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This Boy Saved Two Little Girls from a Fire Then Six Decades Later a Woman Knocked on His Door

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You can now join Hulu starting at $5.99/ month! Click the link below to sign up! http://bit.ly/HuluVideo ---------------------------------------------------------- Ed 'Kip' Malone was a happily married man for many years when he and his wife moved back to his home town in the Conception Bay South area of Newfoundland and Labrador. A few days later a strange woman came knocking at his door, and little did he know that this knock would take him in a direction he never thought was possible. It turned out that his visitor was his enthusiastic next-door neighbor paying a courtesy call. Most times the neighborhood introductory chat includes details on the best community events, warnings about the local busy-body or the neighborhood grocer with the freshest beef. But when Ed 'Kip' Malone shared an unsolved mystery he'd always had with his friendly visitor, he was shocked that she held the key to helping him solve his long-time mystery -- one he had wondered about for the past 65 years. Back when Ed was 12 years old, he was sent on an errand to buy butter. His walk that fateful day on December 20, 1951, took a whole new turn. While on his errand Ed saw a house on fire and at the same time, heard a woman's voice begging for someone to "save the children." He realized the shout for help was coming from the third floor of the burning house, and without hesitation, he ran toward and into the burning structure to rescue the children they said were inside. Recounting the story in an interview on CBC News' St. John's Morning Show, Ed Malone said, "I knew there was an emergency, so I just ran over to that house." Ed had rushed up the stairs and soon had found a little girl and was about to take her to safety, but she refused to go outside without her sister who was also in the smokey, blazing structure. "She had no idea, and no more did I. The house by now was full of smoke," Malone reflected. "But I knew there was a little girl somewhere." So Ed Malone continued to search the room for the second little girl bravely. In the interview, Malone also shared that he did have some help in finding the second child. "I think it was the man upstairs that said to me, 'Sweep your hand under the bed,' and I did, and I grabbed the little girl. So now I had two, so out I went. And I wanted to get out of that house too because it was full of smoke and burning." Throughout his life, Ed Malone was happy that he had helped save the two little girls, but he had lost track of them and the rest of their family, who had lost everything in the fire. He also shared how he felt about losing track of the girls during the CBS News interview. "I was only 12 at the time, and I didn't know anything about it and didn't know anybody to ask. So I just let it go," Malone shared. So the events of what happened to the family remained a mystery in his life. There was just no one or no link that could help him find out what became of the girls. That was until his new neighbor, Margaret Fowler, knocked on his door in 2016. During Fowler's visit to introduce herself, she mentioned that she had grown up in the St. John's area on Central Street. Ed was excited to hear about where she used to live as that was the exact neighborhood in which he grew up and where he rescued the two little girls. He eagerly started telling her the story of rescuing two little girls from a burning house one day in December 1951. His revelation left Margaret Fowler in shock. He shared in the interview that Margaret Fowler just looked at him and almost fainted at hearing the story. Then she told him, "I'm the little girl." While Margaret Fowler had very little recollection of the events of the fire and rescue, she knew enough to remember the event. Also sharing her sentiments in the CBS News, St. John's Morning Show, interview, Fowler said, "When Kip told us that, I couldn't get over it," she said. "It's a miracle as far as I'm concerned. I think it was meant to be." Not too long after Malone and Fowler shared their mutual rediscoveries, Fowler introduced Malone to the other rescued sister, Barbara Earle. The trio of rescuer and rescued now all believe that the arrangement for them to meet after all these years was lovingly arranged by their parents who currently reside in heaven. In reflection, Earle and Malone both agree that their meeting was not just a coincidence. Fowler, the one who set the mystery-buster a-rolling said of the meeting after so many decades, "I don't know, but it was something happened up in heaven that our parents got us together." One thing seems very evident in this beautiful, touching story, and that is, that a miracle has genuinely happened in the events where this boy saved two little girls from a fire. Then six decades later a woman knocked on his door.
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•Sad_Vibes• 。 (26 days ago)
Rodolfo Sales (1 month ago)
I wonder how long have they been neighbors? Bcoz they don't know ea other. Or is she a new neighbor...after 60 yrs? What a story....well....
Carmen Carlton (1 month ago)
J truly believe we have angels on earth we are bless with people like him
Raymond Jones (1 month ago)
growed up
jobje Rabbeljee (1 month ago)
Shed on fire
Nancy Whitaker (1 month ago)
That is a truly amazing and wonderful story about the boy who rescued the girls from the fire. I'm so happy they all got to meet again. I can't help but think of all the lives they each have touched over the years since that happened.
Stanley Dawson (1 month ago)
OMG unbelievable story. I will never forget this the rest of my life. Unbelievable Unbelievable Wow those lady would have never reach that age if it were not for you Man. MAN U NEED A PLAUQE
Carrieanne Michelle (1 month ago)
God bless them all. I was in a house fire so I kinda known what they were thinking.
Ian Kammerman (1 month ago)
philip pasion (1 month ago)
The lord will always a loving he the boy saved two girls in burning house it is a miracle...
