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♫1 Hour of Non-Stop Instrumental ♫♥LOVE SONGS♥♫ - Best Love Song Mix◙[HD]◙

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1 Hour of Non-Stop Instrumental Love Songs Check out my new Relaxing Piano Mix:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXWsd7V-9wQ&t=1607s Best Love Song Mix [HD] Tags: Sleepy Songs,Valentine,Romance,Inspirational,Calm,Relaxing,Sweet,Love,karaoke
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Lazy Gamer (3 months ago)
1 Nothings gonna change my love for you 2 Only You 3 Killing me softly 4 Endless Love 5 Pls Release Me? 6 I have to say I love you in a song? 7Always on my mind 8 Dust in the wind 9To all the girls ive loved before 10 Saving all my love for you 10 When a Man loves a Woman 11 Foolish beat 12 That's what friends are for 13 familiar tune but escapes me. Should have peeked at the lyrics at that time lol 14 Just cant stop loving you? 15 lol familiar tune 16 dont know 17 Unchained melody 18 It might be U 19 Shower me with your love Through process of elimination, one of those which i dont know could be I dont want to sleep alone
Rohit RwT jr (9 days ago)
Trinidad Rico (1 day ago)
Critics, no matter what you say, this is still good, relaxing music to my ear. Muchas gratias for sharing this.
Abeer Ali (2 days ago)
I love it 💖
theSanjaV1 (2 days ago)
I can't understand who can put a dislike??!! Beautiful instrumental!
Re Lax (3 days ago)
Re Lax (3 days ago)
Good job❤ now I found something to use for my relaxing music
HueThanh Dieu (7 days ago)
Loved the best time of all 💐❤️❤️🌹🌹🎹🎼
kasmira kasim (10 days ago)
i love it 😪😪😴😴😴😴
danilo lancita (10 days ago)
Thanks for this music. I love it., listening from Panabo city, Phil.
Check out my new Relaxing Piano Instrumental Compilation:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXWsd7V-9wQ Dont forget to Subscribe
Jesusa Borja (12 days ago)
My god i fall inlove again so many memories its all coming back to me now
jhon martizano (19 days ago)
I love the musec
Rosario Sánchez (20 days ago)
Beautiful melody that transports me in the chief of my soul.
guardrose aldam (1 month ago)
nice music l v...
Edgardo Refarial (1 month ago)
stop the ads..thanks
ulfa rahayu (1 month ago)
maribel lao (2 months ago)
this is so classical music. i can feel the heart warm thanks
Markırit ülker (2 months ago)
Nandini Bhargava (2 months ago)
1st one is nothing's gonna change my love for you....
Annie Andallo (2 months ago)
Love to hear this kind of music..how can I downloaded it..
santosh rock (2 months ago)
Wow fantastic I love this song.
Tet Correa (2 months ago)
Sooo inlove listening to this music!
Jakaphan Chairat (3 months ago)
Nice for relaxation thx.fr.Thailand
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (3 months ago)
Cute nusic🎶🙂✌👍❤❤🇵🇭
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (3 months ago)
Wow beautiful music instrumental i like to hear this lovely music nice mix thank you .
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (3 months ago)
Pretty cool love song how nice and great song thank you for sharing
zappaljar (3 months ago)
mira amor costelo (4 months ago)
Naalala ko Yung mga time na nangako kami sa isat isa
gefrod sermonia (4 months ago)
kakakilig haaaaaaa inlove ako
afshin ajampour (4 months ago)
💝 💞 ⭐ 🎸 💙 💙 Thanks for making Amazing music 💙 💙 🎸 ⭐ 💞 💝
stephen soy (4 months ago)
Very Nice, I love it
Moses Mugasa (4 months ago)
cool instrumental music. Thanks
vanilda gonçalves (4 months ago)
Hoje 02/11 é um dia triste, p/todos nos.,Ao invez de comemorar--mos uma data com , fllres sorrisos músicas comemoramos c/udades, flores e velas em um cemiterio onde deixamos sob a terra nossos entes queridos. Quem sabe eles não gostariam que ao ivez de choro, cantásse-mos uma bela canção?Quem tem certesa se êles desejam velas flores e choros, até hoje ninguém voltou p/nos contar. ! Vamos escolher uma linda música para /êles. Vamos entrar no YouTub e escolher aquela que , que talvez êles gostem de ouvir ? Inscrevam -se YouIub. é fácil e vocês terao o direito de ouvir as melhores músicas. Abraços;Vanilda Gonçalves
romy talisaysay (4 months ago)
relieves stress and make us relax and sleep
robert f (4 months ago)
I just subscribed.. good music
elvia moran (4 months ago)
Felicito a la persona que seleccionó cada uno de los temas, un excelente trabajo que me ayuda a relajarme, concentrarme en las lecturas para elaborar las tareas de la universidad.
so relaxing..
