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Snake attacking a water dragon lizard in our swimming pool in Brisbane Australia

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Obviously the snake cannot hear me making noises. That's just me being stupid.
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Text Comments (364)
A water dragon is veru veru good swimmer he can wait 90minute in water if predator nearby
بنت دمشق (24 days ago)
العربي لايك
Shas'O Swoll (27 days ago)
hissing at the snake won't do much, they're practically deaf
Stumack (27 days ago)
It looks super weird how the snake just lays on top of the water.
Jackson Jett (3 months ago)
So what happened haha? Did the water dragon get away? Was that snake poisonous? Did he try to come towards you? LOL I need answers.
Jackson Jett (3 months ago)
+Allen Patrick Stevens thank you for the reply haha
Allen Patrick Stevens (3 months ago)
Sorry to say the water dragon went missing. Snake turned my way and then back to follow the dragon. I'm not sure if the snake was poisonous.
Tim Walker (5 months ago)
this is a water dragon.not a water dragon lizard.no such creature.also people saying it is breathing under water.no it is not. you can see it coming up the side of the ball for air. thats when the snake strikes it
x Victimized (1 year ago)
Idfts snake.😂😂😂
hura (1 year ago)
The lizard looks like a fucking fish
Old gunslinger (1 year ago)
thaey had to cut the video because this guy put a whole lotta bullets in that pool
souvik paul (1 year ago)
What is the name of that snake?
Robert Jensen (1 year ago)
Snake is looking at you and trying to figure out how to kill you.
Oscar Charria (1 year ago)
that was a venomous snake!!!
Jack Troyer (1 year ago)
. Russiakilleting . .. . .
bread (1 year ago)
It was your idea too go too Australia
Just a Normal guy (1 year ago)
To me that just looks like a lizard trying to drown itself
Can I get a sub? (1 year ago)
Guy:tssssss Snake:......😐
IAMGiftbearer (1 year ago)
That's amazing that the lizard can hold its breath that long!
ohdear5671 (1 year ago)
"I don't fucking think so snake....tssss" 😂😂😂😂
Farhad Farkish (1 year ago)
Babe we go to pool, oh look there is a snake on pool ,hehe ohhh a lizzard in under water ,and babe like WtF ???????
Ogie Cruz (1 year ago)
Is that smnake poisonous, and what kind of a snake is it ?
martin wilk (3 months ago)
Probably a tree snake
Craig Ismyname (1 year ago)
What snake was that looks weird it just floating on top without having to move haha
Lodewyk Cloete (1 year ago)
swim little Godzilla swim !!
Dustin Farinha (1 year ago)
The trusty snake deterrent... Tssst. This man knows his snakes
Niraj Sharma Niraj (1 year ago)
niraj shama
BigBear xP (1 year ago)
"Now the snek is looking at me" *I don't fucking think so slick* Best comeback 10/10 (Not sarcastic)
Fernando Ramirez (1 year ago)
Why you not healthy
edlizard (1 year ago)
So, does the snake have a problem diving?
martin wilk (3 months ago)
Yes, most snakes can't swim under water
MasterrWolf676 G (1 year ago)
Tell me why there are lizards that breathe under water and snakes that can float in water What's next a outbreak of rats
Tim Walker (5 months ago)
this Dragon came up for air and yes snakes can float just like humans
Fried Cow (1 year ago)
Why do people still live in Australia??!?!!
Nilsan Alejandro (1 year ago)
new Godzilla trailer lookin DOPE
xXRyoko GimaXx (1 year ago)
I live in Queensland Australia to!
Andres Ramos (1 year ago)
remy goblin (1 year ago)
Why did you let that happen?!
paruhang rai (1 year ago)
XxlockMyScreenxX (1 year ago)
Annette Buthe (1 year ago)
Ok, so what kind of snake is this, and how often do you find snakes in your pool??
martin wilk (3 months ago)
Probably a tree snake
Jassi Ram (1 year ago)
salty j (1 year ago)
Damn you got a shit load of black algae in yo pool.
skate or die gr (1 year ago)
Kade sub
o yea yea (1 year ago)
That hiss doe😂😂
o yea yea (1 year ago)
Stop Motion Studios (1 year ago)
Poor lizard
Sudrashan Khamkar (1 year ago)
om khamkar
skipfalls (1 year ago)
Ffs Australia is the most dangerous place on planet. those fucking tour Operator won't show you this stuff.
cindy babu (1 year ago)
Why your not help your stupid man wtf
GingerBreadMan1178 (1 year ago)
You have to word it for her to understand better cause most girls don't know nature. It's like dating a guy that you are interested in but everyone doesn't like him except you.
WarLord (1 year ago)
how could someone again use that pool ???
Oskars animals (1 year ago)
It's a young green tree snake
Dulal Kumar (1 year ago)
Dulal rai
cdangelo86 (1 year ago)
😂 that just made my night 😂
cdangelo86 (1 year ago)
"and now its facing me..i dont fucking think so snake" 😂😂😂😂
Shiv Kumar (1 year ago)
ed hardy xL
Gurson Gurson (1 year ago)
Them strikes though but lizard had some skills too Either snake was amature or lizard was lucky
Ayhee M.D.R. (1 year ago)
si Horn yan!
K (1 year ago)
"I don't fucking think so snake." 💀
bawoodd11 (1 year ago)
2:06:  When you go to McDonalds for a dollar burger but realize you are hungrier than you thought and end up with 2 double quarter pounders.
