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Everybody Farts - The Farting Song | Funny Songs for Kids by Howdytoons

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Everybody Farts! It is only natural and this song explains why we all need to fart! Farting can also be hilarious! Sing and fart along with this this funny song and bunch of other great funny songs brought to you by Howdytoons. Buy and watch our videos ad-free offline from our shop here: http://www.howdytoons.com/shop/ Get Howdytoons Merch here: http://shop.bbtv.com/collections/howdytoons 0:00 Everybody Farts 1:34 Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum 3:09 Sleeping Bunnies 4:44 Elephants Have Wrinkles 6:55 Five Senses 9:29 Baby Shark 11:22 Roly Poly 13:25 Little Green Frog Everybody Farts Words by Mike Whitla, Music by Mike Whitla and John Kanakis © 2014 Rock’n’Rainbow Music Publishing Everybody farts, everybody farts. Everybody farts, everybody farts. Where do they come from these smells from behind? From the air we swallow and the food that we eat. When we eat food it is digested into our intestines. It is broken down to get the nutrients we need for life. When this happens nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide gasses are released and sit inside. They have to come out ‘cause they must be free, ya mon. Your mommy farts, Your daddy farts, Your brother farts, Your sister farts, Even all the people on your streets make a fart. Everybody needs to fart every single day. If they do no farting there’s going to be some pain. Dogs they fart, Cats they fart, Cows that eat the grass, they fart. Zebras fart, Camels fart, As termites eat your house they fart. Farting is so natural it’s as healthy as can be, If you smell one stinking, don’t you look at me. Everybody farts, everybody farts. Everybody farts, everybody farts. Everybody farts, everybody farts. Everybody farts, everybody farts. Like us on Facebook to keep in touch about new Dinosaur Videos: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/howdytoons Twitter: https://twitter.com/Howdytoons Instagram: https://instagram.com/howdytoons/ Howdytoons brings you the best music videos and cartoons for kids including Dinostory, Rainbow Songs and Rock'n'Rainbow. Stay tuned for more great songs. Music © 2017 Rock'n'Rainbow Music Publishing Video © 2017 Rainbow Songs Inc.
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Text Comments (2140)
Kooka Man (1 year ago)
Lol the Everybody Farts song is funny
darren holland (5 days ago)
Narayanan PK (7 days ago)
Kooka Man xxxvedio
Ashley Barron (9 days ago)
Elephant profile!!!!
hannah zaharia (1 month ago)
AJ Pickford (1 month ago)
Kooka Man rffgggghghh
Goku (8 hours ago)
Why the actual hell am I here, I mean really?? Why
Liv101 Davis (1 day ago)
My favourite song!
Howdytoons (12 hours ago)
We're so glad you enjoy this song! :D
Aj Bautista (1 day ago)
Lol everybody farts so funny hahaha
Howdytoons (1 day ago)
We're so glad you enjoy our video! :P
tiziana cotumaccio (2 days ago)
Jesse Greist (2 days ago)
:_: hApPy
Jesse Greist (2 days ago)
T ------____:_:
Jesse Greist (2 days ago)
♤ ♡ ◇ ♧
Jesse Greist (2 days ago)
Y dos this exist
Howdytoons (1 day ago)
Because it's a super duper fun song!! :D
Jesse Greist (2 days ago)
Think Energetic (3 days ago)
this is one big troll
Michelle Wamae (3 days ago)
# 1.31
Anina Lacombe (3 days ago)
Atleast my cousins were entertained 😂
when u fart alot of times a poop will come out too
CharCharGacha :3 (4 days ago)
What has happened to Humanity???
Doctor Obama farts
…wth xD
Minh Hiếu Lê (6 days ago)
I don't wanna know
Sonata Cesniene (6 days ago)
C Graham (9 days ago)
And gummy bears are made out of pigs
C Graham (9 days ago)
C Graham (9 days ago)
Lol its so funny
Howdytoons (8 days ago)
We're so glad you enjoyed our video! :)
Dyna Lukana (9 days ago)
i have a belly ache because of the man who fart because of the doctor!?
Ashley Barron (9 days ago)
5:27 look at that purple elephant
Howdytoons (8 days ago)
What a cool elephant! :P
Rugiatu Bangura (9 days ago)
Ricyroo the Aus Husky (10 days ago)
I don't have a bro or sis
Pablo Chen (11 days ago)
I told you dinosaurs are extinct
ROBLOX LOVE R (11 days ago)
My life has changed my sister farted when I played this song
Anya Torres (11 days ago)
huskydogthebest (12 days ago)
woof woof woof woof woofs! ( THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS! ) P.S woof woof woof ( im a dog )
Daniel Chandler (12 days ago)
Adelyn Bennett (14 days ago)
Oof in real life
Ethan Wheatley (14 days ago)
PartyPetusum (14 days ago)
i fart on this channel
MasterFurryGameMFG MFG (16 days ago)
(😄) (😖) \/ \ / \ 💨💨💨💨 \
Everything with Grace (16 days ago)
Casey Buitt (17 days ago)
Yan Ivanov (19 days ago)
My favorite song it the best 11 out of 10
Howdytoons (12 days ago)
Wow thanks! We're so glad you enjoy it! :D
ILONA NIKITYUK (19 days ago)
Mia Helmer (19 days ago)
I love farting and I love cookies one day you need to make a pooping video like were you actually poop cool it's cool
SJ 8 TALKIES (20 days ago)
Oh! Its so so funny, I can't help laughing when I listen to "Fart Noise"😂💨
Keelylovesprinkles! (20 days ago)
I have never farted and will never do it 😂
Itzel Andrade Lopez (22 days ago)
What did I just watch😂😂
Howdytoons (21 days ago)
An awesome and hilarious song! :P
Penny Snider (23 days ago)
What the heak
Puppy Cute (23 days ago)
Every body farts
LORI LOVER (24 days ago)
Howdytoons (21 days ago)
We're so glad you enjoyed our song!
