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Create a Facebook Cover Video in Minutes (FOR FREE)

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Have you come across businesses on Facebook who use a Facebook video cover instead of a static image? Didn’t you think it would be great if you could add your very own a Facebook video cover to your page since it’s the first thing visitors will see when they come across your business? The power of videos is undeniable as it instantly grabs your audience’s attention. The problem is, how can you add a video cover to your Facebook page when you don’t have a big budget or the skills to do it. In this video, I am showing you how to create a Facebook video cover for your business page without spending a dime and without any prior knowledge in video making. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to add your very own video cover for free and show the world what your business is all about in just a few seconds. For more video like this one, why don’t you subscribe to my channel by clicking on this link: http://www.youtube.com/c/RankingacademyUk?sub_confirmation=1 Don't forget to visit http://rankingacademy.co.uk Ressources used in this tutorial: For free videos https://pixabay.com/ Free video software editor: https://fxhome.com/express
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Text Comments (146)
Rohit Sharma (4 days ago)
Best video 😘❤
Ranking Academy (3 days ago)
Thanks rohit
Rishab Roy (17 days ago)
Very disappointed as this video edit s/w is not free as you mentioned for Mac. During export, it adds watermarks and also adds sound along with bad export quality. I wasted my time and no result. Uninstalled from my mac and how to find some other good recommendation for video editing, For now not happy.
Ranking Academy (17 days ago)
Sorry rishab. At the time of making the video there was no added watermark or sounds. They clearly have changed their business model since
Chit Ye Aung (20 days ago)
Thanks for your sharing.
Ranking Academy (20 days ago)
My pleasure
TheWorld OfTheNerd (21 days ago)
kind of disappointing to use the software and when you play your exported video you see the watermark and on top of that you here a piano key strike throughout your video. I'm guessing this is their way to get you to buy or unlock the version that removes these 2 things. Wish these application vendors would simply indicate these types of things at the download page so the potential customer's time is not wasted. A simple disclaimer advising of these additions to the non-purchased output files would be greatly appreciated..More transparency in this area is needed.
Ranking Academy (21 days ago)
I agree and I’m sorry it’s happened to you. At the tim i made the video there was no watermark nor any sound. They’ve clearly changed their business model. Thanks for pointing it out
Mpho Mutaurirwa (27 days ago)
very helpful
Ranking Academy (27 days ago)
Many thanks
Paz T (1 month ago)
Are you Iranian? Accent ;) haha merc this was really informative!
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Hi Paz. Thanks. And no, i'm french
annahabanna (1 month ago)
Very useful tutorial - thank you so much for your work! Wish you all the best!
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Many thanks annahabanna
Jonathan Lee (1 month ago)
Okay, now that I've had the opportunity to actually do this, I'm finding it far more problematic. Went through the tutorial and edited the video on HitFilm Express and it went fine. Uploaded it to Facebook and it looks terrible. Way too zoomed in and literally unusable. Not really sure what went wrong, but disappointing as just the upload to FB alone takes quite some time.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Not quite sure what's happening here Jon. Difficult for me to tell to be honest. It shouldn't be the case
Jonathan Lee (1 month ago)
Tried both "fit to height" and "fit to width". Really made very little difference once uploaded. There must be more to this.
Mohammad HammaD MasooD (1 month ago)
i like ur work. u r good teacher. ALLAH BLESS YOU Sir
Mohammad HammaD MasooD (1 month ago)
Wellcm sir sir i lern about graphic design
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Many thanks Mohammad
info videos (1 month ago)
Great explanation, thank you man
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Many thanks
Jonathan Lee (1 month ago)
Very well constructed tutorial
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Many thanks Jonathan
Shugun Virk (2 months ago)
Not able to create square video
I have created the video, however it looks cut off on mobile devises. Is there any way to make the video mobile devises adjustable?
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Hi Liliana It shouldn't get cut off. I made mine using the same technology and it woks fine so i am not sure what went wrong there
Ahmed Tarek (2 months ago)
" We're having trouble with completing your request, please try again later " What should i do?
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
@Ahmed Tarek Ah, sorry to hear. DOn't think I can help with that one
Ahmed Tarek (2 months ago)
@Ranking Academy From Facebook not Chrome =''(
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Hi Ahmed. Where is the error message coming from?
Shane Waterman (3 months ago)
Hi Luc - another straightforward, well presented tutorial. I found HitFilm very problematic downloading and trying to get it to operate. I checked the spec of my laptop against what it states on their website and I am waaaay covered. Just couldn't get it to work :-( However, if it's of help to you to point others in another (free!) direction, I've found and used VideoPad (which looks and works almost exactly the same as your demo of HitFilm (it's uncannily similar tbh!) and installs and runs very well. You do need to have 64bit and an absolute min of 4Gb for all these editors (think you ought to mention that in the details below your video) but, once you have a few dummy runs, it's pretty simple. Thanks :-)
Shane Waterman (3 months ago)
@Ranking Academy Luc - my pleasure 😊
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Shane Waterman many thanks shane i’m sure your comments will be useful to others
I like your presentation and it's so helpful as well. Thank you so much God bless..
