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Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

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Interactive Data Visualization for the Web An Introduction to Designing with D3 By Scott Murray Formats: Print Ebook Safari Books Online http://oreilly.com/go/interactive-data Create and publish your own interactive data visualization projects on the Web—even if you have little or no experience with data visualization or web development. It's easy and fun with this practical, hands-on introduction. Author Scott Murray teaches you the fundamental concepts and methods of D3, a JavaScript library that lets you express data visually in a web browser. Along the way, you'll expand your web programming skills, using tools such as HTML and JavaScript. This step-by-step guide is ideal whether you're a designer or visual artist with no programming experience, a reporter exploring the new frontier of data journalism, or anyone who wants to visualize and share data. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG basics Dynamically generate web page elements from your data—and choose visual encoding rules to style them Create bar charts, scatter plots, pie charts, stacked bar charts, and force-directed layouts Use smooth, animated transitions to show changes in your data Introduce interactivity to help users explore data through different views Create customized geographic maps with data Explore hands-on with downloadable code and over 100 examples
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Ümit Arslan (3 years ago)
Tshitolo Tshia Mbayabo (5 years ago)
Amaizing, congratulations!!!!

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