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TWO WEEKS - LGBT Web Series - Episode 1

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After her ex-girlfriend resurfaces on a dating app, Audrey throws caution to the wind and agrees to give her a second chance, but has Claire really changed? Two Weeks is a nine-part LGBTIQ+ drama series that takes an honest look into the struggles several friends in their 20s face in their bid to overcome insecurities associated with love, life, and their own identity. Tired of watching content that relied on excessive queer stereotypes, series creator, Mary Duong, conceived Two Weeks as an answer to the general lack of representation that reflected the people, places and situations she grew up around. Two Weeks is a celebration of who we are. For more episodes, take a look at the series playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTrTMZECBNscge4RHX5tRF3O_x6Vj4Y87 #twoweekstv #twoweeks #lgbt #lgbtwebseries
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Text Comments (146)
Kate Judson (23 days ago)
This is like watching American actors, American scripts with vaguely Australian accents. Disappointing.
harmonizer (28 days ago)
i have like seen this 1100000 times i love them
Jemma G (1 month ago)
Who else is here for piera?
Two Weeks (1 month ago)
We are!!
Jazmine Marshall (2 months ago)
oh my god the waiter 🤣
Sagda Omar (2 months ago)
denise araujo (2 months ago)
Português por favor
Kristi Ambrose (2 months ago)
That's why I hate those app lol "Accidents" happen all the time hahaha.
Lauren Coleman (2 months ago)
Here is my 1 year anniversary vlog! Please be kind, i know the LGBT community is supportive! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4HWrOAC4Liw5jEyhtqGKhQ?view_as=subscriber
Two Weeks (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing :)
April Flowers (3 months ago)
Do you have a light? Cuz you're smoking. Nice pickup line
Two Weeks (1 month ago)
We love a good cheesy line
FLOCHAMM ENT (3 months ago)
11:11 to you too
Bedma Maria (3 months ago)
SUBTITULOS en español. Thanks
VICTORIA DAN (4 months ago)
What is the name of the dating app
Two Weeks (1 month ago)
Say it ! (4 months ago)
LGB.... Please get help. You are all in dire need of psychiatric help.
Two Weeks (1 month ago)
You forgot "TQIA+", thanks for the tip.
Maria Taylor (4 months ago)
Red flag: do not go 4 those on dating sites who put emojis or pics wit they ex in. Oh an zoosk be scam. Facts. ❤ u all n send word
Ibrahim Alotibi (4 months ago)
How lesbian women love are together
ohthelovelypoems (4 months ago)
"It was a pretty messy night." Code for: I was a ho.
Two Weeks (1 month ago)
Bham Oira (5 months ago)
Two Weeks (1 month ago)
Always :)
Gem KM (5 months ago)
Nice to hear some Aussie accents! Love seeing home grown stuff
Gem KM (5 months ago)
Two Weeks I’m on the central coast, just north of Sydney :)
Two Weeks (5 months ago)
Thank you! Whereabouts in Australia are you from?
Pity Jr (6 months ago)
Subtítulos español plsss
Two Weeks (5 months ago)
¡Estamos trabajando en ello! Gracias por ser paciente :)
Pan Sorrell (6 months ago)
Honestly love is stupid, I mean like love is not for everyone love can hurt sometimes to the point were you can never date anyone or you push them away and promise to yourself that your never going to date some and then when you do find that special person they stab you in the back and break your heart. The point is love is like happiness and depression mixed together with it ,love is not for everyone.
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Mario Cosby (6 months ago)
her kryptonite
Shingeki Bar (6 months ago)
subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, please? :(:(
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
We're working on it, we promise!!
Rita Anderson (6 months ago)
I just watched series 7 of twoweeks I enjoyed!! Big congrats to all the people involved on this series.
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thank you for watching and supporting us, Rita! So happy that you enjoyed it 💕
urs truly (6 months ago)
two gals kissing is worth going through the pain of watching this crap
Piera Forde (6 months ago)
weird flex but ok
Jason Carmichael (6 months ago)
This is a good series, love it
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Jason, thank you for watching! So happy that you love it ❤️
Gracia Santi (6 months ago)
6:40 the song, gosh! Forces by Japanese Wallpaper ft. Airling. 😍😍😍 love that song sfm.
