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Nicole Sullivan, "Don't Feed The Trolls" - Fluent 2012

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The JavaScript community is one of the most vibrant and fun groups I've ever been lucky enough to be a part of. Like any vibrant community, sometimes people don't play nicely. In this session, I will discuss what it has been like to be shy and be on twitter, mailing lists, and open source. I'll talk about my experiences consulting on massive CSS overhauls, and ways to defeat trolls—including your own inner troll! I'll also share a timing attack for your brain that might just surprise you. About Nicole Sullivan (Stubbornella): Nicole is an evangelist, front-end performance consultant, CSS Ninja, and author. She started the Object-Oriented CSS open source project, which answers the question: how do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? She also consulted with the W3C for their beta redesign, and is the co-creator of Smush.it, an image optimization service in the cloud. She is passionate about CSS, web standards, and scalable front-end architecture for large commercial websites. She co-authored Even Faster Websites and blogs at stubbornella.org. Don't miss an upload! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/szEauh Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - http://goo.gl/YZSWbO Follow O'Reilly Media: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia https://www.facebook.com/OReilly https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia
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Text Comments (75)
Renee Charles (1 year ago)
Oh my gosh, this is my life in a 9-hour-day-nut-shell for 13 years. And I wish, wish, wish, wish I'd seen your sensible view on how to handle it a long time ago. If I let my own troll out to do battle for me I get exhausted. Thank you for the different way to look at it.
OGRastamon (3 years ago)
To whom should you respond if not ass-hats? People that are in agreement have little reason for further discussion ("You're right." "No, you're right." ad nauseum). The only appropriate response to a rational comment is to click Like. Ass-hats are an inspiration; an opportunity to spend hours amusing yourself with your own brilliant wit an one-pwnmanship.
OGRastamon (3 years ago)
+Jade Black True but "ass hat" IS somewhat synonymous to someone who responds to a rhetorical and self-deprecating comment with an obvious argument. ;)
Middle Hammer (3 years ago)
+OGRastamon Ass hat is not a synonym of disagree.
Ev Dolzhenko (3 years ago)
11:26 "especially as a women you don't expect to find out you're sexist" - OK, I see now.
CosmicWarrior (3 years ago)
26 internet trolls thumbed downed this vid. I suppose ignoring them is the best advice.
Bananadine (4 years ago)
I like her point about how trolls are also people.  I wish she would have pushed it harder.  Nobody seems to speak up on behalf of trolls, understandably.  But, for instance, that "thanks we'll correct that in the next version" response she suggested is good, not just because it gives an eff you to the troll aspect of the person being responded to, but also because it invites the non-troll aspect of that person in to participate further.  Sometimes if you're a troll you even know you've been nasty and you sort of want somebody to defang you that way.  A person who flips out over your meanness while ignoring the positive message you hid in it is, perhaps, not deserving of fully respectful treatment.  But if they show you that they're not only better than you in this small way but also on YOUR side, by focusing only on the positive thing that YOU brought up while also doing you the favor of letting your own hostility quietly vent and disperse so that you both are rid of it afterward--then maybe they'll deserve, and win, your respect.  We are all foolish monsters; and anybody who sincerely looks at a person and sees ONLY a troll is as much responsible for the trolling as the ostensible troll is.
Chuck Ravin (5 years ago)
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gast128 (5 years ago)
You are a sweet girl but I am not sure if ignoring trolls is the best strategy, especially if they are in your own team. If you never confront them they will never change behavior. Over anonymous internet it is ofc harder where people say things they would dare to say in person.
Jeff Frick (5 years ago)
Watch Nicole's theCUBE Interview here  Nicole Sullivan - O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2013 - theCUBE 
hugh j Fahget (5 years ago)
coming from someone who spends all his time with one of the largest collectives of trolls on the internet, shes kinda got this one, but shes defining a troll by the methods they use. the troll has a point to their ruse, the troll spouting death threats for example (assuming its actually a troll, and not merely an idiot) would likely be trying to put the point across that youre taking the internet too seriously. grammar nazis, who i dont believe are strictly a subset of trolls, are typically looking for a laugh at those willing to argue over trivialities, or may simply be the kind of person who feeds on conflict. jealous troll isnt really a troll at all, most likely, but its possible that hes looking to bait out those who cant see the flaw in his statement. a troll in not the same thing as a flamer, the measure of a troll is by how much intervention they need to put in to make everyone else make asses of themselves. the best response to a troll is to humor them if you want to take his attention away from creating conflit, as when a troll sees a likeminded soul willing to joke about a bit, their efforts to troll the community will likely be more muted as theyre spending their time talking to you and not them, this also helps others recognise the troll, and if theyre seasoned enough theyll stay away or try and steer the conversation to more productive grounds. another thing worth mentioning is that the troll isnt nessecarrily going to attack their target with the bait, often the troll will attack the side they agree with in order to bait out those he doesnt agree with. also >as a woman you dont expect to be told youre a sexist oh my, were it not for the context this would indeed sound like bait
Tony Landers (5 years ago)
goo.gl/260ID now points elsewhere.  Be sure to Google "The Project Implicit."
