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A touching suicide note of a girl !!! will make you cry !!!

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A touching suicide note of a girl !!! will make you cry
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Kitsune Kiro (1 day ago)
Raven.......i know how you feel and im happy your in a better place now........and yes ik she is dead but i just wanted to say it....
Itz Hyunastan (2 days ago)
Michelle caron (2 days ago)
There's a lot to my life that is messed up and I don't care if anybody wants to read what I have to say and you don't have to. My life has been hard and I have self-harmed since I was 8 years old and now to this day I'm 13 I try to get away from it and try to think positive but my family is hard to me and I can't deal with anything anymore. I try to make friends yet I never succeed my family gives me anxiety and depression and so I always think about dying. I never call a hotline to help me because I'm too afraid if they talk to my family. That's my one fear that I'm afraid of I'm afraid that nobody can help me if I try but, I'm doing the best I can know to make it myself love me for me and accept that life is not perfect. I I'm not ready to die I'm ready to take on the next chapter of my life
Julia Chandler (2 days ago)
I feel you Raven, I really do, good thing you have a little sister that loved you so much, I don't, no one cares about my pain, good luck with the new life you have now, just for you Raven, I'll try to be strong and fight the misery I have for myself, and my "family", hopefully I can be something big in the future and not look at the people that brought me down so much times before, I'll try, I promise.
legobuilder 081 (2 days ago)
Im sorry....😢
Zeya Bloodfang (3 days ago)
she's right. the world never cared and we don't deserve to cry for her. This world only cares for itself. I'm smiling as I watch this. some will think me glad for her death others won't care anyhow. but she at least got a portion of the love she deserved. and I'm happy for her release from the cold, cruel world she lived in. Goodbye Raven. may you find peace within.
Kpop Fanboy_12 (3 days ago)
I wish that all of those people who committed suicide will may rest in peace 😥
Dizzy ILuvCats (4 days ago)
I almost cried, it’s hard for me to cry because I was born more of a fighter. My dad told me that because when I was born, I wasn’t crying when I came out, and my face was blue, the doctors rushed me out because they new I wasn’t breathing. I was about to die. But my dad said I was born a fighter because I didn’t give up on trying to breath again.
Magical Rookie (5 days ago)
Salmoness s (6 days ago)
Man honestly if I wasn’t afraid of pain I would’ve killed myself a long time ago
Chaswicks White (6 days ago)
Everything she says except for Daddy beating her and her mother hating her I can identify with. I want to die too.
Annethe Hedgehog (6 days ago)
Ik how this is I tried suicide 6 times never work my uncle abuses me
Anjali Panchal (11 days ago)
I have seen this whole world everyone is selfish and do not care about anyone and also in roughest. Time MOST CLOSING PERSON LEFT OUR HANDS
skyler holtzclaw (12 days ago)
What has our world come to. Suicide? Is that the answer. The answer we need. No. It's not. We're hurting people and it's causing people to talk their life. It's pretty bad when someone makes you feel as if u need to kill yourself for them. I don't see how someone has the stomach to say "kill yourself" "I hate you" your ugly" "your better off dead." I wish we were better than that. Even if your just kidding, WORDS hurt more than actions. People don't realize what They are doing to others. This is getting out if hand. An 8 year old committed suicide. 8 YEARS OLD. he doesn't even know what that is but guess what? People are just that mean and cold harted they drove him to kill himself.😭😭😭😭😭 Please watch the next person you call "weird" "ugly" you could have just said the last word they will ever hear. If your upset or hurting comment I'll talk to you. I'll help you. Wanna know why? I wanna help one of God's angles. Because that angle is not ready to go home yet❤️ your worth it so be you and stand out. Don't be a follower be a leader!!❤️
D and A (13 days ago)
V Rivas (14 days ago)
😢u can't cry this is the worst time😭😭😭
Sinbad 926 (16 days ago)
Can someone pass the eye drops
marsha byron (17 days ago)
how do i clean the tear s off my keyboard?
