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Touching Story Of A Girl - How I Became Muslim? True Islamic Short Story

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Don Won (2 months ago)
😭😭😭😭 alhamdulillah sister. Welcome to Islam. If you have Allah you don't need anyone. Respect your mom and love her dearly cause one day you will be a mom and how you treat you mom is how your kids will treat you in the future. So be kind to everyone especially your mom♡ because no one cares like a mother cares for her child. Look at even the animals how they are very protective for there children. Teach your mom about Islam if she is not already Muslim. You owe that to her. inshaAllah you stay strong upon the truth. May Allah azzawajal give you strong emaan, good health and long live inshaAllah. Ramadan Mubarak.i wish you have the best Ramadan ever. May Allah azzawajal give you peace and tranquility and success in this life and the hereafter. Ameen 😊☝️ keep smiling sister.
Nur Aishah Chanell (3 months ago)
Excuse me where is your Hijab?
Wdfhhf Saahid (7 months ago)
Sister wear hijab please may Allah reward you in paradise inashaallah wear hijab
Bilal Qadir (8 months ago)
Welcome to most peace religion to Islam
Bilal Qadir (8 months ago)
Welcome to most peace religion to Islam
Bilal Qadir (8 months ago)
Welcome to most peace religion to Islam
Alradzfar Ismael (1 year ago)
I'm a Muslim, you can judge me you can bully me, you can kill me. but you cannot change my religion Islam... judge me based on what you see on observe on me. but never judge my religion..
kiki b (1 year ago)
wheres your hijab .... read the book mohammeds quaran by tommy robinson
Hameeda Ahmed (1 year ago)
Asalamualaykum dear sister im so happy for you.May Allah keep us on the right path. When ever you need me in here for you in sha Allah
Nazra Eli (1 year ago)
😭😭😣😇😇😇😇 Alhamdulillah
Lammet (1 year ago)
ew wtf
eli scrubs (1 year ago)
The past is the past. We may not be proud of it, but we have to accept it. Disconnecting from logic and believing in tales to make yourself feel better is not making yourself a better person. Accept life for what it is, don't delude yourself.
Emir Cesan (1 year ago)
Turn that music better off...
Jordan Mahadew (1 year ago)
Lieve meid alsjeblieft geen moslima worden je krijgt spijt Je ziet toch dat alle marokaanse en arabische vrouwen naar antilianen gaan en hollands omdat hey daar beter is Geen moslima worden lieverd je krijgt spijt. Ik bem ook cristen geworden.
gamer and its best (1 year ago)
May Allah bless you ameen
Tackle Waswaas (1 year ago)
Im very happy for the girl.
Tackle Waswaas (1 year ago)
Really good sister
Mohamed Faisal (1 year ago)
i'm accepted islam
Maysha Khan (2 years ago)
I've just converted
Nour El Samahi (1 year ago)
Maysha Khan ❤❤
Salim Pasha (2 years ago)
Sister. You really dont need to tell everyone what you did in the past. For God has shutted it down for you ever since you embrace Islam. And He is the almighty and forgiver. But anyway its amazing how you found Islam by replacing the hatred toward you with Love. I pray for you to be forever in God's mercy. And may Allah grant us Jannah.
Farjan Khan (2 years ago)
Allahu Akbar
Abdul N (2 years ago)
Masha Allah Sister, paradise is waiting for you. Insha Allah.
Shuja Bhatti (2 years ago)
excuse me,does any of you has any info about this girl
King Don (2 years ago)
you are very beautiful. May allah bless you .😇
Saleha o (2 years ago)
congratulations sister ^^ i hope i meet you in jannah .. inshallah
Ejaz Ali (2 years ago)
Subhan Allah
Taylor Stewart (2 years ago)
Masha Allah what a brave girl u are ... U have chosen the right path..Allah will guide u sis
sister Allah may give a place to you and all ummah a place in jannah
Manal Salem7 (2 years ago)
Congratulations sister
Anna Rey (2 years ago)
A good tree can only bear forth good fruit and a wicked tree can only bear forth wicked fruit. Examine the fruits of true Christianity and then examine the fruits of true Islam and you will Know that Jesus spoke the truth. I can see the pain and pride in your eyes and I can tell you have been hurt by the people in your life. Please do not reject the true God for the actions of people. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Seek truth and never stop seeking it. Jesus is the Christ. Muhammad is the anti-Christ.
