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Extreme couponers spend only 49 cents for $1500 in groceries

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Two Prescott Valley women get the deal of their lives.
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Allie (1 month ago)
She’s ready for a zombie apocalypse
Mr. Pizza Parker (1 month ago)
They have all that stuff and there is still nothing to eat
Shanny Boo2 (1 month ago)
Good on them. If you could do that in my country, I'd be about it lol. If you wanna be a sucka and pay full price out of proud or whatever good for you 👍. I get not everyone has time to be printing coupons and stuff but it's worth it by the looks
Bill Sullivan (1 month ago)
Extreme couponers spend only 49 cents for $1500 in groceries https://youtu.be/xjehd6LRQIg
jenna hackeman (1 month ago)
Oh, 2011
WorkBitch24 (2 months ago)
They shouldn't be able to use so many coupons for the same product at once.
Charlotte Chipchura (2 months ago)
No gst I had to pay 80 still
Charlotte Chipchura (2 months ago)
It's a full shelf how could they say they donate not with full shelf I call bull crap
Carol Buser (3 months ago)
I think that now in 2019, you can't make a lot of coupons stack up for savings. Some stores won't let you use multiple double coupons. But, I think that some of these super coupon folks are almost like food hoarders..LOL.
Ewan Rice (3 months ago)
jfsfrnd (3 months ago)
Where do you get all of those Sunday paper inserts?
Joanna Johns (4 months ago)
If these people carry on like these there will No longer be any Coupons!!! The Companies will Stop them! Have they thought of that??
abood kramy (4 months ago)
The only coupon I know in arab country buy one and get one free And Ex after two week 😠
LOTUS DOLL LITTLE (4 months ago)
prescott. dammit wish it was phoenix
LOTUS DOLL LITTLE (4 months ago)
wow Arizona so must be possiblen
WILLIAM DEMARAY (5 months ago)
If you coupon and have a garden and can some of your own food and don't forget the free range chickens
TottalyOwnd (6 months ago)
If they ended up with 5 dollars to pay, and their original price without coupons were 1.5k, "We dont spend on a dollar or more"
ItzYoGirl Sarah (6 months ago)
Rachel Hagen (6 months ago)
WOW.50 cents for all that
GonnaMakeItAfterAll (6 months ago)
Manufacturers reimburse stores for accepting coupons, plus 8 extra cents per coupon. The stores aren't losing money, they're making money.
Vanessa Kountul (7 months ago)
They need to do their shopping without the car. They are both fat
Robert Vann (7 months ago)
If only they had this for video games
#1 Hater (7 months ago)
Cause there hating ass holes
denieceg100 (7 months ago)
I'm a couponer but a courteous couponer! I go really early in the morning or late at night when there's nobody there. You're welcome ;D
Svetlana Korobova (7 months ago)
They would spend their time for the sport exercises. They are so young and so fat.
Scione S (8 months ago)
mostly junk foods
J1.92c (8 months ago)
I need someone to teach me how to do this.
RubySapior (8 months ago)
You can only use 1 coupon at a time though :/
Dee Love (8 months ago)
Yeah but they buy their coupons from people who are stealing them from everyone's Sunday paper. My Sunday paper is always missing a book or all books. It sucks
gwait (8 months ago)
"I don't want it any more, take it back"
Kaitlyn Rose (8 months ago)
I would just resign and walk out if that customer came to my register...
afreen (8 months ago)
too much math for me ill pass
Arobed Unam (8 months ago)
This wouldn't work in today's world
RTV Airsoft and Gaming (8 months ago)
They are fat bc all that junk food
Ray Tetreault (8 months ago)
I'm kinda content just saving 30-50% off my weekly shopping and letting the internet groups do the work for me.... and I don't have to live on goldfish crackers and Gatorade. :)
Lailee11 (8 months ago)
*im dAPhne monroe!.yyyo o o U Rr r rrr smart shopper :)*
Sam Flynn (8 months ago)
People tend to forget that you don't just pay with money, you pay with the hours in your life. All that time spent researching, collecting and shopping probably took ages to arrange, valuable time that they could've invested in a job they love. And at the end of the day they still just go home with products decided by the coupons, not their free choice.
Andy Bradford (8 months ago)
fully fat foods. fat fux
Councilman Les Wynan (8 months ago)
Spend less time couponing, and more time working out to lose weight
Rik Pine (8 months ago)
they're eating it all...
HighTowerNL (8 months ago)
How the hell does this work? The company goes broke if people do this or what.
William Roque (8 months ago)
Most of it is junk food.
G Sucks (8 months ago)
Isn't this exposing your self.. Companies would be discrete nxt time
Syprene (8 months ago)
I don't care if they donate an amount of it to charities, but those two should be banned from their local grocery stores. Where do you think business's get money if their customers are purchasing thousands of dollars in good for only pennies a day? They don't. Also, the amount of food they have in their personal stash will only last a few weeks/months depending on the product, and do you think they eat it all? Well, maybe, they do look like they eat a lot on a daily basis, but rude comments aside, there's no way they can eat it all before it expires. Thus, they're wasting the money of businesses, and wasting food.
Phoenix (8 months ago)
i think she should donate some more food
Mahran Islam (2 months ago)
She literally donated 90% of it ( $15,11.10) to charity I think that's enough donating.