Drazan Pesa (4 months ago)
John Martinez (4 months ago)
I love instrumental music.....
Gehlay VirayAlcasid (6 months ago)
#nothing's gonna change my love for you..
عرفان سعيد (7 months ago)
إنه الشتاء البارد دعنا ياحبيبي نذهب لنحتسي الشاى.
ritesh kumar (7 months ago)
So nice music
C A Bandolin (7 months ago)
So nice to hear..... Anyone knows what is the title of the second song.
Menette Espino (7 months ago)
oh i love listening to this soooooo MUCH! .....
Rashed Mohib (8 months ago)
not bad...
Evlogs 3 (9 months ago)
Jay Mehta (9 months ago)
Lyrics: After the war I went back to ne- oh wait
Piano by Fira (11 months ago)
Great 😍😍😍❤
Sukarti Sumartoyo (11 months ago)
Awesome. Thank you for your lovely instruments music from your channel. XX
This made me think even more of my "future" boyfriend
YUYO BRANDAN (11 months ago)
mi mejor companìa en la mañana musica tanqui para trabajar y desestrezarse
Raylyn Naredo (11 months ago)
beautiful music🎵🎵😍😍😍😍😍
Ghulam Mujtaba (11 months ago)
So nice
Felix Ramirez (11 months ago)
I love!!!! beautiful love song's.!!!!
Good Job. Very Nice.
FATIMA REASO (1 year ago)
These songs bring a soothing relaxed feeling as I go on with my stresses for the morning...So nice and makes me feel with companions, he he he! Thanks for this album, so finely done. Happy New Year of 2018 to one and all......Philippines.
Kellel on Issanda rahu südames, see naudib rahulikku muusikat. Imelist Jõulu-aega kõigile ja puudutagu Jeesus teie südameid! :-)
Jeff Cortazar (1 year ago)
A K D K (1 year ago)
Good Instrumental so relaxing thanks for sending
Hazel Coronado (1 year ago)
Very nice music of the heart...so captivating...😍😍😍
Jewel Ashly (1 year ago)
Wow very nice music ..I love it😍
Joevan lee Villanueva (1 year ago)
My son loves the music and likes to listen to it before going to sleep.
Kamla Gajadharsingh (1 year ago)
One has leukemia heart invaded with white blood cells The other best of health genuine red of a perfect fit person Must be like this in such a fantastic natural surrounding with greenery all around So music fine mind calm under control and ready to imbibe all positive emissions So fresh for a wonderful night Can't be there Imagination online okay There you are in for imaginary travel in good shape and company names hardly matter When shadow is along as you are still alive So what do you need more
Kamla Gajadharsingh (1 year ago)
Leukemia saying I'm about to fly above would you like to join in yeah dear anything you say now that the heart is so filled to the brim that a drop more overflows and not fair Already water is scarce Come on out we go leaving all God Last call for me Back down to earth and your business and leisure Leukemia time up Nice for all. Enough is enough already ten stop
Kamla Gajadharsingh (1 year ago)
Good night baby To bed now
Amerigo Manila (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for compiling these romantic music which can give inspiration to those in love and people who love good beautiful music as well. Please continue to send good music.
Gül Yiğit (1 year ago)
evdbzjvshozrfhsH cna xhzhcfγγrzvwbygyfhj ekxvf
Lim Swee Bee (1 year ago)
Beatriz Encilay (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for the amazing sounds
Errol Dela Cerna (1 year ago)
Very nice music. Ang sarap matulog.
