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SOTD: Best Amouage! (The day Amouage went all in...This Blue Beast was born!)

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My scent of the day is Interlude Man...IMO, the VERY BEST from the house of Amouage!
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Epic Man (1 month ago)
😄😅☺️good guy
namo730 (2 months ago)
I so agree with you man. Interlude man is the best from Amouage hands down🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
J skeep (9 months ago)
Hey, I’m from Boise too! Nice review!
Michael P (10 months ago)
Is this still ur favorite ameouage???
lewiskarl99 (10 months ago)
I'll be in Boise Idaho next month. We should link up and sniff some colognes man. Im ALWAYS looking for a new fragrance.
Rose Kiangala (1 year ago)
Sure.the best. Follow by opus 6
Ban Dar (1 year ago)
Which one should I buy from Amouage if I like Frankincense, rose and Oud notes? Gold man , Reflection Man, Jubilation or interlude??!!! I've never tried this house before?
xleox 143 (1 year ago)
do u rate this in the same league as Aventus my brother?
xleox 143 (1 year ago)
do u rate this in the same league as Aventus my brother?
kaiserrs7 (1 year ago)
What is difference between epic man & interlude man, I have smelled interlude man & it’s the best,
V. Noir (1 year ago)
Amazing fragrance. I got the new magnetic cap and it's still beast mode.
richard rohloff (1 year ago)
I am speechless on how incredible this is. This may be the best smelling, best blended scent i have in a collection of well over 100 bottles. I just dont have the words...I'm always looking for the perfect smoky, woodsy, masculine scent, and here it is with just enough sweetness to keep it balanced out. This might have just become my favorite scent, surpassing tobacco vanille and aventus, and i have jubilation xxv coming from scentbird as we speak.
John Kennedy (1 month ago)
Would you please tell me what your current fav is?
Neicho Petrov (1 year ago)
Amouage Fate rulezzz.... That's an obsessive one! The cumin is the hint! Unbelievably mesmerizinf scent! CUDO!
rcricky (1 year ago)
hello,how would you apply this fragrance and where and how many sprays if it is so strong?
7manji (2 years ago)
I just got a sample of this and is so good IS AMAZING, but I STILL prefer Jubilation XXV, THERE'S IS A FRAGRANCE that you should review is Au Coeur du Desert by Tauer, this smells very similar to Jubilation and Interlude, but with a touch of Vanilla is so Fantastic too.
marlonious76 (2 years ago)
My first Niche fragrance. Stellar!!!!
Silent Blossom (2 years ago)
This is the only scent I wear during the winter months. Garners compliments, and you'll only need one to two sprays. Beautiful fragrance.
New one is beast mode as well.
FlexYoFace Chase (2 years ago)
If you want a daring juice again, you need to get your hands on Rasasi's Shuhrah, to me it's a smokey, resin, masculine bomb. Please try it and make a review, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Nkiampila kiangala (2 years ago)
AV u try opus vi? I think is the best
Scentmonk (2 years ago)
i love this fragrance but am too scared to wear this at work, i work in retail
abdulnaser dahbali (3 years ago)
I really like this wonderful review, Where do u recommend me to buy authentic Amouage? Thanks again
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
+abdulnaser dahbali From amouage.com. ;) Or from fragrancenet.com
Monkeys (3 years ago)
I don't watch that many videos from reviewers but from the ones of yours that I saw....Has your taste changed? Which is absolutely possible, but I thought your favorite one was Reflection....
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
+Monkeys I think Interlude is one of the best from Amouage, but my absolute favorite has always been Reflection.
Abhi K. (3 years ago)
Reflection man to me is the best. I LOVE that fragrance. I've ordered a decant of sunshine man which gets in tomorrow. Excited for that. Let's see if it can surpass it.
derek James (3 years ago)
Top 5 Amouage frags??
derek James (3 years ago)
+FragBoy Stewie wich one?
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
Check out that video on my channel.
scorptarget (3 years ago)
Just blind bought this the other day and wow! Absolutely amazing! Feels great when people around you are just mesmerized by how divine you smell!
