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Filling a BMX TIRE with HELIUM!

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Will it make my bike lighter? Faster? Hop Higher? Watch to find out! This is Definitely one of the CRAZIEST experiments I've done to date, the results are mind boggling and we called a couple scientist to try and decipher whats going on... No answer. This was definitely a most requested video I've had in a while so If you seemed to enjoy this one drop a FAT like and FAT subscribe for more videos like this in the future:) Love Y'all! SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXtLS2M3A7dvcQtg-T_uHww Check out: http://www.RyanNeedleMedia.com Business email: [email protected] FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ryan.n.needle?fref=ts FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/NeedleMedia/?fref=ts INSTAGRAM: @Ryanneedle INSTAGRAM PAGE: @NeedleMedia TWITTER: @Ryanneedle SNAPCHAT: @Ryanneedle123 Skatepark(s): N/A Tags (Ignore) : Family Friendly, PG, BMX bike, BMX, Bicycles, BMX bicycles, Bikes, street BMX, BMX street, BMX edit, BMX park, Park BMX, Best BMX, Best of BMX, Stems, Bars, Forks, Frames, Bars, BMX how to, BMX top 5, BMX life, bmx vlogger, bmx vlog , Life Hack , Helium BMX , Helium filled tire , what happens , bmx experiment , filling helium into tube , helium filled tire , helium bike tire , helium filled bike , filling bike with helium
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Ryan Needle (8 months ago)
Hey boys and gals, like I said in the video... This experiment and the result is actually mind boggling and I still can’t seem to figure out why... Feel free to leave a comment and help me understand what exactly happen! Thanks for watching, love y’all🖤🖤
💪🏼Ares (19 days ago)
Fill the tyres with nitrogen.
wendigo gaming (19 days ago)
You pumped more helium, it takes more helium to pump it than air
Murtaza Fawad (19 days ago)
The tires will pop
Nologics (21 days ago)
Do with a car!
Kaluramnaek Naek (1 month ago)
Ryan Needle गस‌‌ सलढर से मोटर्स ईकल
Ben Mc Carron (3 days ago)
Because u had air and helium in the tire
Sora Tachibana (3 days ago)
That Pokemon Music is so good😍😍
Nathan Becka (3 days ago)
The back of the bike starts to float up in the air while your on it so you face plant and then you lose your bike forever!!
Alexis g (3 days ago)
I think you will go faster
Skylar Julian (3 days ago)
Car tiers with helmem
Laurin Patton (3 days ago)
You should ware jeans and also tie helium balloons to your jeans And make like the strings short so they don’t get in your way that much
Breane Caraway (3 days ago)
That runescape music lol
Anastasia Lindsley (4 days ago)
You might go in the air or nit
Matthew Smith (4 days ago)
it wall pop
Jordan Kapeliela (4 days ago)
"Is helium heavier than air?" Facepalms*
H20 tokyo (4 days ago)
I live right by that skate park behind Huntington
Noah STONE (4 days ago)
I liked subscribed and turned on notifacations
TheRedWingsGuy (5 days ago)
We had to call a scientist 😂
Gracie Russell (5 days ago)
It will pop
Shen Cummings (5 days ago)
Use sulfur hexafluoride
Cruz Boyd (5 days ago)
please like because ive never gotten a ;like
Andy B (5 days ago)
PV = NRT pressure*volume=number of Moles*constant R*temperature Basically the number of moles is the number of molecules regardless of how large those molecules are (He is very small). You really should have checked the pressure before and after to make sure you’re putting in the same amount
Andy B (5 days ago)
Prediction: it’s freakin awesome. I watched pro soccer players fill a ball with helium and they said it made it feel way different.