ASif Rajput (9 months ago)
Muslim never hate cristianity Becouse we accepting Hazrat Jesus is also muslims prophet... islam is not anti crist is the religion of peace my sis.. you should to study of Holy Quran And Bibel.. THEN Decide..
Jahangir Gul (2 years ago)
nICe very niCe inshallah God bless you
R K (2 years ago)
Dear sister, mA, congratulations! I do however feel obligated to relay to you the fact that we are told to "not leave witnesses" to our sins..by God's Grace, they've been veiled from others..so repenting privately to Him is more important..and best not to share intimate details of your previous life insh'Allah...☺️🌺
Ashir Shahid (2 years ago)
Allah bless u
Salma Islam (2 years ago)
y ddnt u cover ur hair???
annie amber (2 years ago)
May Allah Swt bless u nd also bless everyone with his true love nd one day every person will be Muslim
Berak Celana (2 years ago)
Masha Allah. Beautiful story my sister. But as you know, True Muslim never judge. Because only Allah can judge. And true Muslim never attack another human, especially woman. Assalamualaikum.
Hanaan Ahmed (2 years ago)
may Allah bless you and your family
Mahsnir Mohammed (2 years ago)
Subhana Allah
Olivia Dove (2 years ago)
Barbie Girl (2 years ago)
congratulationx xixter :)
jamsheer ahammed (2 years ago)
Masha Allah
Super Beast1700 (2 years ago)
was she a christen before and I could not believe that she used to do bad things
unkown gang (2 years ago)
mashaallah I'm glad u found the real way of living ur life which is through ur religion ISLAM. May Allah swa guide u on the straight path wid all of us around the world and make everything easy for you and all the ummah. I hope and pray we all have a place in Jannat al firdous Allahoumma ameen.
Nazneen Bagwan (2 years ago)
Sumon Mia (2 years ago)
ameer khan (2 years ago)
Ozzy Ozzzy (2 years ago)
well done great story and nice/interesting way of sharing it....stay strong sister may Allah keep you in his Rehmah/Barakah amean......please keep me in your prayers.....salaam your brother from England
Tuba Mahmood (2 years ago)
Alhamdulilah sister :) I'm glad you've been guided to the right path! :)
Justyna Malitka (2 years ago)
Congratultion sister. I also covert to Islam nearly one year ago. And this is the best decision in my life
Sarafraz Shah (2 years ago)
Justyna Malitka thanks dua for me Allah give us jannat
Yassine ABATOURAB (2 years ago)
Congratulations Sister
Justyna Malitka (2 years ago)
+Nesreen Jafar Thank u ma'am ji
congratulations dear. may Allah bless you
unidentified.human (2 years ago)
May Allah protect you 🙌🏻
unidentified.human (2 years ago)
LetTheStory Begins (2 years ago)
z PLEEEEASEE REPENT to GOD and write all your sins in the paper and go to the confession in the Ortodox or Catholic Church (write using mobile fon,Tv,computer,and using it on the wrong way,all lies,bad worda ect...)God love you and God bless you,Yahusha Mashiach(called by some "Jesus Christ") died for your sins that you can be saved and have eternal life,read the King James Bible(not "New KJV" but just KJV Bible,Apocrypha and 1.Book of Enoch) Shalom Shalom God bless you all Amen!😊 look also Paul Nison videos,Lex Mayer,Lamadyahu Yasra'el videos ect for food look liferegenerator.com,discount juices.com,Seven day adventist "Health message" Doug Batchelor and MsLadyGrace on youtube..shalom shalom God bless you and wish you all the best,wish you all eternal life Amen!😊AND DONT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN!!!