Nicolas Cam (1 year ago)
1. Why would he help the lizard? He probably does not know what species it is and it is most likely venomous. He's not gonna risk his fucking life over a lizard. Many snakes are unpredictable. 2. Its natural. Snakes eat animals. Get over it. Try persuading every living thing on earth to go vegan. It's not gonna work. Snakes are carnivores. They only eat meat. The only way they eat plants is through the prey they eat. Their instincts only allow them to strike at prey. They're not gonna strike at a plant. Tell Mother Nature it's animal abuse. Nature doesn't give a fuck
Elisha RaSon (1 year ago)
speak to it in parseltongue
Ling Lau Yuan (1 year ago)
It's so horrible why in your house got a lot of animals or insects,
SONU RAJPUT (1 year ago)
Prince of Ghana
Iceman Im (1 year ago)
Austin Eaker (1 year ago)
Skip to 2:52 if you don't want to waste your time. Thank me later
Prashant Kumar (1 year ago)
JEED JARD (1 year ago)
nope pig
2blessed 2Bstressed (1 year ago)
dude if i woulda seen a damn snake in my pool like that i woulda been on the next flight .. 😆 this had me looken around from watching this n the dark lol do u hear me 👏👏👏👏😂✌👋poof !!!
davidjacksonsr (1 year ago)
I scream like a girl around bees Australia is no place for this guy
hbkndhhh (1 year ago)
Where about in Brisbane?
Ali Haidari (1 year ago)
I love australia but I hate their's animals
Abu Taher (1 year ago)
never going to Australia lol
DJ AD (1 year ago)
hey amazing video !
REaDy7th Gang (1 year ago)
😂I don't fucking think so snske
potato ban (1 year ago)
RIP cameraman
Bagas Adityo (1 year ago)
itu bukan ular beneran kan
Rendi krcr majalengka (1 year ago)
kasihan kadal nya kenapa gak di selamatkan what are you doing fucking
HARI S (1 year ago)
maa kaa chooth
soniya sharma (1 year ago)
deadly swimming pool
-/ (1 year ago)
That was the "Usain Bolt" of the lizards.
Ajay Akela (1 year ago)
Ajay Akela (1 year ago)
bf videos
Abhinav Tiwari (1 year ago)
Straliaaaaaaa... the land of Nope.
Khawar Paracha (1 year ago)
whats wrong with Australia
martin wilk (3 months ago)
All our politicians are stupid cunts other than that it's great
Nasir Khan (1 year ago)
hahaha that ssssss by the camera man? what? are you talking to the snake? you think you are harry potter?
Sas Quatch (1 year ago)
I fucking dare a snake to stare me down, coming at ya with nukes and shit
RACHAEL WORTLEY (1 year ago)
What kind of snake is it?
martin wilk (3 months ago)
Hard to say exactly from that distance but probably a tree snake
Aldwin Tungal (1 year ago)
pls titch me men
Sara Wawa (1 year ago)
What type of snake is that? I honestly love the way snakes look when they move through water. They're so graceful
Dan Chaplin (3 months ago)
Sara Wawa common tree snake
Azad Rusiya (1 year ago)
ritu ji
IAreGraf (1 year ago)
lol the snake just stared down him xD
Quan Hodges (1 year ago)
Lmao!!! 😂😂😂😭💀 2:11 at that moment the cameraman knew...he fucked up 😂😂
Rebecca Adams (1 year ago)
People root for the underdog. I felt sorry for the lizard too. He's minding his own business having a relaxing swim and, "Crikey, what the hell..."
Mohammad Alrefai (1 year ago)
what was the ending
Mackenzie Ziegler (1 year ago)
dbenson31 (2 years ago)
Australia is fucking cool
Lilg 21 (2 years ago)
did this nigga 4real just ssssss at the snake WTF
Ŵėštèrñ Ŷāŷà (2 years ago)
Umm sorry to break it to you but the water dragon did not get eaten😩 work harder YouTube the video should be called water dragon escapes snake!!
Ŵėštèrñ Ŷāŷà (2 years ago)
I mean YouTube really
blkindians (2 years ago)
omg someone hold me..
Professor Emil (2 years ago)
Somebody make a "To Be Continued..." meme of when the snake turned its attention to him lol.
All Things Wildlife (12 days ago)
@Professor Emil lol
Brogers_ (2 years ago)
Man you think this is bad, watch out for our drop bears!
Zhadow Vixy (2 years ago)
fuck u water dragons are in dangerd
Alonte Kettles (2 years ago)
lizard:just having a nice bath snake:ugh in so bored and hungry lizard:welp time for me to get out...wait hold on wtf is that?just stay still and calm and move slowly snake:oh shit some food (attacks) lizard:hell no fuck u (jukes) snake:COME BACK HERE (attacks again) lizard:nope (jukes again) o boiii token ankles if u have any snake: fuck this I give up hmm I wonder what this human taste like camera guy:I don't fucking think so snake:(stares at camera guy think how is it gonna swallow that big human)
Itz Ryan (1 year ago)
Capital Meme but that was really funny though. Fuck outta here. Hating ass
remy goblin (1 year ago)
balloon boy these types of comments are cancerous
Matthew M (2 years ago)
Alonte Kettles lol you should be a narrator on those wildlife shows. :)
Da Royal General (2 years ago)
what type of snake was that?
martin wilk (3 months ago)
Probably a tree snake
Limerence (2 years ago)
God that snake remains absolutely still in that pool

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