Today 4 Real (17 days ago)
Brazen X. Calibur (17 days ago)
Damn... Poor girl
Dixie Hernandez (18 days ago)
jadah lynn (19 days ago)
This is my 12 time crying wow wow wow
Just a Gal (21 days ago)
I didn't start to cry until she started to thank her sister for everything. Bless 💋
ibortencov 222 (21 days ago)
Holy shit you ware so close to makeing me cry
silly chan (24 days ago)
I cried because it scares me the most to just see people do this it's horrible
Lily Flynt (24 days ago)
I lost my big sister to sucide and I miss her so much I have sucide thoughts and depression I hope to see her one day again...RIP Raven and Emma (my sister) 😭😭
DELANEY FARRIS (25 days ago)
I understand how she feels
Ellah Loves Slime (27 days ago)
I'm actually crying right now
XGingerPotatoX (27 days ago)
This is so sad
little dashy (28 days ago)
I cried some much I feel so darn sorry for her😢
LeBron James (30 days ago)
Vandan Deshbhratar (30 days ago)
Giving me goosebumps
That One Small Gamer (30 days ago)
BabyRage (1 month ago)
A person i know right
Robert Rosenberger (1 month ago)
...where is the sad part?
A person (1 month ago)
P1llowzzz (1 month ago)
Soon enough this will be me, I'm just a waste of space anyways.
CRAZYPIZZA (1 month ago)
13 Reasons why X10
Ava the banana (1 month ago)
I have depression and stuff so this makes me think on not committing suicide cause I got cyber bullied, that was the first time I ever felt ‘pain’ I’m a happy child but I hide that I’m dead inside and stuff, so yeah. If your like me, please stay on this earth, even though you might be hated, you have people who care for you, please don’t end it all, and if you have no one, you have me, I care about everyone in this world,happy,sad,depressed, I care for all, so please,Pleeease, don’t end it all, your not alone..
Moham Tayuan (1 month ago)
I’m so sorry 🥀 *R.I.P Raven 😭*
TheDarkest Darkrai (1 month ago)
Your skin isn't paper...don't cut it Your life isn't a film...don't end it
The StolinatorYT (1 month ago)
This didn’t make me cry
Cursed Image (1 month ago)
David Figueroa (1 month ago)
After watching this video i still want to suicide in a year or two i will be gone good bye cruel world. And if your asking me y? Beacause i hate my self and everyone hates me and thinks im usless even my family good bye cruel world
Derpygamer1112 R6 (1 month ago)
Ik this is a very late comment but I’m so srry for your lose especially because it was your little sister. Nobody deserves to be overly depressed even the worst of people. For all the people who are suicidal: Suicide is not a good choice it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It may not look like it but there are people who love you, who care, and who will help out. If you need somebody to talk to just ask it’s hard to ask but it feels ten times better after. I’ve had depression for about 7 years now I have suicidal thought on a daily basis and I still cry myself to sleep but I made a promise that I wouldn’t kill myself or cut my wrists. If you ever get suicidal thoughts just remember that you will hurt somebody who cares for you like your best friends, parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, etc If you need somebody to talk to text me 804-774-6376 Or DM me on Instagram @Derpygamer1112 I’m open for texts If I don’t answer your texts don’t think I’m ignoring you I’m either grounded or Sleeping.
