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MY GRILL | soothingsista

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Text Comments (1100)
HOTG Rockstar (3 days ago)
Pretty i just bought one 6 top 6 bottom
HOTG Rockstar (3 days ago)
10k gold grillz i love my grillz
Underlined Love (14 days ago)
I love you Stephanie and your videos but sometimes you do things that make me question whether you are truly as woke as you say you are... The grills really??? And also sometimes when you talk, do you realize what you say... And more importantly HOW you're saying it??? Black culture is not a commodity. & I'm not trying to be fucked up but did want to mention how what you do/say can come across sometimes :\
Kaniesha (1 month ago)
youtube pushed this to me today for some reason but it's really neat!!
amari brown (3 months ago)
Kool grill!
luvuless12 (3 months ago)
Your teeth are beautiful. The grill was so pretty!
Louie (4 months ago)
What’s the name of the instrumental ?
Stackzz_1up (4 months ago)
Stephanie is lowkey peng alie
kdub77 (4 months ago)
Such a cutie!
Meh Meh (6 months ago)
We love a grilled SHISHTA
s3xwithyourm0m (7 months ago)
How expensive is it?
Ryan Ulrich (7 months ago)
That is awesome! I just got my first grillz and it was great to how they are made.
ReX (7 months ago)
what a babe indeed
Immy (8 months ago)
It fits ur septum so well
trahapace150 (8 months ago)
everybody wanna be a nigga, but nobody wanna be a nigga. -Paul Mooney-
SlideRack- (8 months ago)
It looks really cool on you!😎
Gregory Martin (9 months ago)
Amin Telti (9 months ago)
So cool! How much did you pay??
Tremendo562 M. (10 months ago)
careful not to swallow it while ur giving head
Marsha Morrison (10 months ago)
It doesn't look good on you at all.... You ridiculous it doesn't suit you! Lmfao!
El Chapo (10 months ago)
xy heg sf
Malik Oldham (1 year ago)
Hey I know you shouldn't really ask prices out of respect but how much was your grill?
Jos3ph (1 year ago)
Themanwiththeplan (1 year ago)
She is sexy
SlightlyLeaked _ (1 year ago)
i always wear my grill i dont care what others think honestly
Michael Live (1 year ago)
Great video
One Punch Huan (1 year ago)
How much did the bottom 6 cost you?
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
You're extremely pretty like holy shit
Wave (1 year ago)
how much did you spend??
nattt3 (1 year ago)
youre his dp on ig ahhh this is too perfect and you have the same bottem six i want ah!!!!
Daline (1 year ago)
TF in America, people talk about culture appropriation, here where I live I Can even wear african dress nobody will say something to me, this is called sharing cultures and living togheter in peace... And Stephanie, keep doing, you are flawless !! (Sorry for my english)
Society51 (1 year ago)
grillz not meant for grills
BadLandz 2 (1 year ago)
You don't want a grill that matches your skin color
Rayan Mihoubi (1 year ago)
why is platinum not good for your mouth?
NazBol Kommandant (1 year ago)
How much did your Grillz set you back and was it worth getting it made?
Dc fan 1000 (1 year ago)
It looks really good on u. I've never heard of a platinum grill, I'd imagine that's not healthy lol. However some ppl don't like the gold look, a material that is safe is sterling silver if u don't want gold
Mercedes Lopez (1 year ago)
Mabel Angel (1 year ago)
Ya girl! I'd love a grill! But expensive for me at the minute though, unfortunately:(
Bailey Jeffrey (1 year ago)
It gives you a lisp lol
papi keyze (1 year ago)
that grill made u look bless. i aint gon lie man!! your look while wearing that grill!!!!!!!, iz new level fucking porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new level fucking porn!!!!!!!!!!!! new level fucking porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesse Justiss (1 year ago)
does Jonathon create silver grillz?
Edwin Magdaleno (1 year ago)
God damn you are bad as fuck
TOKYO 1988 美的 (1 year ago)
I find it hella sexy if a fine ass girl wears gold grills, like nigga GOD DAMN
Mickey Maurer (1 year ago)
Does someone know what kind of prizes we are talking about for a bottom 8? Nice video btw :)
Any tips for getting Grillz in Germany? And what about the price?
Lul Vanee (1 year ago)
Does anyone know a place where u can get moled and grillz
James Regnier (1 year ago)
your gorgeous,you don't need any grills.
obamayomama9 (1 year ago)
All of u who say this is cultural appropriation is a disgrace to hip hop culture and paul wall 😂
SarachiLPS (1 year ago)
Damn you so fine. Imma get a grill soon too. xx <3
The Government (1 year ago)
Clariccy (1 year ago)
gawd looks so funny lol
aaliyah dior (1 year ago)
As an AA, someone inform me when grills became exclusively to the black culture? I understand the part when people shame AA for wearing them and not non-blacks but when did grills seem like it was appropriation of our culture? (I'm sorry if I'm being ignorant or whatever btw)
Burgundy (1 year ago)
I mean, it sucks how Black people are stigmatized while other races are seen as cool but... that's not really her problem. Sorry but deal with it. Hopefully in the future everyone will be able to wear whatever the fuck they want without double standards.
Lexington OG (1 year ago)
Why are black ppl always salty. White ppl steal Japanese, Indian, Mexican culture too, but u don't see us throwing a fit.
