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Days N Daze - Misanthropic Drunken Loner [Official Music Video]

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Filmed in Savannah, GA by Jak Kerley/Shibby Pictures For more filmmaking like this, subscribe or check me out online at: http://www.ShibbyPictures.com http://www.Facebook.com/ShibbyPictures @ShibbyPictures (Instagram & Twitter) For music: daysndaze.bandcamp.com
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Text Comments (1348)
Marc Krapp-Kuhlmann (11 hours ago)
in a music video about Misanthropic Loner there are almost no shots with only one person in them lol
Nodis Respect (21 hours ago)
People suck
Pawg Rider (23 hours ago)
99.9% sure i saw these guys on the street at Pikes Market in Seattle in late July of 2016, im sure of it, cuz ide never heard anything like it. Amazing
seamonkey2010 (1 day ago)
took me a min to find out how to buy this album. so heres the link i found https://daysndaze.bandcamp.com/track/misanthropic-drunken-loner if you click this link you have to get naked and run around for 30 seconds whispering what a naughtly little doggy you are. sorry. thems the rules. dont fucking click the link if you cant handle it loser. shit. damn. thats *your issue*.
Rhapbus1 (1 day ago)
they all look like a bunch of scumbags who smell like shit and thats why i love these fuckers
Ryan Sykes (4 days ago)
God I just wanna say I just discovered this band and you guys have to be one of my favorites of all time and I'd love to play with yall if you ever come to Florida. Come to PCB fl. And you guys got a place to crash and jam.
Ryan Sykes (4 days ago)
Oh and my roommate is a amazing tattoo artist so we could jam and get some shit done he accepts whiskey as payment best deal ever.
Timothy Davis (6 days ago)
You want to be in our band? Septum piercing not optional.
Jeremiah Osborne (6 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful songwriting
President Purps (14 days ago)
im in love with the washboard player
Katie Fox (16 days ago)
Where can I find a crew like THIS?!
DANGER ZONE (17 days ago)
fuck yeah
Dart Field (19 days ago)
Some white dude some time ago. suprised me to find it once more.
Jake Smithsonian (21 days ago)
i want to like this band but i think theyre probably the antifa-confirmed SJW types...
winkledorf17 (22 days ago)
Yo not to brag or nothin but I totally met Jesse and hes the coolest fuckin guy.
Christopher Cole (24 days ago)
Anti social masturbation? Is that a GG Allan referance?
Joe Vlam (25 days ago)
I usef to have a friend named pierce who went on tour with them they're so full of themselves way too arrogant for a group of people who dont bathe
Bloodletter87 Gill (26 days ago)
Like it
Love from costa rica Drinking day ✌
Fliptastical (28 days ago)
Literally cant stop listening to this song while im on a box wine bender.
Thomas Blackwell (29 days ago)
Wow...love this song....the melody, the contrast between rasp and clean vocal, the lyrics are great...a great blend of talent
Fliptastical (30 days ago)
When art meets real life
Fige The Shark Dog (30 days ago)
For whoever says These Beautiful people are awful You're... WRONG there just fine and I think there awesome and just to know these songs they make sometimes relate to my life or I just think they do. I love there music and others but I support them and everyone
maybe if they stopped wallowing in self pity and got jobs, they would useful
Janis Daugavietis (1 month ago)
And not a shower in sight.
Eric Alvarez (1 month ago)
Can’t wait to see y’all at the Hop in Harlingen next month!!! :)
Raul Llera (1 month ago)
These motherfuckers are getting to a core of something
Diego Portillo (1 month ago)
They should let the trumpet girl be the lead singer
Josey (1 month ago)
*Certified song of AA*
Corey Cataford (1 month ago)
so much love in this band much respect
Bryan Blair (1 month ago)
Is the lyric " we judge ourselves to make us feel like we're not just mistakes"?
Zak Kochis (1 month ago)
So glad i stumbled on this band. Listening always makes me feel happy!!!!!!
John A (1 month ago)
Why would you ever give this a thumbs down?
Zo East (1 month ago)
I dig your jamz
Master Higgins (1 month ago)
Ya'll ever just click on a music video you like and expect to hear some nice music and pleasing sounds, and instead just get hit with a 15 second unskippable ad and briefly consider killing yourself?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBQBAkhcYRU <--- post the message to everyone. We are many. All together we can change the surface of the parralel universe we called Internet.
Erich Foster (2 months ago)
That chick is aggro as fuck!
jimmy mcgill (2 months ago)
The people who hate on "pieces" of this music misses the point
_ _iconoclast (2 months ago)
Derek Milligan (2 months ago)
💚🐸🤧love you
anthony davidson (2 months ago)
Fucking life is shit
Scotty Baker (2 months ago)
I have bicth that hates me and I have kids with her and she will never let us go she is fucking crazy and trys to kill her self all the time
Alex Wise (2 months ago)
Xae D (2 months ago)
Me and my girlfriends song ❤️
Ian MacCartney (2 months ago)
i adore this song and they look like theyre having so much fun and im proud of them but i cant get over how much they all look like portlandia characters
Sleazus Christ (2 months ago)
As far as I'm concerned this is a drinking song
Evelynn Rose Quintana (2 months ago)
they need to make merch, I need a frickin days n daze hoodie
Evelynn Rose Quintana (2 months ago)
yassss https://daysndaze.myshopify.com/collections/sweatshirt/products/sweatshirt?variant=9724420030506
CaptBackwards (2 months ago)
for people who has autism.
