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Arm Knit Infinity Scarf (Cowl)

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It takes only 1 ball of super chunky wool and half an hour of your time to make a trendy extra warm infinity scarf. Yarn used in the video is Knitca Super Chunky (100% merino wool) available in 10 gorgeous colors at http://www.knitca.com/catalog/99
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Text Comments (93)
Egypt Ra (20 days ago)
I LOVE the scarf! It’s beautiful!!!!!!
Egypt Ra (20 days ago)
You sound like my district manager.
Alan Evans (2 months ago)
awesome video!! super easy
Knitca Com (2 months ago)
Thank you, Alan :-)
Hygge Musings (2 months ago)
This is a great video, thanks. I didn't know you could make them out of superchunky wool, which is cheaper, so that is good. And it works well when you put the cowl together so it doesn't look like a fishing net.
Knitca Com (2 months ago)
Thank you :-) Happy knitting!
m _ 0000 (8 months ago)
This is by FAR the best arm knitting tutorial ever! Thanks so much!
Knitca (8 months ago)
Thank you :-)
Amura Mura (8 months ago)
Looks awesome, did fishermen use this method to make their fishing nets centuries ago?
Knitca (8 months ago)
I doubt it. The nets were mostly made by knotting strands to make sure each opening has a fixed size. With knitting the size of a stitch changes if you pull on a thread. Not good for keeping fish inside a net :-)
Ledena Crocker (1 year ago)
This was the most easy knitting tutorial ever thanks for this so much
Knitca (1 year ago)
Thank you, Ledena. I am happy you enjoyed it :-)
Norma Vega (1 year ago)
mine is very loopy,what am I doing wrong
Knitca (1 year ago)
Try to pull the yarn tighter on your wrist when you make each stitch. It should help make your scarf less loopy.
Ricardo Werson (1 year ago)
Amazing! Thank's for the class video!
Knitca (1 year ago)
You are most welcome, Ricardo :-) Happy arm-knitting!
Olga Villa R. (1 year ago)
thanks for this video it is super easy
Knitca (1 year ago)
Thank you Olga Villa :-)
Sahalie Nelson (1 year ago)
I HAVE to do this!
Violet Whitnah (1 year ago)
That was really great work. I would love to do it!
Knitca (1 year ago)
Thanks Violet :-) Have fun making an arm knit cowl! Maryna
Noha Saad (2 years ago)
waw i maked it very nice thank you
Catherine March (2 years ago)
LOVE your video - very clear, not too fast, easy peasy method! Don't knit but wanted to try arm knitting. A cousin showed me a method very similar to yours and we did an infinity scarf (used 2 strands of Thick & Quick) but I like the way you join the ends. Now I just have to decide between cowl or scarf. Thank you!
natasha dubal (2 years ago)
thank u soo very much for this tutorial!I have been trying this so very hard but most of the videos are so confusing, I am so glad I found this! really thanks a lot:)
Knitca (2 years ago)
Thank you Natasha! I am happy I could help. Have fun :-)
Ava McGee (2 years ago)
Stuck in the middle full episodes
Tina Lynn (2 years ago)
i guess the first time i made my short end to long.. i had to redo it...:)
Knitca (2 years ago)
That's one of the best things about knitting - you can always redo it :-)
sophia campos (2 years ago)
fantastic the best way to teach great!!!
Lillian Falba (2 years ago)
This was super easy to follow. Got it right my first time. Awesome thanks!!
Rizzo (2 years ago)
OH MUH GUH! Thank you for your demonstration. I've watched few others and I could never see at the right angle to view ; that I threw my yarn under the table and just said phhhht it. ((>"<) Doh!
pditty b (2 years ago)
Now this is how you teach arm knitting! Great job!
Knitca (2 years ago)
Thank you, pditty b :-) Happy knitting!
Sheila Bogulski (2 years ago)
Thank u also. U were nice & slow & always gave good info. I enjoyed lesson & look 4ward to making one.
Carmen Rojas (2 years ago)
Thanks I like the way you teach you are a good teacher congratulations ❤️❤️❤️
Carmen Rojas (2 years ago)
Hangin' Out (2 years ago)
Brilliant teaching.
Knitca (2 years ago)
+Virginia W Thank you :-)
ArtwithPies (2 years ago)
I just kept knitting for HOURS and it didn't work!
Knitca (2 years ago)
+3dychy I am sorry it didn't work for you. Arm knitting is not a complicated process, but it does require some effort.
JoAnne LaRock (3 years ago)
I have viewed several different people showing how to do this and got lost on the second row with each person. yours was the easiest and I was able to do it. it looks great. am beginning # 2 now..thanks so much.
Knitca (3 years ago)
+JoAnne LaRock Thank you :-) I am glad my video helped you learn arm knitting. Have fun!
651chia (3 years ago)
This is the best arm knitting video ever!!!
Knitca (3 years ago)
+Chiangshi Lor Thank you :-)
Rose Carvalheiro (3 years ago)
Thank you! The way you are teaching looks like easy! I’m starting mine today!
Knitca (3 years ago)
+Rose Carvalheiro Have fun! I hope you'll enjoy working on your first arm knit project :-)
Singing (3 years ago)
my mum and dad just saw what I was doing (your tutorial) they thought I was waisting wool!
Knitca (3 years ago)
+Singing I hope they eventually realized that you are making something very nice :-)
emily muncie (3 years ago)
thank you!
Avery Jacobs (3 years ago)
I just made one from this tutorial it was pretty easy thanks
Knitca (3 years ago)
+Avery Jacobs Thanks :-) Happy arm knitting!
tan man v (3 years ago)
this is soooo easy :)
Knitca (3 years ago)
+tan man v Happy arm-knitting :-)
Charlene Broeckx (3 years ago)
great tutorial!!