Anton Brockmeyer (1 year ago)
Fr 😂
Mallory Hageman (1 year ago)
how old you gotta be and where can you get em???
lulzay300 (1 year ago)
im 13yrs old im saving up for a gold grill so i need to save up 480$ for top and bottom i have 105$ so far
Alliyah Reza (1 year ago)
FL Medusa (1 year ago)
Females In the south wear golds for fun ! I got one when I was 11 ! Cali does have great gold I agree on that! Most of our golds are permanent that's why I'm not calling them grillz! Coo vid tho✊🏽
Caleb Jones (1 year ago)
Getting grillz from John top eight and bottom eight 2racks
Rhiyahd L (1 year ago)
How do I contact him so I can get one made
VLturbo1988 (1 year ago)
Damn, I love her. My new fetish.
TalkMoneyReacts (1 year ago)
what is the karet
Lenford Morris (1 year ago)
you call her stephanie...
Madyson Thomas (1 year ago)
Shawty make it clap make it applaud
huh (1 year ago)
prowrasslin fan! i just want da neck nothin more
prowrasslin fan! (1 year ago)
Lenford Morris I don't open doors for a hoe
DrexR6 (1 year ago)
Lenford Morris I call her hephanie
SuperPSTutorials (1 year ago)
WTF, her teeth, skin, lips, eyebrows, hair everything is perfect. It's confusing me the hell out of me. I thought perfection didn't exist. ,
Tyguy2025 (1 year ago)
SuperPSTutorials not eyes
Boston Towny4life (2 years ago)
you should get 4 on top , the 2 teeth next to your front teeth, get me? like the tooth next to your front tooth then your fang tooth.
Boston Towny4life (2 years ago)
you shoulda got permanent crowns.
tray _bag366 (2 years ago)
I'm gifting a grill for Christmas
David Russo (2 years ago)
Why are the sliver and platinum grillz bad for your teeth???
Mya Hearts (2 years ago)
How much does it cost?
1life To live (2 years ago)
Well at least you like hip hop and you ain't appropriating the culture. At least I don't think you are.....🤔
Sydney Archer (2 years ago)
I rlly want one
Jarrious Hill (2 years ago)
You call her Stephanie I call her headphanie
yupmaddie (2 years ago)
Makaners (2 years ago)
how much did i† cost
Biohazard Gaming (2 years ago)
Awesome! They look amazing on you. I'm ordering custom grillz myself and I'm so excited to get them!
Zion Cadillon (2 years ago)
Is that 10k or 14k
OMG Itz GamingGod (2 years ago)
here name is Stephanie, i call her headphany!!!!!!
Flippantbubbe7 (2 years ago)
You call her Stephanie I call her Hephanie
Latin Barbie (10 months ago)
Flippantbubbe7 its headphanie
Claude Kim (2 years ago)
LOVE your lipgloss. What brand/shade is it?
kingstonmommaify (2 years ago)
Your natural teeth are beautiful.
Fransisco Hernandez (2 years ago)
you look dumm af
Suneil Tandon (2 years ago)
How does it stay put in your mouth?
CocainaBlaze (1 year ago)
The same way a mouth guard does; only metal. It's molded to her teeth.
kylaclaudine1 (2 years ago)
her voice reminds me so much of jen
Rap Lyrics (2 years ago)
I Would Call U Headphaine 😂😂👅
sulema piceno (2 years ago)
How much did they cost?
Patrick Wajler (2 years ago)
how much was it, doesnt say on his site
Caleb Jones (1 year ago)
Patrick Wajler around 800 for bottom 6 yellow gold
CHRISROK BARBER (2 years ago)
Keksninja (2 years ago)
How expensive are Grillz?
Boston Towny4life (2 years ago)
Downtown Boston Wasington Street, Same Day Grillz or "Yuro Customs" 617-959-6497
Bizzy Genius (2 years ago)
Boston Towny4life you in boston? where'd you get yours?
Boston Towny4life (2 years ago)
I got 18k 8 to the top and it was 600
Keksninja (2 years ago)
Bottom Kek (2 years ago)
ive seen em go anywhere from 160$ to upwards of 50k$id sugest getting a cheap on first, get used to wearing it, see if you like them, then move up to the 500$-4K range depending on your price point
Chillstreaks (2 years ago)
Subbed, you're really helpful thanks ma
bella tello (2 years ago)
grillz are not a hiphop thing lol. it all starts in their neighborhoods smh
youngbull23 _ (2 years ago)
Y she act like she getting invited to meet the president
StreetThuggin GalgOG (2 years ago)
god *.*
StreetThuggin GalgOG (2 years ago)
StreetThuggin GalgOG (2 years ago)
JP Escobar (2 years ago)
Dope, but how much?!
Caleb Jones (1 year ago)
JP Escobar 800$
Nav (2 years ago)
Hey, was just wondering but are they made out of real gold? And how much did you pay for them. They look dope!
Caleb Jones (1 year ago)
Navid all real gold around 800$
Lloyd Davis (2 years ago)
spoke to him through email a week or two ago, seems like a great guy, excited to get one done :)
Caleb Jones (1 year ago)
Lloyd Davis I'm getting top and bottom 8 spending 2000 dollars on mine
Eddie Ivey (2 years ago)
whats the name of the instrumental and dope grill by the way
KOUZEN Entertainment (2 years ago)
whats better a custom fit or gold plated
ALPHA (2 years ago)
If your grill was slightly off, your teeth would just slowly align to fit it. It's exactly what braces do.
TWENTY ELBRIDGE (2 years ago)
LMFAO NO.. theyre not tight enough to shift the teeth.. thats not what grills do..
asiamarl (2 years ago)
She's cool, where has she been all my youtube life?

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