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Getting personal with Tony Stewart

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Exclusive interview with Eldora Speedway Owner Tony Stewart prior to Prelude to the Dream race
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Steve Reed (1 month ago)
The killing of Kevin Ward set Stewart's legacy. Nothing will ever change that but it changed us.
Donald Scearce (1 month ago)
Is this where he killed somebody? Lmao
hammer slammer (2 months ago)
Pretty sure shes wet to her knee's!
Robert Posey (4 months ago)
Excellent driver.
J M (7 months ago)
Some Guy (1 month ago)
You're an idiot. Get the facts, then come back and apologize.
Christopher Smith (1 month ago)
J M no one cares
k rl (1 month ago)
How so?
Crackles McFarly (7 months ago)
Minutes later Tony murdered that female reporter.......authorities later pinned it on a local guy who in court testified he thought the only month of the year was December since that was when 'God gave birth to The Santa gift-maker-man.'
Bobby Trill (1 year ago)
Bruh she wants the D
Mark Murclewitz (1 year ago)
When Tony backseat drives he yells 'run that guy over !'.
Katelyn Griffith (2 years ago)
i will voulnteer gladly lol
Glenn Wallace (2 years ago)
Tony is a great race car driver. I wish him the best in his retirement. he will always be number one in my book.you go Tony Smoke em!
Redkelly Re (3 years ago)
watch out this guy is a killer
Redkelly Re (3 years ago)
+Shawn J jealous of a fat greasy killer ??
dan schutz (3 years ago)
+redkelly only retards think Stewart is a killer.
dan schutz (3 years ago)
Horace Ball (4 years ago)
She wants him....even though he is a murderer.....OH Jay and Toe Knee....two rich white boys who got away with murder.
Trey Earnhardt (4 years ago)
you people have never met tony i have met tony multiple times at las vegas motor speed way tony  juan pablo montoya and ryan newman were the only two take time out of there day and carry on a conversation. For all you dicks who have watched half a nascar race or on sports center that all of sudden think they have any idea of what there talking about should fuck off
Christopher Sharp (4 years ago)
He's a creep.
Beryllium (4 years ago)
0:37 you killed a kid who had a full life ahead of him, you should burn in hell like dale earnhardt
k rl (1 month ago)
+tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ The kid had enough drugs in his system to impair his judgement, and shouldn't have been in the car to begin with.
smoke 14 (5 months ago)
+Larry McReynolds The OP is a dumbass. "you should burn in hell like dale earnhardt"? Really?
Larry McReynolds (5 months ago)
+smoke 14 Hell yeah, a smoke fan.
smoke 14 (5 months ago)
For you Beryllium 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Larry McReynolds (6 months ago)
What about that time Bill Eillot accidently hit a crew member? Should we blame him, no. Should we blame Tony? Nope. And Dale Earnhardt was the best, he only moved people.
Beryllium (4 years ago)
Stewart is a cold blooded murderer
smoke 14 (5 months ago)
Beryllium - Of what - the double murders? Ever looked into Jason Simpson? Henry Lee was quoted as saying "the wrong Simpson".....Just sayin'
Lane Hackman (9 months ago)
tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ actually the wings limit a drivers sight on the right side of the car
2014cwajts71 (2 years ago)
+tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ You're too stupid to like Trump. You love Hillary and you know it, 
+2014cwajts71 No way dude...lol Im Canadian but if I was American Id have voted for The Donald...I cant stand Killary 
2014cwajts71 (2 years ago)
+tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ Ah Canadian, that explains your "alternative" lifestyle, and I know better, you're too stupid to have voted for Trump, you're a Hillary lover. 
George Lynn (5 years ago)
Who is the young lady?
Summer 62016 (11 months ago)
George Lynn - Pam Elliot, used to be a reporter at WISH in Indy.
TOPGUNCANADA00 (5 years ago)
Fantastic Race track and very fan friendly place, let you interact with all the teams and drivers.  Just one Question, does anyone know why this track actually named Eldora? 
Because Dora, the Explorers Mexican Sister, "El Dora, the Explorer" made whoopee with Earl Baltes
Paul Bryant (5 years ago)
nice way to be Smoke
kragseven (5 years ago)
"Is there anything you haven't done but would like to?" YOU!
Pigs Can Fly (5 years ago)
I'm not sure if Tony picked up on the "drive you around" part... that was the wrong answer to give her.
