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A touching suicide note of a girl !!! will make you cry !!!

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A touching suicide note of a girl !!! will make you cry
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Just_AutumnYT (13 minutes ago)
Giorgia C (19 minutes ago)
I cried during this, is it true your parents abused her..? I would’ve called the police, anyways, even though they say that suicide takes you to hell, she’s probably one of the most beautiful angels in heaven.
Gacha Bay (24 minutes ago)
i didn’t cry, not because this isn’t sad; i’ve just been hurt too much to give emotion. :)
summer lover dani (34 minutes ago)
I'm here from maria playz Btw very touching story I'm littarly crying while typing this and I wrote this to make myself feel better
Itz Galaxy (34 minutes ago)
Rip raven fuck those bullies
D e p r e s s e d (58 minutes ago)
I had the same feeling.. I was cutting a lot, I was about to stab myself but I thought to myself and thinked about my family. The pain I will cause them.. so I smiled in my mind and said no, the other day my bullies said "look how many chicks I have, you have nothing they all-" I continued " feel disgusted to kiss you." The teacher came in then sent them to detention immediately. And I continued my life from that..
Solo Chan (1 hour ago)
Its so sad it made me cry
Cookies and Saphire (2 hours ago)
RIP Raven I'm very sorry
Spring (2 hours ago)
This is fake. Hahah
Just_AutumnYT (1 hour ago)
-_- i have no words
Shadow Gaming (3 hours ago)
I didn’t cry honestly....not bc I’m mean or anything!! I just don’t show emotions. Oof. Any who, this was rlly sad
MafeTube (3 hours ago)
Just_AutumnYT (1 hour ago)
KirbyFlirby (4 hours ago)
The answer isn't to suicide the answer is to pray to God and he will make your dreams come true...
Just_AutumnYT (1 hour ago)
Blacklite Spirit (4 hours ago)
R.I.P. Raven..... I pray for her....
NOT4you Playz (4 hours ago)
My online friend commited this ......... it is very hard to deal with
Diana Alvarez (4 hours ago)
I didn't even cry
Itz Heatherz (5 hours ago)
Omg why does this video has an unlike???? Don't u guys have emotions??? Or are u guys a some kind of a brat that don't care abt ppl that has a hell living then a *BRAT*
.... Rip Raven ❤️
Just_AutumnYT (1 hour ago)
what? cool? you think this is cool?
Clash of Fun (6 hours ago)
-Bird Box?-
Unicorn Power (6 hours ago)
. . .
Azrielic (6 hours ago)
Rotten in peperonis raven May you rest in peace (《~~.~~》)
XxChelsea NiaxX (6 hours ago)
Those 334 or 344 dislikers have no heart I can imagine it because of depression at only a young age I have a lot of scars in my heart Starting from how my "friends" is ignoring and how.... depressed I feel Everytime.... I'm alone I said to myself *It would be better if I die I'm nothing Im worthless Im just a piece of garbage No one cared if I die (NFL Sorry) My sister is more prettier and smarter than me Dad you said you would beat me up because I have no mannors(But I still love you Dad and sister too) I have no one Im just a waste of space* Its true... Sigh Bye......
Shiro_ San (6 hours ago)
I feel sorry for her
queen of pink (6 hours ago)
This is really touching raven deserves to be alive and be love let's hope that happen one day but everything is all black and gone...
CookieGacha YT (6 hours ago)
I almost commit suicide cause of stress and depression but I have my auntie and parents they are here for me don't commit suicide find the person who loves you and cares for you :) ❤
Galaxy Husky (7 hours ago)
I'm Sorry About Her. She Seemed Very, Very Kindhearted Person. If I Would Stop World Doing, It I Wanna Stop It. Rest In Peace Raven. World Will Miss That Beautiful Face and Very Kindhearted Girl. I Don't Even Know You, But I Miss You. Rest In Peace Raven.
Bored Gamer (7 hours ago)
That really made me cry...
