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Drunk driver sentenced to 50 years in crash that killed two kids

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Jorge Solis, 21, was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a drunk driving crash on I-75 that killed three, including two children. Kaybrin Osborne, 8, Halle Young, 7, and Clayton Flood, 3, were traveling to Florida with Mike Osborne of Benton, IL, and Mike Furlow of Royalton, IL, on Father's Day last year when they were hit by a truck. Flood was paralyzed.
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Bouchra Jama (11 minutes ago)
Why would someone in there sane mind drink something they know will make them losse there mind in minutes Does not look appealing at all
Bouchra Jama (13 minutes ago)
When u see this dont u hate alcohol Plus all the company's that make drinks dont feel anything of this pain mother's loss and man's life
the crow (8 hours ago)
see what allcohol does and thats why its forbiden in islam its for a reason .so proud to be a muslim never drunk allcohol and never will
Cheryl Hoffman (18 hours ago)
What always amazes me from the drunk driver car deaths. It’s rarely the drunk driver who gets killed . Alcohol one of the worse drugs . Which kills people who didn’t drink it .... Poor family.
billy payne (18 hours ago)
If this Jorge Solis guy was a celebrity ....TV or music business , etc....he would have given probation, suspended licence, community work (that wont even do it) or any BS. In the USA the Law only apply for the poor.
Marie Mackey (21 hours ago)
Sorry but I hope they kill him prison, a very slow death. I would not be able to handle this.
Eric Tirado (21 hours ago)
What state prosecutor moves to prosecute only 50 yrs instead of life. Negligent vehicular manslaughter taking 3 lives, plus done under intoxication, wtf
John Doe (22 hours ago)
He was stupid, irresponsible, reckless and deserved to be punished; still, it was an accident, he did not intend to kill, 50 years is exagerated, this sentence looks more like a revenge than justice. He will do more time than some murderers. If the drunk driver had had a good lawyer he would have probably even gotten away with it. The American judiciary system has gone completely rogue, sometimes I think of going back to the US but when I see these things I think I prefer staying in Europe
Ŕòs Helen (1 day ago)
What's wrong with these people don't they have one iota of a clue what could happen as a result of their drunkenness or don't they care I've been drunk and I've driven but I've never done both at the same time I'm not being self righteous just a semi responsible citizen
Bjoern Rietz (1 day ago)
It should be illegal to record stuff like this and public it !!!
TheDeathwalker86 (1 day ago)
Good do it ..shes a narcissist she can only talk about how she feels
Michael Doyle (1 day ago)
She's a mother you moron! Either you didn't get anything out of this or ur mentally ill!
Hunter Hill (1 day ago)
Should have been hanged after court period!
Buffy smith (1 day ago)
50 years that is nothing. This man killed 3 people and that is all he gets. That is shameful.
FSEVENMAN (1 day ago)
There is no God. Wake up dummies let's evolve....
Mark Moody (1 day ago)
Why didn't he get the death penalty
Thomas Margolis (2 days ago)
an illegal ? If so, why couldn't he have killed democrats that condone his presence?
Armyvet22 (2 days ago)
He should have gotten a 150+ . 50 years for each life lost and another 20 years so that poor little baby being paralyzed!
tavia warner (2 days ago)
God bless!!
Dylan R. Harrington (2 days ago)
Let me guess: illegal alien.
wolfe1970 (3 days ago)
Just ban drinking and driving. So many people think they can have more than the legal limit cause they dont feel drunk, no one feels drunk when they are drinking, only after do they feel drunk, just ban it all together
Brain Davison (3 days ago)
If he done this in the UK he would have been banned from driving for 3 years, ordered to do 250 hours community service and have to pay a £50 victim surcharge.
Lance Anderson (3 days ago)
Don't drink and drive!!! I lost 3 family members to a drunk as well. The only good thing out of it, is at least the drunk died too. I would have wanted to kill her with my bare hands, had she not.
Jerry Dalrymple (3 days ago)
He won't swallow another drink for awhile, liquor that is. 🍺🤯 his cellmates have something in store for him. 😱
Rdon357 Thomas (3 days ago)
If he would have suffered from affluenza he'd be home right now
xell1969 (4 days ago)
Sakura Haruno (4 days ago)
Dame she thought about killing herself everyday
Gregg hatfield (5 days ago)
Just like this situation,, if you kill someone under your decision like drunkenness you should be put to death .... no questions about it . If you were racing down a street and killed someone ,,, same think . If you desire to have Tigers and one gets out ,,, same. If you rob a joint and someone dies ,,,,, same. Do u get it ?? By making these decisions in a grown up body and you know the possibilities you should have to pay for your desires . I get an accident is an accident but if it’s you choice to do so man up to the responsibility, or maybe at least let the family decide their fate ??
Head Coach (5 days ago)
He will be out in 10.
Patrick Notstar (6 days ago)
50 years is basically a life sentence if you think about it
Taz Rich (6 days ago)
Y'ALL Whites all drive drunk.... I don't feel Bad for neither party
Jeff Wingham (7 days ago)
Perfect!!! Very simple, don't drive while impaired!!!
