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Drunk walking a straight line

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Drunk guy has to walk the line for a cop...hilarious
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Ahmir Haddox (4 months ago)
Zach Ross (1 year ago)
The fact he is making a line perpendicular to a bunch of other lines makes me think this is fake
NaruS (1 year ago)
Its not that im drunk Im just bad at balancing!
Caleb Kong (7 years ago)
maybe putting out the line is part of the sobriety test designed to fuck him up even more :D
huizhan (7 years ago)
Why don't the officer just use the parking slot line? Lawl..
marktsheppard (8 years ago)
...this is how people try to sue the Police department... since they can't remember where the big bruise came from... hahaha... and the drunk driving people "think and assume" that the Police man did it... ha?!
marktsheppard (8 years ago)
...I never drink and drive... or get drunk... I just try to follow and understand stuff... ...on my own
Damien Shuker (8 years ago)
does anyone find the cop stupid??? he is getting the guy to put a line out in the middle of a carpark full of lines..........whos the idiot?
mr. misunderstood (5 months ago)
Very very long time , but practically its part of the test if you didnt know.
m732s n (1 year ago)
Damien Shuker very long time

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