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Lekki Deep Sea Port Nigeria

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http://lekkiport.com/ Strategic location, a vibrant economy and pro-development policies are all contributing factors that will make Tolaram's [email protected] a thriving ecosystem of maritime and port services, driving trade and business in Nigeria. Step inside and experience all that Tolaram's [email protected] has to offer.
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Tony Restal (1 year ago)
Who believes all this BS - Why is Nigeria even thinking of constructing such a SMALL PORT when places like Dubai (Jebel ali Port) constructed a 67 Berth Deep Water port in the late 1970's - Yet a population of less than 2 Million. Nowadays that Port in Dubai has expanded to 92 Berths and is turning over USD $140 Billion USD per year. Who awarded the Port & FZ Concession to a Company with NO TRACK RECORD (Ten Years ago) and has consistently failed to me commitment deadlines. ANOTHER NIGERIAN FAILURE & SCAM.... The People of Nigeria deserve Better.....
stevo Stevo (11 months ago)
Tony Restal It is because you have a government that is not committed to the welfare of the country. They are committed to individual pockets and illegal enrichment.
Michael Keshi (1 year ago)
Port, examples... Seafront in Kobe... Kobe Ferris Weel
Sergey Cherkasov (1 year ago)
Dog Heart (3 years ago)
Nigeria acts like Lagos is the only place. And when it is developed, the Yoruba tribe claims it. Why ?
Henry Woodbell (6 months ago)
It's because Lagos is a Yoruba city and if you dont like it go and shoot yourself wit a day-gun
Raymond Dash (1 year ago)
T Bankole (4 years ago)
Who started this project and why? There's no electricity, no roads, no security but yet you want all this, don't forget about water. Its good to wish for something, but without a proper plan for the city, this is nothing but a wasted resources...
Nwady Ogb (1 year ago)
You need to visit the area and see for yourself. no point downgrading a thing simply because you don't believe in the vision.
kemi7689 (5 years ago)
Nigeria can't run shit, roads, electricity, schools, hospital, oil or any infrastructures for that matter, Nigeria don't have a word for management or maintenance, if they do we wouldn't be a developing country we will a develop country or  at-least in place with the like of Namibia or Ghana...we  got such riches in Nigeria and these idiots are just giving it away...
Noam ALG (2 years ago)
It's not " don't have" but " doesn't have"
funmbimoti (5 years ago)
Why cant they just improve and expand what is there.....its so far away!!! in the middle of nowhere!! Transport cost hello!!!
danceSql (5 years ago)
Question is - Who will be running it ? That makes a big difference ..Just like the New City Eko atlantic - We all know the Local Government won't be running the City( All Private..) ..lol
Michael Adeleke (5 years ago)
Las-Gidi on d rise
Felix Olayiwola (5 years ago)
God let it come into fulfillment.
Mr. Adeola Ikuomola (5 years ago)
25curio (6 years ago)
Build it first, we've heard it all before.
Ademolu Oyenuga (6 years ago)
The Future of Lagos
omoibile (7 years ago)

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