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Snap in Style now in local Walmarts

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With Snap in Style™ It's a snap to create unique, interchangeable jewelry. Simply choose a base and snap in your personal style! See a map of Walmarts that carry the program here http://batchgeo.com/map/cc70451de6d2f4666d409456ee7795b2 The program will feature a variety of bases including; rings, hair accessories, bracelets, pendants and even watches! To begin we'll be offering over 45 different "Snaps" to make creating your own style a snap.
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TBAEC (4 years ago)
Don't be afraid! Fear keeps us a slave. No fear free's us I make these and I'm not afraid to share what I do. By sharing I'm blessed as well as those I share with.
TBAEC (4 years ago)
You can buy these in bulk at Alixpress. Same china place that walmart gets them at. But we get the discount not the corporate slavers getting our slave labor or giving slave wages to us to sell them. And they will be the same quality.
Lady Em (1 year ago)
How do I order snaps for my collection
Barbara Cameron (6 years ago)
I'm not sure this a good idea. I'm afraid it will hurt people like me who make jewelry. People will see this, & devalue what we do because they'll think it's as easy as" snap" to do themselves.

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