CGN sora5900 (2 years ago)
Why is it along time ago the bible said it IS NOT OK to be gay... But now when you read the ones that are being printed now days it said if you have a problem with gay's then you are homophobic... And Quran haven't changed from 12,000 years ago haven't change. And the Quran is the only book with no mistake!
r Rashid (2 years ago)
You're both wrong.The Quran didn't change for 1,300 years.
Keynan Abdi (2 years ago)
The Quran didn't change for the last 14,000
Mariam Amir (2 years ago)
well said
Arsh Shaykh (2 years ago)
islam is perfect but muslims are not..And welcome to the deen and peace.. may Allah grant you all jannnah..ameen and in sha Allah pray for whole ummah to be a better muslims..
Mary Whiterabbit (2 years ago)
there is no Allah and this girl needs free time and education, that's all. i have the same (bullying, mother, etc), but then i realized that there is no god and fixed myself. not big problem. you have only one life. my "how i became Anti-Muslim" story was pretty the same. ps: this music... oh, you really know the way to kill people!
anouk (2 years ago)
Hanaan Ahmed You ask us why we believe in Jesus, we ask you why you write backwards. Nobody wins bud, it's an eternal fight to oblivion.
Hanaan Ahmed (2 years ago)
for all who is christian fucc your self and fucc jessus if he is god or son of god god has no children this is not god the man that you believe is a messenger of Allah and that Allah send to the christians and they wanted to kill him and then Allah bring isa on the sky and then Allah made a man look like isa and then the christains called him jesus and says that is our god and the people made a book and called the Holly Bible but when they death Allah push them to the hell asalamu alaykum
Mary Whiterabbit (2 years ago)
@Hanaan Ahmed but there is no hell
Hanaan Ahmed (2 years ago)
Mary Whiterabbit Allah push you in the hell
Mary Whiterabbit (2 years ago)
@CGN sora5900 i'd seek for the truth for many years now, and i found it :))) i know what i'm talking about
Real Princess (3 years ago)
Real Princess (3 years ago)
allah bless
Shahzad Amiri (3 years ago)
may ALLAH protect you and all of us
CGN sora5900 (2 years ago)
Adams World (3 years ago)
Lol Commenter (3 years ago)
If you want to know Islam or any religion don't look at the people look at the book it self, that's where truth lays. "Truth can be avoided but not denied." Many Muslim people are very cultured and they will judge you just like how I am being judged in America for being a Muslim. To be honest I have been a Muslim my whole life, I didn't know what was Islam until I opened that goddam book. Seriously the words in it are so powerful yet so peaceful. There is nothing wrong about it. Woman and men are described as one human no difference no preference, but the people say a lot of stuff that are not true. And one of the powerful thing stated in the book, that skin color is only on illusion to the human eyes. But there actually no color to skin in gods eye. And reading this from a book written 1400 years ago, is mind blowing. I am happy that I am Muslim there might not be many of me in America but I know that I stand out because I choose my way and I am happy with my way. "Thank u God."