Sunil Prabhakar (1 month ago)
Very heart touching story
Laurie Heesen (1 month ago)
David Brooks (1 month ago)
Is it me or do some of these videos make you just wanna cry?
TrueSolunar (1 month ago)
Video synopsis is in the description...
Yusuf Kennebrew (1 month ago)
God really does work in mysterious ways
Stephanie Curry (1 month ago)
Stephanie Curry (16 days ago)
Ok thanks.
bilal sayeed (1 month ago)
Fortnite Cringe (1 month ago)
I Will dislike the video
Greatgreg100 (1 month ago)
Too drawn out
M M (1 month ago)
I love how ur vids are short and give lots of info
Cindy Rose (1 month ago)
Awesome true story Facts Verse! I was so blessed by it. I would like to share a true love story... God loves you so very much! He desires for you to spend your eternity with Him in Heaven. You are never to far from God that He can not reach out and rescue you! There is no sin too big for God! God loves you and He is calling you! Just come as you are! Receive His Son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Receive His gift of eternal life in Heaven and victory over Satan and Hell. Please go to Jesus Christ with a repentant and sincere heart. AN EXAMPLE PRAYER: Jesus Christ, I come to you a sinner, I repent of all my sins and ask for your forgiveness. I believe you are the Son of God, that you went to the cross, died in my place, paying my sin debt and that you were buried & rose on the 3rd day to everlasting life. Jesus, right now, I choose to receive you as my Lord and my Savior, trusting in you alone for my salvation. I surrender my life to you and ask for your will to be done. I invite your Holy Spirit to come into my heart to make me more like you. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for filling me with the Holy Spirit and for your gift of eternal life in Heaven. Amen!
Yellow Bird (1 month ago)
I watch youtube (1 month ago)
Kasen Pallares (1 month ago)
ALFRED V. (1 month ago)
That is a good story and that boy at the time but a man now is definitely a hero.
lil mignipple (1 month ago)
nice story
Assaad Makary (1 month ago)
This boy texted his crush then six decades later she said i have a boyfriend
Louis Morgan (1 month ago)
Not all heroes wear capes. But a true hero is measured by the strength of his heart.
ALFRED V. (1 month ago)
This is true
Cindy Rose (1 month ago)
Beautiful and so true 💗
taylor franklin (1 month ago)
Shouting out to the savior.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
taylor franklin (1 month ago)
@Cindy Rose Amen🙏
Cindy Rose (1 month ago)
Yes, Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, our Lord and Savior! He is alive and is returning very very soon 💗
khar pason (1 month ago)
Wow amazing
Quinton Mitchell (1 month ago)
major blessing
Accurate Jhayr (1 month ago)
27th comment.
Katia Azizi (1 month ago)
Wow that’s awesome.
Fickle Finger Of Fate (1 month ago)
st john's Newfoundland is my home, i lived 2 towns over from that area. i have heard that story a few times when i lived in that area. its nice to see a youtube story that is in my country, my province, my city, near my home town. i even had friends that were friends with the fowler family, (younger generation of course). i seen the videos thumbnail and i thought to myself... that house structure looks like alot of the houses in alot of small towns in and around st john's. so i clicked the video and it was nice to see a famous youtuber hit soo close to home with a story i have herd over the years while i lived there. great job FV
ALFRED V. (1 month ago)
James Bowman (1 month ago)
God bless him 💓🙏 😇 .
Sea Lover (1 month ago)
Omg someone unliked this? Smh
Loren Woodroffe (1 month ago)
One like is one house not burnt down ⬇️
Dane Andersen (1 month ago)
cnco para siempre was first, but fourteenth
Lainey’s Life (1 month ago)
Dane Andersen pilipino ka?
Jam 4ever (1 month ago)
GadZz (1 month ago)
Really like it thanks I like it btw
JT Blogz (1 month ago)
Marcus Gaming (1 month ago)
I’m early yayyy
Marcus Gaming (1 month ago)
JUICYRED 70 (1 month ago)
WOW A BLESSING. ➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕ 🍀🍀😊😊😊🍀🍀 📖📖🙏🙏🙏📖📖
JUICYRED 70 (1 month ago)
@Musically Inclined its a blessing a Bible an happy faces. Have a bless an great day alright 🍀 ☀ 🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀 🎁 Have a nice weekend!
Musically Inclined (1 month ago)
What is that in your avatar?
CNCO PARA SIEMPRE (1 month ago)
Gabe Luna (1 month ago)
fxcking trxsh (1 month ago)
Early !!
Falfrave (1 month ago)
Jarren Lumpkin (1 month ago)
Awesome ☺
Beau Dmello (1 month ago)
Kalani White (1 month ago)
I Epic (1 month ago)
first like first comment opps second
Loren Woodroffe (1 month ago)
Mãřķű§ (1 month ago)
Jam 4ever (1 month ago)
@meiying li chua Yeah
meiying li chua (1 month ago)
Oh yeah?
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First like

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