FullMoonVideo (5 years ago)
Search: “ICAN”+”Tony Stewart”. It is apparent Tony knows about Melinda Loveless’s participation in ICAN, and Hope Rippey before her. Both were involved with one of the most heinous murderers in this nations history, the murder of 12-yr-old Shanda Sharer. ICAN’s mission statement says: NO violent offenders will be allowed in their program…so why are they there? Why does Stewart support this charity with this violation? Who paid for Melinda’s and Hope’s attorney regarding early release?
Persons aperson (6 years ago)
I bet she went back to bed with him.
brmillgr (6 years ago)
I wanna race
brown55061 (6 years ago)
I'm pretty sure she was hitting on him, and I think he was enjoying it. Tony is one of the few nascar drivers who are still normal human beings. He's just another dude in town, but has A LOT more money than the rest of us.
Rob (6 years ago)
There is a time and a place for anything. When you're busy or working, do you want to be bothered? Tony is great with his fans, I've seen him many times here in Indiana taking the extra time to do all sorts of wonderful things for his fans. Hell, the man even built on an entire wing of the Indianapolis Zoo for everyone here. The point is, when he's at the track, he's working. He's a busy man. You want an autograph? Go to one of his literally HUNDREDS of signing sessions and you'll get it.
If I had a nickel for every time I went to a fast food joint and they said  "No, we cannot talk to you, right now, we are working"
iluvworldofwarcraft (6 years ago)
there are (or were) 40+ year old F1 drivers...Michael Schumacher was 43 when he finally retired at the end of last year.
Dirt Track Dave (6 years ago)
I been to eldora many times to the Prelude to the Dream, and several nascar races I seen how he interacts with strangers who are his "fans" I seen many walk away in disappointment bc he would sign there hat, or there shirt, etc. Acted like it was a big deal or a hassle to him. I use to like the guy a long time ago, seeing how someone treats there fans with disrespect turned me away from liking him. I haven't met any other driver with his type of attitude, at least not yet. Unique, yes.
Fastnotlast (6 years ago)
There aren't any 40 year old F1 drivers, but there aren't any tougher than Tony either!
Rob (6 years ago)
Known Smoke for about 10 years, he's a unique man, but he's not a prick unless you catch him on a bad day. Last I checked, everyone had bad days. Even you I bet.
raymond wockner (6 years ago)
JohnAllanification (6 years ago)
well .. one thing i wanna' do is you
iluvworldofwarcraft (6 years ago)
man you never see Formula 1 drivers with double chins like Tony
games6543 (6 years ago)
my left ear enjoyed this
cha53tafari (6 years ago)
Think they fucked?
RDarth (6 years ago)
00:46 UGH.
NigarT (7 years ago)
The reporter is wet over Tony.
Quentin Waynick (7 years ago)
Gotta love a driver that doesn't forget where he came from!!!!! Tony Stewart, Kenny Schrader, Kenny Wallace, these are the guys that will help keep dirt track racing going for many years to come.
Rita Diane Wilson (7 years ago)
He's soo busy-hard for him to keep a girlfriend but they are too shallow to understand he has been doing this for over 30 years. Since he was 5-i saw a PIC once of him with his parents @2months of age placed in a go cart,sleeping as all babies do--cute.
Emily Mohring (7 years ago)
I've had the pleasure of meating Tony in person in pretty much my home town/country (Ontario Canada) at the WoO race July 26 2011.. My aunt and uncle, John and Wendy Brush, own Corr/Pak Merchandising. They gave me the experience of a LIFETIME!! And if I had a choice, I'd have that reporters head, on a platter!!!
dbossmx (7 years ago)
what a flirtacious interview. haha loved it. interviewer is a babe!
onenordsman (7 years ago)
She wants him
Johnny Geib (2 months ago)
Fastest F1
nascargurl14 (7 years ago)
i am the same way, nobody drives good enough for me LOL
KimberlyR (7 years ago)
@midatlanticcycle To hell with the interviewer...I'LL frigging bang him! LOL
midatlanticcycle (8 years ago)
wonder if he banged this interviewer following this PC bullshit? she looks like she's asking for it. LOL LOL
Gary Gray (8 years ago)
A F'kin Micky D's commercial???Waste my F"kin time.
YankeeRhoad (8 years ago)
YankeeRhoad (8 years ago)
I think I can take him in a stock car
graciela fajardo (8 years ago)
yo tambien me anoto

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