Biker1 (3 years ago)
You and your Mom got attacked by Muslims so became one? Interesting and pathetic. Islam teaches hatred and violence. They teach if you don't worship their false prophet then you are an infidel (a word Muslims came up with for those that don't follow the false prophet) and must be suppressed. It's a cult of control. You need Jesus in your life, The Son of the Living and True God, not the false prophet Mohamed who raped children, murdered and killed his own people, and creates hate groups that attack innocent women and children regardless of faith. (like ISIS). This True God I speak of has saved millions through the ages and sent His Son into the world to teach you about your Creator. We all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. That is why He sent his Son Jesus to us to show us the way back to Him. Since God gave us FREE WILL, we have a choice as to what to do in our lives. There is no hope in believing in a false prophet. Scriptures talk of false prophets that will come and there have been many. Jesus is the one to follow, not Mohamed! The book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 15 states "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves." Mohamed is just that, a false prophet, claiming he's the way to God. Seek out a Christian Church that is teaches you about Jesus and study the New Testament from the New International Version of the Bible (NIV), or New American Standard (NAS). Study the life of Jesus and how he healed the sick, brought back dead people, walked on water, and parted the sea! I was once just like you. I was dead inside. I had nothing to live for. I studied ALL religions. MOST of them are cults and ISLAM is a cult of death. The false prophet will not be there waiting for you when you die, believe me. Your Creator, the One True God will be the only one waiting. He will ask if you believed in Jesus and followed His teachings. He sent His Son into to the world and performed miracles so the story would be told for generations to come. Christians believe in the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit). The three are One in the same and are inseparable. They will teach this to you at any good Christian Church. Presbyterian, Baptist, non-denominational. Don't follow a hate group just to "fit in" and be accepted. I promise you this, if you give your life to God & follow Jesus, you will be filled with a REAL joy like you have never known or felt in your entire life! I won't say it's easy or that your problems will go away quickly. I bet you still have many of the same problem you had before or new ones have surfaced now, especially being brainwashed by the teachings of Islam. The church you used to go to perhaps didn't teach you correctly or you were merely shutting God out of your life. The Bible teaches that Jesus will knock on the door (of your life) until you answer. He knocks and knocks, and waits.... He is still waiting..... He loves you, died for you, and is still waiting for you. I'm not perfect, I'm not a Bible thumping repent or else type preacher though it may come across that way. I was merely touched by your story and felt compelled to write. Here, a half hour later I find myself thinking about my own life and how empty it would be without knowing Jesus. Jesus is not a God of control or hatred but of love. Let today be the day you open that old bible sitting on the shelf, or go get an NIV or NAS one, and read the New Testament starting with the book of Matthew. Nobody needs to pressure you or force anything upon you. It's your life. I care so much for you and those that are desperate and empty inside as I once was. He will keep knocking and waiting for you to open the door of your life to Him.
CGN sora5900 (2 years ago)
Don't let social media tell you what to believe until you actual see it yourself.
Habsa Said (2 years ago)
first read a Quran then u will know more,  not just few or what u see the media.Prophet Mohamed is one God send in this world
Kaniz Esha (3 years ago)
may Allah protect you mashallah
Islam 1 God (3 years ago)
Satan has the lost the battle with you. Now all you have to do, is keep stepping on him. And the way you do that, is the remembrance of Allah, his prophet, and judgement day.
Im pilipino but muslims killed my dad :( but its ok girl but dont suicide ok thats sin
PACKO Abdul KADIR (3 years ago)
why would you say that muslims killed your dad. first of all what did your dad do to get killed?
Erik Sigge (3 years ago)
The world has lost one more sane person to Allah, FUCK
Smoo Shamdeen (3 years ago)
ah, no respect eh? tsk.. tsk.
Chucky Steez (3 years ago)
Allah is a lie and everyone that has made a comment on this video is now being investigated. All the ip addresses have been encrypted!! I can't wait to see who all these people are now !
CGN sora5900 (2 years ago)
You are deceive bye the social media.
Smoo Shamdeen (3 years ago)
wowie, another hater.
Chucky Steez (3 years ago)
I wake up every morning and piss on a Quran
Muslim Dawah (2 years ago)
May Allah guide you to the right path, before your soul departs your body when you die, as you will regret this comment sincerely.
