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Experiment-Driven Products: Learning From 1M+ Experiments | INDUSTRY: The Product Conference 2018

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With Jon Noronha, Director of Product Management at Optimizely When it comes to product development, experimenting badly can be worse than not experimenting at all. As one of the most powerful tools available to product teams, when done right experimentation allows teams to iterate gradually and validate ideas with data. While experimentation is increasingly becoming a staple of most product teams, many are struggling to do it right. During this talk, Jon will share his blueprint for avoiding the experimentation mistakes and faulty A/B testing habits that can lead product teams down the wrong path. This talk took place at the 2018 Global edition of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference (INDUSTRYconference.com) at the historic Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio. INDUSTRY is one of the top rated conferences for software product managers, and is a production of Product Collective (productcollective.com), a community for software product managers.
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