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Cruiser cam captures Dayton Fire Captain being struck by vehicle

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Cruiser cam captures Dayton Fire Captain being struck by vehicle
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GlitterFartsss (1 month ago)
Thanks for the update, it’s hard to find any info about this firefighter/the accident.
SOLUTION ONE (1 year ago)
holy ball sack.
Twisted Sifter (1 year ago)
This is a perfect example of why we call cops like him pigs, he's patronizing the people by saying what they want to hear, sucking their asses like a whore in Vegas, worthless pig !
Jane Feeney (1 year ago)
Not one car slowed down. Usually cars do slow down when approaching an accident. But no not even in bad weather. Those stupid drivers are the assholes.
Steve Horn (1 year ago)
TheGamerKid Life (2 months ago)
Wtf is so funny? I am a firefighter and we are a family, a brotherhood. When one of us dies or gets hurt. It makes all of us scared. I bet you wouldnt be laughing if your mother, father, sister, or brother was hit by a car. So why laugh at a firefighter that does more for the community than you ever will. Kys you disgusting piece of faggot shit!
Cody Bussey (1 year ago)
Steve Horn REALLY?
Joe La Roche (4 years ago)
Vitaly sent me here
Chris Chapman (5 years ago)
Nice back boarding they forgot to do, assholes
Amber Marquina (1 year ago)
Chris your a fucking dumb ASS..
mils (1 year ago)
Ya backboards are historic
Ryan Wentz (1 year ago)
Backboarding is not used anymore, old technique. Backboarding is only used in extricating mainly, causes more bad than good.
Klink 1967 (1 year ago)
You cockhead. He was in imminent danger of being hit again. In that situation you don't leave a victim in a place where they are in danger of further serious injury. You remove them from the threat, THEN you worry about the other stuff. I suggest you join the emergency services and show those 'assholes' how it should be done.

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