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Sana-Deelala Serunituacoko thank you very much. Glad you found it useful
Thanks for this video i really like it
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Many thanks.
MIng Lou (3 months ago)
I dont have video upload option on my fb how can l get that option?
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
That’s why you can’t see the option
MIng Lou (3 months ago)
@Ranking Academy No
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
The video otpion only exists for business pages. Do you have one?
BlueSuedeHughes (3 months ago)
This doesn't work. The exported project always comes out as 1920 x 1080 no matter how much you change the project options. Rubbish software and even worse presentation.
Love so much sir thanks..
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Many thanks
Chinmay Ray (3 months ago)
Thank You very much Durant. Amazing video. One of my wish / doubt cleared .how to add edit video. Really appreciate. Thank you again.
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching
zubair mehmood (3 months ago)
Thanks very informative 👍🏻
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks zubair
Bong Michael Lopez (3 months ago)
Awesome content!
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Many thanks
Jacob Meudt (3 months ago)
I have watched one of your videos before. You do a good job, I will be watching more of your videos. Right now I am doing something else and listening to your videos in the background... your voice is soo relaxing and peaceful.
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks Jacob
Viviene Brown (3 months ago)
Very detailed and informative. Thank you.
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks viviene
mystic watson (4 months ago)
Question. Can I make a banner that has three videos linked together as one for a cover photo for fb? For example; a video of two people then a video in the middle of the two people?
mystic watson (3 months ago)
@Ranking Academy I mean to post three videos, that when you look at it. It has three at once playing. So there would be a person video a graphic video and another person video as a animated banner.
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Not entirely sure i understand your question but you can definitely stich up 3 videos in to one if you want to as long as you don't exceed the time limit
Abeyta Leroy (4 months ago)
Great videos taught me alot
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Thanks Abeyta
B M (4 months ago)
Thanks man!
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting
Nadja Klingen (4 months ago)
I want something about zero waste... nothing to find on Pixabay.... any suggestions? thanks and indeed, great video ! :)
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
would that work: https://pixabay.com/images/search/recycling/
Jobayer Hossain (4 months ago)
Very good tutorial. But after extracting the video there showing watermark of video editing software logo (Hitfil..).how can i remove the watermark?
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Try camtasia. I think you can download a trial version
Jobayer Hossain (4 months ago)
Any other software u can suggest to edit video size? I just need to resize the video .TIA.
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Unfortunately it looks like since I've made the video they have introduced the watermark. Nothing you can do about it about from paying for a subscription :-(
Angelie Sarreal (4 months ago)
Thank you for the helpful tutorial! However, upon publishing my edited video, it shows the logo of the editing platform. How do I take it off? Thanks!
Jobayer Hossain (4 months ago)
@Ranking Academy is it possible to remove watermark? Or any other software? Please help.
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Weird. It seems they may have changed the way they work since I published this video as there was no watermark when i created mine.
Jakub B (4 months ago)
Hi I created some video for my page but I can't upload it don't have option to upload video only photo is that still available? How I can change it if possible Thanks
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
You can only use videos for business pages not personal accounts
Tirthankar Ghosh (4 months ago)
but the watermark and a beep sound is appearing
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Really?. Unless they have changed things since I've made the video it shouldn't happen
H.M Habib Photography (4 months ago)
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching
Can Ertunc (4 months ago)
Thank you so so much for sharing your video. It's easy to understand. Please keep them coming
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot can
Gilbert Galabay (4 months ago)
that im looking exactly very clear tutorial 👍
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Gilbert Galabay thanks gilbert
Mihai Dogaru (4 months ago)
I like how you explain step by step. You are an accomplished teacher.
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Many thanks Mihai
Vera Schafer (5 months ago)
Thank you indeed for making it so easy to understand. Can’t wait to start making our own covers.
Vera Schafer (5 months ago)
Actually what I need to see is a tutorial (or a solution) to create a video using a few images of fabrics. Each “stripe” would appear vertically, in a split of a second from the previous one, ending up in some kind of a quilt (not sure if I can make myself clear).
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
My pleasure. Good luck with your covers
Ralph Concentine (5 months ago)
You do great videos-VERY INFORMATIVE
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
Thanks Ralph
the kanjirappallytimes (5 months ago)
this one of the fucking video editting app but you one is awsm
Manoj V (5 months ago)
I'm satisfied with video. Could you explain me email marketing with MailChimp or any other free email marketing tools What's your name?
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
Thanks Manoj. I will put it on my list
Cristina Martinez (5 months ago)
How to activate the hitfilm? I already install it but i cant use it. I cant find the home page you are talking about
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
You should have received a confirmation email
George Maton (5 months ago)
everytime i search for something on pixabay nothing comes up even when i typed in bakery as a test...