Evan Ennis (1 month ago)
My brother left me a note like this and I found him in his room just lying their not breathing no sign of life only a razor blade and his wrists open gushing blood he is gone but never forgotten please stop bullying before of your family of friends end up like Jake my brother 😭💛
Jasmine Alvarado Perry (1 month ago)
Im sorry for your loss deaply im sure she was a wonderful young women
Crystal The Skull Kid (1 month ago)
R.I.P Raven
Who else cryed
Anime Queen (1 month ago)
Emma Kunis (1 month ago)
I don't even know Raven but I'm crying and I miss her
Sunil Girish (1 month ago)
RIP Raven
It made me cry 😭😭😭
Janet Primero (1 month ago)
I cried so Hard I'm crying while I'm writing this
sans the skeleton (1 month ago)
I cried at the end so bad
katie Mullally (1 month ago)
Whats that piano tone called
KAWAII _JESS (1 month ago)
I cried all my tears out 😭
Kobe Ambit (1 month ago)
Nothing really change my depression…………
Jose Rangel (1 month ago)
I don’t feel sorry I know Ima get hate but she needed a coping mechanism,like I did
Arwen Skinner (1 month ago)
This is What the he'll I'm talking about stop billing bc u just killed someone who seemed to be love by her sister and y'all took that away from her now this anit gonna be the last time I have to say this but love ur self don't let no one bring you down R.I.P RAYVEN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡
Juki Tatum (1 month ago)
I tried to kill myself but sadly my older brother walked it and called the cops and they were able to save me just in time...this reminds me of of my past I still cut and cry myself to sleep..but my brother always comes to my room when he hears me crying and lays in bed with my and trys to calm me down
Karina Zhang (1 month ago)
Thanos snap your fingers please.
TheGemFinder 5783 (1 month ago)
Raven has more than one person that will cry for her, even though I've never met her I would have loved to and then become her friend
Kaiden Kaye (2 months ago)
Ryan Sick (2 months ago)
Why the hell am I trying to make myself cry this late at night
Sarina Jones (2 months ago)
wowwwww, i wanted to commit suicide once but i realized how much pain i would've caused nad everything i would lose, this just ended my every thought of suicide.😇🙏🏽😢😰😥
Atif Farhan (2 months ago)
They say every atom in our body was once a part of a star. Maybe we're not leaving, maybe we're just going back home
_brownyew fur_ (2 months ago)
If i knew her, i would have done EVERYTHING to make her NOT kill herself. I would have seeked her a therapist and maked her happy. If only i knew her, but it's too late...
Xitlaly Escamilla (2 months ago)
Who ever her sister is she wants you too stay strong 💪
Nova_ava _ (2 months ago)
I never cried doe
Harry Potter PotterHead (2 months ago)
This is a reupload without credit and and it Isn't even real..wow. You took stupid to a whole new level.
Miranda Winchel (2 months ago)
It’s horrible what’s happening these days I won’t say my actual age but I am under 13 and I have been suicidal since I was around the age of six then this year in school I became so depressed and most of the time I feel like nobody cares and I don’t even care I feel like dying just relieves all the pain of the loss of 9 pets all my friends turning against me being put down for everything I do and so much more. But there’s always light at the end of the road. Some people just take longer to find it. Don’t give up we are all fighters one day you will fight the light.
MrFoxyMan (2 months ago)
R. I. P Raven
Liam Taylor (2 months ago)
so very very sad
xX33F8 Xx (2 months ago)
whn she got to her sis tht whn i lost it😭
Hanshika human (2 months ago)
RIP raven and lacey hope you moved on
D Ramos (2 months ago)
Look back at everything, When you first opened you're eyes, when you didn't know how to do anything. Only just to live and grow never expecting a tragedy like this. Our life is random because not everyone can be here, You must be special to be alive Out of every one who could be here.. you are here. one life is an opportunity for experience every life has an expiration date but by you improving and just following what you know and having a set dream-a vision for a life well lived. Do it for the person(s) who supported you the most or for yourself to keep you're legacy alive for you're son or daughter and teach them the best of success and love them. Please don't hate yourself, don't let demons taunt you from the inside, the devil wants to see suffering he wants to see deplorable conditions happening. You know you deserve to be a better person No one wants to genuinely be a failure. You must move foward with faith and strength. Likewise, you are stronger and important than you think. Life is evidently evil and amazing at times the world is a jungle and the best at it will succeed the ones who want to never doubt themselves. Don't be ashamed
nathan amani (2 months ago)
Well I can t cry
Se Eun (2 months ago)
I didn't cry am I a bad person?
