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Ultimate Instrumental Love Songs Personal Favorites & Compilation of Songs by : Simply Ricky Relax, Enjoy & Sing with your All Time Favorite Love Songs Happy Listening !!!
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Text Comments (112)
BoM co (3 days ago)
Hello C Y K K S so much
Cynthia Medina (28 days ago)
I like instrumental hits so much😙😙😙thanks for sharing...god bless you all!!!
edgard deon (1 month ago)
I remember my username and password love your 🍯
pinky valladolid (2 months ago)
love this..thanks for sharing
Rochelle Paano (2 months ago)
D P (2 months ago)
get rid of the turning heart top
Catherine Jose (3 months ago)
very nice. it warms my 51 year-old heart
JP Austria (3 months ago)
Sun to sub
Bobby De Asis (6 months ago)
Melodias estupendas ! Quisieramos tener mas de ello ! We seem to have similar tastes in music ! Thank you so much !
Happy O (7 months ago)
Very nice collections of music. God bless
Lucyna Czaja (8 months ago)
You will get a heart attack
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (10 months ago)
Good night world
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (10 months ago)
Super nice love songs and inspiring one great
Francisca Smith (28 days ago)
Beautiful love songs. Warms up the heart. Thank you.
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (10 months ago)
Wow whole heart cute
Jose Velarde (1 year ago)
Wow !!! very romantic instrumental songs and I very LOVE IT .... Thank you "SIMPLY RICKY" from Dublin, Ireland
Remelyn Bernal (1 year ago)
I used to listen before I sleep Thank you!
SIMPLY RICKY (1 year ago)
thanks po for listening :)
sagaluis22 (1 year ago)
I know these songs! Especially the first one, Simply Jessie by Rex Smith. NIce!!! Absolutely great choices Simply Ricky. You're the best!
Kamla Gajadharsingh (1 year ago)
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eduardo perezramos (1 year ago)
Excelente música the long love song Eduardo Pérez Ramos fantástica music
eduardo perezramos (1 year ago)
Love song último personal YouTube Eduardo Pérez Ramos
Jorge E. Adame Ph D (1 year ago)
Beautiful music!!
mjj hope (1 year ago)
beautiful instrumental music compilation! :) THANKS A LOT! :)
Rowena Nicolas (1 year ago)
i feel great😘😘😘
Rowena Nicolas (1 year ago)
SIMPLY RICKY your welcome☆☆☆
SIMPLY RICKY (1 year ago)
thanks :)
cathie miranda (2 years ago)
nice music compilation..so relaxing..luv it!!!
SIMPLY RICKY (2 years ago)
di na kita matandaan :(
aNn OsoleG (2 years ago)
hi super friend simplyRickybutRock!.. i hope u remember me!😊🎧♩🎤🎵🎼🎶 very nice comp..!😊💯🖒
aNn OsoleG (2 years ago)
SIMPLY RICKY you can add me here 👉 [email protected]
aNn OsoleG (2 years ago)
SIMPLY RICKY wala npo ako acct sa fb... skype and whatsapp nalang po...
SIMPLY RICKY (2 years ago)
FB chat tayo usap ... nagloloko keyboard PC gamit ko ... please .... kung ok lang sayo
SIMPLY RICKY (2 years ago)
huhuhu .... BAKIT ???
SIMPLY RICKY (2 years ago)
wait ... ikaw ba si osoleg ???
Anita Tsuchiya (2 years ago)
ANG sarap ioadownload.
Glen Pierce (2 years ago)
What are the names of these nice songs? Are they standards? I liked the 1st song.
Enly Maniebo (2 years ago)
Wow nice video and instrumental music thanks should one heart only really the love 👍💖
melanie lim-skulskie (2 years ago)
Love it! I don't get tired of listening to it..thanks for sharing..
ed mornstar (2 years ago)
SIMPLY RICKY Hi. May I know the title of the first song please? Thank you.
sagaluis22 (1 year ago)
by Rex Smith
sagaluis22 (1 year ago)
Simply Jessie
edda omips (2 years ago)
you really have beautiful and nice selections, GOD BLESS.
ed mornstar (2 years ago)
Love it.
Abraham Castriciones (2 years ago)
I like your music very much. Thanks for this music
John Rieman (2 years ago)
Excellent. Piano guy, you are marvelous.
Mary Susan Patricia (2 years ago)
siegfredo verganio (2 years ago)
even a hundred times di mag sasawa para patugtugin mo eto, ty for sharing
Christina Rebouças (2 years ago)
A melhor seleção de músicas românticas! Obrigada Rick!