Knitca (3 years ago)
+Charlene Broeckx Thanks :-)
Doris Leyba (3 years ago)
THIS IS WAY EASIER THAN DIY Arm Knitting-Infinity Scarf Cowl-IT'S NOT THE BEST TUTORIAL, Yours is.
Olga Villa R. (1 year ago)
Doris Leyba (3 years ago)
By the by, you should add that one shouldnt make the loops so tight so that they dont come off over ones hand. Great ending, very good. Uses less yarn as well as not making the connection of the 2 ends bulky. Thank you.
Kairs Naught (3 years ago)
Others make this seem so difficult. Your method is super simple and quick! Thank you so much. :)
bella roma (3 years ago)
how many meters of yarn did you used ?
McKenna Arrants (3 years ago)
Video was great and easy
Knitca (3 years ago)
+McKenna Arrants Thank you :-)
denise cryer (3 years ago)
Knitca (3 years ago)
+denise cryer I am glad I could help :-) Happy arm knitting
Editha Quiambao (3 years ago)
Just made my friend a scarf...thanks for making it so simple : )
Eileen Kelly (3 months ago)
Knitca help needed whe starting first thanks
Knitca (3 years ago)
+Editha Quiambao You are most welcome, Editha :-) I am happy my video helped. I am sure your friend loves the scarf. Arm knit scarves look so stylish and are quite easy to make. Happy knitting!
Isabelle Galko (3 years ago)
This helped me make the first of many scarves! Thanks for the awesome video!
Knitca (3 years ago)
+Isabelle Galko You are most welcome, Isabelle :-) Happy knitting!
Jordy Camp (4 years ago)
My goodness! I decided to try this for the first time ad have been looking for an easy tutorial to help me, and yours was the one!! Thank you so much! I just did my first arm-knitting project (the scarf) And I LOVE IT!!!! Amazing job!! 
Patricia Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
Jordy Camp good
Terry Hawley (4 years ago)
The best video to learn to do this Thank you so much took two try's but its done m=now teaching daughter in law to be how to make them....Any idea if I can make a blanket the same way?
Knitca Com (4 years ago)
Hello Terry. I am glad the video was clear enough, and it took you just two tries to learn. Of course, you can use this technique to make a blanket. You would need to cast on more stitches. The number of stitches depends on the width of the blanket, I'd say around 30 to 60 stitches. Then you need to knit to get the desired length of the blanket and bind off all stitches. This video does not show how to bind off stitches. All you need to do is to knit two stitches and pass one over the other and off your hand. Then knit another stitch, pass one over the other again. Repeat until you have just one stitch left. Pull the yarn tail through the last stitch and hide the ends. For a nice throw you would need about 10 balls of Knitca Super Chunky wool. It comes in 10 soft colors. You can see them all on our website knitca.com
varanya meyer (4 years ago)
I can't do it. I cried😿
Sampath Kumar (2 years ago)
Knitca (4 years ago)
I am sorry it didn't work for you at first. Take a nice cup of tea, and give it another try. Arm knitting is not hard, you need to be focused and patient at first. Once you understand how it works, you just have fun. Good luck :-)
Shaniece Morgan-Gumbs (4 years ago)
I really like the design of this scarf its very comfortable and it was so easy to make
Knitca (4 years ago)
It's great that you enjoyed making the scarf. Stay warm :-)
maya (3 years ago)
I just used this to make a last-minute gift for my mom! It looked a little loopy crazy at first, but I got the hand of it pretty soon! It turned out great, thanks so much!
Knitca (4 years ago)
Awesome! Merry Christmas to you, your Mom and the rest of your family :-)
Holly Johnson (4 years ago)
Best video I have watched ! Thanks for making it easier :)
Knitca (4 years ago)
Happy arm-knitting :-)
radioactive cucks (4 years ago)
This video was super helpful! I've watched other arm knitting videos and they sucked and were so confusing😫but this one was awesome
FootSoldier66 (4 years ago)
My only question would be, how do I finish this if I wanted this to be a blanket instead? I'm planning on making one for my little son.
Knitca (4 years ago)
+FootSoldier66 Happy knitting :-)
FootSoldier66 (4 years ago)
YAY! i made a baby blanket for a friend using your tutorial and it turned out beautifully! thanks so much. im going to make more! 
Knitca (4 years ago)
To make a blanket you need to cast on more stitches (about 30-50), then knit until you get it as long as you want. Then you would need to bind off all stitches. To do that, [knit 2 stitches, then pull one over the other and off your hand, knit another stitch], repeat brackets until you have just one stitch left. Cut the yarn and pull the yarn tail through the last stitch. Pull tight and secure. Hide the tails. Have fun :-)
FootSoldier66 (4 years ago)
Whenever I go to pull the rope to make it tight, it never looks like whats in the video. I'm so confused. Doing everything exactly as you do it and can't get the stitches to look like anything but a big scary knot. I've tried over 20 times and can't get it. Great video though. Easy to follow. If I wasn't so stupid, I could figure it out!
Knitca (4 years ago)
+FootSoldier66 I am very glad it works for you now. Knitting is an awesome hobby, we just need to give it some time. Happy knitting :-)
FootSoldier66 (4 years ago)
Aww thanks for the sweet reply. I actually watched a bunch of other videos and found them sooo much harder than your technique. Coming back to this one made it easy. I just got too frustrated before. I get it now! Thanks for sharing this easy tutorial!
Knitca (4 years ago)
Dear FootSoldier66, you are not stupid. I am sure you are a bright talented person :-) Your wrists are probably slightly bigger than mine, that's why your scarf is loopier. But that's what makes it special. Don't get discouraged. Have fun :-)

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