the pro of gaming (6 days ago)
CasoMan (6 days ago)
The bikes gonna fly away like a bird
Tiger Shade (6 days ago)
I think the bike will float
Awesome Slayer44 (6 days ago)
I think it is gonna get heavyer
jullian fernandez (7 days ago)
Fill a car tires with helium
Corelax Lexio (8 days ago)
redstone ocean (8 days ago)
Tires will pop
anita contreras (8 days ago)
She is HD jsn so Ohio State University
It’s going to freaking fly
Clorox Bleach (9 days ago)
Fill your tires with *NOTHING*
Kim Alexander Kepler (11 days ago)
Interesting findings
Doosun Dursan (12 days ago)
naji king (12 days ago)
Mohamed Hamad (13 days ago)
Do you understand hOw density even works😂
Tee Bloan (14 days ago)
Weed make you feel better when you take one hit of weed lmao
Connor Austin (14 days ago)
Leo Marquez (14 days ago)
Fill your tires with water or orbeez
pauhull (14 days ago)
Put Xenon in it
Mathew Cardoso (14 days ago)
U the no nothing is going to happen
Savage King (15 days ago)
This is stupid
SSSniper dog (15 days ago)
It will fly to jesus
BlackShaddow904 (15 days ago)
Bill Nye the science guy
Mc Spidey_ (16 days ago)
Oh yeah yey
Platinum Gaia (16 days ago)
Nice banjo kazzoie music
Bull likes Cookies (16 days ago)
I think it didn’t do anything
Flame Gaming (16 days ago)
Shaggy (17 days ago)
Filling my lungs with carbon dioxide
DarkSamurai (17 days ago)
Yeah it's right up the street right ok bro
Snorlax Games (17 days ago)
The bike will tip upside down
What's the song at 0:00
naruto Uzumaki (18 days ago)
You are going to kill yourself
Pidge Gunderson (18 days ago)
This all reminds me of *I forgot how to spell her name* from My Hero Academia
Dankri Jk (18 days ago)
7:30 the thumbnail
Oliwier Mistera (19 days ago)
Lochie Gregory (19 days ago)
Fill your car tires up with helium
Jonathan Taylor (19 days ago)
13:12 smoke weed
rakeem cortes (19 days ago)
His bike sinks
Cam Cam (19 days ago)
Why are they SWIMMING IN SEWAGE????!!!!
Jevon wauchope (19 days ago)
Sufyaan Gharbaoui (19 days ago)
That vid is dead up
Jahleyah Hibbert (19 days ago)
Donovan Russell (19 days ago)
It works
Mrcaden98 Caden (20 days ago)
Fill your tire with water
Mat_theLord (20 days ago)
Jake Kim (20 days ago)
iS HeLiUm hEaviEr tHaN aiR
PandaXD YT (20 days ago)
If this nigga don't float like a balloon into the sky Imma be disappointed
Josh Beckster (20 days ago)
The amount of times you said doubt😂😂
Mixup 221 (20 days ago)
I bet it didn’t do anything. There is no way that small tube could have a measurable effect. That would be like holding on to a balloon while you ride
milxss (20 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
MarshMello (20 days ago)
If you read this sentence or get fooled like this comment Read more
Andrew Rutter (19 days ago)
You were close
Leonard Dorsey (20 days ago)
the bikes going to be at heavier because helium is not as dents
Big Chungus (20 days ago)
Helium is denser than air because the higher you go in the air the more dense it is so helium goes up to find the correct density
Are those helium balloons, ah we flying away now
Unleashable Gaming (20 days ago)
I think your inner tube will be mushy
The journey with Lily (20 days ago)
Can you fill a bmx tire with helium. Lol
Pelsop (20 days ago)
I don’t think air weighs anything 😂
Pelsop (19 days ago)
Indiana dippers You forgot an e
Indiana dippers (19 days ago)
Did you finish the 1st grad
Lucifur (19 days ago)
Pelsop bs. air has the density of 1.0 grams per centimeters
Carter Ruesch (20 days ago)
Eh i think it wont change much but will a lil
Bandit Boy14 (21 days ago)
Do Sulfur hexaflorite
Vowsox (21 days ago)
Says helium in a tank is cold and cold is heavier than hot that’s probably what makes your tires heavier
NoVa_Horizon224 V2 (21 days ago)
What was the post song
drake page (21 days ago)
it was dope
Daniel Staton (21 days ago)
Will it flot
Thunder God ssjblue (21 days ago)
demon 102 (21 days ago)
It will bounce really hugh
Desmond Izzi-Fell (21 days ago)
CTI_Minefett (21 days ago)
i dont know why but he reminds me of unspeakable gaming
Lymbo (21 days ago)
I think absulutely nothing will happen
Lymbo (21 days ago)
Fill it with slime next
Jack Bagnall (21 days ago)
Do you guys do you guys you guys have those helium tanks guys do you guys.
Jack Bagnall (21 days ago)
Mf you have no class and are poorly spoken
“Mind boggling” the description makes me feel like he dropped outta elementary
Regan Jensen (22 days ago)
makes it heavier
Duntral Mcgee (22 days ago)
fill your bike tire with water
Avery Redelback (22 days ago)
James Lockaby (22 days ago)
It floats
Dragon Scales (22 days ago)
Charlie Thomas (22 days ago)
My name is Charlie
-YouJustGotClapped - (22 days ago)
Fill you BMX tire with gasoline
Random Guy (22 days ago)
Some say you can still see him flying in the sky on his bike
Mr Koala (22 days ago)
Git heve
grawsome 07 (22 days ago)
Oh no no

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