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Oracle Administration Tutorial - Understanding Tablespaces and Datafiles (Theory).mp4

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Oracle Administration Tutorial - Understanding Tablespaces and Datafiles
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Brian O'Connor (7 months ago)
What a great presentation. So organized, and so well paced. Thank you very much.
Mahadev Kanike (1 year ago)
Good visualizing presentation!
shadow201011 (1 year ago)
Thanks ^^
Umair Mehmood (1 year ago)
Excellent Very Nice Presentation... Easy to Grasp the Concepts...
saifur rahman (1 year ago)
please give us the the presentation slide, it will be much more help to me...thanks in advance!
Irfan sheikh (2 years ago)
Finally, a well planned presentation in English without any accent :-)
Prasad Jasti (4 years ago)
thank you... very good presentation
Cátia Balduino (4 years ago)
It's a very good video! Congratulations!
Anand Indoori (4 years ago)
Very good presentation.
chathuranga deshapriya (5 years ago)
Great.. Thank you very much !!!
MouthOfFunk (5 years ago)
teke remie (5 years ago)
Ses Hitman (5 years ago)
very elaborative !!! fine Thanks .
Khalid Ramli (5 years ago)
really good video
Surya (5 years ago)
excellent ;;;
135pwnage (5 years ago)
really good video....thnx! :)
manoj hirway (6 years ago)
Excellent Explanation ! THanks for this video.

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