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The Coconut Song - (Da Coconut Nut)

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THE POWAHHH OF KOKONUT JOOS, EXTRACTED USING THE FINEST MS PAINT SKILLS!!! FREE 1 KOKOJOOS FOR YOUUUUU!!! Da Coconut Nut by Smokey Mountain Enjoy the video and thanks for watching! Image courtesy of Google search Follow me on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/j3ffl4u INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/j3ffl4u/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/J3FFL4U
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Text Comments (83860)
Arun Shankar (1 year ago)
and here we are singing in harrmmoooonnnyyyyyy :P
COOLMAN 65 (22 days ago)
I can't stop watching this video because its stuck in my head
Flantinum1 (30 days ago)
500th cokment
Arun Shankar uee
Paul Gautam (1 month ago)
Ocean Bunny (16 minutes ago)
When you are high af when listening to your teacher teaching in class
Pen Ten (17 minutes ago)
Pen Ten (19 minutes ago)
KO ko ko ko ko nut song
The Candy Cookie Vlogs (51 minutes ago)
Hahahahaha literally my friends are obsessed with this song 😐🤭
BIG SMOKE (1 hour ago)
I wish Teachers Start Explaying maths i will get 200 Marks Then 😃😃
a a (1 hour ago)
CosmicAura X (1 hour ago)
Next time on meme review...
Craxy xp (1 hour ago)
*AnYoNe fRoM GiLdnUtZz?*
BIG SMOKE (1 hour ago)
Cat Boy04 (1 hour ago)
Beautiful just beautiful
sang thuama (1 hour ago)
They nailed it!
nick nelson (1 hour ago)
so I guess this is why glidedguy make a animation with this song
BlackHitman Gaming (2 hours ago)
Best meme song
xx happy beat ayden (2 hours ago)
I'm on that side of YouTube again
L C (2 hours ago)
Tomas Gonzalez (2 hours ago)
Viva el kokonot Ahora me encargaré de que c viralize en Latinoamérica :)
alpaca gamer (3 hours ago)
Why haven't I watched this!
Hakoob Berd (3 hours ago)
Who else is from gildedguy
Clumsy Cats (4 hours ago)
Aditi Kolge (4 hours ago)
Anyone 2018 ? 🎀
Marcos Bremermann (5 hours ago)
I miss the rage comics/faces
Eugene Jung (5 hours ago)
This is soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! The banana song is also funny. Just saying
Blanca Fan (5 hours ago)
Makes a new land, this is my lands national anthem
Jcsandy Gobot obkkbo (5 hours ago)
Greatest orchestra concert ever
PUngWEen (5 hours ago)
I worship the coconut nut the giANT NUT
GaLiL Ar (7 hours ago)
2018 anyone? <3
I liked this music... Am I retarded?
Celestial Unit (7 hours ago)
What has the 21st century come to 😂
Happy Craig (8 hours ago)
When u try to be funny
Julianna Osorio (8 hours ago)
sings bootifuly: Coconut Cococococonut Coconut x3 Coconut Cococococonut The Coconut Nut is a giant nut, If you eat too much you'll get very fat Now the Coconut Nut is a big, big nut, But this delicious nut is NOT A NUT! It's a Coco fruit x2 Of the Coco tree x2 From the Cocopalm family YAYAYAYAYA There are so many uses of the coconut tree You can build a bigger house for the family All you need is to find the coconut man If he cuts the tree He gets the fruits free! It's a Coco fruit x2 Of the Coco tree x2 From the Cocopalm family YAYAYAYAYA Coconut Cococococonut Coconut Coconut Cococococonut The coconut bark for the kitchen floor If you save some of it, you can build a door. Now, The coconut trunk Do not throw this junk If you save some of it, You'll have a second floor! YAYAYA The coconut wood is very good It can stand 20 years if you pray it would. now, The coconut root to tell you the truth You can throw it, or use it as firewood! YAYAYA The coconut leaves good shade it gives For the roof, or the walls up against the eves. Now, The coconut fruit say my relatives Make good cannonballs up against the theive It's a Coco fruit x2 Of the Coco tree x2 From the Cocopalm family YAYAYAYAYA The Coconut Nut is a giant nut, If you eat too much you'll get very fat Now the Coconut Nut is a big, big nut, But this delicious nut is NOT A NUT! x2 It's a Coco fruit x2 Of the Coco tree x2 From the Cocopalm family YAYAYAYAYA x2 it's a coco fruit... x2 of the coco tree... x2 FROM THE COCOPALM FAMILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Filip2341 (8 hours ago)
Who come here for gildednutz?
Memed Meat (8 hours ago)
I remember watching this last summer
Memed Meat (8 hours ago)
Ethan Meltzer (8 hours ago)
Furkan Nohut (9 hours ago)
61 bin beğenisi olan bir yorum gördüm bize her yer Trabzon!