Erus Erus (1 year ago)
عاقبت چی رو میخواهی ثابت کنی که تو همان لاشی و کثیف و عوضی و عقده ای بی پدر و مادر بودی که فکر کردی با قطره چکان کردن زندگی مردم ، انها را عاشق میکنید ، نه پدر سگ اویزون ، خودت و پدرت و افکارتون در حد یه تیکه کثافت حال بهم زن و چندش اوره هست که پدر جاکشت قید وقت گذاشتن گزینش و تحقیق و ازمایش را در خصوص ما بزنه
Evangeline Camacho (1 year ago)
Nice is there some oldies lovesongs
Judy ann Simbahon (1 year ago)
I love it
I love listening music and instrumental love song is my lullaby for sleep
Levis Camilo (1 year ago)
Great collection, appreciate the pain taken
sam drucker (1 year ago)
anyone no the name of the song that starts at 50:18?
Mongolian Tamu (1 year ago)
Nice and mesmerising soulful music !!! Thank you !!!
Jake Maala (1 year ago)
after exhausted day working on ship... i love to play this music in my cabin and go to sleep... very relaxing...
Felipe Cantão (1 year ago)
hi, do you have the tracks names??? thanks
Dindo Asgar (1 year ago)
the ideal instrumental music for all music lovers,thanks music for making our day memorable...happy listening to all....😘😘😘
Laval Volks (1 year ago)
I love it.
Music Anime Girl (1 year ago)
What is 1. Song?
Wonsook Lee (1 year ago)
All that music is so much milktoast schlock! Nothing innovative or new, even the way it is played is bland - it doesn't even do the original songs justice. Try listening to Leonard Cohen in the same way you listen to this pablum and you will achieve more satisfying pleasure from an original artist!
najeebullah khan (1 year ago)
oh love this song my favorite songs i love it
Antonia Jones (1 year ago)
I like love tunes
reynald bonilla (1 year ago)
0:14 Not-ing Gonna C-ange My Love For You 3:39 Killing Me Softly Endless Love Release Me 17 : 05 19 : 25 Always On My Mind 20 : 00 To All D' Girls I Loved Before Saving All My Love For You W-en A Man Loves A Woman Foolis- Beat W-at Are Friends Are For 46 : 34 I Just Can't Stop Loving You 50 : 14 Because I Love You 53 : 16 I Don't Like To Sleep Alone 56 : 27 Unc-ained Melody 59 : 38 It Mig-t Be You 1 : 03 : 39 S-ower Me Your Love
lanka chessfirst (1 year ago)
plz can u tell me wht is the first song?
lovely... check out my current instrumental hit, thanks
lanka chessfirst (1 year ago)
please mention,what is the first song
LUCIANO KAMILO (1 year ago)
essa comunidade e para quelas pessoas que gostam de uma boa musica relaxante romantica bem vindo quem se escrever sera mas um moderador https://plus.google.com/communities/118346857309519685067 e todos videos la postado vc podera baixar em MP3 ou MP4 com apenas um click
vanilda gonçalves (11 days ago)
Desculpe tantos erros e que meu ce)pular esta quebrado
vanilda gonçalves (11 days ago)
A música é o maior presente que DEUS nos DEU A música orquestrada e um relaxante para nosso corpo e alma.Um conjunto de instrumentos como o violino a harpa um piano ou um órgão e talvez um instrumento de sopro .Tocado com muito amor nos leva ao delírio.. Amigos vamos esquecer [email protected][balelas ruins da vida .Alô YouTube estou precisando ouvir uma linda música apenas Orquestra#a .
REZYL JADAN (1 year ago)
best old instrumental songs!!! can inspire everyone to hear.... and for relaxing mind and body!
ICHIGO FORUZAKI (1 year ago)
love it
Richmond Tan (1 year ago)
What is the song at 4:06?
Annalyn Punzal (1 year ago)
The best music when I feel pain.sad and lonely,, thank u for making this music
Kathlyne Antonio (1 year ago)
you are right alona rabano this instrument for relaxizing
Green Rose (1 year ago)
great I love instrumental music..
Cātherine Lā Mōpe (1 year ago)
😜 Tank for the music! That music soooooooo cooooool.... 👍🏻🎶
Thereza Hilya (1 year ago)
Can I make a song with your instrument???
Richmond Tan (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Would be great if you could list out the songs. Cheers.
jad Tupas (1 year ago)
it feels so much better
Karen Stallion (1 year ago)
love this selection. Great for listening at work!

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