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
+scorptarget Glad you like it!
equizikal (3 years ago)
Just ordered this bad boy... can't wait. Thanks for you reviews.
Mehran Adeli (3 years ago)
I have a small bottle of the Interlude because I was looking for the old formulation and that bottle was the only one I found. I also happen to believe that it is the best Amouage. My girlfriend has rated the scent a perfect 10 out of 10. I also love reflection man, not as much as this one though!!!
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
+Mehran Adeli Great! :)
Champagne Finest (3 years ago)
What cologne can I use to substitute with Creed Aventus? Will Cost less tho!
Champagne Finest (3 years ago)
+FragBoy Stewie thanks!
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
+proncely scanty Glenn Perri Unpredictable Adventure, Insurrection Pure II, Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Men, etc.
Bob Bob (3 years ago)
Interlude is awesome. I own Interlude, Journey and Opus VI. I had samples of Jubilation, Epic and Memoir. When I had those samples, Memoir caught my attention the most. But now, I'm leaning more toward Jubilation for my next Amouage purchase. I might get it toward the end of the year. I need to do some more testing first. I'd also like to try Fate, Beloved and a few more from the Opus line. Great house. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.
912alldaylong (3 years ago)
I have the magnetic cap formulation and is a monster, I doubt Amouage would water down their fragrances.
N. Mansour (3 years ago)
Thanks for this review. I live in Saudi Arabia. Interlude and reflection man are  the top sellers here.I have both beside Amouage GOLD and Asrar Attar. Reflection is the most wearable one. moderate in terms of projection and siage.Interlude is beast. I don't think there is any deference between interlude with magnetic cap and the old one. Both are just perfect.
Johnny Szumlanski (3 years ago)
Great video. Just as you know. It´s same juice as always. Only bottle that have new cap :-)
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
Good to know!
7Strangelove (3 years ago)
I have several Amouages. The only reformulation I have is Interlude, the one with the magnetic cap. It is a beast mode frag, lasts for over 12 hours strong, I wonder what the original formula must be like!!. Memoir is a fantastic frag,  fresh and dark , minty fresh at the top and oud and incense on the bottom, at the same time! Ciel is also amazing, spicy rose aand peach in the opening, then the drydown is very similar to Millesime Imperial. Reflecion!!, jasmine and woods, Amazing! Of course the king of them all, Jubilation XXV, the scent of king!! Blackberry, incense, rose!. Can't get enough of Amouage.
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
I agree! It is my absolute favorite perfume house!
davidkrausse40 (3 years ago)
absolutely great to see, that more and more people follow you on youtube! great job mate!:) greetings from Düsseldorf!
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
Thanks a ton mate! 😊
King Ted (3 years ago)
Love this, excellent fragrance!!!! I also have a bottle of jubilation xxv and Memoir Man sample also reflection man.
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
Thanks for watching man! How do you like Memoir Man?
Dawood Shaik (3 years ago)
Jubiliation XXV is also good - but the reformulation doesn't last long . Interlude man is great but requires acquired taste - I get similar vibe from Potion Royal Black - Is it me or does anyone else see similarity between Portion Royal Black and Interlude man?
pandarific (1 year ago)
Huh? I have magnetic Jubilation and lasts 12 hours so far and still projecting like a monster
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
Yeah man, reformulation sucks! 😄
Mitch (3 years ago)
I'm a big fan of Amouage as well Interlude Man is a wild scent, I think this is what the Jocker would wear while telling someone how he got the scars on his face. Look at the box! My favorit has to be Journey Man
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
Haha, true that mate!
Neo Xerxes (3 years ago)
Great video! My favorite from the house is easily Lyric Man, followed closely by Reflection Man (both old formulation - the new stuff is crap). Interlude is also great but the oregano gets in my nose.
Matias Fava (3 years ago)
Great fragance! I have it, I love it! try Journey man!! I also have Lyric man, the best rose for men! I´m Matias from Argentina, I speak and write a Little english, sorry!! I get most of the video, trust me!! Congratulations! Bye!
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
Thank you for watching man! I'll have to get my hands on Journey Man.

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