NightmaresWith A Heart (7 hours ago)
Ok this sad for me because my Dad did suicide when I was in only *2* years old and I’m sad :’c Edit-one like = one prayer for my dad
Emma and Leone (7 hours ago)
Welp that was interesting she was really convinced that she was hated huh :'(
Tiger Betrayal (7 hours ago)
This is something I did once... I almost died... I know the pain you have gone through, as I lost my sibling from suicide as well... I'm always here if you need someone to talk with...
karax playz (7 hours ago)
I’m so so sorry for what she been through even tho I didn’t do it..it just melts my heart seeing someone in pain..R.I.P Raven...you will be remembered somewhere in my heart..
Liona Loves Youtube (7 hours ago)
Didnt cry
Xmidnight _KaylaX (7 hours ago)
R.I.P. raven...
april flare (7 hours ago)
Skin isn't paper so dont cut it. Your face isn't a book dont judge it. Love is rare so never forget. Life... God..... has so much already planned for you. You went to college, you found love, you have kids.... but that never happened... because you thought life was a movie, and ended it
I didnt cry but rip raven
Kimorah Myth (8 hours ago)
Uni Queen (8 hours ago)
I guess out there...the there's people who's suffering from all the abuse....and I kinda notice it already how many ppl died bcz suicide... And I don't live where u guys r... In my country there's not much death bcz suicide... I live in Indonesia... And in here some ppl experience this... Well I may be not... And I never know how it feels... But I feel the pain that they're going through...and they just want to end they're life forever... And they doesn't want to see the light when they're here.. They give up... In. This. Cruel. Broken. World.... But remember to the ppl who's depressed, abused, "There is a light waiting for u, never give up on ur dreams, and I believe..that there is a happiness inside ur life ... U never know where or when, but there's a happiness inside u.... ♡♡
Joie Biglang-awa (8 hours ago)
You will find love and Kindness, Just wait,Never give up. I am a little bit depressed. 1 like=1 pray for Raven and love
Donut :3 (8 hours ago)
R.I.P Raven...
Ash Playz (8 hours ago)
I didn’t cry but my heart cried
seedarker the gamer (8 hours ago)
Don't worry god will always be with you so just ignore the bully and also be a good girl/boy and god will protect you
曲奇饼leigh//playz (8 hours ago)
This is touching
Øfficial Galaxy (8 hours ago)
Im crying memes
darkgod 321 (8 hours ago)
And y'all wonder why most kids from school commits suicide?!
Lone Duck (8 hours ago)
Raven has very good english, she could have been a famous author if she kept on living. Rest in Peace Raven.
Maria Playz (8 hours ago)
Bro, this literally made me cry, I got bullied once, but I forget it, but at youtube, making me depressed, just because I keep posting some of what I feel, it doesn't mean I want some attention, I only want my fans to know how I feel, because, they keep pushing me to do my series fast, or they'll unsubscribe, and I also have tons of haters, which is normal.. But it at the same time.. I can't forget about it.. Sometimes, faking it is nice.. Why..? So that people won't judge you, because people these days are too judgmental, they don't know what the person's been through, just hating them without any reasons, but the reason why I have tons of haters because they say I only want some attention, that's why I keep posting some of my feelings, the reason why I keep posting those is because I have noone to talk to, on that time me and mom had a fight, so I can't usually talk to her, while my dad is busy, and my friends wouldn't listen, and my brother will just piss me off again. I don't want some attention, i'm just sharing this, because I know there are many people that's depressed, because of bullying, cyberbullying, abuse etc. People in these days are just so cruel (not all) , they only care about money, their looks, popularity, it's true right? I'm not saying all. Sometimes, people think they're weak, useless, worthless, piece of shit, etc. That's why they're committing suicide, for me, I understand why people suiciding, because they're tired, tired of all of this shits happening to this world right now, but you can't just judge them, you don't know what they've been through, that's why I hate people on these days (not all again.) Hope we can still change it.. That's all! One more thing, how did you guys just laughed to someone who committed suicide? What's wrong with this world..
Glitter Cupcake (1 hour ago)
Maria Playz ikr and just because your bisexual too people are meanies! Not you tho or Luna or some people that are nice
XxArixX Playz! (2 hours ago)
I saw your post so i clicked the vid then read your comment.. it melted my heart.