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
@Gracia Santi YES! We absolutely adore this song, it's so so good!
Red Haught (6 months ago)
Esperando legenda em português
Sagda Omar (2 months ago)
dharma lee anty (5 months ago)
taty Moreira (6 months ago)
Red Haught eu também 😉😚
Não Não (6 months ago)
Não Não (6 months ago)
WhatsApp +55 82 99157-6896 Oiiioioioioioioio
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thank you for watching!! ❤️❤️❤️
LOVE these series ❤️
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
@The Life of Jen and Michelle Thanks so much for watching! It's so heartwarming that you can connect with our series ❤️
Yumely Sánchez (6 months ago)
Name of the song at the end?
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
It's Forces by Japanese Wallpaper feat. Airling and we're big fans of this song. Listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtGALrvqJWY
Rasbianti96 tori (6 months ago)
First i love this
Rasbianti96 tori (6 months ago)
@Two Weeks your welcome! last night first i see and direclty i love it.Btw are there any sosial media's they don't have? And what's are their name?
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thank you! ❤️
Kk N J (6 months ago)
Are you
Maria (6 months ago)
ugHh song at 2:15? :)
Maria (6 months ago)
Two Weeks ahhh thanks 💕
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Beautiful song called Umi by Yoste! ❤️ Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOBkeMDStDw
Nico_beingBeeGee (6 months ago)
Grumpy cat made a cameo
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Good eye!
Foodie (6 months ago)
In my opinion, Claire is what I call an opportunist. She was bored exploring her options for the moment while stringing Audrey along. Noticed how she abruptly left Audrey behind when Audrey said "I never got closure." Audrey has to find her ground and realizes that she should not be an "option" for Claire who is just using Audrey when it is convenient. This type of relationship usually never lasts when one can detect the other's insecurities to use as they see fit. When someone really cares, that person should not be targeting your insecurities rather than your strengths to help you grow. In this case I don't really fault Claire because Audrey keeps running back to her knowing the same outcome. In life, when expecting a different outcome one must veer off the same old path. Believe in yourself and love yourself enough to never be just "an" option for someone else and say that you should be the "ONLY" option. Sooner or later the person you are with will pick up clues that you don't value yourself enough and why should they?
folake salau (2 months ago)
Great finally got to read something happening to me. Someone treating you like an option and getting to you when they need something and then uses your insecurity to keep hurting you. F**k move on I say stop been an option if that person really cared then they did but if they didn't don't keep going for it. 👍
Foodie (6 months ago)
Two Weeks I am optimistic more than ever with the direction of the storyline when you stated personal validation rather than external validation.
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
So glad you find our characters relatable! Audrey definitely has room to grow and we hope that will come across in our series. Self-worth is so important, as is finding validation from within rather than external sources. Thanks for watching, we hope you like the rest of our episodes :)
Foodie (6 months ago)
Two Weeks Thank you so much for making their actions & interactions so relatable! Very much appreciated. With that being said, hopeful that the writers are Audrey favorable and will give us a happy ending. We all start as Audrey at one point or another and I would like to think most of us (myself included) grow from experiences and value ourselves more in the process:) Self-worth exudes confidence from every angle and not to mention very sexy. Patiently and anxiously awaiting for the next adventures the writers have in store. Keep up the great work!
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
We LOVE you sharing your reading on these characters. You're right in saying there are definitely more motives behind their actions than meets the eye. A lot of what went into the writing of these women was based on real life experiences, both from the perspective of someone who is an "Audrey" and also someone who identifies with "Claire", so we hope that their actions and interactions with each other do come across as realistic and relatable. Stay tuned to find out if Audrey does finally figure out her self-worth ;)
Yanni Capdevila (6 months ago)
Subtítulos en español por favor 😌
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Yes! We are looking into it, please hang tight!
Does the TW team know anyone who could do this? Maybe put a call out on social media?
Tilda 2018 (6 months ago)
This story is just explaining James Arthur Naked.. She loves her yet she does not want to give it.....
Sagda Omar (2 months ago)
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Will give the music video a watch, thanks for sharing!
