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ASMR | Whispered Magazine Reading / Page Flipping

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This video features crinkly magazine page flipping, along with the occasional whispered reading of an article or recipe. The first 20 minutes features more whispering than the last 15 or so minutes. The last 15 minutes is mostly page flipping.
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chumdog90 (1 month ago)
That's so cool that you have Reminisce magazine! You're like the only other person I know who has ever heard of it. I saw one in my doctor's office once and decided to subscribe to it for a year or two. It's so neat to see pictures, stories and nostalgia from long ago. Of all the issues I subscribed to, the one in this video was THE BEST..... simply because YOU were reading it. Thank you Mary! 😊
Bonnie Huhtasaari (1 month ago)
Love, love, love! Thank you so much!
Mary Sargeant (1 month ago)
I'm enthralled! This was the perfect combination of page turning (nice pace... slow timing), whispered reading, and two (2!) repeats of page-turning at the end. I'm new to watching ASMR videos. So far you are the one who most often makes me feel as though you're just sitting at the other side of the room, turning pages, or whatever. That's a prerequisite for me, not feeling as though you're forcing sounds on me. They're just... happening.
Jamie Adams (1 month ago)
Adore your whisper videos! :)
Beth R (1 month ago)
I’m fascinated by that magazine for the articles. It sounded wonderful but I was too intrigued to sleep lol thank you for doing everything you do
Hannah George (1 month ago)
This is great! New subscriber, really love your videos; only watched a few but definitely coming back for more! Many tingles. Great Video!
J Lora (1 month ago)
I’m going back to school so these whisper asmr videos are finally coming in handy since I have a good reason to go to sleep early
Courtney Murphy (1 month ago)
Emma Davenport (1 month ago)
The only good thing about coming back from my week's vacation is all the new videos to watch!!
bigmoney1986 (1 month ago)
I had such a busy day and this made me completely relax, thank you!
Kathleen G (1 month ago)
thank you so much for this!
Holly Reinhart (1 month ago)
This is so dreamy! The pages, you're whispers, hand movements.... awesome.
Darlene Klonk (1 month ago)
Loved this!!
Anna USF (1 month ago)
Great vid!
teodora drob (1 month ago)
Very calming and relaxing!just LOVE it! What nail polish you have on?
Vminhope (1 month ago)
I never finish the video! Always pass out within 5 to 10 minutes.
Anna Sarkissova (1 month ago)
Ohhhh my brainnnn
MissVindicat ASMR (1 month ago)
A magazine and your voice? Yes! Also, those pages crinkle really nice! 💙
Timothy Rivers (1 month ago)
You have such a warm and comforting voice it immediately relaxes me! 🙌🙌🙌
SouthernASMR Sounds (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Agamonee Barbaruah (1 month ago)
Is it weird that I love to hear Mary’s voice before I start my day? Lately, I’ve felt that her voice is super addictive. 😊
Arcadia Ashton (1 month ago)
Love you Mary! Can you do a roleplay in this tone? Something with lots of explaining? 😍
Cede Hayth (1 month ago)
This magazine looks older than 2011
Alexandra Victoria (1 month ago)
Cede Hayth totally agree and i love it! so different from what we see in magazines today 🙃
SouthernASMR Sounds (1 month ago)
It's not
Diana Gruver (1 month ago)
I’ve received that magazine for years and love it!
t3rror5am (1 month ago)
ASMR BAE (1 month ago)
Crinkly Heaven!!! 😵😴
mauricio hernandez (1 month ago)
❤❤❤❤❤ A novel read would be a great idea.
Sam Schumacher (1 month ago)
mauricio hernandez she has done several videos reading the novel she wrote :)
Pegs Weight Loss (1 month ago)
Yaaas ! Right before bed . Mary you are the best 😘
fattwat1 (1 month ago)
Beautiful Mary and her amazing relaxing Voice
Dennis Mullins (1 month ago)
I'm at work and this.pops up. Now when I get.home at 3 in the morning I have this to relax to. Perfect way to end a.monday
Darth Panda (1 month ago)
I woke up to this! ❤️ Thank you Mary! And please do a role play on an 'Ngee Workshop' by harvest! 😁
Skye Mullens (1 month ago)
I looooovvvvveeeeeeeeeee your whisper videos!!!! Especially the ones with the magazines. They’re all great! Your channel is amazing & I’ve been a subscriber for about 2-3 years now, & I’m always amazed by your videos. You do such a great job and you are greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work! ☺️💕
Allison Dossett (1 month ago)
I have nothing monumental to say, only thank you. You’re dedication is obvious
SouthernASMR Sounds (1 month ago)
Allison Dossett Thank you so much! 🙂
suger595 (1 month ago)
Mary, I just have to thank you. My family has been going through an incredibly difficult time over the past year or so, and your videos have really made a major difference in my stress and anxiety. Specifically your back to school and gift wrapping videos are a literal lifesaver for me.
suger595 (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! You have no idea how much you help all of us on the daily. SO glad I found you.
suger595 (1 month ago)
Thank you!
SouthernASMR Sounds (1 month ago)
suger595 I am so glad I could help in some way! I hope things turn around and get better soon!
Skye Mullens (1 month ago)
suger595 I hope things get better for you and your family.
tea (1 month ago)
literal queen.
Gunel Farzaliyeva (1 month ago)
Where did you get this beautiful magazine?
SouthernASMR Sounds (1 month ago)
Gunel Farzaliyeva I think it's one that my dad's wife gave me a few months ago. I'm just now getting around to looking at it!
ASMR GOLD (1 month ago)
That magazine makes the best page turning sounds 😍🙌
Mart diva1979 (1 month ago)
Love your relaxing voice Love your accent i think it's great great relaxing video
Cathy Lee (1 month ago)
Thsnk you Mary I need to relax I'm so stressed the morgue and now my car things never stop love ya Mary !!!🔥😀😢🌼🌼💘💘💘💘
Kathy Palma (1 month ago)

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