Phantom Shot (3 hours ago)
These people have no soul, they will regret it in the future, for now. Stay strong Maria! And never give up. ✊❤️
Black Nya Caty (3 hours ago)
I know HoW CoulD they even laugh like seriously if someone is hurt we should comfort him/her not LAUGH away!!! And I've been in depression too I almost tried to kill myself because in my school I was the worst at gymnastics and sports everyone made fun of me I also did some little weird things so *EVERYONE* told me I'm weird I had some friends but they were fake because they lefted me for the others.... they didn't think how will I feel or will I get hurt because of this... I was alone for 2 years I didn't cutted myself I didn't like to get hurt.... my depression was getting so high that a lots of times in the middle of the lessons I started to cry and everyone asked "Why are you crying? " sometimes I didn't replied sometimes I did but they didn't understood because I said "my heart hurts..... " they thought my REAL heart hurts but no it was my feelings and this was really bad for as because I was in depression when I was only 9 years old! But I lived because I knewed there would be someone who would accept me someone who will love me! I'm now out of my depression because I changed schools :) It was the right choice to do here there are a lots of nice peoples even the boys! So please ALWAYS remember there is someone out there for you :) and there is a way to get out of depression not death is always the way! Also stay strong and please remember this.... *There is an way out of any situations no matter how bad or big it is and also remember WE are here for you always :)*
syed ali (9 hours ago)
This video make me cry..... RIP Raven
Bloodyblack Smoke (10 hours ago)
I didn't cry I uhm Laughed
Craig Foster (11 hours ago)
R.I.P raven you didn't deserve to go through your pain your parents did what assholes would do this to someone like you
YEONTANV BTS (11 hours ago)
This was so sad R.I.P raven I hope you be happy in heaven :)
LOT Mobile Gaming (13 hours ago)
Rest in Peace Raven
PAPYRUS (16 hours ago)
Rest in peace raven. Good luck in the afterlife ( if there is one. )
red hu (16 hours ago)
The tittle lied i didn't cry
xXxEmily CamposxXx (16 hours ago)
Suicide and bully needs to stop ✋🙅
Alyssa Smith (17 hours ago)
Rest In Peace Raven, We all hope you are in a better place.😭
xGacha Potato (17 hours ago)
My friend Chandlar commited suicide..... She said people hate her... I feel the same way... I try to be happy and not think bad about myself but I can't help it.... I'm trying my best but I can't! I don't want to end up like Chandlar.... Even though people won't miss me.... I still would like to live my life to the fullest...
Gacha Kitty (18 hours ago)
I know no one would care if I died I'm just like this girl ❤️I have you my heart if I'm not deaf by then
Its_sunnyblox (19 hours ago)
I cried so hard....poor Raven....
SparklingStars (19 hours ago)
Nooo... Ravin! This is toooo sad to handle!
superabby (19 hours ago)
This is so sad. Is it true I hope it isnt
Sweet Rose Neko (20 hours ago)
Oh my gosh no Depression is a very real thing I've lost a friend to it Does anyone else think there should be some punishment for people who tell someone to kill themselves and they actually do it...
Wolfpack8 (20 hours ago)
I know I will put my family and friends through hell if I ever commit suicide. I dont want to do that. I've gotten better till today. Someone told me I should die, someone who has been my friend for years. For him not knowing my suicidal thoughts can cost a life. He should watch wut he says. But it's not like he understands...he will be the death of me if he continues. And I'm sorry for my family and friends. Especially my best friend who knew and was there for me just like I was for her.
Trinity Hickok (20 hours ago)
I'm so sorry....I cant believe this happened to you.
Ema Barzel (21 hours ago)
Like you if you cry everytim
Alma Ibarra (21 hours ago)
It’s werid cause whatever is sad I don’t cry it’s werid is it I told u I have no soul or life
Babyceli Loves dogs (21 hours ago)
EVERYONE SHOULD STOP BULLYING My life is fun but sometimes sad
Jahyrah Rojas Luna (21 hours ago)
I know tis video came out two years ago but that just broke my heart parents are supposed to live e there children not beat them
Franchesca Disla (22 hours ago)
t thats just sad thats why my lovebird died i will allways love u
Franchesca Disla (22 hours ago)
with my heart
The Wacky Walnut (23 hours ago)
The dislikes were the parents. 😔
I didn't cry I've cried too much to the point where my brain won't fully cry at stuff like this I only cry at my own hurt I hate my life
weird head lemons (1 day ago)
i only sobbed
ImmaDog 13 (1 day ago)
Idk why but, that note reminds me of something Idk what tho...