Mak Tek (5 years ago)
Oh Nicole, get over yourself. Racism is good for your soul.
mozonelaya (5 years ago)
That's the weirdest looking kitchen I ever saw. Also does it require a woman to give a speech before making a sandwich? TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOL
anton kbk (5 years ago)
dartme18 (5 years ago)
If you notice that messages from females tend to be "less technical" or "less interesting", trying to get yourself to ignore that is foolish. Humans work best on patterns, not actively ignoring the patterns. Now, if you're thinking emails from females are going to "less technical", but empirical analysis tells you otherwise, correct yourself :-) . Perhaps you feel weird when you're walking alone in a dark alley, say "Martin Luther King Jr Road". Just ignore that feeling, you're being judgmental.
Bill Marrs (5 years ago)
This is good advice on an individual level. But, if you're someone who is responsibly for a community (e.g. the person who runs that mailing list), what then? In other words, other people are trolling each other under your nose and it's disrupting your resource. How to fix that is the problem I most-often face and it's a tough one. How do I get a group of people to stop feeding the trolls in unison and/or stop being trollish themselves.
nachoijp (5 years ago)
Weird, she doesn't look like an internet guide :P
ATTACKaMAC (5 years ago)
thank you, when you finally get a penis let me know ...
Michael Shur (5 years ago)
You're brilliant Nicole, thank you for this!
PatienceEvangeline (5 years ago)
Ola sent me here..
dannalbob (5 years ago)
Thank you for bringing this bug to my attention. I will correct for the next build.
Romain Durand (6 years ago)
This is stupid, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Diane Kress (6 years ago)
Excellent presentation. Thank you
John Smith (6 years ago)
click show the comment for super trolly adventure time!!!!
ConforMIDI (6 years ago)
Even worse than getting troll mail is getting trolled at during a company meeting. Thanks for the talk, Nicole!
Michelle Ng (6 years ago)
Thanks for the amazing talk! It's very applicable to any work environment.
Creative Monster (6 years ago)
what an amazing video
Bruce K (6 years ago)
Good presentation. Nice job, thank you.
Gabriel Dibble (6 years ago)
Awesome video - thanks :)
ioanb7 (6 years ago)
I was expecting a LOL video.. uh. - Trolling
Optimus Mega (6 years ago)
Trolling couldn't be explained any better.
Ifailatlife1991 (6 years ago)
The fact people like this makes me sad.
Ben Darker (6 years ago)
Some people can't laugh at themselves. Troll the fuck out of them.
Ifailatlife1991 (6 years ago)
Not jealous at all, this video makes me fucking mad. I hope this video is a troll... Like the epitome of misunderstanding the basic troll in this video makes me mad. Nothing is correct it is utterly retarded. I am actually mad about this fucking disgrace to humanity.
Henk-Jan Bakker (6 years ago)
Jealous Troll. >;^)
Ifailatlife1991 (6 years ago)
I really really hope this is a troll video...
Ifailatlife1991 (6 years ago)
This is retarded...
AlwaysKneph (6 years ago)
I really like your use of the word faggot at the end. Really brings your point across.
The80sKickAss (6 years ago)
thanks, you have a great day too :)
The80sKickAss (6 years ago)
haha, yea, I'm sure. You're really bad at this. Here's a tip to good trolling: don't make it obvious from the start that you're trolling. You have to lore people in before you attack them.
The80sKickAss (6 years ago)
wow, that was a pretty pathetic attempt at trolling. go back and try again :)
TheKingeboue27 (6 years ago)
stupid bitch
D3athD1mension (6 years ago)
I am your practice Troll! Nice to meet you! (let's see what you have learned so far)
Keelan Clarke (6 years ago)
"especially as a women you dont expect to find out your sexist", noooooo!
Nick Hobart (6 years ago)
If you'd like to improve your articulacy, remove the word "basically" from your verbal lexicon.