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
This is very strange. Have you tried other stock image websites like this one https://www.pexels.com/royalty-free-images/
Sohail Khan (5 months ago)
How to put video cover to Facebook profile not a pages
Sohail Khan (5 months ago)
@Ranking Academy I have found a trick its work....
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
You can't currently add video cover to a Facebook profile
Viral Videos (5 months ago)
One doubt related to Facebook friend list, What happens if we delete a friend request?, Do they remain as our follower?, Can they see our future posts on their timeline?
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
If you delete a friend request then tehy will not be your friend in the first place. If you delete them as friend they will no longer have access to your posts
Milos Pavlovic (5 months ago)
Thank you Luc for this very useful video, explained in detail with perfect presentation....very professional and cool in the same time 👌👏👍
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
Thanks very much for your awesome comment Milos.
munin boro (5 months ago)
wow great
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
Thanks munin
Steven Dragoo (6 months ago)
That was a terrific explanation and easy to follow. Thanks!
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
Many thanks for your kind words steven
Nishad Bhavsar (6 months ago)
How to make ptt to video with added effect
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
Just use an online converter https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp4
Asma Naeem (6 months ago)
Great info but am not being able to save file after exporting it..it shows error..is there any other way to save the file?
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
It's never happened to me so i am not sure. Drop them an email, i'm sure they will get back to you
William Masten (6 months ago)
Thank You, Luc. Great content,very helpful. Best wishes. Keep it going. You are awesome!!
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
William Masten thanks William. Glad you enjoyed it
Dale Van Den Heuvel (7 months ago)
Could not download the free video editor software, when I tried to there was an internal error.
Ranking Academy (7 months ago)
You might want to drop them an email
Larry Green Chevrolet (7 months ago)
Love your videos! Can I ask though... When I am editing in the HITFILM download and right click on anything at all I receive an error message that reads: "We're Sorry. HitFilm Express encountered a problem and has to exit. To help us fix this problem, please send the crash report to us." and then the program completely shuts down. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :) ila.
Ranking Academy (7 months ago)
Thanks Larry. Just try deleting the software and reinstall. If that still doesn't work simply get in touch with HITFILM directly.
Constancephoto (7 months ago)
great video- very informative and just the information I needed! a great resource for pc owners. I was able to create a very fun FB video cover for my client! Thank you for making me look good.
Ranking Academy (7 months ago)
Great stuff! I'm glad you found this useful and you could make one of your clients happy
sing in (7 months ago)
I can't download the video editor. it doesn't send me any mail. :(
Ranking Academy (7 months ago)
This is strange. I don't see why you couldn't receive it. Have you tried with another email?
Tom Troler (8 months ago)
I can't add video cover on my personal account. Is this only for business accounts? I'm from Europe.
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
You can only add video cover on Facebook business pages, not personal ones
Ahmed Al Baloch (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot for tutorial buddy.... good work 👍
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Thank you ahmed
Business Mind (8 months ago)
When i create facebook page.after some time my facebook account get disable.and ask for verify.and i upload pic..but facebook account not active.what should do?plzz help me
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
It sounds like you're not meeting the Facebook Terms and conditions policy. Difficult for me to say why
Thomas McKay (8 months ago)
Great tutorial, hope to check out more. Subscribed and turned on notifications.
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Many thanks Thomas. I hope my videos can be helpful to you
Barry Ross (8 months ago)
What is a great free audio similar to Pixabay
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
I haven't really found any. Most of the time you will need to mention the artist at the very least. You might find this useful: https://vidooly.com/blog/youtube-royalty-free-music-sites-for-creators/
Ruth Welsby (8 months ago)
Superb tutorial, can't wait to give it a try
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Thank you so much ruth. That's very kind of you. Best of luck with your banner
William / Bill/ C Whalen (8 months ago)
I like your presentations they are clear,  straight forward, and beneficial to either a business or personal page.
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Many thanks Bill. I really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you find this useful.
Great video saved 49 per month subscription to a sort of same software which is a lot to just make simple videos like this
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks Muhammad. I'm glad you will be saving money. That's one of the reasons I put this video together as I couldn't find a cheap software to do this simple task.
This is very useful
P r o - V l o g g e r (5 months ago)
Asif Ahmed Rakib (8 months ago)
Wow, thanks for the tutorial.
Anil Jagannath shinde (8 months ago)
Dear sir you are great thanks for new information
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks Anil. Glad you find the information useful
More EV (8 months ago)
Thank you. Very helpful step by step tutorial.
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
My pleasure. Thanks for watching
pajkos (8 months ago)
Can you recommend a site where we can find free music? Thanks
Nicolas Dumenil (8 months ago)
Great stuff. Thanks
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks Nicolas

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