H Kale (7 days ago)
Drinking and driving is so selfish. There’s no excuse nowadays because we have ride sharing apps.
Cman win (8 days ago)
Catapult this spic back to his shithole country
Jamesito (8 days ago)
Hope he dies from cancer
AmiTakeuchi (8 days ago)
Too bad he wasn't a white girl. He would have gotten only 3 years.
Kyle Toledo (9 days ago)
All drunks are dumbasses you deserve what happened to you no sympathy for ungrateful people who turn to poison for comfort.
Mars (9 days ago)
This is why President Trump block these people at the border.
Mark Eugene Lee (10 days ago)
Nice tits
Loase Manija (10 days ago)
Did race play a part in the length of the sentencing?
Harley Rider (11 days ago)
I've read some of these comments....if u fucktards think he got to much time ur brain dead...2 children dead...1 paralyzed... another adult dead...and all u idiottards saying to much time...how about the children not having a life now because of this IDIOT...I've said enough hard to talk to a bunch of morons.....hope the dude gets a beating everyday in prison....MORONS...
White Lightning (12 days ago)
. The drunk driver killed the kids not god
aklilub (4 days ago)
not to get into a religous debate but if god is all knowing and all powerful he, at the very least, let it happen.
Main (13 days ago)
I know im gonna get hate for this, but im gonna say it anyways, because we humans are just SO selfish. "what god has done to me" No.. You are still alive. This happened to your kids.. Just the fact, that you would think about suicide, when you still have a child to take care of, just shows how sorry you feel for yourself, and not for the kids. I find it disgusting. I feel bad for her sure, but i feel more bad for the two kids, who doesn't get a chance to cry about them self.
n/a (13 days ago)
illegal immigrant gang member killed two little sweet girls
MrStevonsky (13 days ago)
Animal scum. Burn him alive.
Baggy balls (14 days ago)
0:58 that makes no sense , what is she even trying to say .
Me Meme (14 days ago)
that is my worst nightmare, poor people.
I’ve had nightmares about drunk driving and it looks like a thousand people preparing for a funeral ⚰️ for 2 little innocent children. He got what he deserved. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 I hope that man dies in jail or where ever he’s going.
Petr Klic (15 days ago)
Its stupid he should get 6 years max. 50 years.wtf?
Sandi Fentiman (16 days ago)
There is no excuse for drinking a driving, and although it has never happened to my family, my heart really aches for the victims and the families left behind. The blonde haired mother who testified about the killing of her sons has every right to be angry, but it is not God who killed them, it was Satan. Sweety, God is hurting just as much as you are; they were his children too. Go to him for comfort and strength instead. He will give it to you. Don't hate the man; he will have to live with what he did.
T Kh (17 days ago)
50 years is not enough? I am glad I don't live in the US. The justice system there seems way more terrible than the ones imposed by Islamic tyrannies.
Finzun (17 days ago)
See you in 2066
Near Harvy (17 days ago)
I knew the woman in white suck a cock when the incident happened!
Md Farooq (17 days ago)
I hope this kind of justice prevailed in INDIA too.... 😔
Billy Bob (17 days ago)
For the people saying 50yrs is harsh please note this man decided to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk and he knew he had a suspended license and a existing DUI. Unfortunately he made a poor decision leading to the death of 3 innocent people and their families are left back to deal with all of that pain. These are all aggravating factor which lead to his lengthy sentencing. It may seem a little harsh, but we all have choices to make in life and this man is a full grown adult capable of making his own decisions sadly he made a poor one which resulted in death of three innocent people now he have to live with the consequences of his actions. Life isn’t a game and you don’t always get a second chance one wrong move and it can all be over that is why it’s imperative to always use common sense and better judgment. Hopefully someone can learn something from watching this video.
akash anil (17 days ago)
That's why you have Uber, just book a cab
alex dru (18 days ago)
In Europe he would have gotten 5-10 years at most. You get 15-20 for premeditated murder here. Damn...50 years!!!
C S (18 days ago)
This is because people are not taught the correct values and personal responsibility from a young age. This should become law that parents teach it to kids, or have the state enforce it as part of the curriculum. I'm not for big government, but honestly making Ethics part of early age learning would be better than force feeding useless other things they teach at school these days.
Ahungry Spoon (18 days ago)
Sad :'(
Geo (18 days ago)
Trump supporters now really hate Mexicans 👀
Kristin Carpenter (18 days ago)
Vortex Foxxツ (18 days ago)
Life sentence isnt even enough
Reaper (18 days ago)
You see this is why I will never drink alcohol. Impairs your judgement there’s nothing good to come out of it
How many people have to die until alcohol becomes illegal?
Eric joker (18 days ago)
She has nice tits
vesko5252 (18 days ago)
Meanwhile in Sweden, child rapist is sentenced to 150 hours of community service... It's true, check it out!
