e deni jel mozes da mi preporucis neke depresivne pesme
Venom Kaida (4 months ago)
Omg <3 !!!
Джо Ма (4 months ago)
This album is the point, where Undead turned another way, that I don't like. Undead is not such good as it was. Piece. I'm going away.
HESHAM .m (4 months ago)
The light will find us even if it blind us perfect it
NERDYPRO GAMING (4 months ago)
JOSEPH NELLENBACH (4 months ago)
who is that masked man!!!
Sean Tunney (5 months ago)
0:36 to 0:44 That verse really hit home
A-girl * (5 months ago)
Thank you, J3T, thank you, Hollywood Undead for this song!
DjurA LegendA (5 months ago)
Ima li nekog srpski da prica ovde lul..
Stringfold 17 (29 days ago)
Oooooooooo daaaaa
A ne bas srpski al blizu smo si
cop1122 (2 months ago)
Stu le (4 months ago)
Big Siceax (4 months ago)
pigebear (5 months ago)
is it " as the worlds wash away"?
the voice in your head (5 months ago)
It turns to a compeletely different song if you turn it to 2x
DzoniTV (5 months ago)
Ovo tvoj glas Deni idi u kurac?
sinfully proud43 (5 months ago)
Hollywood Undead is the one reason why I'm still living
sinfully proud43 (5 months ago)
@Alice The Demon I'm actually going to cry know
Alice The Demon (5 months ago)
sinfully proud43 There is no need to thank me, I'm just stating the honest truth. Just know that you do not have to fight this fight alone, I'm willing to stick by your side and help you fight the good fight. I will try my very best to stay by your side through thick and thin. Just know, that you are not alone. I'm not going to let you fight this alone.
sinfully proud43 (5 months ago)
@Alice The Demon thank you, Cyd, i'm going to cry know!
Alice The Demon (5 months ago)
sinfully proud43 Keep fighting Bri, you can do this, I believe in you. You are an amazing person and don't you ever change, don't you ever give up. Don't stop fighting, you may not realize this now but there are people out there who care about you, who need you to keep fighting the good fight until the very end. I already know who I'm fighting for, I'm fighting for everyone in my family, I'm fighting for my friends and I will not stop fighting until my very last breath. And I know that deep inside that you too have people in your life that you are fighting for, you just don't realize it yet.
Tomaš ツ (5 months ago)
Jesam ja ovde jedini sa balkana?
WyploszeQ1 (5 months ago)
The light wont find me Its not reaching the gutter
SavageWolf 564 (5 months ago)
In danny's chorus its should be "as the world rots away" not 'as the world watch away" :3
pastelperfect xx (5 months ago)
november.. huh? the same month when i got into a car crash and was really depressed. i just have to give credit to this song and the undead army // hollywood undead themselves for helping me to get over it. <3
kameliliea Kam (5 months ago)
Time bring me horizon people and cuss him out that's okay talk about all rap and rock or any rock or any rap or read me rights and said that
Spiky 1987 (5 months ago)
this song pulls on my heart strings
ömega ömega (5 months ago)
Danny is the special killers of clean vocals... Danny is too cool!!!!!!!
Gayle-Ann Rumsby (5 months ago)
I feel like Johnny just reached into my very soul and took it out of me and told me everything is going to be alright. You've always been my favorite I've always seen a part of me in his verses.
Matthew Colone (5 months ago)
Psalms EP? What the fuck? I remember when HU was sick 12 years ago.
Nazo (5 months ago)
What does the name of the EP have to do with anything? For starters, you’re likely thinking of Psalms as just some sort of biblical thing (which isn’t the case) secondly, they’ve literally always had songs exactly like this, and lastly the songs on Psalms EP weren’t new song but songs that didn’t make it onto Five.
Alexander Ivaylov (5 months ago)
U;NEE If she got to listen to this it may have turned out differently because she needed it (i know it's very random comment
James - (5 months ago)
Replay button: broke Song: amazing Danny’s voice: angelic Hotel: trivago
justin thorne (5 months ago)
I've been a fan for almost 10 years now , these guys continually put out great music . George hit this one out of the park and it hit me in my chest ...amazing .
Rafael (5 months ago)
danny could replace chester in linking park i think
Deuce Fan (14 days ago)
Rafael no it wouldn’t sound right
Rafael (5 months ago)
danny could replace chester in linking park i think
Biserk Marovic (5 months ago)
Ima li srba?
Kim Davis (5 months ago)
I can't do both hands together but I got the instrumental and Danny's part down on the piano/keyboard with this song and all I did was just listen to the song and figured out the keys to play by myself
theMuttshow (6 months ago)
This one is a hell of a good song!
The Almighty Doggy (6 months ago)
Wow Deuce makes music by himself and he's doing alot better then H.U
miroljub stepanoviç (6 months ago)
binging their songs aftee hearing bullet and im loving every one of them! can someone give me a quick run through the members and tell me whats their social media since i can feel an obsession coming up,, thank you so much to whoever decides to waste their time on me ❤
eze (6 months ago)
*the light will find us even if it blinds us*
Nemanja Radjenovic (6 months ago)
samo nastavi brate
Marius G.S.M (6 months ago)
Mr. Sparkly (6 months ago)
Bravo Deni samo napred ja njih slusam i imaju dobru muzikuu!1!

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