Daykota Bailey (2 months ago)
I cried becouse i know whats its like to be where this girl is two of my best friends did it right in front of me i know what she is feeling
Poisontype The Junglist (2 months ago)
Sounds phony, but okay
Patsy Clark (2 months ago)
I'm crying. I'm so sad and sorry for what happened to her.
Tilly Conlon (2 months ago)
I didn’t cry but just remember her as the amazing girl she was and still is wherever she is now
Jonni Phillips (2 months ago)
Mine was better.
Game Dude (2 months ago)
1:13 i hate ma focking dad too he slays me everyday
Girly_Justin_Beiber (2 months ago)
Thats the one percent of my lifes depression💖
ali sepahvand (2 months ago)
This video increased my passion for suiside at leased thousands of times, I accidentally clicked at it when I was coming out from a pewdiepie video but after seeing this, the tears dropping from my eyes told me what they wanted to tell me for years: That go back to the retarded Swedish boy's channel. :(
Jim NORRIS (2 months ago)
Shit Hell is Real.Darkness is Real. You people think life suck.you anit seen suck. Killing yourself is a cowards way out. But what awaite you. Is permenit.an far worse than anything you can go through.
Annisa Chiong (2 months ago)
Im a monster. I didnt cry.
heyits yara (2 months ago)
She's at a better place now stay strong and don't forget her the sis of ur life rest in peace little one😞😞😰😢
Rocco (2 months ago)
She is an angel stay strong
Mousumi Deka (2 months ago)
My head hurts alot! Im real from now on it really hurts
Silence Guy (2 months ago)
It doesn’t care how you look. The people that bullied her has a problem as I said it doesn’t matter how you look it’s how you feel❤️ everyone be safe out there..have a great day:)
Angel Baa'nya Jones (2 months ago)
If any bully, terrorist, or other cruel people are reading this... You all are a sonvabitch, bullying and harassing her. I hate you all!!! Let's hope you rude men get a place in hell!
alyssa Parker (2 months ago)
I have no years left to cry. Ive cried all of them bc of the razors....the wrapping rubber bands around my wrist to cut off my blood circulation. The cutting....✂ I cant feel pain when i cut anymore. Im useless. Ugly. You name it. I was a mistake. Born at the wrong time,and at the wrong place. My father....hates me. I have mommy issues. The world just is not my place. I have no one. So....whats the point? .....bye. Remember you are beautiful. Who ever you are. I dont have to see you bc whoever is watching this must feel like shit.....dont cut😷
Bee Keeper (1 month ago)
There is someone out there who really does care for you, just search for them. P.S. JESUS LOVES YOU
Aundrayus • Howard (2 months ago)
I am actually suicidal myself because everyday I get bullied. And it began in Pre-K. All the way to collage. They threw me into the pond where I could not swim and a group of people helped me so they took me to the hospital and, the people who kept on bullying me, they slammed my face into the wall, which my face or nose was broken, but I was dizzy. So, the next day, they stuck a needle in my food, but, I almost ate it. So, after that they was over, they had to burn all of my things which my mom was really mad about.. The day after that day, they threw mud at me, and burnt my new things.. The mud got into my mouth, hehe.. And they did everything in collage..
Aira (2 months ago)
Im a pathetic waste of space....and no im not here for attention, im just saying the truth, im nothing, im useless, im ugly, im stupid and a complete mess. I want to kill myself but i cant cause i didnt want my parents to be sad so i had to stay to this horrible world and wait until its time...i need help. :(
Ashley Playz (2 months ago)
My cousin comittied suicide... I MISS YOU KAREN,
Kindred (2 months ago)
So my last word is in this comment Bye everyone

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