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Man tells girl he has leukemia, asks for nude photos to 'ease the pain'

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A man has been arrested after police say he told a 13-year-old girl he had leukemia and asked for nude photos of her to quote "ease the pain" 21-year-old James Nickolas Renfro of Red Bank allegedly contacted the girl through her Facebook account and tried to lure her to Northgate Mall to pick her up. Police say he even offered money for photos of her, and said he would have sent nude photos of himself if she had asked. With the mother's permission, police logged onto the account and posed as the girl. Renfro was told that the girl would be at the mall alone, and when he arrived police were waiting there to take him into custody. But when an officer tried to open his car door, police say he put the vehicle in reverse, hitting the officer and colliding with a patrol car. Renfro, who does not have leukemia, is now in jail on a $240,000 dollar bond.
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Saeyoung (3 months ago)
Dude im 13 and a dude that is 16 want a nude pic

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