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Velocity 2011: Theo Schlossnagle, "Career Development"

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This keynote will be a whimsical whirlwind tour through the evolution of a "career" in web operations.
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Jeff Frick (4 years ago)
Theo's theCUBE Interview Theo Schlossnagle - O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2013 - theCUBE
Mike Kauspedas (6 years ago)
"Chief make it f'n run officer"
Cody Konior (7 years ago)
He lost me when he said you need to put more operational thinking into development. That's great if you're on the programmer side and want to improve yourself and I totally agree; but if you're in the ops side then good luck telling programmers they have new responsibilities and need to change their attitude.
Justin Cook (7 years ago)
DevOps is bullshit eh? And you make up *Ops? I have to say I'm sorry for you. This DevOps star will build, configure, and write software around your sorry ass.
YOSPOSBITCH (7 years ago)
this owns theo owns

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