Randy Orton (18 days ago)
Let's face it, the dude's not evil but he was stupid, very stupid. Goes to show that a few shots of "fun", could turn around your entire life. Considering his age tho, it had to suck that such a young man was the culprit
Bikewithlove (19 days ago)
This guy meant to do what he did. I’ve driven drunk twice in my life, and I can testify that if you are of good conscience to begin with it is terrifying! I focused as hard as I could, and drove only quiet residential streets well within the speed limit. If anything, being in that situation made me drive even more safely. Also, those experiences were over twenty years ago, and they put the fear in me to never do it again, and it also put me off to alcohol. These days I drink coffee in the mornings and filtered water and that’s about it. Not a scratch on my car in all this time.
Andy Zaturno (19 days ago)
bobsbornfree (19 days ago)
Brown pos. #buildthewall
Uber Owl (19 days ago)
This would be a perfect attack ad for Jeep “So now that your kids are dead, tell me again how good your Prius is for the environment... Jeep - Cause your kids would still be alive”
shadowhunters (19 days ago)
This is soooooooooooooo sad!
Stephen Shuman (19 days ago)
I’m not defending what the man did, but I’ve seen people get less time for the same crime. I’ve seen people get like 10-14 years for vehicular manslaughter but this man is getting 50 years.
André (19 days ago)
*"Nasa huli ang pagsisisi."* That's the phrase us Filipinos say whenever we do something without thinking twice and regret it afterwards.
Yashraj Singh (19 days ago)
America ka sallu bhai
swss4rmy (19 days ago)
Youtube i dont drink alcohols i never like its taste so why is this in my recommendation?
Ethan Fletcher (19 days ago)
Steve Neill (19 days ago)
Meanwhile Marco Muzzo sits in jail for a 10 year sentence with option for parole every year...
vaughn Pedroso (19 days ago)
thumbnail bait
alcohol make more people die rather than drugs
Mike the Mooch (19 days ago)
I cringed lol.
GabrielOrloff Orloff (19 days ago)
O juiz e sua galerinha
AdamMoss14 (19 days ago)
Death penalty
Shadow Banned (19 days ago)
Unfortunately drinking does impair your decision making and you do stupid things while drunk especially if your in that 15 to 30 age bracket. I'm actually glad to see a drunk driver getting a decent sentence for a change maybe it will help get the message across.
Rebecca Colvin (3 days ago)
professor chaos Actually you’re wrong, I was speaking in the past tense for a reason. Statistical analysis showed that in the 80s when they increased the drinking age, drunk driving went down by 80%, a very significant decrease. Research it before calling someone else out. They’ve already proven that increasing the drinking age in the US had preventative measures.
professor chaos (4 days ago)
+Rebecca Colvin unfortunately increasing the age limit won't help teens still find ways to get alcohol
Rebecca Colvin (4 days ago)
Shadow Banned. You’re right! Increasing the drinking age from 18 to 21 decreased the rate of drunk driving by 80%!
timecrusade (19 days ago)
how hammered do u have to be to be driving the wrong way down the highway without the lights on...... wow
Mak Bond (19 days ago)
Horhe solis is a stand up dreamer stop hating he just made 1 stupid mistake but hes a very good illegal immigrant
SupremeChaos918 (18 days ago)
Its Jorge, actually. Not Horhe. Don't ask me why, but it is.
Kermit the Toad (19 days ago)
Why not just shoot him? He's gonna be dead in 50 years anyway.
Negev (19 days ago)
She's fine, poor lady
_egas calybird (19 days ago)
1:00 you dont follow the God of the bible to say such a thing...
1OFGODSOWN (19 days ago)
Should have been a life sentence.
Ben Ferguson (19 days ago)
Dude the mom looks 18, which means she had one of her kids at 11 years old...
james ahn (19 days ago)
First time a christian blames god.
SupremeChaos918 (18 days ago)
Not even close.
Acathexis Orenda (19 days ago)
promoting someone to live in return of taking two lives. speechles abou world s justice system
Linda Dannis (19 days ago)
What about the 3yr old who was paralyzed? He’s serving a LIFE sentence!!! Not a harsh enough punishment for the drunk driver!!!
Shockthehonor (19 days ago)
God be like sorry my mysterious ways took your children away.
Syeed Hussain (19 days ago)
How can you be a self proclaimed Christian yet deny what he has decreed for you? Doesn't make sense.
Troy N (19 days ago)
Greasy mexican. Build the wall. Oh and by the way...he'll do less than half of the 50 years.
Jan Biester (19 days ago)
In The Netherlands you will get 120hours of community service, 2 years losing your driving licence and a penalty ticket from 200 euro for the exact same thing.
12 12 (19 days ago)
One time, I drove drunk and hit a cone . Thank God it was just a cone and not a living thing! Thank God that cone I hit was witnessed by a police officer 😁 Thank God for my DUI. Because I was forced to get help. From there, I discovered the true nature of my alcoholism. One day at a time 😊 Don't be like this guy that killed people, Don't be like me. If you're reading this and you think you have a problem. Get help ♥️
Telios Abraxas (19 days ago)
Meanwhile, cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the U.S.

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