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drunk fella in liverpool

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Text Comments (12)
Angry Animation (13 days ago)
Steven Hickman (2 months ago)
onwards etc (5 months ago)
this 1 of the funniest things ive ever seen no joke
candy girl x (5 months ago)
jonnnyonion (5 months ago)
Never gets old
pauldomino (9 months ago)
Been looking for this
Dean Howell (10 months ago)
Still funniest scouse vid on the net fuckin belter :D
Gym Head (1 year ago)
🤣 belta that
Peter (1 year ago)
that's a toby that you know, lets get that, where'd you get that from? what's a toby boys?
dick turpin (1 year ago)
IKingValerioI its a "walk"
David Lamb (2 years ago)
Fucking kills me every time hahahahahaha
MrCleggylfc (2 years ago)
Fuckin funny that

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