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Lighroom Color Correction Introduction and Catalog Preparation - Lightroom Video Tutorial

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Full article and exercise files at - http://www.slrlounge.com/introduction-and-resetting-our-lightroom-catalog-to-default-lightroom-video-tutorial Time for the good stuff! It's time to get down with the developing. Before we get into any artistic editing, we are going to proceed step by step and start first with basic color correction. In this chapter, we are going to focus on providing several different examples of color correction for different types of photography and different types of situations. In this Lightroom video tutorial, we will be discussing this plan going forward, as well as prepare our catalog for developing. This means that we are going to restore the catalog to defaults, and then re-keyword all of our images based on what types of tutorials they will be used for. Some of you may thing that it is easier to simply delete and create a new catalog. But, it really isn't, and I want to make sure you guys truly understand each of these features in Lightroom, rather than simply doing something the lazy way because that is the way you are comfortable with. So, let's get on to the good stuff! Enjoy!
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imagesilike (7 years ago)
You guys are terrific. So well spoken and explained. A pleasure to watch.

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