The80sKickAss (6 years ago)
Also that test is greatly flawed. It gets you into the pattern of sorting good things with white people and bad things with black people then when it switches those things around and it takes you longer and your making more mistakes it calls you a racist. When you're used to one pattern and that pattern changes, of course it will take longer and you will make more mistakes. It was not thought out well at all.
The80sKickAss (6 years ago)
I think trolling would be more classified as the act of starting a debate with the only intention of belittling and infuriating your opponent. (I use the word debate loosely) People throw the word Troll around like it applies to anyone who disagrees or argues with you. Having a different opinion doesn't make you a troll. Being rude and childish might get you branded a troll because then it's hard to tell. But the only real trolls are the ones who enjoy pissing people off and insulting them.
Alex Bravo (6 years ago)
@11:25 "Especially as a woman you don't expect to find out you are a sexist". That's just an ironic statement.
roskell95 (6 years ago)
People are looking too much into how we think nowadays, it can't be healthy
TubeofDestiny (6 years ago)
You know it's a sad day, when attention-whoring is mistaken for trolling, and vice versa. Same with harassment, teenage sadism, or joking. Trolling is about tricking people, and tricking people only. You trick people into believing you are something, that you aren't *actually* are. The most important part is this "actually" : you are playing a role, pretending, and people have to guess, to see through your comedy. It's everywhere in the commedia dell'arte (see Scapino).
TubeofDestiny (6 years ago)
HEY ! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING THIS IS NOT... [oh, do you mind if I take some notes ? I'm just new in the business, I've still a lot to learn :D]
drei14mh3aids (6 years ago)
tip of the hat sir
kazmotchikun (6 years ago)
Oh yeah, grammar is unimportant. I'm trolling because you seemingly can't spell.
MVPQALWAYS (6 years ago)
NICOLE IS so SUPERIOR and IF anyone criticizes her or has anything to say that does not match her opinion, you are incorrect, opinionated, and obviously a troll.
k3wlk1d (6 years ago)
niloce pls
leonL39 (6 years ago)
Yahoo is not a resource lol
Solidsoap (6 years ago)
foely1 (6 years ago)
I need some energizing, I LOVE NICKLBACK!
121mendez (6 years ago)
nicole pls go
lynth (6 years ago)
Okay, this whole talk tries to convey exactly one rule: "Don't be agressive, be passive-agressive. You can feel smug and superior without exhausting yourself."
K2G00B8 (6 years ago)
You see me trolling like a gangster.
madshiva (6 years ago)
Don't Feed The Trolls ? The Trolls aren't in cage, they can eat by themselves.
amusement420 (6 years ago)
Another trolling form for thought. Same effect. Site owners who show no respect for non-trolling forum members. They don’t start anything nor swear. They respond to otherwise interesting posts by callously talking down to posters. It provokes an unspoken emotional response. Throwing their weight around. It puts a speed bump on an otherwise interesting discussion. Yet members are afraid to say anything for fear of being kicked off. Bad policing. No tact. Demeaning. It’s painful they don’t get it.
eno2001 (6 years ago)
She forgot about the person who "trolls" just because the optimists in the group are ignoring some realities that must be considered. Call them the "raising awareness" trolls.
MyT01 (6 years ago)
Thanks that will me help troll ppl in the future.
Dennis (6 years ago)
Century Gothic :)
Naveed Ahmed (6 years ago)
What font is that?
Tom Iovino (6 years ago)
I'm going to spread this video far and wide. Great info.
johnrvt (6 years ago)
nice presentation
noahz (6 years ago)
I heard you liked trolls...
Peter Cooper (6 years ago)
It's not rude to ignore other people's rudeness; it's sensible. That's what the keynote is about.
Jordan Lund (6 years ago)
sure its rude to not address the negative comments and 'be the better person' (she even says its her personal F U') but what I think she was saying is: the third type of response won't 'feed' any further inconsiderate, pointless replies. Because what is that troll going to say back to that?.... 'hey I was insulting you and proving how I am right and you were wrong. You are intentionally ignoring that part and only taking the constructive suggestions'
Stephen Plank (6 years ago)
I don't think in her definition, a troll is a person who asks stupid questions. A troll is a person who explicitly calls you "stupid" for asking a stupid question (which as you point out - might be the right thing to do)...
Peter Cooper (6 years ago)
I didn't know Nicole much before Fluent but she's super nice. I don't usually like "off-topic" keynotes but she did a great job and it actually proved to be relevant.
Dennis G D (6 years ago)
Informative and interesting.
Madis E (6 years ago)
I like it
CityzenJane (6 years ago)
This is a really weird definition of trolls and trolling....

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