NINA GALABOVA (2 years ago)
super.merci a lot.
Yuyun Ningsih (2 years ago)
NINA GALABOVA bvbv jjikiiiìiiìoií to get 66 oìıìpı oì
jun 24Juan Huerta (2 years ago)
Me relate con tanto trabaje de casa que have. I even fell asleep!
Miss.Samantha Lee (2 years ago)
Shri Sadhguru ji.👑 Sir.
Miss.Samantha Lee (2 years ago)
Aum Namah Shiva Shambho.👂
Markianooo (2 years ago)
19chris19 (2 years ago)
can you post the title of the songs? Nice compilation!
Bench Garcia (9 months ago)
19chris19 hilo jung love u
Noe Valerio (2 years ago)
thank you for sharing
Erlinda Gorospe (1 year ago)
Lanie beltran Beltran sino ka tags saan ka
Lanie beltran Beltran (1 year ago)
@Erlinda Gorospe kaamo mo si kuya boy goroslpe
Erlinda Gorospe (1 year ago)
Noe Valerio the
Jack der Templar (2 years ago)
Super, als Autor ist das für mich Inspiration zum Schreiben neuer Romantischer Geschichten.
Crissue Jung (2 years ago)
i love it
elenn l (2 years ago)
like it! so relaxing. Thanks for sharing!
amo a todas.
benjie watimar (2 years ago)
This is all likes my wife collection so sweet!
Malu Pezzin (2 years ago)
Ah! Este "balanço" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rajeshkumar Ghurburn (2 years ago)
there r some moments when people must listen this melancholic music
jai macatubac (3 years ago)
These are soulful songs about love.
Bench Garcia (9 months ago)
nice song
Josefina Amano (3 years ago)
A beautiful collection. Thank you for sharing. I have been playing this over and over.
angelo almoguerra (3 years ago)
thanks for making this instrumental music...love to hear these songs...!
Sorna Alam (3 years ago)
lovely song
Elise Dimaano (3 years ago)
Nice music. I enjoyed listening to it while working in the office. Thanks and God bless you more for sharing...
Ma. Gina Adremisin (3 years ago)
cool to the heart and ear.:-)
Araceli Matundan (3 years ago)
Wonderful compilation of my favorite songs thanks
Ejercito Sogue (3 years ago)
I really Love relaxing Love instrumental music at my age of 78 yrs old
Reynita Ebal (3 years ago)
nice tempo!
dezgellie (3 years ago)
Hello Ricky, nice compilation : } thank you for sharing.
Joaquin Miclat (1 year ago)
Daily mass
Melda Torrefranca (2 years ago)
dezgellie k
Gisele Seynaeve (2 years ago)
Klien rijsel
LaLa Stemm (2 years ago)
dezgellie gkrjhdhhrygrtfeihy
SIMPLY RICKY (3 years ago)
+dezgellie thanks
Michelle Grace Delgado (3 years ago)
Awesome! very relaxing!
Glenda Fitzpatrick (3 years ago)
love it
Mianne Deon (3 years ago)
Iloveyou mwaaaaahhh
Rose Ferolino (3 years ago)
love song makarilit y
Mayara Costa (3 years ago)
Burra bacharach
cha O. (3 years ago)
nice selection of songs....like!
Michelle Nazareno (3 years ago)
love sick.... missing someone
TestViewers (3 years ago)
Jims Heart (2 years ago)
Sitting on a rocking chair with closed eyes while listening to this music. It remind me of the memories of the past when I was I LOVE.
Yeohly De Vera (3 years ago)
Hoping you upload more instrumental like this..,
Yeohly De Vera (3 years ago)
Thank you for uploading this kind of instrumental Cruisin' Love Songs... Nice
EverlastingSky (4 years ago)
@SIMPLY RICKY youtube blocked the 80's ultimate compilation. You should re-upload it
6130aiznob (1 year ago)
SIMPLY RICKY Would it be possible to list the titles of each instrumental please!🙏
SIMPLY RICKY (3 years ago)
+EverlastingSky how will i upload it again ? they always block my ULTIMATE NEW WAVE songs...huh//UNFAIR :(
Lj Indino (4 years ago)
Love it....very relaxing...
Lj Indino (4 years ago)
@SIMPLY RICKY very much welcome...
SIMPLY RICKY (4 years ago)
thanks LJ INDINO for your relaxing comment :)
gerald regina (5 years ago)
sarap pakingan na kaka relax.....
SIMPLY RICKY (4 years ago)
thanks gerald regina for you chillax comment :)

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