Ante Deguemon (9 hours ago)
I don't ever realize that the kokonut from the kokopalm family have so many uses
Why did I click this...?
Beatriz Villa (9 hours ago)
My friend literally laughed through the whole video xDDDDD
Bryan Lozano (9 hours ago)
K L w I m o L e n Try to get something out of it
Black MSP (10 hours ago)
2035 anyone?
Chiara S. (10 hours ago)
Finally after 8 years I found this amazing wonderful song by chance!
Chiara S. (10 hours ago)
Wieso hab ich noch nie davon gehört? 😂
Mr. John (10 hours ago)
thelittlebutterfly 10 (10 hours ago)
hajo hannitta (11 hours ago)
XD lol
SavageNinja Gaming (11 hours ago)
This is sooooo funny
Ksmil wut (12 hours ago)
Jack (12 hours ago)
kokot xD (ps: dont search it up!)
FXZUTN Dxr (13 hours ago)
Teacher: allrigth kid now tell ur favorite song Friend: keke Friend:baby Me:
Ali Muhammad (14 hours ago)
I liked this video ever since 2012
FH Pablo (14 hours ago)
Strawberry Berry (14 hours ago)
Don't do drugs kids.
Cinnabonnia (14 hours ago)
my dad just told me this is why youtube was created it’s the first time I’ve agreed with him since 2014
Sieppi (12 hours ago)
2018? This music make me feel peace:D
kaisen Chong (15 hours ago)
PeterGSG (15 hours ago)
parwar hossein (15 hours ago)
Why we see this in August 2018? This was made before 7 years. Lol
Prime22 (16 hours ago)
2x speed is just pure rap
Bree Playz (16 hours ago)
I love this song halp
paradise lost (16 hours ago)
I just watched the red room link...and this video is the pills for my brain
The Tim Family (17 hours ago)
The song is created by a Filipino singer, Thanks of him, We have this song!
hayatropical (17 hours ago)
Maciequ (17 hours ago)
Klan TeamFromPoland pozdrawia XDDDDDDD
yeet k (17 hours ago)
Phakaphon Eric RITCHIE (17 hours ago)
guys where the coconut man and where does it coem from i personly think it come from itlay for some reason
laurx X (17 hours ago)
Dangerous Danger (18 hours ago)
The AliA...
Zachary Hannam (18 hours ago)
im speechless
THE WOLF (18 hours ago)
Cacanat song
Daniel Adaza (18 hours ago)
the song that solved and answered all my problems in life....
Danang Prakoso (18 hours ago)
Makasih lagu kokonat 3 menit gua kebuang sia2 dengerin gnian
UNIVERSAL CREEPER (18 hours ago)
Kokonut wrong spelling coconut..
wendy girl (18 hours ago)
Like it
wendy girl (18 hours ago)
Funny video
I am a legit Unicorn (19 hours ago)
Coconut yum yums
Vincenzo Corve (19 hours ago)
Plagia corbizard
I put this song in my school and the whole class and my teacher was dancing
Matthew Price (20 hours ago)
My mum said almost all of this is true!WOW!
Kazuya Sakai (20 hours ago)
I clearly remember this being sung in elementary but for the life of me I can't remember nor anyone i know knew the actual lyrics. Thank you for this video
Myat Thida (21 hours ago)
who is watching this the day before logan pual vs ksi
Simon Cartney (21 hours ago)
This song is by smokey mountain band in the philippines
Ethan Paredes (21 hours ago)
GildedGuy led me here I’ve watched this video 4 years ago
Speedy 23 (21 hours ago)
This song is from PHILLIPINES :)
Anna Todorovska (21 hours ago)
This deserves 4mil views😂
Raytwo (16 hours ago)
cuz it has 52m
Darwin Tubio (21 hours ago)
ScuffedToast (21 hours ago)
This song is so stupid but I love it.
Juan Luis Yáñez Romero (21 hours ago)
21 de agosto?
Epic diamondka (22 hours ago)
Good song
Marcel Malenczuk (22 hours ago)
A Jimin Stan (22 hours ago)
science teacher: so who wants to tell us something about coconuts? Me: *raises hand* Science teacher: yes Me: DA KO KO NUT NUT IS A GIANT NUT Science teacher: exactly
*The kokonut is nut, but it's a not a nut, BUT HOW ABOUT THESE NUTS*
Heath Sutton (23 hours ago)
Humanity Need I say more?
Emily SY (23 hours ago)
My friends keep singing this and FINALLY I FOUND IT!
monica natalie (23 hours ago)
Maya Melson MSP (1 day ago)
BluesGaming 1 (1 day ago)
52,269,429 views yeahhhhhhhhhhhh filipino is da best
aidil iqram (1 day ago)
Who here because gildedguy?
Ko ko nut
NeXTech DEV (1 day ago)
pray it wood
AgentMooseMan 007 (1 day ago)
pardon my french BUT WHAT THE FUCK

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