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me and my girlfriend being drunk for 12 minutes straight

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me and the social climbers got an air bnb and threw a party!! we love a good vlog with good people heehehehe ・: My Social Medias ・: ~2nd channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/Caarmie ~ twitter - https://twitter.com/touchdalight ~ instagram - http://instagram.com/touchdalight ~ snapchat - carmie_sellitto ~ merch - http://touchdalight.bigcartel.com/ Contact me personally (BUSINESS ONLY) - [email protected] Send something to my po box to be in a video!! PO BOX 141 Liphook GU30 9BW United Kingdom family friendly pg clean
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Text Comments (698)
TheAngelSpeaker (1 day ago)
i thought he said “i’m gonna have to have juul surgery”
•Rowen • (2 days ago)
was that sandwich just lettuce in a bun?
Sc XoXo (4 days ago)
i love you sm xx
ros marin (5 days ago)
wow seshing with you guys looks like SO much fun
Georgina Wing (5 days ago)
Ok who else heard “ this bed is for Ellie and Jordan “ tbh he’s changed so much can’t keep up with his girlfriends anymore At least carmi is humble enough to admit his relationships
home of sexual (6 days ago)
Kill yourself
Temp_M3rks (6 days ago)
Ur such a faggit
Ann Meadows (7 days ago)
Poor Kate, this guy is super gay and she doesn’t know yet.
holly stamper (7 days ago)
Who else thought he was gay?
Emma GoldFire (8 days ago)
Lewis is a mood.
Fancy Footwork (9 days ago)
Wow. Slow it dowwwn.
Anaiiis Videos (9 days ago)
i feel bad for the rest of the people in the apartment building
CreativeName (9 days ago)
Amber Jennings (10 days ago)
Quicha pisses me off
Supercubix z (10 days ago)
Aren't you like 15
Urban _ Fox (11 days ago)
wait what !! i thought he was gay !
Eloise Young (11 days ago)
Hafiza (11 days ago)
I don’t get it who’s his girlfriend
Kathryn Hunt (12 days ago)
Peep the Sporting KC! Love from Kansas City!
Rizon (12 days ago)
You’re gay fam, who ya kidding?
I Love Windex (12 days ago)
Tell that stupid bitch wearing the Canada goose parka that her coat is made of dead coyote. What a dumbass.
Ben Ben (14 days ago)
I thought he was gay....
becca x (14 days ago)
They sell Arizona green tea in poundland incase you didn't know
Luca-The-Raptor (14 days ago)
Girlfriend? You mean,sister? SWEET HOME ALABAMA
Murres McIntyre (14 days ago)
You watch sister James Charles
Cameron Anderson (15 days ago)
Clickbait this video is actually only 11 minutes 😤
justin (15 days ago)
song at 6:06?
Milly S (16 days ago)
Quisha sounded like a hoe in this video. (10:35) 😬
Farnaz Daneshvaran (17 days ago)
omfg i literally only watch for lewys he's my everything
Sarin Kim (18 days ago)
I thought you were dating your sister
Peak Logic (18 days ago)
Weird shit
Lenny Xxx (18 days ago)
Your cousins coat made me gag she was wearing Canada goose which means real fur
Lacey Love (18 days ago)
I knew he was with Kate but I didn’t know I watched her and she had a bf
Lana Joan (18 days ago)
'stay in school or 10 years bad luck' oops guess i got 10 years of bad luck
Emerald Hope (19 days ago)
Why did Kate become a mop ?