Zerg Mid (2 months ago)
DAMN HIPPY CRUSTIES! putting out some puro punk rock folk rock. pretty bad ass i dig
Randy Compton (2 months ago)
Instantly made me a fan
Peacock J (2 months ago)
sewagedump (2 months ago)
Aw was Edward crying :(
what? the question. (2 months ago)
I actually felt something. That is tantamount to Hades crying in the old myths. I don't hand that out like candy. Raise your heads accept my praise.
Company with 3 (2 months ago)
If you play this at 0.75x speed it becomes more indie than punk 😆
dreadfully thic (2 months ago)
Im so glad I got to see them live best day of my life tbh
Josy Shuffles (2 months ago)
haha, after all these years I realized 2:43 was their attempts at twerking, lol, thats adorable.
Tomorrow Belongs To Me (2 months ago)
I like this song but I am a collectivist not am individualist
Bengi Aydogan (2 months ago)
I'm in love with her voice tbh
Daniel Lemon (2 months ago)
I love this man
E u (3 months ago)
i relate to this music a lot
Miguel de Araújo (3 months ago)
I remember when this hit the 1 million mark Now we at 3M fam
Steph Collins (3 months ago)
why isnt this like a monster huge hit? this is beautiful, true and unapologetic... music has died, this is how i have always felt... they have beautiful voices <3
Thea S (3 months ago)
Did they just reference Ramshackle Glory at 3:18?
Tague Relyea (3 months ago)
Lived it not an easy life great talent I don’t dig the voices but appreciate the talent
Lewis Rettig (3 months ago)
I'm sorry that I just like myself more then I like you
Chris Petersen (3 months ago)
It seems that everyone always has a bone to pick: a promise to break. Never again will I make that mistake- of trusting anyone.
JoshxDarnxIt (3 months ago)
This is the best. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
Rick T. (3 months ago)
That's just beautiful, love it
Rachel S (3 months ago)
I really felt transported to Adventure Time, in real life. That was wow. Plus, I know I went to school with kids just like these. So lovely.
Suburban Postcard (3 months ago)
James Mitchell (3 months ago)
weepingwell (3 months ago)
Normally i am disappointed when i see my favorite artists for the first time. these dudes look exactly like i thought they would though.
zero fucksgiven (3 months ago)
violuss (3 months ago)
i just saw them on fluff fest, thay are awesome and this song is about me:D <3
This Anthrope (3 months ago)
Not since the first notes of the first Elliott Smith song I heard has a band resonated so deeply into my soul as this song did. It's a drumbeat in my heart saying "it's ok to be this way, it's ok, it's ok."
Åke Carlsson (3 months ago)
communist shit mucis
West Wynd Media (3 months ago)
Your song and a beer makes the world liveable
magic incense (3 months ago)
No way.. Awesome guys this is a good song.. Haha medicine
magic incense (3 months ago)
Come pick me up ill play show tunes.
Jeff TBOW (3 months ago)
I finally have a harmonic calling Sound wave coming my way right now thank you so very fucking much i want to live and love god dammit why can't I cant fucking live without this bullshit love!!!!
Joseph Peterson (3 months ago)
I used to hate this band but I didn't know they literally wrote a song about me
Jeffrey Maddux (3 months ago)
why this video just ask for a cigarette
Keaton Barrett (3 months ago)
1:38 diet coke and cigarettes
Bob Hope (4 months ago)
Girl sucks
Shane McGrath (4 months ago)
Thank you, I needed to hear this so much today
Jason Wyman (4 months ago)
self-hating humans
Erin Cornett (4 months ago)
Tough shit.
john thomson (4 months ago)
What happened to you guys at Rockfest?? Very upsetting I didn't get to see you guys man..
Nomo Waywad (4 months ago)
this band is the shit
Philipp Hoehn (1 month ago)
no u
Nomo Waywad (4 months ago)
this band is the shit
Nomo Waywad (4 months ago)
this band is the shit
Cory Braden (4 months ago)
Saw y’all at moon runners in Chicago and bought y’all beers before your set. U guys got me through rehab. Best show ever. Can’t wait to see you all again!!
Cory Braden (4 months ago)
Saw y’all at moon runners in Chicago and bought y’all beers before your set. U guys got me through rehab. Best show ever. Can’t wait to see you all again!!
absinthe (4 months ago)
you guys are dope but you have no place in polotics (dont care if i spelled it wrong)
bob nights. (4 months ago)
Lets get drunk and party. Come to Oregon we can party.
mayum (4 months ago)
3years ago that was one of my favoruite song. Some thing never change :3
jitzSkills mendez (4 months ago)
Stonchman (4 months ago)
Kelly Riddle (4 months ago)
They should out a regular collar on that dog and not a pinch collar. He seems mellow enough.
Danny ray (4 months ago)
this is fucking good. i mean that as a, classical pianist classical trained violinist opera fan. street kid adult Philosophy instructor every sentence you can think of
Ross Porter (4 months ago)
1:41 omg so cute.
GreenGhost81 (4 months ago)
Man, I love this band so much. I just wish I was as free as I imagine them to be.

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