Sterilite 15 (8 months ago)
Not Gonna lie, that’s pretty smart
Nicholas Bloxxer (8 months ago)
My inspiration, lol
German Lover (8 months ago)
I only spent $2000 and I saved 50 bucks. 50 DOLLARS??!!
gg i'm black (8 months ago)
in the end the store still wins since the only reason these coupons exsist is to make you buy more stuff you don't need.
Mystic wolve (8 months ago)
just wait till they start doing 10 items or less at each checkout line.. that would put this hole getting coupons for that much stuff would end real quick
Taryn Kelly (8 months ago)
I don't really believe them when they say that they are donating MOST of it to homeless shelters, etc. At the most, maybe they may make a few small donations here and there, especially when things are close to expiration. Why would they do all of this extra time-consuming work if it doesn't benefit them 100%? I don't really feel like the personality of someone who is obsessively/compulsively extreme couponing and stockpiling food also has the personality of being charitable.
Mahran Islam (2 months ago)
It's not like they could eat all that food so they decided to give 90% of it to charity amd keep the rest for themselves.
Firstname, Lastname (8 months ago)
I could never do this, but this is truly badass
Alvin Chan (8 months ago)
That's called smart living.
Gooby plz (8 months ago)
How do the stores let this happen? Seems strange they dont have something in place to stop people like this.
seeeLAH1 (8 months ago)
I dunno… if they were black ,theyd say the cheated the system :D
Why isn’t this an Olympic sport?
Gacha Cookie (8 months ago)
It would be so cool to live in that house like there would always be food 😂
D R (8 months ago)
Prolly gon go through all that grocery in 3 days and come back some more.
Chicago Hypebeast (8 months ago)
Imagine if they said, "okay and your total will be $1000, Oo but you saved $500"
Giant Dad (8 months ago)
Bush did 9/11
Someone called (8 months ago)
If you're a cashier that hates couponers, just go work at another store that doesn't have coupons Problem Solved
Eltjavo (8 months ago)
And for this reason, coupons are not a thing in my country.
Juan Garcia (8 months ago)
Please Send me the newspaper thank you
Juan Garcia (8 months ago)
ShadowShock (8 months ago)
Prolly half of them are expired
DukBurd (8 months ago)
I wish my mom did this, i would love to have all that food, snacks and candy
Atte Rahman (8 months ago)
Smart women!!
Be like This (8 months ago)
Bruh her crib is the place for the munchies
xGrifDog96x (8 months ago)
oh how much i would dread my job if somonelike this walked up to my register, id prolly quit right then and there
Dillon Cady (8 months ago)
Notice, they are each over weight...
Juan Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Damnit Bobby (8 months ago)
Congratulations, you've bought $1,500 worth of diabetes and high blood pressure.
TheMinoleiton (5 months ago)
Chicken McNugget (8 months ago)
So they steal there coupons?
Vector Rector (8 months ago)
How do i start
Donald Trump (8 months ago)
Smart people. Utilize the resources at hand and you will be rewarded! These ladies must have read my book "Trump: The Art of the Deal". If Obummer read my book we wouldn't be kissing ass!
John Brogan (8 months ago)
These women are gods
Wow Lizzy (8 months ago)
I want this lady to do my shopping 😭
Aufinator (8 months ago)
Thats Smart Shopping. They also give them to local communities? Wow
Tony Bologna (8 months ago)
Wow. Diabetes for 49 cents!
Phone Hseng (8 months ago)
*download honey*
Brinan Djostrom (8 months ago)
Those fat cunts need to stop using coupons so they stop fuvking eating
Mahran Islam (2 months ago)
Atleast they donated 90% of it to charity.
Ben Gott (8 months ago)
Her name is Cathy McFatten? Wtf
HomieRobotGURL (8 months ago)
*are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?*
Xlilhuddy Videos (8 months ago)
Anyone watching this is 2018!?
Arronscupoftea (8 months ago)
This is why Americans are getting bigger 🙄
StopDropAndGame (8 months ago)
49 cents I can only get a pack of roman noodles
Im Thrillz (8 months ago)
They can literally resell this and get mad profit
Paradox Apollo (8 months ago)
Return it back for money
CosP0 ! (8 months ago)
June Long (8 months ago)
I see Windows XP.... The good old days😭😩
Blender Mix (8 months ago)
Both of them need to lose weight instead of eating the junk they buy. Bunch of fat pigs 🐷
Big Money Grip (8 months ago)
If they have children I bet their happy. Also they, he teaching them how to hustle
Ethan M (8 months ago)
Yo this is bullshit. I would hustle so hard and sell it😂
Lety G (8 months ago)
Sniper _dude_43 (8 months ago)
I bet mostly All of those food Expired
Mahran Islam (2 months ago)
Yep that's probaly they gave 90% of it to charity cause they can't eat it all.
trapsicle (8 months ago)
Bruh I’m sleep
g is for gay (8 months ago)
It would be gone if I was there
Max Miesen (8 months ago)
Or just shoplift
Andrew King (8 months ago)
Practically the same thing.
Jack Stelter (8 months ago)
I would just by ramen
Itz_Roo (8 months ago)
Yelp they are going to love honey! It’s a web extension that looks through the internet for deals and vouchers and coupons and put on your stuff and you save money

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