I hadn't seen that music video <3 so sweet and sad
Daniel Anderson (6 months ago)
I miss the old chef
Rhiannon Steffensen (6 months ago)
You're a menace
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
We might have to bring him back in the future ;)
Starting episode is intriguing. I will watch all series. Thank you.
Aquí estoy
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Oh, thank you so much for watching! Let us know what you think of the other episodes :)
sym_abc (6 months ago)
Man I feel this cause my gf cheated on me with my fucking sister
K Labeck (6 months ago)
LOVE the friend dynamic!
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thanks! They're really great friends :)
gabbakieran (6 months ago)
Ooo this is so cool!!
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thank you!!
Nyce Koppe (6 months ago)
Adicione legenda por favor
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Nós vamos atender o seu pedido! Muito obrigada por assistir 😊
sheetal seth (6 months ago)
never go back to cheater lovers they cheat again
Maria Taylor (4 months ago)
Seth right! Facts!
sheetal seth (6 months ago)
@Patricia Maluta yes they never feel ashamed what they did they became more careful that's it
BluePlant (6 months ago)
sheetal seth true af
love is love (6 months ago)
Patricia Maluta (6 months ago)
sheetal seth once a cheater always a cheater.
reporterenherbe (6 months ago)
super premier episode mais il n y pas de sous titres en francais ou anglais Merci pour la video
@Two Weeks Damn <3
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Merci pour votre visionnement! Et pour vos commentaires! Nous allons commencer à travailler sur le sous-titrage de nos épisodes bientôt donc vérifiez notre page souvent :)
Ryan Greaves (6 months ago)
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Leslie (6 months ago)
lol @ the emoji over her face.
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
We did the research - people really do that on dating apps!
Stephanie Ouimet (6 months ago)
Two Weeks made it to Montreal! <3
dharma lee anty (5 months ago)
hi steph
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing, Steph! <3
Stephanie Ouimet (6 months ago)
Two Weeks made it to Montreal! <3
Muhammad khan (6 months ago)
Stephanie Ouimet (6 months ago)
Two Weeks made it to Montreal! <3
Lucky Boy (18 days ago)
Rhys (6 months ago)
so invested in this story already, love ittttt!
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thanks Rhys, that means a lot!
K Black (6 months ago)
Came here for Piera staying for everyone... great job!!
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
We were so lucky to work with such an incredible cast!
That date scene - so awkwarddd arghh my heart Lololol <3
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Audrey's a bit awkward but we love her 😍
Dano (6 months ago)
Congrats guys!
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thanks Dano!
Lauren Fraser (6 months ago)
Ahhh so many relatable feelings happening! Brilliant first ep, keep them coming!
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Yes! Glad you related to these feelings! More episodes coming :)
Elly Awesome 2 (6 months ago)
You guys have done such a fantastic job. Thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears making this!!! ❤️
Raquel Machado (3 months ago)
@Two Weeks chegadydudtduddyduddydydtdyddodhddyodudupodududp
Raquel Machado (3 months ago)
Two Weeks (6 months ago)
Thank you, Elly! All the blood, sweat, and tears aside, so much love went into making Two Weeks. Thanks for coming to our launch party! ❤️
Timothy Kraak (7 months ago)
So good!! :)
April Hobson (7 months ago)
Piera is amazing 😍
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
We adore Piera! ❤️
Chloe Harbourne (7 months ago)
Amazing work! 😍 ❤️
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Thanks Chloe! We hope you like the series ❤️
Rachel Larkin (7 months ago)
Great to finally see this online ♥️
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Thanks Rachel! It's been the longest time coming - can't wait to share the rest of the series.
Filmhouse Productions (7 months ago)
Great work!
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Abigail (7 months ago)
This is amazing!
Corey Donaldson (7 months ago)
So great! Well done!!
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Lou Liddiard-Imeson (7 months ago)
Well done guys!
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Elana W (7 months ago)
So good ❤
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Benjamin Cotgrove (7 months ago)
So proud of you guys 😍
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Thanks Ben! You're a gem.
Love this series so much! So proud of it!
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Thank you for all your support!
Rachel Maxine Anderson (7 months ago)
So good to finally see this online!! 😍😍😍
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
So excited to share our series with the world!
Action and Echo (7 months ago)
Wiggg it's finally out!!
Two Weeks (7 months ago)
Hope you like it!

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