Nicholas Tan (3 years ago)
+shoron ahmed Nice!Metoo
shoron ahmed (3 years ago)
+Chucky Steez every morning when i wake up i respect all religious books, including your. im a muslim boy from bangladesh. i will not hate other religious books cause Hazrat Mohammed (s) "says never hate other religion, respect your own religion and ohers. Thank You. :)
Sana Ali (3 years ago)
very nice mashaallah but you can do this video with wearing hijab or aibaya
Aman Gaur (3 years ago)
Welcome sister
Sabrina Maroc (3 years ago)
SUBAHANALLAH sister i also have a friend who converted after i showed her a video of the Judgement day:) May ALLAH SWT guide us all i was really bad person myself, i was a muslim but i didt like pray or anything, i did all those stupid bad things but ALLAH SWT guided me back, i am still not perfect but i try
Mariam Amir (2 years ago)
subhan Allah i hope Allah leed them all
London Uk (3 years ago)
May Allah bless you and your family Ameen.
koushal rumon (3 years ago)
Mashaallah my sister too love a muslims boy
Moneeqa Hunaen (3 years ago)
i am a muslim and i go to mosque
Moneeqa Hunaen (3 years ago)
Mashallah . may allah protect u and take care of u
sadeah harb (3 years ago)
I need u
sadeah harb (3 years ago)
I wish me and u were
Nexus Gaming (3 years ago)
this made me convert I'm now muslim
Really good
Rez 1k (3 years ago)
gloria Beacon (3 years ago)
You deserve all of the pain and disgust Muslim men feel towards you. Any women who would volunteer to be hated by men is an idiot.
Junaid Khan (3 years ago)
p.s im talking about the convert girl
Junaid Khan (3 years ago)
+MOHD ADAM exactly gloria is sooooo brainwashed herself islam is the way of peace,love and kindness + has she got a dissability of talking or something cuz im not sure NO OFFENCE..,
MOHD ADAM (3 years ago)
@gloria Beacon You're just human, an ordinary human. Even the group of world renowned scientists from all over the world did made research about Islam and they testify that Islam is the truth and Quran is from God. Your own people who are fully in pornographic industries, and are you proud of it? Assumption Islam without attributing to the correct source. Go and make research about Islam. Islam is the truth, no doubt though it hurts the disbeliever like you. Why Islam is the truth? Because we have Quran, the one and only book of God ever existed in this universe. Only intelligent wise people will follow Islam because Islam is fully supported by science. (scienceislam.com/scientists_quran.php)
gloria Beacon (3 years ago)
You are so brainwashed. You cut your women so they cannot enjoy intimacy. You hear about children being used in place of women throughout Islamic Afghanistan. You here about children becoming brides throughout the middle east even in Saudi Arabia. It is all right there only someone in deep deep denial can still stand behind Islam.
MOHD ADAM (3 years ago)
+gloria Beacon That is your way of thinking but not Islam. Islam accept anybody no matter what their past history is as long as they have changed from bad to good.
Safiullah Niazmand (3 years ago)
welcome ti Islam may God bless you.
Maryan Malin (3 years ago)
go somewhere where you and your mom can make a new life and alot of repentance and pray to Allah
Koensdus (3 years ago)
Did you know that in Islam it is permissible to lie and deceive in order to convince people to convert to Islam…? And did you know that, as soon as the Shahada has been recited, it is permissible to threaten converts in order to ‘convince’ them to ‘remain in the faith’?  No, I don’t expect you to take my word for it.. In the video below Sheikh Mahmoud Al Masri  explains in detail how this works. ‪http://youtu.be/oTXywWqXQd0 If you have taken the Shadada, if you’re just starting out on this new road called ‘Islam’ then you will discover that this road is littered with lies and deceit..the tools and trademarks of 'the father of lies'…Satan... You will also discover that, as far as the faith itself is concerned, there is no way back: according to Quran, Hadith and Islamic law apostasy is a 'crime' worthy of the  death penalty…Again: don't take my word for it: in the video below an (ex) Imam explains from about the 11th minute on what happened to him when his family found out that he was studying the Bible…: ‪http://youtu.be/yjFckJbCELk
sign toko (3 years ago)
asslam ....moga allah membimbing kita semua...islam itu indah. islam itu cantik ..islam itu indah....
