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Drunk Driving Reality Video

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Victim of drunk driver speaks out.
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migue treviño (3 years ago)
el alcohol sirve como solvente, desinfectante y combustible. cualquier otro usó. es destructivo. pobres vendedores de alcohol para beber. no conocen la verdad. x eso destruyen. que alguien los ilumine para que se les quite lo idiotas.
schmeltingaccident (4 years ago)
I thank the woman for her bravery. Real glad she is still (hopefully still) with us.
Yumi Hinasaki (5 years ago)
That poor woman! Thank god that she's still alive
Steven Kellis (5 years ago)
Jacqui is the poster child for what someone can go through, and still live, after a drunk driving accident.
timmy D= (5 years ago)
I cringe to think about the daily struggles she has to deal with for the rest of her life. god bless this lady.
Nathalie Weader (5 years ago)
I remember seeing this video when I was really little. It scared me. My heart goes out for her.
Speeddemon105 (6 years ago)
Oh my GOD. She looks like Freddy Kruger. I feel so bad for this girl I could cry. I cannot BELIEVE some idiot actually was stupid enough to allow this to happen. Please take this as an example for what could happen to you and others if you make the same decision.
Dominique Rivera (6 years ago)
my health teacher showed us this in health class today while we were talking about drunk driving.
Conar Girvan (6 years ago)
:'( shit , that's sucks man. People should fucking learn. Don't drink and drive! It's so simple , get a taxi home fs.
Dreamers12309 (7 years ago)
Keep dreaming you'll make it thru it :(
CrashPrevention (7 years ago)
Very influential - Thank you and I wish you well.
pet3rgriffin (7 years ago)
.Oh my god that's horrible..
@rleary1 Don't feel sorry, if you are a father you do have every right and reason to feel angry at those ads. Males are singled out in some ways (such as those drunk driving ads) and females are singled out in some ways (such as sexism) So I guess it just kind of balances out in the end. Music is good for the future, sometimes songs that express how you feel like heartbreak can really make you feel better. But there are also some songs that don't make sense like rap and are pointless.
@rleary1 woah.. i thought you were a mother at first, but i guess you're actually a father. and yes.. those things can happen.. I think it's mainly because a man's body is physically stronger than a female so it would make it seem more believable that the father was abusive.. since women aren't as strong, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to inject drugs into a syringe and knock him out that way.. of course it's scary either way but yeah. nothing in life IS fair anyway
@rleary1 I think it's because 80% of criminals are usually males. Women are taught to be smarter and more mature. I think it might have to do with sexism years ago and females didn't have rights back then and the whole "being in the kitchen" thing. This is probably payback.. letting the males be on the receiving end of gender discrimination so they know how it feels? Ever noticed broken families 7/10 % of the time, the male left the family or is a crack head or alcoholic or abusive.
@rleary1 males text and talk on the phone while driving as well -_-;
Jerimiah1977 (9 years ago)
@whitewiddoww Go fuck yourself
futuremrsrupertgrint (9 years ago)
that is so sad...i applaud her for her bravery, she could have just given up but instead shes out there speaking out for herself and other victims of drunk driving...God Bless her
ssabmudon (9 years ago)
Stay clean and sober -- that's the real life, folks.
Nostradante (9 years ago)
You as well.
whitewiddoww (9 years ago)
HAHAHAHHAHAHAH ET PHONE HOME the first thought that comes to mind is my penis in her nose slits
Nostradante (10 years ago)
I don't. I am living proof that not a single person on planet Earth NEEDS to drink.
Chandler Scott (10 years ago)
=( i bet she crys her self to sleep saying, i wish i was normal again i wish i was normal again

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