TopHat Turtle (24 days ago)
oh god what did i just watch
Howdytoons (21 days ago)
A super duper cool song! :P
Angelina Luna (25 days ago)
Jk funny ha ha ha ha ha ha
Angelina Luna (25 days ago)
What the f#'-$k
JadaBen Franklin (25 days ago)
🎶we fart we fart eat them beans and if you want to fart a lot then eat them beans!!🎶
Zach Evans (26 days ago)
I bet doctor farts stink worse because they hold them in for professional reasons.
Howdytoons (21 days ago)
Interesting theory!!
Norah Mikkelson (26 days ago)
Jayla K (27 days ago)
Everybody stinks
Howdytoons (26 days ago)
What a great alternate title! :P
Thejoker 8592 (27 days ago)
S.S. Voyage (28 days ago)
1:20 lol dutch oven
IDRISS teniou (29 days ago)
Howdytoons (26 days ago)
We're soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad!! :P
Missy Mattingly (1 month ago)
So funny I cannot smile
Missy Mattingly (1 month ago)
Do I fart?
Howdytoons (29 days ago)
Haven't you heard? Everybody farts! (yup, you too!) :P
I am chearing
Katelyn Carson (1 month ago)
*_W A K E U P_*
blue teal ice cream (1 month ago)
1:18 got me I laugh super hard bc the fart went in his face XD
Manu Manu (1 month ago)
Original cng gas
GreenGamer (1 month ago)
gprentice (1 month ago)
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
They seem perfect to us! :P
Menosnow 10 (1 month ago)
This is my new favorite song
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
We're so glad you enjoy our song! :)
midnight _wolf (1 month ago)
Well done u ruined my life
reggie plays (1 month ago)
what has the world come to
Carmen Mercado (1 month ago)
What the heck is this
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
A super duper fun song!
Sean Knight (1 month ago)
Both Yahoo
Dreadygirl :3 (1 month ago)
I farted while watching this lol
DeborahJ Martin (1 month ago)
Hyenace Daumann (1 month ago)
I don't recommend this for children
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
We do though.
hannah zaharia (1 month ago)
Not for kids most kids arnt allowed to say it!
Luciie (1 month ago)
I want it played at my funeral.
Olive Stevens (1 month ago)
LOL Laugh my pants off as well as my sister ;) :)
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
Great! We're so glad you enjoyed our video!
The Comedy Show (1 month ago)
Hey I have a song idea: do a first day of school song please since schools starting back up please reply
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
Cool idea! Thanks for your input. There's plenty more videos in the works so stay tuned! :)
lightning baluga (1 month ago)
It's nasty
Meg Sway (1 month ago)
Wolfie Loves (1 month ago)
0:50 is that Obama???
No Photo (1 month ago)
SorryForBeingABrony (1 month ago)
This is a Masterpiece (Wake Me Up Inside)
The Derpy Dude (1 month ago)
Rosita Morales (1 month ago)
Omg wth
wolfy2848 (1 month ago)
Gucci Killa (1 month ago)
HANA SAMEH2030. (1 month ago)
when i whatching the song i fart 😖😖💨
So funny 😂
Daniel Chandler (1 month ago)
Wtf is this video
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
A super duper fun song! :P
preachffxi (1 month ago)
Fake news women don't fart
I heard my mom farting
Jailanny Quiles (1 month ago)
I'm confused on what's life now
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
Hitting that replay button might clear things up for you! ;D
Coop Gaming (1 month ago)
ItsyogirlKate day (1 month ago)
Everyone Farts LoL AWSOME video LoL 😂😂😂😂 amazing
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
We're so glad you enjoyed it!
Jessica Higby (1 month ago)
Bellord (1 month ago)
This bublegum
Aaliyah Kennith (1 month ago)
I typed in funny childrens music for my daughter and this popped up... we listened to the whole song together
Howdytoons (1 month ago)
That's great! We're so glad you enjoyed our fun videos!
Gytis Burlingis (1 month ago)
Unicornlover Queen (1 month ago)
1:21 the face when you close the door and you have poop and it smells really bad

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