Carlos Orihuela (3 years ago)
Well come in beatiful and peaceful religion..)
Steel Nerves (4 years ago)
Love from one muslim to another.
Shaffa Ali (4 years ago)
Aww mashallah and alhmdulilah you found your way sis never forget allah you will always be im my duas 💜💜
Javed Nawaz (4 years ago)
Subhan Allah good my sister
241355 (4 years ago)
Well done. Good on u hun
sallu khan (4 years ago)
mashaa Allah May Allah grant u his will and may Allah be ur friend guardian
Abrar Aslam (4 years ago)
dimitris koylakis (4 years ago)
May ALLAH protect you and keep you away from all bad things and people and remember the only judger is ALLAH subhanah wa ta alla aza wa zal is a blessing that you find the truth of islam do zikr and increase your imaan
khawla asarat (4 years ago)
But where is your hejhaib
khawla asarat (3 years ago)
@Beautiful Brownie yes i now and i am sorry
khawla asarat (3 years ago)
@Muhibur Rahman i am sorry about that i did not mean it
Muhibur Rahman (3 years ago)
+MOHD ADAM yeah that's true and people think wearing a hijab and scarf makes them perfect but i seen girl in hijabs smoking and kissing boys listening to music and then they judge a muslim girl with no hijab and no scarf but i seen a lot of muslim girls with no hijab and they don't commit major sins and there probably just wear when they pray obviously so don't judge only allah can thanks.
Muhibur Rahman (3 years ago)
+khawla asarat a lot people think wearing a hijab and scarf makes them perfect but i seen girl in hijabs smoking and kissing boys listening to music and then they judge a muslim girl with no hijab and no scarf but i seen a lot of muslim girls with no hijab and they don't commit major sins and there probably just wear when they pray obviously so don't judge only allah can thanks.
MOHD ADAM (3 years ago)
Well, wearing hijab will make the ladies look so sweet..just love it. Why she doesn't know about that sweetness look in reality? Just google: *Russian Muslim Girl Nice Sound*, full of sweetness. Mary mother of Jesus PBUH wear hijab. Just imagine if the non Muslim lady when they getting old and lose their hair, they hardly can cover their head with artificial hair/wig..lol. Truly so disgusting..
Suzanne Kaid (4 years ago)
Wow what an amazing story it made me cry may Allah protect you.
mariama bah (3 years ago)
+Ehsan Qasim - Reka Sarkaftne (The Successful Path) may god send you to heaven and don't listen to the mean comments just believing you self
Suzanne Kaid (4 years ago)
My pleasure
Islam Kurdish (4 years ago)
Thank you very much , may Allah protect you too
Cartman Eric (4 years ago)
{surah 2 vers 152 } Therefore remember ME. I will remember you, and be grateful to Me and  never be ungrateful to Me.
fatimah hussain (3 years ago)
a that was sad
Mark Hermanson (4 years ago)
You traded one fairy tale for another. It was you making the positive changes, not the non existent supernatural. 
Mark Hermanson (4 years ago)
@Frater Tenc You are going down a path of absolutes. Of course I have reasonable "beliefs".   However almost all reasonable beliefs at their core are probabilistic to some degree. 
Frater Tenc (4 years ago)
@Mark Hermanson Yes, I think myth has an important part in the human mind as it has for how many thousands of years now? Surely you must have some belief in things you haven't empirically seen for yourself, no? Do you believe in the higgs boson?
H Shahrizal (4 years ago)
SubhanAllah. What a brave sister. May Allah guide her forever.
Islam Kurdish (4 years ago)
RC BARGAINS (4 years ago)
salam proud of you becoming muslim
RC BARGAINS (4 years ago)
salam proud of you becoming muslim islam a great religion
Rage (4 years ago)
Well this guy just followed me on instagram for some reason..

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