Jia Aslam (1 day ago)
May I could give you millions of hugs and never let you do this 💔
Leah Jean (1 day ago)
This is sad
why did i watch this😭😭😭😭
CookieHeart!!! X3 (1 day ago)
Aw poor thing...u Really don't expect it until it happens.....
Gacha Draws (1 day ago)
R.I.P Raven... whoever disliked this are cruel horrible creatures
Maria Gymnasticsb (1 day ago)
why didn't i feel anything?
꧁Mistral꧂ (1 day ago)
Death is all I dream of. No I don't wanna go to heaven and be happy and free. I want to forget everything. That none of this ever happened. Death is like a very deep sleep. Your not aware of anything. Not even your own existence. I want to leave this world
Gachalover 200 (1 day ago)
I didn't exactly cry but I found this sad and also touching. I'm sorry for your loss but in sure she was an amazing person. Shes in a much better place and she doesnt have to deal with the pain and suffering anymore, shes free and in a betyer place. I'm sorry to hear about your loss and I hipr this never happens to anyone. Hope lifr will treat yourself
Ramen nugget (1 day ago)
The girls at my school hate me and when they ask me questions I answer in a way so that they don’t feel sorry for me and they make fun of me for the answers I give them. Simply “why weren’t you at the soccer game” “oh I forgot we had one” “I mean how can you forget about a soccer game!?” “I dunno” but in reality it’s because of deeper reasons. They just don’t understand and judge books by their covers
R.I.P Raven I hope you have an amazing life in heaven 😭😭😭.
Destiny Amerie (1 day ago)
Everyone else: *crying their eyes out* Me: well, *triple oof*
Henry T. Frog (1 day ago)
Suicide only ends the chance for things to get better, believe me you do not want to commit suicide
DuhItzMe Duh_ItzMeh (1 day ago)
I’m kind of in the same boat the Raven was in. I’ve had rumors spread about me at school, my sibling was the favorite, and it feels like my mom and dad don’t love me. But in the end, I’ve had one friend that stuck with me, that shared the same depression. Depression can take lives, but it doesn’t have to. I’m not like the people who don’t know what depression feels like and are trying to make you feel better, I’ve been through depression. I know how it hurts, I know how tempting it is to end your life. But you just have to look through all the good and figure out that there is hope, sometime in life. It doesn’t have to be now, but it can be later. It’ll come along some day. If anyone needs help going through depression or worse, just know that I’m always free to talk to you.
Xxlunar_skyzxX (1 day ago)
Now I wanna use that for mine Me and her have similar lives but I’ve been depressed since grade5
MirraTheDerp (1 day ago)
Rip raven.... Sorry for your loss.
Gachagirl 57 (1 day ago)
Gachagirl 57 (1 day ago)
I’m sorry abt ur sister it has to hurt and I understand what your going through, I wish I could help, the only thing I can do is pray and wish that everyone that hurt her see what they did, i don’t even know you or ur family but I can tell she loved you with all her heart💔
Shaun Darcy (1 day ago)
Whoever dislikes this is tears touching the screen
Alyssa Kearns (1 day ago)
Don’t mind the girl who’s crying I’ve here...
Sadina muminovič (1 day ago)
Im sooo sadd forever my best friend is hate my
Aye_It’s_Angel * (2 days ago)
Why do you gotta go to hell if you killed yourself. Why can t you go to heaven if you had a good life
Zay Coco (2 days ago)
Oh sheet... that death *makes me shiver*
Green Rose (2 days ago)
RIP Raven
Mehraj Majeed (3 days ago)
336 people show that idiot are still living in this world And also without heart and emotions I am crying for this innocent sister 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Barbara Chipman (3 days ago)
i really believe everyone conceived were not planned. well i know i was a mistake but who cares? Geez.

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