Dyfrig Jones (20 days ago)
Milly Taggart (20 days ago)
Where’s Kate’s coat from
Elle Butters (20 days ago)
Elle Butters (20 days ago)
That makes me so insecure that the title is 12mins and it’s 11:51
lucyx medcalf (20 days ago)
Gang gang
Hanna Qadeer (20 days ago)
@hanna_queen11 @hanna_queen11 @hanna_queen11
Amy Whitehall (20 days ago)
amy_whitehall02 😘😘😘
Dini Govender (20 days ago)
“This is my cleaner” 😭
TheDailyDanny (20 days ago)
i love messy vlogs, it makes my messy life feel normal
S Mcd (20 days ago)
I still think he likes men
Tegan Green (20 days ago)
why does this give me cluam sutherland and his friends vibes
James Watkins (20 days ago)
LuLu (20 days ago)
Ur so cute haha
Jesse Forde (21 days ago)
I didn’t think u guys r really dating I don’t think u r
Jake Gibson (21 days ago)
0:01 wow love this amazing angle
Israel Chernet (21 days ago)
Toby Gow (21 days ago)
Fuck you you’re so gay
Max lister (21 days ago)
Gf?! You’re gay
Megan's Vlogs (21 days ago)
lewys at the end with the pizza oh my fucking god
mom a (21 days ago)
i dont know why but i just dont like keisha just when shes with the group it kinda makes me not wanna watch but i love lewys
mom a (22 days ago)
5:24 hes hot
Moon Lit (22 days ago)
Please delete everything
This vid makes me wanna suck your c0(k
Lauren Issabelle (23 days ago)
Quisha is a mood
Frankie E (23 days ago)
i dont think i've cried more than i did at lewys at the end
KatMarBax (23 days ago)
9:12 “I’m in my pjs ready for bed” the accent had me weak 😂😭
emily3elizabeth (23 days ago)
Shoutout to the guy with the sporting KC sweatshirt
Haleemah Ahmed (24 days ago)
When you buy merch do you get an email verifying what you got and stuff
Sorel Harrison (24 days ago)
I didn't make the rules Jesus did
Rhiannon Sharpe (24 days ago)
Millie is so pretty
akdeniz aslan (24 days ago)
“number 65 if you want to come kill us you can” A WHOLE MOOD
Hypster Prime (24 days ago)
Your girlfriend knows you're gay, right?
Chloe Porter (24 days ago)
Love u guys!!
Jess Knight (24 days ago)
You fucking annoy me
Ciara Maloney (24 days ago)
i was legit laughing the whole way through this vid
Harris Gardner (24 days ago)
Out of all YouTubers on this website you are the only one I genuinely hope dies
Ishbel Shephard (24 days ago)
Wait......Lewys is a girl ??
Marcello Almeida (25 days ago)
Do people actually like this looossseeerr ?
Alfie Baxter (25 days ago)
one of the most disgusting creatures i have ever seen
Hannah Johnson (25 days ago)
I’m only hear for Kate
azza (25 days ago)
lewys is me with my friends everyday
sarah mclaren (25 days ago)
i’m 7 minutes in and i havent fucking seen jordan?
Kimmie Purvis (25 days ago)
I want merch
Alluka Zxz (25 days ago)
Quisha and Spencer are def a thing x
m e g a n c . (25 days ago)
I used to watch Millie, like I forgot until now.
The Caigers (25 days ago)
Kiss me
ashlee malcomson (25 days ago)
I definitely want merch ❤
AmazingAimee (25 days ago)
Awwww yous are the cutesstttt love kateee 🥰
It’s just Erin (25 days ago)
12 minutes?11:52 😂
xxx (25 days ago)
come for a night out in manchester pls
Lily Vids (25 days ago)
someone sub to me im poor
Abigail Louise (25 days ago)
Fuckin hell jojo swia with that intro
Lily Vids (25 days ago)
ilyyyyy, my favvvvv grouppppp
Lily Vids (25 days ago)
I wish I was friends w you all. like pls be my friendddd
CECE YOUNG (25 days ago)
legit the first whole minute of the vlog I was laughing a lot ily carmie
Sumayyah Begum (25 days ago)
“Millie couldn’t come because she’s getting surgery on her face, lips and jaw” 😂😂😂😂😂 I nearly died laughing 😂
Kwon Kicker (25 days ago)
False advertising
LarawithaU (25 days ago)
The “snot coloured coat” legit looks like a stuffed olive ahahha
Keira Xox (25 days ago)
Seriously Cmon we all know he’s gay
Noah G161 (26 days ago)
but hes gay isnt he
Brendan Holmes (26 days ago)
I thought he was gay. How funny
Kila Jenn (5 days ago)
I wouldnt blame him so many ugly girl friends and hot guy friends
Katie Jackson (26 days ago)
Lewys is so craazzyy😝😌
Queen G (26 days ago)
3:00 why u in the bathroom together tho 😏😏
SIRAH (26 days ago)
Sis isnt he gay cause look ...

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